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Shop or Animations do not work in IE8

Open the file js/dtbaker_animation.js and go to about line 71 where you see this code:
change it to this code:
Then Shift+Refresh a few times to see if that helps. If that still doesn’t fix the code, open up your index.html or header file and look for this code on about line 37 & 38:
{class:'.main_box_bg_left',image:'images/eco/leaves_left.png',animation_from:{marginLeft:0},animation_to:{marginLeft: -121},time:600},
{class:'.main_box_bg_right',image:'images/eco/leaves_right.png',animation_from:{marginLeft:475, marginTop:-438},animation_to:{marginLeft: 595,marginTop: -331},time:600}
change it to this code:
{'class':'.main_box_bg_left',image:'images/eco/leaves_left.png',animation_from:{marginLeft:0},animation_to:{marginLeft: -121},time:600},
{'class':'.main_box_bg_right',image:'images/eco/leaves_right.png',animation_from:{marginLeft:475, marginTop:-438},animation_to:{marginLeft: 595,marginTop: -331},time:600}
(ie: change both class to 'class')

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