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This is freakin’ awesome!

Good luck on sales ;)

Ooh! Very clever… Well done!

Man this is really cool…but it should be worth more than $11!!!

Very cool! Thinking I should buy before the price goes up lol just haven’t the slightest idea what I could use something like this for currently :)

Very cool design, love it. love the jquery effects.

But. There is a big error in your CSS . If we look at “About me” page and scroll down there is a big space under the footer. But if we look at “Resume” the space is great.

so i think you should make your min-height dynamic.

Thanks, zyxep! It is not error with CSS . This template must have the same height for all pages. It’s required to make this slide animation works properly

Thanks to everyone, guys! Don’t forget to follow us, more freakin’ awesome ;) templates are on the way!

Amazing and unique, good luck with the sales!

Thank a lot, r0nka!

Cool animation, WOW ! Good luck man!

Thanks guys!

This is some serious stuff man , Good luck on sales


Great job! I love this

Thank you, nacre!

how well does it degrade into the lower level browsers? What type of effects are gone?

Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan! Animation and effects will be the same, but without rotate animation. Pages’ slide animation, fade effects and popup windows work fine and look good even in Internet Explorer 6

can it be easily changed to 520px width?

If you mean width of content then yes, all you will have to do is to change a couple of lines in CSS file

i just checked it out with IE 9 , does roll well with it. any plans to make it work on IE browsers?

Definitely yes, rotate animation in IE browsers requires a lot of scripting, so it will be updated a little later

I bought this theme before really going through it. So far I have tested in the most recent stable version of Google Chrome and it is horrible. I stopped right there. I am not going to waste my time checking other browsers as I feel you should have had this all worked out before even uploading this theme for approval.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but, I am not going to post all the issues here in the forum as I feel this is something both you and Theme Forest should have done long before it was submitted or even approved.

Over all, I was blown away by the theme. Than totally disappointed right after I purchased it and started testing it in a browser. I can deal with minor issues and make teaks if I have to. I don’t feel I should have to recode the theme just to make it work. If I want to do that, I would just upload free themes.

I will say that you could probably fix a handful of issues by dealing with all that empty space below the footer.

If you can’t provide an update with in the next week, I would recommend that you pull this theme until it is fixed.

Right now my complaint is really the only serious one so far. Wait till you have sold 50 of them. Who is gonna follow you or rate your themes then?

Cheers, JP

Hey, JP! Thanks you for so large comment, but as we understand the only thing you don’t like is the empty space below the footer. It’s ok, we actually did not think that it will be a problem. So we will fix it and resubmit in a couple of days.

Updated JumpBox with a fixed space below the footer is in resubmiyt queue. So don’t forget to redownload it after it will be approved.

Hi iDangerous!

I said it may be the empty space (also not good even if it’s not the issue), that is causing the many problems.

Have you clicked on the footer links and noticed all the issues? Please take a moment to thoroughly go through your theme and you will see what I am talking about.

I am not here to bash your name. I am only trying to help. As I designer/developer myself, I want you to succeed and avoid any conflicts with your clients who purchase this theme.

I do not sell themes here. I am not being negative to hurt you. I am again, just trying to help. I only expect what I would expect from myself had I created this theme and offered it for sale.

Cheers, JP

Thanks JP! Everything will be fixed

One word: Outstanding!

Thanks, aurove!

Awesome theme, but what about SEO ? I noticed that on your site (, it loads separate pages which is good for SEO . What have you done for this theme for SEO purposes?

I’m dying to buy this AMAZING theme, but can’t if it’s not great for SEO .

Thanks, Andrew

Hello, Andrew! Intresting question. So here is the deal. HTML content of all pages is in the one index.php file. And when we will click on the page link (with disabled JavaScript like search bots), HTML content will be the same, but by means of PHP the “active” page div will have “display:block” style, and all other pages’s divs will have “displat:hidden” style. But all titles, keywords and description will be the same for all pages, so Google could add to its index only one (home) page (but maybe it will add all the pages). BUT as you could see all “pages links” look like “index.php?page=about” or “index.php?page=contacts” etc., so by means of php we could also make the different titles, keywords and meta description, which will depend on “page” variable in the link’s URL . We have build one website for small furniture company from this template and it has no problems with SEO . So if you will intrested in this, after purchase we will provide you with all additional code

I see you removed all the space at the bottom of the pages in the theme. I have a video of exactly what I am talking about as far as the other issues. You can view here > Can you please fix this A.S.A.P. I need to wrap this up for a client. I am using the most recent version of Google Chrome in the video.

Thank you, JP

Already fixed. Check out here Item is in the resubmit queu. But if you want to get the fixed code faster you can contact us via contact form on our profile page

All interaction with the links on the site should take you to the top of the page. Not the middle or the bottom. =)