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Cool design.

Question: If I sped up the scope-shift animations, would it get choppy? (Have you tried?)

It’s a bit choppy now on my gaming rig (and even worse on my HTC Evo), just wondering if I can optimize it w/out disabling functionality, and if everything is already preloaded. The reason being: I’d like to speed up the animation and am worried it’d be yet even choppier.

What do you think?


Hello, thanks for you question. But there is no way to speed it up on mobile devices without disabling functionality. There only way is to add couple of code lines that will disable rotate animation on mobile device only.

hello, thank you for your work… ...i would like to speed the scrolling animation between pages/slides. i have changed the number in the line:

slideTime : 2200, //Time in ms of slide animation between two pages

and found that there is no change to the speed of the animation, regardless of what number I change it to… there some other line/lines of code that is required to affect this change?

Thank you.

Hello, thanks a lot for the purchasing. Yes, everything is correct, but the 2200 is the default value. Try to set it, for example, to 1000 (lower=faster), and you should see the difference. It just can’t do not work because the main script takes this value for animation. Also note that total animation time consist of three options and equal to : collapseTime + slideTime + expandTime. Try to change these options too. And if it still will not work, send the link to your site via contact form on my profile page, i will take a look

thank you for your reply – your explanation is clear…actually, the documentation is clear, as well…the error was on my part – I have successfully speeded up the animation. Thank you, sincerely.

Beautiful template. I will have a lot of questions. BUt the first one is, how can I write special characters like “á” or “ó” . I really need this =)

Hello, thanks a lot for the purchasing of template. Please contact me via PM form on my profile page and i will send you new font script with those characters


I have 2 pre-purchase questions.

1) Is this EASILY possible to add a separate file so that when someone click download cv, that file would be downloaded instead of site’s screenshot in PDF .

2) Can I easily customize that which thing and how should be printed when someone click print cv button??


1) Yes you can easily add a separate CV file for download 2) You can customize PRINT layout via CSS

I want to purchase this theme. But Paypal do not support my country, Pakistan and my bank don’t show depted amount in USD . It shows in Pakistani Rupees, so I dn’t able to purchase via moneybooker/skrill. Can you please tell me some other way??

Is there any way I can get the script for this too?

Once the animation is done, the little white box that hangs out in the top-left corner of the content window? Is there a way for this to fade away – and then come back only during animations?


Hi, thanks for the purchase. Sure, you can. Contact us via PM on our profile page, and we will send you modified script

Hi there,

I just installed this theme and Wordpress is saying that the stylesheet is missing. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, thanks for the purchase! But sorry, it is not a Wordpress theme!

Please tell me if it is possible to add a full page background and remove the logo, and bottom mods backround Or even add a background to the whole page, then that background should move when you slide betwen pages

Thank you! Great template!

Hi, thanks for the purchase! Yes, you can remove logo and background on bottom mods in CSS file (look in documentation). Theme is not intended to use with large single moving background for all pages

Hi iDangerous, I have a problem in the template. The footer doesn’t show up complete. the text in the footer hidden in the bottom.

Thanks for this great template!

Update: I fixed the problem. If I used two tweets, the footer goes down. I changed it to one tweet, and it solved the problem.

I just purchased a JumpBox but I found that

The theme of my JumpBox without style sheets

I can not enable this theme

Please give me complete the JumpBox Thank you

Hi, thanks for the purchase! Seems to be you are trying to upload it to Wordpress, but Jump Box is not a Wordpress theme! If not, you can find stylesheets in “css” folder from the package

Quick question. On the portfolio page, if one scrolls around, the page will start flashing white on “mouseleave.” Any explanation? This is just coming from viewing the live demo.

Hi, this is a bug of a specific Chrome version

excellent work! great script! thanks!


thanks for this great theme, you are my hero. But i have some error in Google Chrome (21.0.1180.79) Resume page is cutted in half and i don’t see footer and rest of resume page:

In IE8 it’s works well.

Next one please have you some font script for Czech Republic like (?š??žýáíé)?

Thank you

Replied you by email

Hello, i’m interested in your theme, but since i’m coming from the Wordpress world, I was wondering if it will be easy and possible for me to install and work this out, i have never worked with jQuery themes before.

Thank you :) Maya.

Hi, if you are not familiar with jQuery i think you should NOT try to do that:)

nice work mate; in demo i didnt see any place to add picture of the cv holder. Just wondering whether i can i add the picture in my CV or not

Hi, you can add image in any place using HTML formatting

One more question mate; i updated my twitter link, but unfortunately the feeds are not updating. Can you please help me

Can you give a link to your site so i can take a look?

As is see you do not change twitterUsername parameter in template configuration. It is well described in documentation.

Please let me know were should i add the Twitter user name. I had added it in to bottom-mods.php but its not updating. So please specify exactly which file i should edit or were to add the twitter name

Page 7 of the documentation. You should change twitterUsername variable to your one

Thanks a lot mate; its works

is the psd file sliced?

Sure, it is layered and well documented