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Hi awesome theme!

I have one question though. Ive added 4 pages on my theme, but you can scrool between them. It really takes the name “one page” out of it. How do I configure it, so I can scroll up and down between my pages, and make it one page? :-)

Best Regards


you need to create an empty page and set it’s template as a ‘Homepage’. Then, under ‘Settings>Reading’ you set this page to be your ‘Front page’. And now you can use ‘Homepage>Add new section’ link inside your dashboard to add sections to that single, scrolling page (you can paste in the content you have inside your regular pages). Check out the documentation, everything is described there. Also, it would be the best if you import the demo content, it would make it easier for you to start building your own site.


Thank you. I have done that now, but I will send an email to you, as it does not work for me, and I think I am going to need some more help…

Is there an easy way for me to place links on the homepage sliders? I noticed the buttons have links and work well, but did not see any options in the admin to be able to add a link. Let me know.


inside visual editor you have an ‘Add a button’ icon (last in the first row), just click on it and it will add code for your button. You just need to add a link inside brackets. For example:

[button link="#portfolio"]Go to portfolio[/button]


[button link="http://www.google.com"]Open Google[/button]



A couple of questions please, just to confirm my understandings.

1. To publish to a section on the home page, is the content a post or a page?

2. Can pages like ‘Contact Us’ be taken off the home page and accessed via a conventional link like domain.name/contact from home page menu item?

Cheers Keith.

Hi Keith,

1. The content is a custom post type. You would go to ‘Homepage > Add new section’ inside your wp-admin.

2. Absolutely, you can display any section as a separate page. To do so, inside ‘Appearance > Menu’ add a link to your contact section from the ‘Homepage’ panel (if you can’t see it, click on the ‘Screen Options’ tab at the top and make sure that the ‘Homepage’ checkbox is selected).


Hello, how would I go about changing the logo size on the pages so that it doesn’t resize to the smaller (original) size?


the only logo resizing that occurs is when you’re viewing on a resolution that is less than 1000px wide (try resizing your browser to see it in action), necessary for logo to fit inside the header at the top. Is that’s what you’re referring, then paste this css inside ‘Custom CSS’ field inside the options page:

#logo {
max-height: none;
max-width: none; 


I’ve been customizing the fonts in Jumper, but am not able to change the font for the blog page titles no matter what I do.

I even altered the code in index.php, replacing the h2 wrapper with a span tag with a unique style, but no luck.

This technique works on single.php, but doesn’t work on index.php. Any thoughts?


that’s because the title text is inside a link on the index page. So, use something like this:

.blog_title h2 a {
    font-family: 'Your font';

Thanks, that did the trick!


I’m interested to your theme but i have a problem. When i visit to blog’s pages current_page_parent is not working?

Working on main blog page : http://prntscr.com/1s21eu Blog’s sub pages (post or categories) : http://prntscr.com/1s21jl

If you resolve to this i’m ready for buy.


I know, it was my design decision to leave out the ribbon on those pages (so that visitors know that they can go back to posts index page if they click on the blog link). :) But I’ll change this in my next update. If you purchase the theme, please email me and I’ll send you the css code that fixes this right away, because I’m not going to release an update only for this since this is only a small change.


Thank you. when have first free time i’ll buy

Hello. Can you change the Green Banner type of icon button? I see you say you used iconSweets? Is this customizable, or at least the color? I looked through most of your comments and the links to websites using this theme all have that western looking green navigation button unchanged. I like everything but this.

Since v2.1 you can attach a category to a portfolio post, but this is only used if you want to display more than one portfolio. For example, a half of your portfolio items you place in a category called ‘web design’, and the other half in a category called ‘illustrations’. Then, you display two different portfolios using the following shortcodes: [portfolio category=”web design”] and [portfolio category=”illustrations”]. Categories can’t be used for item filtering though (like Quicksand or Isotop).

ok thanks. Would you happen to have an example site where they have used this technique with your template?

I don’t have any examples, but the other portfolios would be in the same form as the one you can see on my demo, only difference being they will display different pictures/videos. So, for example, you can have several homepage section, each one with it’s own portfolio.

Hi dabaman

Love the site, but I’ve had a problem. The Google Map is no longer working.

I’ve checked and it’s effecting Chrome, Firefox & Safari. It’s all setup correctly in the Jumper Options page, and I think must have stopped working when I updated the theme…?

I rely on a bit of foot traffic, so it’s quite important.

Here’s the site: http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/#contact

Any help would be much appreciated.



this problem is caused by mod_pagespeed for some reason. You can see that your site looks fine when this mod is turn off – http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/?ModPagespeed=off . According to this page, it can be simply disabled by adding ModPagespeed off line in a .htaccess file. Alternatively, contact your hosting provider to turn this off for you.



And thanks for the quick response, your suggestion worked and it’s nearly fine… However…now the menu tabs on the left have messed up… http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/

At least, it has on Firefox..

Your logo is too big, it’s pushing the menu links down. Resize it to 180×112px and it’s going to look fine. :)

Hi Dabaman, First of all thank you for your work. I just bought your template which is exactly what I wanted. For cons, I have a bug on iPad in portrait mode with the menu. By default it is open and does not want to close. It does the same thing with your demo. In addition, it is possible that it automatically closes if I click outside the menu or at least after clicking a link? Thank you for your answer

Thank you for the quick return
For the menu, I finally added this snippet of code in the “footer.php” file and it works as I want. So this is perfect. If it helps someone…

$(”#menu_list a”).click(function(){

I’m really sorry but my previous fix put a toggle on the menu in normal mode so I had to find another solution I have tested several times and it works.
Here is the code I modified the file footer.php
$(”.mobile #menu_list a”).click(function(){

Good job! :)

Firstly, great theme! My question is how can I adjust where the copyright info sits on the left side, as far as height from the bottom, etc? Due to a long business name, it currently gets cut off by the social icons and/or the bottom of the screen. Thanks.

And for the cut off by the bottom of the sceen problem, just log out and it will look fine – that’s wp admin bar at the top pushing the text down.

Thanks. It didn’t seem to make a difference to location, even when I changed it to about 240. I am not using the social icons, would this be why?

Can you please post or email me your site link?

Hi dabaman

My site: http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/

Is it possible to add a Google+ Social Profile, as there are options for lots of others…?

Thanks again for the excellent theme.


I’ve updated the theme – you can download the latest version from your download page at TF.

Hi again.

Great that you were able to add G+...feels cheeky to ask…but any chance of a YouTube icon as well?

Hi Rowan,

I’ll note this for my next update. :)


When I view this on my iPhone 5 it is not responsive.

This was taken this morning.


only my WordPress version is responsive. The screenshot you attached shows the site template version, which unfortunately is not responsive.

Hi dabaman

Having a major issue with my site, so a quick response would be awesome:

My site: http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/

I’ve just noticed that although the site functions brilliantly for me when logged into WP, as soon as I log out or someone else accesses the site, the Nivo Slider doesn’t work properly and the menu functions don’t work either.

I’m not sure how long this has been a problem, but obviously could be losing me a lot of business as customers can’t even get to the contact page properly…..

Please help

It is some caching issue, I can see in your site’s code, but it says ‘Quick Cache’ there. The cached version is renewed every hour, and for a brief moment when this was happening your site looked fine. So, if it’s not caused by a plugin, then it’s probably on a server side. Try contacting your host to disable this.

Thanks dabaman

The first line of my WP config was: ”?php define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);” I changed that to false, and it seems to fix the issue.

Great :)


JRNZ Purchased

Hi there

Just bought your theme and it is great thanks.

I have one issue though when trying to modify it; I need to change the menu_bg.jpg image to something which will extend beyond the left had side of the screen (so the left hand menu column is one complete image). Currently the original image is 200px wide. If I replace this with an image wider than 200px, it pushes right over the content column (with the left hand edge of the edge in the same position).

I need the right hand edge of this image to stay flush, with the image extending out to the left. Can you tell me how I might be able to do this?

Cheers. Jason

Hi Jason,

you can’t do it that way. The entire menu column is 200px wide, so every background image you set for it will have to be inside that dimension. I’m not sure what you mean that background image pushes the content column – background images can’t push anything, they are in the background. :)

The solution for your problem would be to use :before pseudo class to create another element bellow the menu column (and expanding to the left), which will carry your new background. I’ve prepared a css code that will do this, but make sure that you place it at the bottom of style.css – don’t put it inside ‘custom css’ code box on your setting page, for some reason it doesn’t work when you use empty quotes.

@media only screen and (min-width: 1001px) {
    #menu { background:none; } /* remove old bg */
#menu:before {
    width: 1000px; /* same width as your new bg */ 
    content:" ";
    background: url(http://placehold.it/300&text=bg) repeat; /* path to your image */
    position: absolute;
    right: 1px;
    top: 0;

@media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) {
    #menu:before { display:none; } /* remove bg when menu is at the top */


Thats brilliant, works perfectly. Thank you!

re ‘pushes right’; I meant to say the image flows over the content column (with its left edge fixed on the side) :)

Thanks again for the help.

You’re welcome. Don’t forget to rate the theme with 5 stars :)

This is the most basic question and I apologize.

I cannot seem to upload the theme. It says the style.css stylesheet is missing. When i went to do it manually, i couldn’t do that either. I unziped it and looked in the files and yup…not there.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

im a retard! Got it!

I’m glad you sorted it out :)

The slider is working well, how do I change the speed of it though?

I’d like to use the full portfolio (not limited to 2) on other pages, especially since I can’t get event post categories pages to work (it keeps listing all of the categories or it tells me sorry can’t find that). Is there a way to add the limit or add pagination to the shortcode itself?

You can add a number limiter to your portfolio shortcode. In the ‘portfolio.php’, instead of -1, type $posts_per_page. Then, in the same file, at the top, where is says:

global $post, $category;

add $posts_per_page in the list, like so:

global $post, $category, $posts_per_page;

Now, open ‘shortcodes.php’, and find ‘PORTFOLIO’ title. Under it, find this part of the code:

    global $category;
    extract( shortcode_atts( array(
        'category' =>  '',
    ), $atts ) );    

and replace it with this one:

    global $category, $posts_per_page;
    extract( shortcode_atts( array(
        'category' =>  '',
        'posts_per_page' => '',
    ), $atts ) );    

Now just use the portoflio shortcode like this:

[portfolio category="category name" posts_per_page=2]

Thanks so much! You are a life saver!


GREAT THEME! I have chosen the ‘green’ theme option. I’d like to know the colour of the ribbon used (to scroll over the menu options). In your ‘demo’ you have your logo ‘Jumper’ in the same colour and i’d like to do that with my logo as well… But i can’t find the exact colour code to match this. Thanks:)


the logo and ribbons have a gradient applied and some inner shadows, so they are not in single color, but the general color for green scheme is #8e9940.


We are unable to view archived posts. It give us this error:

“Archive of ‘News Archives – Yale Alumni Association’. Not Found Sorry, we can’t find that.”

It does this to all categories that we try to view including the blog. I’ve tried changing the structure of the permalink to see if that interferes with it, but I keep getting the same error. I’ve turned off all plugins to see if that is the issue, but I still get the same error. Tags work fine, it will list an archive of all tags, it just seems like it won’t give me an archive of any category. Any idea how to fix this?

To add to this, if it helps any – When I click on the category name in the post itself “news” the URL it sends me to is ”/category/news-yaa/” My permalinks set to: category / postname I get the 404 error.

If I click in the browser and delete the ”/category/” and leave just the ”/news-yaa/” it loads the archive fine, but how do I change this setting in the template to remove ”/category/” when I click the category name in a post?

I tried changing my permalink to “ postname ” but then I get a 404 error no matter what I put in the browser.


I’m not sure why that happens, I saw it on my demo site as well. I’ll have to investigate this further to see is it’s related to the theme in some way or it is just a WordPress messing a permalinks after updating to newer version.

I found that you can fix this by changing permalink ‘Category base’ inside ‘Settings>Permalinks’. Default is ‘category’, as you already now (you can change it, but you can’t remove it altogether from the url, according to WP Codex). So, change it to something like ‘categories’, and see if that helps.


That worked! Thanks!


skoorey Purchased

I have an odd problem.

I am using a static home page. When I use the customize section, the preview on the right side of the page reflects what I want. When I edit a page and hit view page, the fonts are different. I used a different browser and still the same issue. I cannot get the public facing pages to reflect the font choices (the default ones) with the ones I see in the customize view. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Stefani


skoorey Purchased

I fixed it myself! I clicked the italics button to off then hit save. Then turned it back on. Hit save. Then I hit the next default checkbox and clicked it to off and hit save. Then hit it to activate and hit save. Now all is well. maybe it was a cache problem? All is well now.


I think that the problem was in that the customizer didn’t saved the values automatically, so you had to use the old ‘turn it off and on again’ method. :)



skoorey Purchased

I am having issues with the left side menu under the blog title not scrolling using a static home page. The Home page scrolls (on the right) but I cannot see the menu below the ribbon. It works fine on a large screen but a small one the copyright overlaps the menu. Can you help me fix this? Here is one of my sites: http://thisonceonlyworld.com Thank you!


skoorey Purchased

When I lowered the font size on the browser, it all worked fine. Is this the answer? Thanks!


this is mainly because your logo text is too long and it’s pushing the menu down. You can try adding this code inside ‘Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS’ to get more free space:

#logo h1 { font-size:30px; }
#menu_list { margin-top: 70px; }