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Greetings – when using a boxed layout and reducing the viewport to mobile scale, the mobile icon doesn’t show on the screen on the right side of the header to see the mobile menu. I am doing tests on an iphone 5.
I’m perplexed. What am I doing wrong to cause this and how may it be fixed? Thanks!

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OK. Problem solved!


Hi there, this will be fixed in our next release. Thank you.

Hello! Considering this theme but on my current site I collect subscribers to my Mailchimp list using an opt-in checkbox under my contact form.

It doesn’t look like this theme offers this by default – will it work with plugins like Mailchimp for Wordpress by Danny van Kooten to add in a checkbox under the existing contact form?


Hi there,

Theme can be integrated with Mailchimp as a separate form and not a checkbox inside another one.

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

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Latest release has translation issues.


Hey there,

Would you please open a ticket and share the issues with us?

Cheers :)


Ticket #2685. The solutions from support are not working. I replied on the ticket 6 days ago, but just noticed that my reply was not added to the ticket.

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is there any way to change the mobile main menu to display instead of a drop down menu?


Hi there,

We have an option for responsive menu trigger in Theme Options -> General -> Global Settings -> Main Navigation Threshold Width

Please follow up by opening a ticket in our support system.

Thank you.

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hi i tried to open a support ticket however it requires a purchase code. i bought the theme on here but i don’t know how to find it. but there’s an issue with my site after upgrade to 4.0

my woocommerce product pictures are not showing up in shop page. also, the icons are not showing up on home page.

www.teafarmcafe.com and teafarmcafe.com/shop


Hi there,

Please follow the guide below to know how to get your purchase code:

How to get Purchase code

Thank you.

Is there a side widgetable dashboard like KEN? So you have a standard main menu along the top and also a sidebar widget dashboard?


Hi there,

Unfortunately Jupiter does not have that feature. I suggest that you add a feature request regarding this in our community forum:

Feature Request

On the new templates, lets say I just want individual page templates codes. I can’t find it nowhere in your docs.

It says Jupiter Banner Video Settings (Deprecated) Jupiter Slideshow Settings (Deprecated)

Lot of my pages use this setting. How can I make sure they work?

I’m working with this template for about 2 days and i can’t figure out why the navigation is not scrolling to the sections. I followed the instructions on creating a menu for a one page site – giving each section their id and links to #section_name in the menu – but when I click on the menu items nothing happens. I also added the mk-smooth class to every page section but that still didn’t solve the problem.

Here’s the page: http://designerds.de/it-profiler/

My navigation seems to be equal to the one in the demo version (http://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/full_screen_preview/5177775) I can’t find any differences between those two, yet mine doesn’t work.

Can you help me please?

Hi I wonder if you can tell me if the Visual Composer addon called Visual Composer Extensions by Tekanewa http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-extensions/7190695 would work ok with this theme.

Kind Regards

Hi there,

Cracking theme….thank you! Anywho…there is a browser issue. Iv found when creating my contact page and then scrolling down, in Google Chrome, it distorts. Here is a link to the page so you can view: http://susiamendola.com/contact-us/#msg

Is there a fix or is this somthing you’ve first heard of it?


Great theme, but after the version 4.0, there is a problem with transparent png images. Even i upload a 32bti transparent png, on the browser i see white background instead of transparent back.

Hello, my client bought the Jupiter theme, and I’m doing the installation. But I can not use the One-Page. How can I use it as a One-Page?

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There appears to be a problem with your blurred icon boxes?

Incredible update! Looking forward to buy it. One question, i could not find in the Demo any portfolio without the lightbox, it is possible to create a portfolio with the link only? without a lightbox on the grid?


Loving the theme, thanks. Just wandering if it is possible to add custom url that the logo links to. I saw in a previous message you said this:

“Hi, Please go to jupiter/framework/classes/theme_class.php and search for custom_logo() function. change href=”<?php echo home_url( ’/’ ); ?>” to anything you need.”

But that file doesn’t seem to be there in the latest version.


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I like your theme very much!

But I’ve got a problem, I can only have 10mb of pictures etc in my library? There has got to be a way to expand it??

Otherwise I can never make decent site.

Many thanks!

fr3nkie Purchased

Another question, sorry guys!

How do I change color navigation? Can’t find it…

Many thanks!

Help! My thanks in advance if anyone can lend me any direction here. If I’ve broken some discussion board protocol I’m sorry… it’s the first time I’ve ever asked for help on a board and I wasn’t sure where else to turn. The developers on Elance have not been helpful. ;-)

I am a life coach seeking a professional Wordpress site to be developed in the next 30 days on the Jupiter 4 theme. This will NOT be your typical coaching site. It will be an opportunity for a developer who’s an expert with design tools to have some fun and test their skills.

Can anyone suggest a developer team that are creative and reasonably priced? I need a person/team who REALLY knows Jupiter to bring out it’s full capability. I will also be using WPMUDEV’s plugins:

Appointments+ Events + CoursePress Pro Membership Premium

More info on this requirement for any interested parties…..

I’m looking for a team that can work with me in a back-and-forth manner: create a wireframe design then let me go out and find the content to fill it in while the developer works on setting up the API codes & store and Social Media integration, etc. It’s my first commercial site but I have a clear idea of where I want to end up. I just need someone who can walk me the 100 steps to get there. :-)

It’s going to be a blend of tools that aren’t often combined:

1. It has to have the visual appeal of a photography site so the user is carried away by the experience. In this way it has to hit the current design trend: It has to entertain.

2. It has to have tools that invite people to become part of a new community and share who they are on the deepest level. I’m a coach. I lead people to excellence and seek answers to questions they can’t even form yet.

3. I t has to be a platform for me to share what I know with world and have that information flow as far downstream as possible.

4. It has to sell. A pretty community and free info isn’t enough… for me or the users. If we can’t convince them to trade up into a service that will dramatically benefit their lives then neither I nor them should waste the other’s time. I’ll discuss all the channels through which I wish to sell below.

The site will be a portal by which I will reach out to women all over the world through coaching by SKYPE, phone and texting to support them in their efforts to create more satisfying intimate relationships.

I made the mistake with my last developer to not be clear on the parameters so I’ve gone the opposite direction here and perhaps written too much but it does give an idea of where I want to end up with this site. Months and much time and $$$$ later I’m barely anywhere on the project.

If any of you can think out of the box and pull disparate components together to make something brilliant and are a self-starter then this is going to be a lot of fun for all of us.

George Roese gcrpublic@gmail.com

4. Browse the included demo_content.xml (XML file) from main Zip Package > DummyContent.zip and Upload the XML file.

the file was not included.