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Jupiter is a Clean, Flexible, fully responsive and retina ready Wordpress theme. Its smart and hand crafted environment allows you to Build outstanding websites easy and fast. You can create either standard Multi page websites or One page websites with Jupiter.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish using Jupiter. Add countless shortcodes from Slideshows to new blog layouts within a powerful drag and drop Page Composer. Modify options and settings via Jupiter’s robust Admin Panel. Change your site colors and control your layout with point and click options. Choose from different layouts and templates on a page-by-page basis or Start creating a whole new layout.


Update Log v3.9.6 – 11 September 2014

+ Woocommerce v2.2 compatibility fixes

Update Log v3.9.5 – 8 September 2014

+ Woocommerce Cart page responsive issue.

Update Log v3.9.4 – 5 September 2014

+ Revolution Slider updated to most recent version.
Note : A Serious Vulnerability has been discovered in this plugin and immediate action is required. Learn More.

Update Log v3.9.3 – 22 May 2014

+ Bug Fixings : If you are using child theme please update immediately to fix multiple bugs you have encountered since v3.9.2
+Bug Fixing : Header toolbar dropdown items were hidden behind header

Update Log v3.9.2 – 17 May 2014

+ New Feature. Woocommerce v2.1.9 compatible
+ New Feature. Custom Box shortcode border thickness option
+ New Feature. Add option to prevent image cropping in shop loop.
+ New Feature. Added Social share to news single post
+ New Feature. Added LinkedIn social share icon to portfolio posts
+ New Feature. Remove Page Title & Footer combination in pages.
+ Improvement. BBpress responsive improvements
+ Improvement. Video sections will not play in touch devices and preview image will be used instead. IOS has bug with video z-index and blocks important elements such as header.
+ Improvement. Google maps and video become SSL friendly.
+ Improvement. vc_row and vc_column has been removed from shortcode generator elements to prevent issues when using in text block shortcode
+ BugFix. Some Edge Slider bug fixings
+ BugFix. Bug on Woocommerce image cropping
+ BugFix. Moving image shortcode in firefox issues
+ BugFix. One Fifth column bug
+ BugFix. Child theme style.css moved as last style file
+ BugFix. Social Share icons not working in portfolio ajax
+ BugFix. Edge Slider mk-smooth were not working inside the slide
+ BugFix. BBpress pagination were not working in WP3.9
+ BugFix. Edge Slider in IE11
+ BugFix. Testimonial conflicts in ajax portfolio
+ BugFix. Portfolio extra class options were not working
+ BugFix. Many minor bugs and glitches

Update Log v3.9.1 – 24 April 2014

+ Fixed. Extra class option for rows were not working
+ Fixed. child theme style.css changed the order
+ Fixed. LayerSlider new version skin were missing for Jupiter
+ Fixed. main Navigation smooth scrolling feature were not working
+ Fixed. Some other minor bug fixings
+ Removed. Google map meta option removed from front-end. please use advanced google map shortcode instead
+ Removed. Footer Twitter meta options and front end scripts removed. 
+ Removed. Header Notification module removed.

Update Log v3.9 – 23 April 2014

Our v4.0 is under progress, due to the WP3.9 compatibility issues we had to release an earlier version for all the immediate fixes. So stay tuned for the rest of our update list. Meanwhile enjoy our all new features, improvements and fixes.
+ New Feature. WordPress V3.9 compatible
+ New Feature. Woocommerce v2.1.7 compatible
+ New Feature. Shop category design
+ New Feature. Complete recoding in woocommerce section
+ New Feature. Option to change shop loop image 
+ New Feature. Shop layouts improved
+ New Feature. Shop loop image quality option
+ New Feature. Woocommerce images in single and loop cropping and exact sizing
+ New Feature. Product loop images quality and single post
+ New Feature. Product multicolumn support
+ New Feature. Add Woocommerce catalog mode. all shopping features will be disabled
+ New Feature. Woocommerce is now a main tab item in theme options and will be viewed if plugin is active.
+ New Feature. Theme options is highly modified to prevent memory exhaustion's, Its performance improvements and some design retouches
+ New Feature. Full height page sections
+ New Feature. Metaboxes design, structure changed for speed and UX.
+ New Feature. Retouch in under construction template as well as count down script.
+ New Feature. Count down Shortcode options changed and UTC timezone is added. and you can use multiple count down shortcode in a page. please update this shortcode as its options has changed and will not work with old attributes.
+ New Feature. Add retina ready and fullwidth row compatible option for portfolio
+ New Feature. Add retina ready and fullwidth row compatible option for gallery images
+ New Feature. Employee image quality loss improved and now retina compatible
+ New Feature. Remove media styles from styles.css and instead its a link to increase rendering speed
+ New Feature. Add option to disable post types
+ New Feature. SmoothScroll script changed with more light and stable query 
+ New Feature. Option for JS magnification
+ New Feature. Option to remove query string from JS and CSS
+ New Feature. Option to disable ajax search
+ New Feature. Portfolios are now full width row compatible
+ New Feature. Some retouches to portfolios
+ New Feature. When resize menu the megamenu screw up in return to desktop mode + the row border suddenly disappears in hover
+ New Feature. Related posts in blog should have the same height.
+ New Feature. Blog related posts set them vertical align top. 
+ New Feature. Manually selected posts__in option for all loops
+ New Feature. Eliminate @import from whole theme specially style.css (will increase rendering speed)
+ New Feature. Related, popular and recent posts widget if no thumbnail set post info was not starting from left.
+ New Feature. Gallery pagination feature
+ New Feature. Gallery load more and infinite scroll feature. 
+ New Feature. Gallery shortcode grid style
+ New Feature. Portfolio posts carousel image quality option
+ New Feature. Option to disable comments in single posts for specific posts
+ New Feature. Add new edge slider animation styles. 8 new animations
+ New Feature. Option to disable fit to background feature for edge slider
+ New Feature. Google map supports 3 address with tooltips
+ New Feature. Advanced google maps shortcode complete recoded
+ New Feature. Parallax effect to advanced google map
+ New Feature. Contact forms anti spamming protection
+ New Feature. Milestone Link Option
+ New Feature. Date Format hard coded. please choose your preferred date from settings => general 
+ New Feature. Filter by category option for FAQ posts
+ New Feature. Add font icon shortcode link target 
+ New Feature. Theme JS scripts maintained and cleaned
+ New Feature. Option to change divider shortcode color (applicable only for 3 styles)
+ New Feature. Make overlay effect and pattern in page section to be used in images as well
+ New Feature. Text transform + letter spacing option for fancy title
+ New Feature. News posts slug option in master key
+ New Feature. Social Share icons for Portfolio ajax
+ New Feature. Schema friendly tags 
+ New Feature. Button Color Option for Pricing tables.
+ New Feature. Button style option for pricing tables.
+ New Feature. Portfolio social share option in single posts
+ New Feature. Better way to manage page structure using only one options (Manage Page Elements)
+ New Feature. Sticky template option to stick page content to header and footer
+ New Feature. Add patten mask for edge slider item for image too
+ New Feature. Add soundcloud support to blog posts
+ New Feature. Client Column style added.
+ New Feature. Client shortcode background cover option added.
+ New Feature. Blog Carousel option to choose between Blog posts and News posts.
+ New Feature. Added print icon to blog single post.
+ New Feature. Option to rows to attach columns to each other.
+ New Feature. Border color option to columns.
+ New Feature. Background colour option to columns.
+ New Feature. Padding option to row that will apply to child columns. padding will apply to all directions and its in percent. 
+ New Feature. menu location for when user is logged in.
+ New Feature. Different menu locations in each page.
+ New Feature. Tossing and Pulse animations to moving image shortcode
+ New Feature. Layer Slider updated to latest version (v5.1.1)
+ New Feature. Revolution Slider updated to latest version.
+ Improvement. Child theme style.css updated
+ Improvement. Twitter shortcode & Widget script recoded
+ Improvement. Responsive state for iPad should be in in one row
+ Improvement. comment form better plugin compatibility using only native hooks
+ Improvement. Comment section styling improved
+ Improvement. Flexslider improvements
+ Improvement. Added prefix for classes , functions in php to prevent any possible conflict with plugins
+ Improvement. Hooks for scripts and styles changed for better plugin compatibility
+ Improvement.Viewport animations speed increased
+ Improvement. Documentation improved
+ Improvement. Some minor edge slider bug fixings and improvements 
+ Improvement. Comment icon is removed from loop and single post when comments are disabled globally or in a single post
+ Improvement. Fix translation child themes. for current users please grab the languages folder from parent theme and place it in child theme root folder. in future do your modifications in child theme language folder PO files
+ Improvement. Dynamic styles improved
+ Improvement. Viewport animations improvements
+ Improvement. Woocommerce product carousel improvements
+ Improvement. Blog loop click on images will directly navigate to single posts
+ Improvement. Page title section in page modification options (top & bottom padding, text size, align,..)
+ Addition. added index.php to folders that missing to prevent direct browsing 
+ BugFix. header search form style 2 is not vertically aligned
+ BugFix. page section inner row is not aligned with the rest of the content outside. padding issue
+ BugFix. ajax portfolio load items after load more not working for appended items
+ BugFix. Print media queries in FF
+ BugFix. All the blog element pagination having an issue when using it multiple times in the page.
+ BugFix. Tabs in blog was not woking
+ BugFix. Blog load more buttons are conflicting with each other
+ BugFix. Page section padding issues
+ BugFix. Ajax Portfolio sound cloud not working
+ BugFix. Comment section some responsive fixes
+ BugFix. portfolio related project hard to click on mobile/ipad
+ BugFix. Blank template error 
+ BugFix. bug fix with RT scrolling
+ BugFix. lightbox issue in load more
+ BugFix. device visibility issues has been fixed for desktop and iPad
+ BugFix. IE8 media queries issues 
+ BugFix. portfolio widget hover icons are not square

Deprecated : Simple google map shortcode is deprecated and will be removed in next versions.

Removed : google maps metabox removed. use advanced google map shortcode with its all new features. you can stick the shortcode to header using Stick Template meta option.

Removed : Header notification bar metabox is removed due to its less usage. it will still work in front-end. In next version we will convert it to a plugin for those who still need it. we have removed it to increase page speed.

Removed : footer twitter metabox is removed. it still will be viewable in front end but in next version we will remove it. we will add a new style for twitter shortcode that does the same job.

Update Log v3.8.1- 4 March 2014

+ New Feature. Page composer one fifth columns now is possible.
+ New Feature. Phone number field for contact forms (both shortcode and widget) but you should enable it from its options.
+ New Feature. RevSlider v4.2.3
+ Enhancement. Jupiter skin for layerslider updated
+ Enhancement. Woocommerce skinning issues in some buttons
+ Enhancement. padding issues in responsive state for page section when grid width set to higher than 1140px
+ BugFix. Woocommerce chosen and theme own scripts conflicts
+ BugFix. Banner Video was not playing
+ BugFix. Woocommerce notice regarding outdated templates

Update Log v3.8- 25 February 2014

+ New Feature. Full width button
+ New Feature. Full content now can be used in blog grid & newspaper style.
+ Enhancements. Main menu icons was distorted. icon size increased to 16px to match the grid size
+ Enhancement. now you can put flex slider, toggles, portfolio, blog and other scripts into tabs
+ Enhancement. Video backgrounds are issue with IE.
+ Enhancement. Instagram widget completely changed. please kindly visit its widget and set options values.
+ Enhancement. Mega menu navigation container is not fluid in responsive and will fit the screen size.
+ Enhancement. Revolution Slider updated to v4.2
+ Enhancement. Contact forms now works with WP native ajax function. previously was causing issues in some servers.
+ Enhancement. Fullwidth slideshow enhancements and now it can be used in ajax portfolio.
+ BugFix. minor edge slider bugs
+ Bugfix. portfolio modern back face visibility issue in webkit browsers
+ Bugfix. jQuery parallax issue in load page was setting a wrong offset.
+ Bugfix. Woocommece shipping costs not getting updated
+ Bugfix. Woocommerce recurring cusomters box in checkout login button not skinned
+ Bugfix. Woocommerce Coupon section was not working.
+ Bugfix. Header toolbar text boxes set percent widths to not overflow the box.
+ Bugfix. Some minor Woocommerce bug fixings related to v2.1
+ Updated. Documentation & PO files updated

Update Log v3.7- 20 February 2014

+ New Feature. Edge slider shortcode now you can use it inside content
+ New Feature. Edge Slider content width now is customisable through their posts.
+ New Feature. Option to set a height to Edge Slider
+ BugFix. all issues related to WooCommerce V2.1
+BugFix. After load more posts triggering iLightbox was creating double elements
+BugFix. Gallery grouping in lightbox compatibility with iLightbox plugin 
+BugFix. Gallery with full width row issues
+Bugfix. Social share box in modern style first article was getting hidden due to overflow out of the box (when not featured image is selected)

Update Log v3.6- 14 February 2014

+ New Feature. Woocoomerce v2.1 Compatible
+ New Feature. Blog Loop classic & modern style option to show full content in the loop.
+ New Feature. Option to set a height to Edge Slider
+ New Feature. Add Video Support to Edge Slider
+ New Feature. Add Background Color in Edge Slider items
+ New Feature. Now you can use custom content in edge slider content using page composer
+ New Feature. Instagram & Sound Cloud social icons added.
+ Improvement. small improvements in UX of Edge Slider
+ Improvement. Header toolbar arrow icon for responsive removed when header toolbar is disabled
+ Improvement. Small minor retouches to theme design 
+ Bug Fix. Logo were not showing in mobile version.
+ Bug Fix. Small minor retouches to theme design 
+ Bug Fix. Minor bug fixings

Update Log v3.5.4- 3 February 2014

+ New Feature : Swiper Slideshow shortcode
+ Improvement : Image shortcode alt attribute will be using media attachment “Alt field”
+ BugFix : Portfolio single posts breadcrumbs issue
+ BugFix : Main Navigation bug on active page
+ BugFix : Breadcrumb option duplicate in page metaboxes
+ BugFix : Blank template issues
+ BugFix : Portfolio loop video post type lightbox were larger than screen size. now is a fixed size
+ BugFix : Clients shortcode auto play option was not working
+ BugFix : page section => when first page section option enabled, page jumps after window load.
+ BugFix : Minor reported bugs 

Update Log v3.5.3- 22 January 2014

+ New Feature : an option to upload logo for mobile devices (use it if your logo is really long and resizing it lowers the quality of image)
+ New Feature : Added Metabox option to disable header section form a page .
+ New Feature : Added Metabox Option to disable Footer section from a page.
+ Improvement : Type to filter feature for menus font icons 
+ BugFix : Menus font icons => some fonts were replacing with others
+ BugFix : Blank template php error 
+ BugFix : Type errors
+ BugFix : Minor backend visual bugs 
+ BugFix : Header Toolbar Social icons => MySpace icon were missing
+ BugFix : Banner Slider script fixes  
+ BugFix : Page Metaboxes => Extra Breadcrumbs option 
+ BugFix : Under constructions issue that were causing to not feed from theme options 

Update Log v3.5.2- 19 January 2014

+New Feature : Orderby and Order option to gallery shortcode
+Improvement : Edge Slider improvements
+Bugfix : Not all gallery images were showing up
+Bugfix : Button shortcode view port animation issues
+Bugfix : Under Construction template fatal error 
+Bugfix : Minor css fixes

Update Log v3.5.1- 17 January 2014

+Bugfix : Edge Slider numerous issues.
+Bugfix : iLightbox Video sites were not working.

Update Log v3.5- 17 January 2014

+ New Feature : WP 3.8 compatibility and some retouch to design in backend 
+ New Feature : All theme elements are recoded and now using WordPress native hooks.
+ New Feature : Brand new Full width & height slideshow with swipe feature (beta version)  
+ New Feature : Device Visibility Feature for almost all short codes. 
+ New Feature : Gravity Forms styling compatibility
+ New Feature : Brand new Lightbox from iLightbox(premium plugin) is much better responsive.
+ New Feature : Gallery shortcode now supports media attachment Title and alt fields.
+ New Feature : Layerslider Updated to latest version (check plugin.zip to manual update)           
+ New Feature : Revolution slider update to latest version (check plugin.zip to manual update)           
+ New Feature : Shortcode Geneerator is now includes all theme short codes.
+ New Feature : Option to put header and header toolbar in theme main gird
+ New Feature : Schema.org template on Contact info widgets and short codes
+ New Feature : Added link to moving images shortcode
+ New Feature : Option to disable Social share from blog
+ New Feature : Social share buttons added to Portfolio single
+ New Feature : Added link option to process builder
+ New Feature : Option to disable rounded images in Employees simple style
+ New Feature : Outline style button now accepts custom colors
+ New Feature : Flat style button added to button shortcode
 + New Feature : Align right option for header logo
 + New Feature : Linked In share button added to blog loops and single blog page. 
 + New Feature : Now you can have one page navigation smooth scroll outside homepage using main navigation menus.
+ Improvement : Employees now output shortcodes and HTML 
+ Improvement : Main Navigation script revise on its location
+ Improvement : Header toolbar become toggle in mobile version.
+ Improvement : Header toolbar elements retouch on design and facelift 
+ Improvement : Main Navigation Mobile menu design enhancements 
+ Improvement : Fornt End skinning coding recoded and enhanced
+ Improvement : Icon Box icons are not linkable
+ Improvement : XING icon added to social icons
+ Improvement : Portfolio column images are now exactly what you see in column. 
You should consider changing image heights in short codes where applicable if you see 
images are taller than before. This update will enhance image quality to crystal clear, so worth doing some extra work.
+ Improvement : Blog and Gallery column images dimensions are revised for best quality.
+ Improvement : Color pickers changed to wordpress native colour pickers.
+ BugFix : Portfolio ajax issue due to the jQuery transit conflict.
+ BugFix : Portfolio Filter issue with load more. now only filtered items will be viewed if you have used the filter list.
+ BugFix : FAQ posts tags are now outputting correctly.
+ BugFix : Accordions & Toggles title line height were offset to bottom.
+ BugFix : Header toolbar login form now preserved in mobile version.
+ BugFix : Start tour link option were resting in masterkey after save.
+ BugFix : Conflict with qTranslate plugin.
+ BugFix : Products single sharing issue for Pinterest.
+ BugFix : Blog Shortcode extra class option were missing.
+ BugFix : Layerslider database warning.
+ BugFix : Newsletter field width issue.
+ BugFix : Some miss spelling in theme.
+ BugFix : IE9 and IE10 sticky header issues
+ BugFix : Sticky Header minor bugs in some browsers and if header toolbar is disabled.
+ BugFix : Quick contact forms conflicts with other contact forms in page which was causing email delivery issues
+ BugFix : Blog Carousel lightbox was missing
+ BugFix : Header Toolbar register form password fields removed.
+ BugFix : Layerslider buttons on responsive
+ Many more minor bug fixings and improvements.

Update Log v3.1- 25 November 2013

+ Fixed. Skin.php issues in some servers
+ Fixed. when using WPML plugin masterkey settings stylings were not working correctly.
+ Fixed. Portfolio single post => breadcrumb now will bring custom slug
+ Fixed. Masterkey settings blog archive loop newspaper style were missing
+ Fixed. Raw JS shortcode were not working
+ Fixed. Option to disable image cropping in Woocomerce products loops
+ Fixed. Blog Social share were picking wrong posts
+ Added. “No More posts” translation string added
+ Fixed. Video Backgrounds Responsive
+ Added. Option to disable Next & Prev links in Portfolio and Blog single posts
+ Fixed. Main Navigation script were loading increased.
+ Fixed. Banner Video Responsive issues
+ Added. Columns short codes added to classic shortcode generator
+ Fixed. Shopping Cart were not working in Homepage and some other minor issues
+ Fixed. Ajax Portfolio on close or move to next item video was still playing.
+ Added. Process Steps icons are now linked when filled in.
+ Added. Revolution slider v4.05 added
+ Fixed. Blog Loops issue inside hidden tabs
+ Fixed. Testimonial slideshow small issue since v3.0
+ Fixed. Custom fonts were not working
+ Fixed. Some minor general bug fixings

Update Log v3.02- 15 November 2013

+ Fixed. Header Social networks
+ Fixed. some styles were missing when Woocommerce is not enabled. 

Update Log v3.01- 14 November 2013

+ JS script error that was causing some scripts fail to load.
+ Some responsive fixes.

Update Log v3.0- 13 November 2013

+ New Feature. All New Shop design and added new elements
+ New Feature. All New Blog loops design. Newspaper style is multi column. Columns structure enhanced to have perfect alignment in all screen sizes Now you can change featured image height right from shortcode. New loop style added. speed improvement, social share is enhanced and many more.
+ New Feature. All new Portfolio loops design. Ajax portfolio feature added to modern style.
+ New Feature. Ajax Search.
+ New Feature. Header checkout revised and added items to shop can be viewed. you can optionally place shopping card in header toolbar, header section or disable it.
+ New Feature. Testimonials shortcode none carousel : Now you can set columns and all testimonials will be viewed in lists based on your preferred styles
+ New Feature. Option to disable header search
+ New Feature. Custom.css added to theme root for another way of overriding CSS rules if you don’t want to use child theme.
+ New Feature. Semi bold (600) option added to all typography font weight options.
+ New Feature. LayerSlider updated to most recent version.
+ New Feature. Revolution slider updated to most recent version.
+ New Feature. Option to disable comments and social share from blog loops
+ New Feature. Flexsldier updated to most recent version
+ New Feature. All jQuery plugins updated to recent versions.
+ New Feature. JS files added minified and added into one file for speed improvement.
+ New Feature. Form elements design revise
+ New Feature. Some widgets design revise.
+ New Feature. New tab shortcode style : simple with no boxed borders
+ New Feature. Now you can override blog, portfolio and new loops. Check theme root : portfolio-styles and blog-styles.
+ New Feature. Portfolio and portfolio carousel loop to filter by category option.
+ New Feature. Advanced Google map shortcode with all options to create any style of maps. you can make it full width using row => enable fullwidth
+ New Feature. URL option to employees items
+ New Feature. Option to change portfolio archive loop featured image height.
+ New Feature. PO files updated
+ New Feature. Option to add excerpt to shop loops. We have made it optionally so you can enable it form Masterkey => Advanced => Woocommerce => Excerpt For Products Loop 
+ New Feature. Dummy content updated.
+ Improvement. Responsive under construction template
+ Improvement. Now you can place clients, testimonials, slideshows shortcode into tabs shortcode.
+ Improvement. Search tooltip position in boxed version.
+ Improvement. Smooth scroll for One page concept revised and now Main Navigation current item highlight will change according to the section you are.
+ Improvement. Page Composer edit panel hight changed to 630px to work in 13Inch LCDs
+ Improvement. Employees loop image cross browser issue
+ Improvement. CSS files revised, minified for speed improvements
+ Improvement. Page Section sidebar responsive issues
+ Improvement. Page Section Video in full width issues fixed
+ Improvement. Responsive Main Navigation => Dropdown arrow colour will override from nav colour
+ Improvement. Allow HTML code to testimonial shortcode
+ Improvement. Allow HTML and shortcode content to FAQ posts
+ Improvement. Postion change for floating quick contact and go to top buttons when screen width is smaller than main grid width to avoid overleaping footer navigation  
+ Bug Fix. Header toolbar register form was not working as expected
+ Bug Fix. Transition removed from image shortcode image tag
+ Bug Fix. Image custom lightbox issue fixed.
+ Bug Fix. Divider shortcode bug when choosing “go to top” style
+ Bug Fix. Page section extra class option were not working
+ Bug Fix. Portfolio loops and portfolio carousel filter based on author option.
+ Bug Fix. Smooth scroll for anchor links were not working in some cases
+ Bug Fix. Custom Walker error in windows hosts
+ Bug Fix. Gravity form small issues
+ Bug Fix. Smooth scroll firefox issues
+ Bug Fix. Clients box shortcode colour were returning to default each time you were editing the shortcode.
+ Bug Fix. Portfolio carousel in boxed version images were calculating based on screen size rather than boxed width size
+ Bug Fix. Portfolio carousel fancy title supposed to be removed when option left empty
+ Bug Fix. Flexslider shortcode "Links to” option were not working properly.
+ Bug Fix. Image cropping issue for multi sites(Beta : please report if faced with any issues)

NOTE : child theme import files has been changed in this version. please check new child theme for changes.

++ Overall backend and fronted speed improvements 

Please let us know if you encounter with any bugs, glitches.

We work hard to deliver regular updates. Rate this item to make us happy :)

For those who will update from v1.3+ to V2+ click here

Update Log v2.08.1- 26 October 2013

DummyContent.zip updated and all of its known issues has been fixed. please import Masterkey settings options to get the exact same look or our demo site.

Update Log v2.08- 23 October 2013

+ Improved. Main Navigation Responsive state & Search form added into it.
+ Added. Option to change Portfolio slug
+ Fixed. Gallery shortcode hover issue in touch devices.
+ Fixed. BBpress errors in theme-class.php
+ Fixed. Youtube was not working in blog newspaper style while viewing in Firefox.
+ Fixed. Page Composer templates section sub menu added scroll to add unlimited amount of page templates
+ Fixed. iCarousel Slideshow some options were not working.
+ Added. Option to disable image cropping for blog single post.
+ Added. Header Toolbar login form logout and edit profile links added.
+ Fixed. Portfolio carousel modern style fix for when the Row is not fullwidth enabled.
+ Fixed. Rows extra classes space issues
+ Fixed. Page Composer shortcode edit panel height issue in smaller laptops that was hiding save button.
+ Fixed. Button shortcode Text color skin.
+ Enhanced. all strip tags has been removed from all short codes.
+ Fixed. Sub footer navigation and copyright text colour option was not working.
+ Fixed. Custom class in page section were missing.
+ Fixed. some plugins were having conflicts with wp.editor class that used in theme media.
+ Fixed. Portfolio Carousel classic style custom link was not working
+ Added. now Milestone shortcode will animate in view port state.
+ Fixed. minor CSS & JS bug fixes and improvements.

Update Log v2.07- 7 October 2013

+ General bug fixes and several improvements

Update Log v2.06- 6 October 2013

+ Added. Option to change image shortcode margin bottom
+ Added. Homepage V2 template added to Documentation => Page templates.
+ Fixed. jQuery UI conflict with plugins (eg. EventOn)
+ Fixed. Some short codes that were not rendering
+ Fixed. Page Composer Template section delete button were missing
+ Fixed. Portfolio modern style columns styling issue
+ Fixed. Responsive issues in some elements
+ Fixed. Tabs icons issue 
+ Fixed. A lot of small bugs fixes

Its not over yet, we will release the next part of the updates after tomorrow. so for those features that are missing in this update will find its place in v2.07

The new demo site Dummy Content will be in next update as we are still working on demo site. So we will update the whole complete set at once. the homepage V2 content is added to docs => Page Templates => Homepage V2.

Thanks for your support.
Please dont forget to rate our item if you think it deserves. :)

Update Log v2.05- 4 October 2013

+ Added. Viewport animation to Content box and Custom Box shortcode
+ Added. Superlink option to Take a tour option, now you can have external links as well. please go to master key and update this option since its structure is changed.
+ Added. Option to completely disable image cropping for image shortcode
+ Added. Employee shortcode option to disable/enable descriptions.
+ Added. New testimonial slider style
+ Added. New style to social networks widget
+ Added. Framed style for icon box simple ultimate style
+ Added. Moving image shortcode
+ Added. Now you can insert short codes into pricing table content
+ Fixed. Tooltip shortcode z-index issue
+ Enhanced. Button outline shortcode skin changed to dark and light only with one option.
+ Fixed. Some issues in page composer that was returning warnings
+ Fixed. Many small bug fixes related to v2.0 versions

We have changed our demo and the new demo content with all new additions will be available in v2.1 which is scheduled by tomorrow.

Thanks for all your support and please don't forget to rate our item. :)

Update Log v2.0- 1 October 2013

For those who will update from v1.3+ to V2+ click here

+ Brand New Page Composer
+ Brand New Theme settings with new design
+ New Portfolio Loop Style (Modern)
+ New Portfolio Carousel Style (Modern)
+ Video Backgrounds in Banner and Page section Shortcodes
+ New button style
+ New Search Form inside Main Navigation
+ Portfolio Single Post styling revised.
+ Pagination inside single posts revised

+ Header toolbar styling and scripts revised
+ Option to remove text shadow from page title
+ Options to change page title, page subtitle in each page
+ Footer Twitter Page Section added to each page
+ Options to add header toolbar, header, banner section border colour
+ Option to change the space between each item in main navigation top level
+ Options to change portfolio archive loop style, number of columns.
+ Raw JS, Raw HTML shortcodes
+ Contact Form 7 shortcode in page composer and access to the list of contact forms you have created

+ A lot of bug fixes and styling improvements.
Since we have fixed bugs in bulk and added things without logging them somewhere many of the features and changes is missing in this update log.

Update Log v1.3.8.4 – 19 September 2013

+ Fixed. some users were having issues with image cropping script, only those who had issues update to this version.

News : We are working hard on our v2.0 to finish it as soon as possible. I hope within few days this version will be finished. There will be surprising features coming so stay tuned. for those who are waiting for any bug fix updates, please be patient for 3-4 more days. Thank you all for your support.

Update Log v1.3.8.3 – 18 September 2013

+ changed. Image cropping function changed to support multisite.
+ fixed. Woocommerce sidebar issue that appeared in v1.3.7
+ fixed. mobile navigations mode to desktop was causing it to fail the main 
navigation sub items to disappear.

Hey guys, we are working on a huge update that will cover many things like page 
composer backend huge speed enhancements and many requested features as well as new portfolio styles.

v2.0 will be out within 2 weeks however we may release small bug fixings 
in this period.

So stay tuned for v2.0 and rate our item to support development of Jupiter being 
always live and responsive. 

Thanks :)

Update Log v1.3.8.2 – 17 September 2013

+ fixed. Responsive navigation issue
+ added. new google font : : Source Sans Pro

Update Log v1.3.8.1 – 15 September 2013

+ fixed. backend framework select boxes were having some styling issues.
+ fixed. woocommerce single product title

Update Log v1.3.8 – 15 September 2013

+ added. bbPress compatibility
+ added. WPML language switcher for header toolbar
+ fixed. Classic navigation issue
+ fixed. Few minor issues

Update Log v1.3.7 – 13 September 2013

+ added. Blog Single : option to disable page title
+ added. Blog Single : option to disable breadcrumb
+ added. Blog Single : page title align
+ added. Blog Single : page heading subtitle
+ added. Blog Single : background settings
+ added. Blog Single : slideshow settings
+ added. Portfolio Single : option to disable page title
+ added. Portfolio Single : option to disable breadcrumb
+ added. Portfolio Single : page title align
+ added. Portfolio Single : background settings
+ added. Portfolio Single : slideshow settings
+ added. news Single : option to disable page title
+ added. news Single : option to disable breadcrumb
+ added. news Single : page title align
+ added. news Single : page heading subtitle
+ added. news Single : background settings
+ added. news Single : slideshow settings
+ added. LayerSlider v4.6.1
+ added. Portfolio and News post types in menues
+ added. Disable portfolio single post title
+ added. Portfolio loop is up to 6 columns now
+ added. no-ipad no-iphone classes added, you can use them in any shortcode if you 
want to disable any of them
+ added. Custom URL to image shortcode, now you can add video to 
image shortcode lightbox as well.
+ added. Option to align navigation
+ added. Option to change responsive navigation text colour
+ added. New Dummy data added
+ enhanced. Masterkey settings custom css & js option
+ enhanced. Woocommerce cart and checkout responsive
+ enhanced. Portfolio and blog newspaper styles responsive issues
+ enhanced. LayerSlider button responsive in mobile view
+ enhanced. Content extra padding in mobile view
+ enhanced. Main navigation responsive issues.
+ enhanced. youtube related videos removed in blog single and blog loop
+ enhanced. Smooth scroll issue enhanced for creating "one page" concept 
 via main navigation
+ enhanced. PO file updated.
+ fixed. Button styling conflict in footer section
+ fixed. Banner Builder issues related to fade effect
+ fixed. Masterkey textfields safe HTML added
+ fixed. Blog single share buttons issue in left sidebar

Due to the urgency of this update I will release another version within few 
days for the features requests as below :

+ Ajax Search
+ bbPress compatibility
+ Friendly tabs URLs
+ Few new short codes
+ few reported bugs

Thanks for your support.

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Update Log v1.3.6 – 2 September 2013

+ Added. New shortcode : Milestone
+ Added Breadcrumb skin for light and dark backgrounds
+ Added. Page Section : background repeat option
+ Added. Custom Box : background position and repeat options
+ Added. Mega Menu : now its multi column and based on your sub items it can be divided from 2 to 6 columns
+ Fixed. Masterkey settings and other metaboxes localisations
+ Fixed. strict standard notices removed from page composer.
+ Fixed. When there are over 2000 posts the site was facing fatal error on memory reached to maximum.
+ Updated. .po files

Update Log v1.3.5 – 30 August 2013

+ Fixed. Page Section inner Sidebar issue.
+ Fixed. Contact Form 7 Textarea width increased.
+ Added. Option to add google font character set
+ Fixed. Icon box title colour when link has been added were not working
+ Fixed. CodeStyling Plugin issues fixed.
+ Changed. Translation text domains has been changed to "mk_framework" : please update .po files.
+ Changed. Smooth scroll script changed with a better script.
+ Fixed. All SEO issues as well as site map page template added.
+ Added. Offset to FAQ post type shortcode
+ Fixed. WPML small issues related to Masterkey settings.
+ Improved. Quick contact and go to top buttons position take to the most corner to prevent overlapping with footer toolbar navigation
+ Fixed. Image Shortcode link issue in IE8
+ Added. Mailchmip form texts localised.
+ Updated. Documentation updated with more information
+ Added. Other demos masterkey options import data.
+ Fixed. Header tag line issue with "a" tags. please use double quotes (e.g.: <a href="#"></a>)
+ Fixed. Classic navigation issue when sticky menu is disabled.
+ Changed. Flickr widget script changed, please provide your flickr ID instead of username. for more info refer to its widget.
+ Improved. Many CSS and JS issues has been fixed in this update.

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Update Log v1.3.4 – 19 August 2013

+ Added. iPhone, iPhone retina, iPad, iPad retina home icon added.
+ Added. Custom page title for page metabox
+ Fixed. Demo 2 search form issue in responsive header.
+ Added. Clients loop link target option added.
+ Added. Portfolio Links target option
+ Added. Disable Portfolio permalink from title & image hover icon.
+ Added. Option to change main content responsive state
+ Added. Option to define content & sidebar widths.
+ Added. Option to change theme main grid width (from 960px 1380px).
+ Added. Antispambot function to all emails to prevent spamming.
+ Improved. Date formats revised.
+ Improved. Testimonials URL anchor added to company instead of author.
+ Changed. Date & Time replaced to the first item in header toolbar.
+ Added. Category meta data to single portfolio
+ Added. Subtitle option for single portfolio.
+ Added. Blog Carousel shortcode excerpt option added.
+ Fixed. Quick contact form disable/enable option fixed.
+ Added. Process builder URL option added to title.
+ Added. Option to disable blog loop featured image lightbox globally through shortcode option.
+ Fixed. Page title tag changed to H1.
+ Fixed. Twitter widget title issue in responsive layout.
+ improved. some small issues in single news page responsive layout
+ Added. Revolution Slider updated to latest version.
+ Fixed. Boxed/full layout in page options were not working when globally layout set to boxed. now you can set a page full width even globally set to boxed layout.
+ Fixed. Instagram widget JS related to WP3.6 issues fixed.
+ Updated. PO files updated.
+ Added. target to new window option added to all social network icons throughout the theme.
+ Fixed. Small issues in header sticky.

Update Log v1.3.3 – 11 August 2013

+ Improved. Responsive Navigation UI has changed and improved.
+ Fixed. Google Analytics small bug
+ Improved. Nice Scroll styling and interaction improved.
+ Added. Header toolbar Responsive : Header Toolbar Navigation, Social Networks, Language Navigation and Search Form added.
+ Added. Option to enable/disable page title in homepage.
+ Added. Custom Links to gallery shortcode. 
+ Added. Quick contact form close if clicked on floating icon.
+ Added. Contact info widget and shortcode person and company options added 
+ Added. Portfolio loop custom permalink to any URL including external links (find it in portfolio single post edit)
+ Added. Header toolbar logged-in username will be viewed.
+ Added. Option to enable/disable blog loop featured image lightbox.
+ Added. Icon boxes, now titles also will be link if URL provided.
+ Added. Clearboth shortcode added to page composer
+ Added. Event Countdown shortcode.
+ Added. Option to disable/enable blog loop share/comments section.
+ Added. Page section distance to header when used the first element, now option added which you can enable it to remove 120px top distance(First section In current page)
+ Added. Documentation Parallax backgrounds usage info added.
+ Improved. Sticky header boxed layout will be boxed as well.
+ Improved. Small SEO issues
+ Fixed. Safari/Windows logo issue fixed.
+ Fixed. Woocommerce variable images issue fixed.
+ Fixed. IE9 & older FF versions Responsive issues fixed.
+ Fixed. Multisite featured images bug fixed.
+ Fixed. Testimonials viewport animation queue on load added.
+ Fixed. Header Notification small issue which were causing it to not appear.
+ Fixed. Archive Loop Left margin removed.
+ Fixed. Single blog post share/comments in boxed layout cropping bug fixed.
+ Many minor bugs has been fixed in this version.

Update Log v1.3.2 – 4 August 2013

+ Added. Background Parallax for all sections (Body, Header, Banner, Page and Footer. this option is only accessible from Jupiter Page Options => Background Selector Panel)
+ Fixed. Yaost Plugin double title issue
+ Fixed. All SEO issues fixed.

Update Log v1.3.1 – 3 August 2013

+ Added. Wordpress 3.6 compatible
+ Added. LayerSlider WP 3.6 compatible (please check plugins.zip and read note file)

Update Log v1.3 – 2 August 2013

+ Added. Nice scroll option added. you can enable/disable as you wish.
+ Added. an option to change sticky header opacity in fixed state.
+ Added. Blog Loop Showcase offset option
+ Added. Employees Loop offset option.
+ Added. Option to change the max width to change between Desktop navigation to responsive.
+ Improved. News loop styling and responsive issues
+ Improved. Sticky Header animation improved.
+ Fixed. Footer outer paddings added to match content layout 
+ Fixed. Main Navigation sub menu items word-wrap issues fixed to make long items fit the content
+ Fixed. View Port Animation become faster and load sooner
+ Fixed. Classic style header logo centred issue before page load
+ Fixed. Page Title description margin bottom.
+ Fixed. Woocommerce when no short description added, causing the footer to break
+ Fixed. Layerslider prev/next arrows z-index issue
+ Fixed. Firefox Sticky header issue
+ Minor CSS and JS issues
+ Some small php notifications fixed.

Update Log v1.2 – 26 July 2013

+ Added : Option to stretch background (background-cover property for all backgrounds)
+ Audio Player shortcode
+ Fixed : Responsive Navigation hover issue fixed
+ Added : Smooth scroll feature added for all anchor in-page navigations.
+ Fixed : Some SEO issues regarding Headings.
+ Added : Option to change Main Navigation top level text hover color
+ Added : Option to disable Header Title from Shop loop page, Product Archive Page and Single Product Page
+ Added : Option to disable Auto playing from Clients shortcode
+ Fixed : Footer logo issue
+ Fixed : minor issues in Twitter widget
+ Enhanced : Sub-nav widget to look better in footer
+ Added : option to disable breadcrumbs globally (General/Header)
+ Added : Random order option for all shortcode loops
+ Added : Facebook Like custom URL and column based structure
+ Added : option to change the header toolbar search form input background and text colors
+ Background selector and front-end background properties enhanced
+ Small minor reported bug fixes.

Update Log V1.1.5 – 22 July 2013

+ Removed. Text Block paragraph margin bottom option removed. after this should be handled via custom CSS rules by adding element class.
+ Added. option to disable header toolbar checkout form
+ Fixed. Blog Newspaper Style date issue, was showing wrong because of wrong date format
+ Fixed. Viewport Animation in fade effect was not working in firefox.
+ Fixed. Responsive images issue in firefox
+ Added. Woocommerce Products carousel now can enable featured post to show only featured products.
+ Fixed. Twitter Feed Shortcode styling issue
+ Fixed. Shop loop with sidebar layout responsive issue
+ Page templates added to documentation.
+ Documentation enhanced.
+ Demo content updated and specific custom post types export added to only choose what to import rather than all.

Update Log v1.1 – 18 July 2013

+ Added. Grid style loop to archives
+ Fixed. Page Title left and right paddings added
+ Added. Custom page title for portfolio, blog posts and news.
+ Fixed. Portfolio 4 column responsive issue
+ Added. Vertical tabs right side.
+ Fixed. Icons filter was not working in page composer.
+ Added. Documentation enhanced.
+ Minor CSS bug fixes

Credits (Photos – Videos – Icons)

Note: Any media – Photo, video used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.

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