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Hi, fantastic theme and I would love to give yu a 5 star. However can you help me as for some reason some of the pages are being given an extra string in the url. For example Job Search should be http://assuredsafety.kimberley-janedesign.co.uk/job-search/ but from the menu it is redirecting to http://assuredsafety.kimberley-janedesign.co.uk/?section=job-search.

This is the same for the services page but not the about or contact us which seems strange. I have set the permalinks accordingly.

Many thanks



Thank you!! Your absolutely right :-) 5 stars assigned!

kimberleyjanedesign have you checked the home page blocks? under theme options.

NO update as promised and NO support for a few weeks now? WHY because the developer is working on new items rather than update and support previous work = low ratings from current users and poor service.

For anyone who wants to make the template not use the same id on the page go to the /wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/lib/shortcodes folder and edit the row.php file change the md5($row_color) to use a number as below

$output .= ’<style> #row_’ . one . ’ a { color: ’ . $links_color_on_row . ’; } #row_’ . two . ’ h1, #row_’ . three . ’ h2, #row_’ . four . ’ h3, #row_’ . five . ’ h4, #row_’ . six . ’ h5, #row_’ . seven . ’ h6 { color: ’ . $text_color_on_row . ’ !important; }

row_’ . eight . ’ .circle,

row_’ . nine . ’ .square { color: ’ . $row_color . ’ !important; }

so each id is different basic rules of css only use one id per page I tried to change the # id tag to class . but it breaks the template and as the developer is not responding I thought I would post this helpful tip


Actually you can remove all the row stuff so you can use $output .= ’’; not sure why the dev had the additional mark-up and as he is not replying I guess we may never find out…

Thanks Saunders, that tip is just what I was looking for!


I am wanting to export the slides I made with “Slider Revolution” that came with this theme and use those slides on a simple HTML webpage I am creating.

When I use the “Export” function via WP-Admin however, the file downloads with a boat-load of WP code mixed in with the slider code making the file essentially useless.

How do I export my slider for use in a basic HTML webpage? If this slider will only work on the WP webpage associated with this theme it is useless to me and I will have to build it again from scratch because my client (myself included) no longer want anything to do with WordPress.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated… thank you.


Hey everyone! I also really like this theme!

When I add my Facebook ID in the Social Media part in the wordpress, the Facebook icon appears in the Footer, BUT instead of redirecting to Facebook it redirects me to a permalink of my own website! Same thing happens to all the Social Media Buttons… Anyone help? Tried to rewrite the .php but couldn’t find the problem!


Yes totally worked! also with the Mail Contact, i need to add: mailto:... Thanks

@grooveasylum the export for the slider is so you can import your slides into another slider plugin say on a different site if you just want to use html I would use Google to find a suitable alternative or use slider revolution on your html site.

@Pixapage what is your site address ? you need to add the full url like this https://www.facebook.com/Saunders.IT.Solutions


Hi if anyone needs some help with their template I will try and assist please use the contact form on my site to ask questions, I will put them in a blog with the suggested answer https://www.saunders-it-solutions.com

@saunders-solutions: again many thanks for the quick info!

Everything works except of one thing! I can’t enable the Slider in the header! I have created the sliders in the plugins, they are showing in the dropdown in the admin Home panel but when i choose one of them the header is just empty!

Thanks in advance

@Pixapage what is your url



@ saunders-solutions: Sorry i was gone for a while! I fixed the problem, i dont know what it was, but eventually it worked after a reinstall!

NOW: I have 2 more questions both regarding the staff grid!

1. When I choose the staff grid and i only want to show people with a certain “job”, the dropdown for the choice of the job doesnt work, its not showing any jobs, although i have created them!

2. I am presenting my team now, and when you click on their picture you get redirected to “the page” of each team member! That doesnt make sense for me! I don’t need more information about them! How can I unlink the pictures? Is that possible or do i have to change some of the code for that?


third question: how can i define the order in which my team members are shown!

fouth question: they are only limited to 5 in a row, is it possible to extend that?

fifth question: is it possible to make the text field collapse and to unfold only when you go with the mouse over their picture or name?

ok ok ok! too many questions, i know! but i am just curious!

I keep getting javascript errors on my page. http://ppk-law.com/

TypeError: container.isotope is not a function layoutMode: ‘fitRows’ in file:

http://ppk-law.com/wp-content/themes/justone/js/head_js.js?ver=1.0 (line 31)


TypeError: this.ajaxForm is not a function from file:

Or my favorite: Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function n(t){ “use strict”; function n(t){if(“string”==typeof t&&(t=document.querySelector(t)),t&&”object”==typeof t&&t.nodeType){var n=r(t);if(“none”===n.display)return i();var h={};h.width=t.offsetWidth,h.height=t.offsetHeight;for(var p=h.isBorderBox=!(n[a]||”border-box”!==n[a]),u=0,f=s.length;f>u;u+){var c=s[u],d=n©,l=parseFloat(d);h©=isNaN(l)?0:l}var m=h.paddingLeft+h.paddingRight,y=h.paddingTop+h.paddingBottom,g=h.marginLeft+h.marginRight,v=h.marginTop+h.marginBottom,=h.borderLeftWidth+h.borderRightWidth,b=h.borderTopWidth+h.borderBottomWidth,E=p&&o,L=e(n.width);L 1&&(h.width=L(E?0:m+));var T=e(n.height);return T 1&&(h.height=T+(E?0:y+b)),h.innerWidth=h.width-(m+_),h.innerHeight=h.height-(y+b),h.outerWidth=h.width+g,h.outerHeight=h.height+v,h}}var o,a=t(“boxSizing”);return function(){if(a){var t=document.createElement(“div”);t.style.width=”200px”,t.style.padding=”1px 2px 3px 4px”,t.style.borderStyle=”solid”,t.style.borderWidth=”1px 2px 3px 4px”,t.style[a]=”border-box”;var i=document.body||document.documentElement;i.appendChild(t);var n=r(t);o=200===e(n.width),i.removeChild(t)}}(),n} http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#mismatch

Any suggestions?

“soulexpert PURCHASED 4 months ago Flag Good afternoon. Contact form can not be edited. Opens too small window, there is something to Publish. Can anything be done to prevent spam through this form? m-elgendy m-elgendy AUTHOR 4 months ago Flag No, it can not. but by the end of the month. i will add the functionality. as of now, you can start using Contact Form 7. thats what i will be adding anyways.”


))) Good afternoon. Contact form can not be edited.

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Hello. I have a problem with the sidebars. If I don’t create any sidebar, i’m not able to select the “Main sidebar” given as default in the blog page. If I create new sidebars, then I can choose any of them, but then the sidebar appears in every website pages!. Even if “no sidebar” is choosen in the page option. Help please.

miqvil Purchased

Another problem: when trying to put email on the footer social icons list, the link is wrong, so it is not possible to send email from there.

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Same problem with staff emails, mailto don´t work properly. .

I have some 404 errors, from justone/css/crystal-display.css, any suggestions please?


Hi, Pr purchase question : I would like to do this site using wordpress http://www.strategiesolution.com/?lng=EN as you can see the main page got this parallax effects and all the rest pages are regular-static pages Can I build the main page using the plugin ? get the same effects like my example site? I can’t see the parallax example on the demo … thx

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Hi – is there a page with instructions on how to do all the customizations? This is my first time working with a wp theme and I need more guidance.

Thank you.

Documentation: http://m.elgendy.me/docs/justone/

also you have to ream more about wordpress

Hi, the theme is no longer usable as the visual composer included is version 3.6 (current VC versionis is 4.3.2) which does not work with Wordpress 3.9!!!

Will you do an update of the theme? Or is this theme abandoned? The last update was in November 2013.


we no longer updating this theme, Reason: low selling. Sorry, Thanks.


Oh, that is bad news. Do you offer a similiar theme which can easily replace Justone? I have a client who just recently got a website designed with this theme and now runs into incompatibility issues.