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I need your help setting this up!

No problem. Just email to info /at/ and we’ll see what we can do!

Do you have plans to make JustLanded responsive?

Yes, we do. We will release an update shortly.

How can I access the web-based configuration interface?

You need to copy the template’s config folder to your web host. From there, launch the interface in your browser: – and don’t forget to save your settings.

I saw those fancy color presets in your demo. How can I use those myself?

The fastest way is to rename either of the css\styles*.css to styles.css. For instance, if you would like to use the LimeGreen preset, rename styles_limegreen.css to styles.css—and you’re done.

You can also use the configuration interface. Just launch the interface in your browser, select a preset and save your settings. Done.

I think you should add a feature to the template…

We’d love to hear about your idea. Naturally, we want JustLanded to be a clean and simple template—but if you can think of a feature other buyers might genuinely profit from, please let us know and we might add it for free!

I cannot save my settings, what am I doing wrong?

Two files need to be writable in order for our configuration script to be able to save your settings. Make sure the following files are writable by your web server:

/css/styles.css ... containing the main stylesheet and

/site.settings.php … containing the actual settings.

The configuration script should give you the same instructions as it checks for file permissions. If those files are writable and you’re still having problems, please let us know right away: info /at/ Delete this FAQ

Will you continue to develop and update this template?

Indeed we will continue to develop this template to make sure it meets current standards, and we may add features requested by our buyers.

You have unlimited lifetime access to every new version of JustLanded.

Can I use JustLanded alongside WordPress?

As this is a plain HTML template, you can copy it to your WordPress root directory and use it alongside your WordPress installation. Please keep in mind though that you will have to edit this file manually (and rename index.html to e.g. landing.html)

Can I turn the “Try our demo” button into a “Contact us” button to open the built-in contact form?

Sure. Since JustLanded 1.1.0 you can replace the buttons with the following markup to do just that:

<a href="#" class="button_buy gradient">Buy for $49</a><span class="gradient">or</span><a href="#" class="button_try gradient feedback">Contact us</a>

What PHP version do I need in order to run the configuration interface?

We recommend to use at least PHP 5.2.0 (November 2006).

I made changes to the /config/product/css/styles.css file in order to customize the stylesheet. However, my changes do not show up on the actual site.

Please make sure that you save your settings once after making changes to the /config/product/css/styles.css file. This will overwrite /css/styles.css and apply your changes to the live site.

Can I have just one big button instead of the split-button?

Yes, you can! It’s a feature of JustLanded v1.1.1. Just remove the unnecessary markup and replace the classes “buttons” and “button_buy” with “buttons_big” and “button_buy_big” respectively. Please contact if you require assistance. We’re happy to help!

Split button vs single button

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