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Hi i just looked at the demo, but where are the landing pages?

Hi there! Nearly all demos on the public demo site show ‘landing page’ designs. If you need help with anything, please contact customer support via We’d love to help.

Full RTL Support?

RTL support in this theme is experimental. Please contact customer support via if you need additional support.


ASCA Purchased

What is the name of the plugin that produces the [landing_block type=”“] shortcodes? I don’t think it was included on your new update list of plugins, and now my homepage landing page isn’t working.

Hi there! That is a custom shortcode provided by the theme itself, a shortcode that is not actually needed for anything we showcase on our public demo site, and not connected to a plug-in. Please contact customer support via if you need any assistance. We would love to help.

Please note that customer support is provided via email only, 7 days a week and free of charge:

Hi there! No, there is actually a one-line mini opt-in form built into the banner.

Two questions:

1) Is there any support for variable products? I see you support adding a product to cart straight from the landing page, but what if the product is variable (t-shirt for example, need to pick a size first), is there any feature to add the variable to the frontpage so there is no need to go to the product page?

2) Is there any way to integrate this with another theme? So some pages use this theme but others use the parent theme i’m already using (it’s canvas if that makes any difference).

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. JustLanded is a WordPress theme, not a shopping cart. If you use the WooCommerce integration, in the case of a variable product, a click on the banner’s buy button does indeed lead to the product page. JustLanded is a WordPress theme and WordPress only supports one; so you would have to create a second instance using the multi-site mode or install a second instance of WordPress into a sub directory just for the second theme. Please contact if you have any further questions. We’d love to help.

Hi there love the theme! Just trying to figure out how I can use the buttons to load a custom pop up contact form? I’m trying to load a contact form 7 in the modal window but it doesn’t work. Ideally i would like to use this plugin to load pop up contact forms but i can’t get it to load the right thing. Can you please help?

Ok email send :)

Ok weird but for some reason it’s working now. Maybe something to do with the caching :)

That is very likely. If you are using a caching plug-in, please make sure you empty the cache after making any such changes.

Glad to hear that everything is working as expected now. Please feel free to email if you ever help with anything.

1 I need the images to be responsive (for all size devices) when inserted within a page (either as a background image OR within the text block of any page both need to resize for any width device = responsive )

2 Ability to collect emails within wp admin panel

3 export to CSV all emails

4 after user signs up, there’s a unique referral link for users to ask others to sign up

5 inside wp admin, keeps track of number of referrals for each user

6 integration with, emailoctopus, etc.

7 confirmation email of subscription automatically sent (autoresponder)

8. inserted as inline text of any post or page

9. shows as a pop up

10. shows as a bar at the very top of each page

11. I need it to work with an existing theme, so I can implement it only as I want it.

Hi there! You will probably not find a product on themeforest that fulfills all your requirements, as this is a marketplace for (WordPress) themes and templates, whereas you are likely looking for a plug-in. Good luck with your search though!

As I can see, this theme is not a WPML ready. Isnt’it?!

Hi there! Some of our customers are using WPML with JustLanded, and the feedback we received hinted that they are creating one landing page per language and link to it with WPML-localized menus accordingly. All other components (other posts, pages, taxonomies etc.) are translated as usual.


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Can you tell me – can you remove the top menu from this template so it’s just a one page template?

Hi there! Yes, you can opt to display the menu – or hide it.


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Just a (probably dopey) pre-sales question:

I note that there are images that can be used instead of colours/gradients on the banner - I wanted to confirm that you can upload your own no problems...

I’m presuming you can, but really just wanted to be 100%

Hi there! If you look like some of our demos, e.g. you can see background images used in action :)


marlnet Purchased

So I’ll take that to confirm I can upload my own…

Yes, indeed, and at the above link you can see what that looks like.


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Hi. I have finally installed and set up this theme on my page: but when I fill out the contact form and hit send, the green box and the information under to let people know it was sent successfully cannot be seen. Can someone help me with this please?

Hi genm, we can surely help you! Just get in touch with us over our support – where we can help you in much greater detail.

When I increase the font size for better readability the custom header image disappears. Any suggestions?

Hi there! Please feel free to contact support if you need any help: