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psadi Purchased

Hi, I sent a message to support however did not receive a reply.

Would you please advise where I can locate instructions to set up a widgetized footer? I couldn’t locate them in the manual.



Hi there! We reply to all support requests within 24 hours, usually faster than that. Please check your spam filter for messages from support@shapingrain.com or info@shapingrain.com. There are no instructions in the manual as the footer widgets are just like any other widgetized area and can be configured through WordPress’ widgets interface; for landing pages, footer widgets can be hidden (which is the default). Please contact support if you need any instructions.

ASCA Purchased

I’m having trouble activating importing any of the theme presets:


Hi there. We provide free customer support via email. Please email support@shapingrain.com and also provide temporary admin credentials so we can have a look at your admin panel. Thank you.

Hi, great theme !! Pre sale question, is it possible to have multi landing page in one website ? exemple, a landing page for the homepage www.homepage.com and an another landing page for www.homepage.com/anotherpage ?

so i can resume it by, landing page is a template that we can use for every page on our website ?

thank you


Hi there! Yes, that is pretty much how it works. You can have multiple landing pages, one as your front page perhaps, and a few more to represent certain products etc.


I’ve bought a theme here on themeforest but its so slow.

My competition already beats me with speed.

Is your theme optimized for speed and what is the average loading time?

Best regards, Jim


Nothing, minor customizations are part of our customer policy :-)


Oh wow, that’s really nice. Is it also possible to have another font as standard font for the theme and how much would that cost?


Of course, the theme supports over 650 different free webfonts from the google webfont library including all styles and subsets. You can change the whole look and feel via our admin interface.

We would like to wish our customers Happy Holidays!

For licensed customers, there is a new knowledge base online at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200668709-JustLanded-for-WordPress

If you need technical support, please contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com or use our ticket form at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for guaranteed first replies within 24 hours, any time, even during the holidays.

And please note that we only answer pre-purchase questions in the comments section on themeforest.

We look forward to an exciting new year 2015. Thank you for being our customers! We appreciate your business.

Hi can this be used together with another theme? In other words, can I use this to only create landing pages without having to switch themes? Thank you.


Hi jasksks, I am afraid, just like any other WordPress theme, JustLanded cannot be used alongside another theme, as it is a fully featured WordPress theme.

You have the option to install a second instance of WordPress and use that exclusively for your landing pages, or you could put WordPress in multisite mode and create a new site based on the same installation to run your landing pages from.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I would be happy to help via our support at support@shapingrain.com

Hi, not sure why anything I am updating in the theme options nothing is changing, ex) I upload my own logo but the theme;s logo remains. www.mikoolie.com please help


Hi there! You are probably saving your changes to a different page. We provide support via email only and have received your support ticket, where you will receive a reply. Thank you for using JustLanded!


thank you

jorg123 Purchased

HEllo there,

I’m using JustLanded for my business, and so far I really like the theme for everything.

Only one thing I don’t like! It’s the styling of the BLOG. Is there an easy way to change this styling? For instance, I would like to use the red banner of one of the templates on the blog too, would that be possible?

Please let me know!

Best Regards,



Thank you for your question. You can indeed also add a banner to the blog or other pages. Please contact support via support@shapingrain.com or use the contact form at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new if you need assistance with that as we do not provide support through the comments section. Thanks for using JustLanded!

Hey guys awsome landing page software. This is my first attempt at

How can I remove that black nav bar that is at the top. It’s doing nothing?


Hi there. We provide free customer support via email. Please email support@shapingrain.com where we can surely help you! Thank you.

Hi, just FYI:

The theme does not play well with Visual Composer. When using VC-made page elements/blocks on the main page, the columns collapse under each other.

Just fyi.


Hi Chris! That is correct. We are not big fans of VC for landing pages as it adds unnecessary bloat to what should be a lean page that loads quickly; and the shortcodes VC generates remain in place and have to be removed manually on every page or post even if you decide to abandon the plug-in at some point. It is for those reasons that we decided not to officially support it. We are, however, testing more streamlined plug-ins for our new themes and will likely back-port one of those to JustLanded at some point in the future, based on customer feedback. JustLanded is still constantly being developed and we love incorporating our customers’ ideas, which is why JustLanded is so successfull. We wish you continued good luck with your project, and thank you for using JustLanded. Please remember that you can contact support@shapingrain.com if you need assistance with anything. We are always happy to help.


Well, thanks for your response. I understand you, personally, may not be big fans of Visual Composer, but given the # of sales, it does seem that other people are fans…

Food for thought.


We listen to our customers and demand, and we have not had much interest at all for any integration of that plug-in over the past two years. It is not suited for our product, and there are other general purpose themes out there that do not put much emphasis on being lean and fast loading and can be used with VC instead. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us though. We appreciate your input.

aimhomes Purchased

Hi, where can i find the enable/disable for Call To Action Buttons. Thanks


Hi there! Free customer support is provided 7 days a week, and via email (support@shapingrain.com) or contact form at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new only. But in short, you can find all options related to the banner under “Banner” in the theme’s options panel. Please contact customer support if you need additional assistance or have any follow-up questions. We would be happy to help.

Please note that we do not provide customer support through this unprotected forum. This is to ensure that only legitimate customers have access to support, and also to guarantee the fastest replies by our support team.

For all your support questions, please contact our free premium customer support via support@shapingrain.com or use our ticket form at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for guaranteed first replies within 24 hours. Our average response time during PST daytime hours is under 3 hours.

For licensed customers, a knowledge base is available at https://shapingrain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200668709-JustLanded-for-WordPress

For a complete list of features, please visit the product page on our website: http://www.shapingrain.com/products/justlanded-for-wordpress/

We are happy to answer any pre-sale questions here on themeforest, via email to support@shapingrain.com our via our social media accounts.