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hi how are you my i am interested in buying your wp theme of landing page but i want to know 1 main thing i do not know much of a development i know how to operate with theme in word press that i have been doing but so time its very difficult to do that kind of stuff as well i have tried to study your template it seems that you have a demo kind of stuff as well to make it easy to feel the main thing and after if we want to change we can change it as well like adding the content to cert on area is easy to find and do but if the lay out is not there then it seems quit difficult

so in your demo mode when we import the data all the demo pages as we see here up lode or no and if it does where could we find it to edit after it has been uploaded

hope to hear from you soon thank you


Hi there, I am not quite sure I understand your question, but if you are asking whether this theme ships with demo content, whether it is easy to install and whether we provide documentation to guide you through the whole process and your first steps to customize the theme and landing pages, the answer is yes to all these questions. We also provide free support via email to support@shapingrain.com, 7 days a week, just in case there is something you need assistance with.

I have some compatibility issues with bootstraps 3.0.2 and CSS. Is there a way to completely implent the bootstrap framework?


JustLanded does only use a small portion of Bootstrap for some very specific features, but please feel free to contact support@shapingrain.com with your detailed questions and we will see what we can do for you :)

Mr O.M.G is back again after using JustLanded to build out my products offer website.

You guys are bloody geniuses…there is no other way to put it. Being smart enough to have profiles built into the theme manager, and making it as simple as pie to replicate one profile to the next, make changes then tell your new page to use the new profile….O.M.G – just brilliant.

I was about to load wordpress into multiple sub-domains and mess about with recreating the site 5 times over…and you saved me from literally a weeks work.

And I am still yet to use support…why…because your documentation is laid out plainly and I can find everything I need to know by just referring to the index.

If I could give you guys 6 stars I would…and you should be Themeforests’s Wordpress ‘Theme of the Decade!

Honestly, so many vendors here could learn how to do it right first time by downloading your theme and seeing just how you did it…right, first time!

Congratulations once again, simply amazed by this theme and if I ever have need to build a landing page again, there is no other choice for me at all! (I have several more products coming online over the course of the next 2 years, so I will be back!).

If you build in an affiliate linking module – this would be a complete internet marketers toolkit.


Thank you for your great feedback! If you would like to discuss your ideas for an ‘affiliate linking module’ with us, please contact support@shapingrain.com – we would love to hear about that. Good luck with your project!

Hello, I am trying to disable the mobile part of the theme. I like the way it looks, but a element I am adding completely ruins the look, and needs to be displayed in a non-mobile context. I just want the page to load for everyone the same way it does on a computer.

Can you please help, is there an option, or code I could delete to get it to display the same on everyone’s device, regardless of screen size?


Hi discountphilly,

we can surely help you with this. Please contact our support at support@shapingrain.com where we can help you in greater detail. Thank you!

Wowwww.astonish theme.i love it.a few pre purchase question.1)i need to make it’s admin panel RTL and translate it’s strings(strings of admin panel=options) for my customer.can i?is there any conflict? 2)is there an ((on-click install)) option??I mean is there XML demo data??? tnks.


Hi Nastaran! Thank you for your interest in JustLanded. We currently only support translation of the front-end (everything a visitor sees). We do provide XML demo data with the theme, among with tutorials and an illustrated user manual. If you would like to follow up on this, please contact support@shapingrain.com where we can provide in-depth support.

I’m impressed. Very impressed. After being in this business for more than a two decades, I have bought a lot of stuff that seemed to have promise but turned out to disappoint. This theme is deeper and richer than even the detailed sales page describes it.

How brilliant is it to have landing pages and landing page elements available for your entire wordpress site.

I bought this theme for landing pages and while more robust for that purpose than anything else I’ve bought or seen, this theme can easily be used for a blog, a corporate site, a web site while all the time you have this powerful design elements at your finger tips to entice or sell.

On top of that they they’ve even thought of ways to enhance PPC campaigns by incorporating a way to display dynamic content based on what ad the user clicks on.

And that is not all. Just buy this template and find out. I can see this template saving me hours, days, even weeks and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

. . .

Thanks guys. You deserve all the kudos you get. I’ll write something this glowing maybe once every two years.


Thank you so much for this kind feedback. We wish you all the best with your projects!

Hi, your theme looks amazing! Is it possible to have a landing page block that features one or even two widget areas to use with any widget? I thought about something like Pat Flynn does on SmartPassiveIncome.com where he has a podcast-post beside a normal post for example. Or maybe we could display a banner-ad widget next to something else…do you understand my question ?!? ;-) Sorry I’m weired…

Thanks for your answer, Phil


Hi Phil! You can create free-form blocks with two columns. If you have plug-in that pulls content from a post type and displays that, you could probably pull that off. Maybe you could contact support@shapingrain.com and we could discuss that? Perhaps this is something that other customers would be interested in as well. Have a great rest of the week, and good luck with your project!

Hi, I am quite interested in purchasing this theme. 3 questions.

1. Can you integrate/import an existing blog from an existing site?

2. Are your pages fully customizable in the sense that you can just run straight content pages and add initial blank pages/sub pages to your menu bar and then fill those pages with desired content et.?

3. Is there an option to run an image gallery? If not, would it support a gallery plugin?

Thank you for your answers!


Hi there!

1. JustLanded is a WordPress theme, so your question probably relates to WordPress itself rather than the theme – and yes, you can import existing blog content into a new WordPress installation using WordPress’ import tool.

2. You can customize your menu any way you want, using WordPress’ menu editor, sure.

3. The theme already has an image gallery landing page block, but you can also use WordPress’ own image gallery, or perhaps a plug-in that has a nice responsive gallery, when using a custom block on your landing page.

If you need further advice with regards to how the theme works or have any further questions about its features, please contact support@shapingrain.com – good luck with your project!

I’m planning to use this theme with “s2Member” (a membership plugin for wordpress). They said to specifically check that the template that I choose is capable of handling “https//” for secure payments. Can you tell me if this template does this?

Thanks so much for your help!


Hi there! JustLanded does detect whether https is used and link to its resources accordingly. If you encounter any issues though, please contact support@shapingrain.com and they will help you out! Good luck with your project!

pfairon Purchased

Just purchased, how do I obtain the demo file?


Hi! Support is available for free, 7 days a week, at support@shapingrain.com and I believe they have already answered your question there. Thank you for your purchase!

Can you please assist with the process to integrate the newsletter opt-in in JustLanded to InfusionSoft?


Hi kneele00,

please contact our support at support@shapingrain.com where we can assist and help you in greater detail, thank you!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Marcus and his team not only for creating one of the best themes around; but the astounding level of support.

I have bought a stack of themes over the last few years ranging from poor; to good (technical and non technical issues). Never have I experienced such a responsive team; they are methodical and even followed up to make sure my implementation was executed and working correctly. If you are not a developer and want a solid theme and good support. Make sure you take a look at what these guys are up to.




Thank you so much for the feedback, Danny. And good luck with your project!


I can’t find PSD file for these logo and font.

Can u email me the PSD file for logo and what font u use for justlanded text and sub-text ?



Hi there! The PSD files are part of the ‘All files and documentation’ package. If you need any assistance with that, please contact support@shapingrain.com

Can I use make layered banner here? If not inbuit can, I use third party slider plug in line revolution slider to make layered banner?


Hi! Thank you for your question. The banner section does accept shortcodes, so it is indeed possible to use third party plug-ins for the slider if the built-in one does not suit your needs. Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you need further details or need assistance with that after a purchase.

interested but i use arabic language RTL can i use it in the theme


Experimental RTL support has been added to this theme for Arabic and Chinese. Please contact support if you need further details or a personal demo to see that in action. Thank you.


I want to buy this amazing item.

Can I add my self hosted or YouTube video on place “Take a look at our screenshots” instead of images?

Thanks! ))


Hi there! Self-hosted video support as with most themes depends on what plug-in or embed method you intend to use, but it is possible; YouTube is supported out of the box (and recommended), as are most oEmbed-enabled video hosting providers (see http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds for full list).


At second glance: The ‘screenshot gallery’ block is an image gallery, you would have to use one of our custom content blocks to display videos there. You can freely position, add or remove blocks, too. Please contact support if you need assistance with that, or if you have any follow-up questions: support@shapingrain.com.

Just reading the comments and acolades here is enough to make anyone buy the theme, just to see What all the buzz is about. I’ll definitely use this for our next promo project. One question before … can I use http://wordpress.org/plugins/autochimp/ and use one of your promo buttons to open a WP subscibe form? (Autochimp syncs subscriptions with a mailing list)Thanks, ShapingRain.


Hi Thanks for your detailed reply. In fairness, I’ll buy the theme before asking any more questions. Many thanks for your help. :)


If you have any pre-sales questions left, please feel free to email support any time.


By the way, you can also review http://www.shapingrain.com/products/justlanded-for-wordpress/ and click the “Show all features” button for a comprehensive list of features :)


I have installed this theme, but however the menu Items are not showing on the top..

can you explain how to resolve this?



Hi there! Please select a menu for the top menu location. The user manual and the quick start guide explain how, in case you are new to WordPress. Please contact support@shapingrain.com with your Item Purchase Code if you need personal assistance with that. Thank you.

Hi there!

Could you tell me please – is it multilingual themes.

Regards, Alex


JustLanded’s front-end can be translated like any other WordPress theme using WordPress’ localization and translation features; for landing pages you need one per language; we have several customers use the theme with WPML and with multiple languages. If you need further details, please contact support@shapingrain.com—good luck with your project!

Good Day – do you have tutorials available for this theme? I understand that it includes the demo data, thank you, but I’m not very proficient in WP and could use something like video tutorials.

Thank you very much, that’s my only question prior to purchase.



Hi Ron! Thank you for your interest. The theme comes with a very comprehensive, illustrated user manual and several tutorials explaining some of the theme’s unique features in more detail. We also provide free support if you need assistance with anything. Good luck with your project, and please contact support@shapingrain.com if you need anything else. We would be happy to help.