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Hi, The text on big headings doesn’t look really crispy on my site. I am using Chrome. Could you check it out? http://i.imgur.com/ombkT9S.jpg (It looks good on Firefox, but not on Chrome)


Hi Ricky. Thank you for your interest in JustLanded. This is a Chrome bug related to Google Webfonts https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=152304 which affects some large fonts; we can provide you with a small workaround recommended in the post above, until that bug is fixed by the Chromium/Chrome team. Please contact support@shapingrain.com.


Hi, I just want to ask the last question. Is it easy to create the landing page with pricing table? Could I put the pricing table on top instead of the banner/slider? And when you plan to release the responsive design?


1. Yes. It’s as easy as creating your pricing table using the built-in pricing table editor.

2. I do not quite understand your question. You want no banner, but a pricing table on top? Please contact support@shapingrain.com for your customization questions. They will be able to answer your question in detail.

3. We expect to release version 1.1.0, which among a wide range of other features introduces responsiveness to JustLanded for WordPress, by the end of the month. The update will be free for existing customers, even if the price increases.

Please contact support@shapingrain.com in case you require more detailed answers. We would be happy to help.

Hi there! I’ve already bought the HTML version of JustLanded and I’m thinking about buying the WordPress theme. Just some questions: 1. Can I have more than one landing page? 2. If I don’t like the presets, can I choose my own colors? 3. How hard would it be to transfer content from my HTML page to the WordPress version? Thanks.


Hi there, and thank you for your interest in JustLanded for WordPress. Let me quickly answer your questions:

1. You can create multiple landing pages with one installation of WordPress and JustLanded for WordPress, it’s as easy as switching a settings profile and creating another landing page, and then another one… you can even transfer settings and contents between individual landing pages.

2. You can select colors and fonts from the administration interface, and while you can use presets as a starting point, you don’t have to use them at all. Any combination of colors is possible!

3. That should be easy! You can copy & paste your text content; and even complex things like pricing tables require no coding at all, just add everything from within the user interface. And should you require any assistance, our helpdesk team is there to help you, 7 days a week.

If you have any further questions, please contact support@shapingrain.com where we are equipped to support you more efficiently. Good luck with your project!


I only have 2 pricing on the landing page. How to make the package pricing align to the center?

Let me know Thanks


Thank you for your purchase, David! We have received your support request to support@shapingrain.com as well and will reply there. Thank you for using JustLanded for WordPress!


Just bought and configure the Justlanded wordress theme. It’s awesome.

I have just have a problem with it. Like many people on envato, I used quform, (4685 purchases) cause it’s very usefull to use an sign up form or contact form on a landing website.

However, quform is not compatible with the theme, cause in the justlanded theme ” the wpautop filter needs to be before the do_shortcode filter on the_content as is the case in the default WordPress theme “

I didn’t what exactly mean, and I didn’t found any wpautop or do_shortcod functions in the theme, but I test the quform with others wordpress theme (including the default wordpress theme) and that’s works fine.

So myabe you can help me to find what is exactly the problem ?

This is the link to the FAQ page explaining the problem : http://support.themecatcher.net/quform-wordpress/troubleshooting/common-problems/extra-spacing-in-the-form

Thanks Raphael.


Hi Raphael,

Thank you for your purchase!

Could you please contact support@shapingrain.com—we reply to support requests there 7 days a week, and we would be happy to assist you! When contacting support, please also provide them with a live URL to see the problem in action. In this case it would be particularly interesting to see where you are using the form as only some sections and other shortcodes actually execute shortcodes, and that behaviour may have changed with the upcoming 1.1.0 release.

Thank you for helping us make JustLanded for WordPress even better!

I can’t stress enough how amazing SR has been for my company. This was the best purchase I’ve made all year. We had very specific needs and between the included customization options and the support from Shaping Rain, our site turned out exactly how we wanted.

I seriously can’t say enough great things about this theme and this company. I’ve already suggested them to friends for their projects.

Can’t wait to see what else these guys are gonna come up with. Keep up the great work!

Mike S medio.com


Thank you Mike. We are glad you are happy with your purchase, and it was a pleasure working with you. Good luck with your project!

SR you guys are brilliant as is this theme!

Any update on expected release date for updated theme with responsive layout etc.



Thank you! We still expect version 1.1.0 to be ready for the public at the end of the month. It should be available on themeforest in the first days of March. This is a free update for all existing customers, even if the price increases.

bgalvan Purchased

I installed the theme, but I don’t see the Wild Berry color scheme in presets, like in you have in your demo?


Hi bgalvan,

thank you for your purchase, could you please get in touch with our support at support@shapingrain.com . There we can provide extensive support and will surely help you. Thank you!


For other customers: ‘Wild Berry’ and ‘Olive Green’ are demo presets to show off as many colour combinations as possible. Due to popular demand we have also added them to our next update 1.1.0. But they are also available for the current version 1.0.1—please email support@shapingrain.com if you’re interested in those :)

Hi there, My client purchased this theme and I am trying to plugin some javascript in one of the pages on his site. I’ve tried a couple different things to get it to work but I can’t seem to get wordpress to recognize the javascript at all. What is the best way to plug in javascript in this theme (it’s for a simple form calculator i’m inserting into one of the pages.) Any help would be greatly appreciated as this project is already overdue! Thanks in advance.


Hi ‘headrock’, and thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the comments section we are unable to provide extensive support here. This is why I would like to invite you to contact support@shapingrain.com where we provide free premium support to our customers, 7 days a week. We’d love to help you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Hi. I like the look of your theme a lot. I’ve been waiting for themes like this to start showing up on themeforest. Question: in your next release, could you also include a homepage sample with an name/email capture form? This would make the landing page a true direct response lead capture landing page. Common list management systems that marketers use are aweber, icontact, infusionsoft, mailchimp, and more. If you could demo capture forms with from these types of services your product will appeal to a lot of marketers out there looking for exactly this kind of wp theme. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I’ll be the first to buy it!


Thank you for your feedback! The next release (1.1.0, due for release in a couple of days) includes 3 different types of lead capture forms, and we will certainly create demo layouts to showcase those. We already support AWeber and MailChimp, and we have assisted customers with the integration of iContact and infusionsoft, which we support through a “custom code” feature. Thank you for your interest in JustLanded for WordPress, and we hope to be able to welcome you as a customer soon!


Excellent! Thanks for your response. I’m very pleased to see this and will most definitely be buying your theme.

anjaan79 Purchased


In the next release could you please add more shortcodes like in the following paid plugins?




Thank you

anjaan79 Purchased

Thank you :)


No problem. If you like JustLanded, you’ll like the update :)


The update has been released and is now available for download.

BUG The “Subscribe” button for the newsletter goes into hiding on on Chrome/MacBook’s (you can barely see it)

But on Chrome/PC it’s fine.



Hi there. Thank you for your purchase. I suspect that your text may be exceeding the parent element’s width, which then lets either the text or the bottom drop into the invisible space below. Individual browsers may render text differently though. We could help with some small adjustments to make it fit your text. Please contact customer support: support@shapingrain.com – they are available 7 days a week and would be happy to help you.



Thank you very much and good luck with your project :-)

I already have an excisiting WP theme If I buy this do I have to use this as a theme or how can i integrate it with what I already have ?

Thanks !


Hi there! Thank you for your interest in JustLanded for WordPress.

We have an imminent update pending for which we will offer a free but experimental plug-in that enables the use of a primary and a secondary theme (have one theme for your blog and the rest of the site, and use JustLanded for landing pages only).

With the current version of JustLanded you can either set up a second instance of WordPress just for your landing/sales pages. Another option would be to switch WordPress’ multisite mode on, which enables you to set up an unlimited amount of blogs using just one installation of WordPress. Support can assist you with that.

If you have any further questions related to this, please email support@shapingrain.com—we’d be happy to help.

Really appreciate the quick response ! I will email you now


Thank you. We’ve received your request and will get back to you shortly :)

svittner Purchased

Wow, the customer support has been amazing!! I really appreciate all of the help with getting my website switched to this new theme. You guys are awesome!


Thank you, Sue. Your site looks great now!

pmahler Purchased

Great job with the theme and the support guys.

I do have a bit of a problem with Google fonts. I’m looking for something like Proxima Nova, but the problem is most Google fonts… well, kinda suck (even though there’s plenty of them). Is there a way to add other fonts?


Hi pmahler,

first of all, thank you for your purchase and your feedback. If you are looking for great font combinations, pages such as http://bueltge.de/free-web-font-combinations/ or http://hellohappy.org/beautiful-web-type/ are worth a look. While we do agree that not all of Google Webfonts are the “best” choice for a website, there are many great combinations.

As far as we know, Proxima Nova is not an open source / free to use font, therefore we cannot include that into the template. However if you contact support@shapingrain.com we can surely work something out.

Thank you!

Hello! I don’t want to bother you, but, do you have any news about the responsive layout for this theme? I’m about to launch a new site in the next days and the update will be great for me an this project. Thanks and nice work!!!


Hi, and thank you! The public release of the next update is now imminent. We’ve finished development on the 28th of February, updated the user manual and are currently creating a new demo version to show off the new features, and to export demo data for the release package. It shouldn’t take long at all.

How do you delete a feature and How do you delete Package? And How do you edit both?

Please help thanks


Hi there, and thank you for your purchase.

Please unfold the package/feature and click on the small red “X”. This works the same way for testimonials and gallery items. You might find chapters 4.5 and 4.9 of the user manual (folder “Documentation” of the original archive you downloaded from themeforest) interesting, as it explains all features in more detail.

Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you have any further support questions as our ability to support you here is very limited.

Thank you and good luck with your project!


Ok thanks! :)

Hi just a suggestion it would be nicer if this theme has the capability of:

1. Uploading your own call-to-action buttons or to edit the size of the button to make it bigger to accomodate bigger and longer texts Call to Action buttons are very important to our business. Makes a HUGE difference on response and conversion rates

2. Can accomodate bigger logos. My logos are not uploading properly and they are pushed down..only half of it is showing..

3. Custom way to change the header or add graphics to the header


This theme is really awesome.. with great support. thanks guys. Just 1 quick suggestion, can you please add a “remove banner or remove header option”? so when we create multiple pages we don’t necessarily need to have the big banner there? and edit the size of the header tutorial/option? thanks! awesome theme


sent you guys a ticket on more ‘minor’ suggestions. thanks! you guys rock!


Thank you! We will get back to you via support once we’ve had a chance to discuss your proposed features with the team. Good luck with your project!

richdad82 Purchased

Hello, do you have the new version?


Hi, and thank you for your question. The public release of the next update is now imminent. We’ve finished development on the 28th of February, updated the user manual and are currently creating a new demo version to show off the new features, and to export demo data for the release package. It shouldn’t take long at all.


The update has been released and is now available for download.