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Do you have api compatibility with campaign monitor?


Hi there. We could customize the sign-up forms for that third party provider if they allow for sign-ups using POST forms. If you could provide us with an example HTML sign-up form provided by Campaign Monitor to support@shapingrain.com we could set up a demo for you.

chrawad Purchased

So I just purchased your WP theme! What about support for gravity form shortcodes in the custom mailing list text box ?


Thank you for your purchase. Could you please get in touch with support@shapingrain.com? They will be happy to assist you in setting up and customizing JustLanded for WordPress. Live support may also be available, on http://www.shapingrain.com or on any of our public demo sites. Thank you.

chineex Purchased

Is the new version available yet ?


Hi chineex,

Thanks for the question, the update should come out this week!


The update has been released and is now available for download.

chineex Purchased

Nice ! Thank you ! Great work BTW !

Does the new version will be also responsive like HTML theme?


Indeed. You can check out the demo if you like: http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/—completing the demo was the last step, version 1.1.0 is now ready for its release and will be available on themeforest shortly.

This update will be available for free to all existing customers, even if the price increases.


The update has been released and is now available for download.

wow… new version updated… great! read changelog, good updation. thanks!


amanrajveer thank you very much. We have made over 50 updates and changes! Good luck with your projects! :-)

Do you have list with all the new updates?

I’ve found it in the new documentation. Great! Thank you


You are welcome, good luck with your project :-)


By the way… we have a full changelog at the bottom of our themeforest sales page for JustLanded for WordPress. It lists all changes, even those not mentioned in the manual.

Hi i already have a wordpress theme on my site. Can this theme be installed and used only for landing pages e.g. two themes run on the same wp install?


Hi there, any thank you for getting in touch. Please contact support@shapingrain.com or live support on any of our demo sites (or shapingrain.com) if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

In general you have 3 options: - Install a 2nd instance of WordPress into a sub folder and use that one exclusively for landing pages. - Activate WordPress’ multisite mode which enables you to run multiple WordPress blogs on just one installation of WordPress. - Use an experimental plug-in for JustLanded for WordPress 1.1.0+ which enables a ‘secondary’ theme for all pages that are not landing pages.

We can help you with all 3 options for free as part of our free premium support service, if you require any assistance.

zionchild Purchased

Fantastic Template! It has great functionality and was very easy to setup. A nice clean layout. Will recommend! JG


Thank you! We very much appreciate your feedback.

Hello will this plugin work with woo commerce? and it can have a blog in it.?


Thank you for your question. JustLanded is a regular WordPress theme, and it works with almost any plug-in. We have not tested it with Woo Commerce. And yes, you can run a blog on JustLanded, like here: http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/blog/

If you would like to discuss your questions in more detail, please email to support@shapingrain.com—we’d be happy to help.


I’ve done some testing for you and can confirm that WooCommerce works well with JustLanded with its default styling activated. 2 lines of custom CSS are necessary to avoid a conflict with JustLanded’s styles, but it looks and works great. Please contact support if you need any assistance, we’d be happy to help you with the integration.

Hi, great theme!! where can i modify the font of the title on the feature lists section?


Hi DigitalManagement,

thank you for your purchase, we are happy you the like the theme. The titles of the feature lists can be changed in the JustLanded Admin Panel under Fonts and colors—> Landing Page Fonts.

There you can change Section Title and Section Subtitle.

Should you have more questions, please contact support@shapingrain.com Were we are very happy to help you and can provide a more in-depth support, thank you!

Hi there, great theme. When I installed it, it turned all my posts from a clean URL structure (website.com/blog-post-title) to the long, ugly, SEO-unfriendly one (website.com/blog/2013/03/04/blog-post-title). How do I change the URL structure back to the clean one?


Hi Tommy, and thank you for your purchase—we are glad you like our theme.

As per our support policy, we do not provide customer support through the comments section in order to provide a consistent service experience for all our customers. This is why I would like to invite you to contact support@shapingrain.com with your request, where we reply to customer requests 7 days a week.

In general, please be assured that JustLanded for WordPress, as a regular WordPress theme, does not make any changes to your settings, nor does it change your permalink structure at all, neither during the installation, nor during the import of demo data. However, our support team’s WordPress specialist would be happy to assist you in changing your permalink structure, and with other WordPress questions, if necessary. When contacting support please make sure you also provide WordPress credentials and a live URL so we can investigate.

Thank you again for getting in touch, and good luck with your project!

Really great theme—easy to install and use (even being relatively new to WordPress), good documentation, and some of the best support I’ve ever come across.

I would definitely recommend, thanks!


Thank you your feedback, we very much appreciate it. Good luck with your project!

Fantastic. Great job.
Highly flexible and looks great on iphone.


hi rezolution,

thank you for your feedback :-)

Bruce1 Purchased

Having fun with this theme, would it be possible in next update to include call to action bars like the subscribe full width bar but with a linked button and choice of icon :)


Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you please email your feature request to support@shapingrain.com, perhaps with an online example of something similar, or a mock-up of some kind to illustrate your idea? Thanks, and good luck with your project!

mosmack Purchased

Hello, is there a possible way to change the font and color of the text under the Features section? It does not seem to appear anywhere in the font settings. I tried changing the style.css file but it only affects the font size. Thanks


Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase! We do not provide customer support in our comments section, which is why I would like to invite you to contact support@shapingrain.com with your request, where we provide free customer support 7 days a week!

When contacting support please let them know what version of JustLanded for WordPress you are using, and we will look into this for you. It is probably the body font you are referring to, but support will explain that in more detail and help you customize JustLanded.

Good luck with your project!


(For other customer’s with the same question: It’s the “H4 Headline”!)


NiceJeans Purchased

I’m very happy with this theme and above all, the service. Five stars! I’ve requested a few minor tweaks and Marcus and his team have helped me out a ton. They are quick to respond, very thorough and friendly. For a guy who likes things “that work” and appreciates good customer service, I’m a happy man, so thank you shaping rain. Highly recommend. – Great service and great useability.


Thank you, it’s been a pleasure working with you! Good luck with your project!


photojake Purchased

Is there a way to turn off the responsive design??? I don’t want to revert back to 1.01 to get that. Please let me know. Thanks



Hi photojake,

thank you for your purchase, could you contact our support at support@shapingrain.com

We can surely help you and provide extensive support! Thank you!

anouschke Purchased

Delighted Wordpress beginner :) Well, to be honest, I had never ever worked with Wordpress before buying this theme, which I selected because it was the closest I could find to what I wanted to do. After carefully reading the documentation, I’m able to do everything you see on the previews. Moreover, the support has helped me out with an issue I wanted and wasn’t available in the program. Six stars out of five!!!


Thank you so much—we really appreciate your feedback. Good luck with your project!

Hi ShapingRain, I have a question: with this theme, is possible create more landing pages within one installation of WordPress?

In other way, this page template http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/ is only for Home Page or it’s possible build more pages like it?

I hope I was clear. Thank’s in advance for your help, Gennaro


Hi gendif,

yes it is possible to create different variations of your landing page and run them at the same time. All you do is to create different profiles of your landing page, for example:

Profile 1 – Full landing page http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/

Profile 2 – Landing page with Video and Sign-Up form in the Banner http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/home/home-with-sign-up-form/

Profile 3 – Landing page with banner only, no content http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/home/banner-only/

Profile 4 – Landing page with banner on the left and content on the right http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/home/home-with-image-left/

The possibilities are endless and you can do all that within the build in Admin Interface, so no coding is required.

I hope this was helpful, if you need assistance with the product, our support is always happy to help at support@shapingrain.com

smluv Purchased

I cannot upload the demo.xml files cannot be found please advise thanks!


Hello, and thank you for getting in touch.

We have an illustrated manual that ships with JustLanded for WordPress which contains step-by-step instructions for uploading the demo data, contained in the “Documentation” folder. A shorter version of these instructions is available as the “Quick Start Guide”, which is contained in the main folder of the full package you downloaded from themeforest.

Should you require further instructions, or need any assistance at all, please contact support@shapingrain.com where we provide free customer support, 7 days a week.