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Is it possible to put multiple text boxes in the banner?

E.g. name and phone number text fields + a sign up button?


Hi adriankefford,

yes it is, we have created the option to have a free form banner, in which you can put everything you want to.

We went a little crazy right here on the official demo. http://demos.shapingrain.com/justlandedwp/home/home-freestyle-banner/

If there is anything else, just let us know or write to support@shapingrain.com we are always happy to help!

Blogga Purchased

Great theme.

One request: can the gallery screenshots be made to link to a page? It would be really useful if the pictures would take the reader to the content being showcased.


(We have added a feature request on your behalf to add this optional behaviour to a later version, but please contact support if you have any need to have this implemented before the next update is released.)

Blogga Purchased

Timely response to my support ticket. Feature request addressed with a satisfactory solution. Immediate problem solved (link can be provided in the image description).



Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you. Good luck with your project!

locai Purchased

I’ve been searching for an actual usable theme for weeks now and this is the only one that really gets the job done. It works so well that I’m using it to manage my whole site – not just the landing pages. Check it out -

petservpro.com (launching soon)


Thank you for your feedback—we very much appreciate that. Good luck with your new project!

Does this theme let me create any number of landing pages? Or are the landing page layouts only for the home page? Since it’s a whole theme, it seems like the landing page may be only the home page. In other words, is this a theme with a landing page home page or can I produce any number of different landing page layout pages (within the single WP install, of course) just by creating new pages in the theme with their own unique URL?


Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in JustLanded! JustLanded ist a full WordPress theme, so, if you like, you can indeed run the whole website on JustLanded for WordPress. You can also designate any WordPress page to be a landing page, like we did on our demo site.

If you have any further questions, please contact support@shapingrain.com—we’d be happy to help :)

HI Guys. Monster update and now with Woo – you got a great theme.
On the upgrade – My social icons do not appear in the header. Ive tried 2 installs – same issue. Am I missing something?


Thank you!

I am afraid we do not provide customer support through the comments sections, could you please email to support@shapingrain.com? They would be happy to help you in case you require further assistance.

I am sure you either forgot to ‘enable’ that block in your ‘Landing Layout’, or you are using an older version that had a bug (from the changelog for v1.1.1: ” fixed: social icons in sidebar could not be enabled”)—the current version available for download from themeforest is 1.1.2.

And, again, if you need any further assistance, please contact support :)


You were bang on. I missed the ‘social media’ header block in Landing Layout.

perry123 Purchased

I have a problem with the newsletter form. When I use the option to have the text on the right and the picture on the left the text shifts but the newsletter form stays on the left. Is there any way to fix that?


thanks. other than this, great theme !


Hi perry123, first of all thank for your feedback, could you please contact our support at support@shapingrain.com . There we can provide extensive support and surely help you with your issues, thank you!

perry123 Purchased

ps. 3 other question.

1)I tried to embed an aweber webform into a static page but for some reason the form gets distorted. How can I fix this?

2) Will this theme be compatible with other plugins like Gravity forms?

3) I’m trying to set up a gallery. Everything is working fine except the lightbox feature. In the manual, it says that the description/text will be displayed underneath the image in the lightbox.

Unfortunately what I filled out in the description/text box does not show up underneath my image in the lightbox. (Only my image is shown) How can I fix this?

Thank you so much!


Hi perry123, as mentioned above please contact our support at support@shapingrain.com . We can help you there with all the issues :-)

Hi I am interested in purchasing. I need a form on home page with 4 fields. Name email telephone and website address. All true landing pages have this form or similar. Is it possible to add these fields to home page form .


Hi there, and thank you for your interest in JustLanded.

Requirements for landing pages vary wildly, from no sign-up form at all to complex wizard-like forms with multiple pages. So far we have not had a single request for the integration of a form with 4 fields, but since JustLanded is just a regular WordPress theme, you are free to use third-party plug-ins like Contact Form 7 (which we recommend as we already provide the styling for it) and include those on your landing page.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in details, please contact support@shapingrain.com

Hello, are there any built in widgets/widgetized areas for this theme?


Hi Ksullivanmc,

thank you for your question. Justlanded is a fully functional WordPress theme, that means it includes loads of features for you to work with.

It does come with widgets such as: - Custom Recent Comments Widget (with avatars) - Custom Recent Posts Widget (with thumbnail images) - Custom Testimonials Widget (with beautiful styling) - Custom Testimonials Slider Widget (new) - Custom Sign-Up Form Widget (new)

Additionally you can include every content block you see in the Demo as a Shortcode anywhere you want http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/full_screen_preview/3804089

Should you have more questions please dont hesitate to ask our support at support@shapingrain.com, thank you!


Thank you for your prompt response! I’m interested in putting in twitter and facebook widgets. Another requirement is to be able to make the banner and link tabs different colors. Are both of these doable?


We will reply to your support ticket in detail shortly. In general, JustLanded’s customization features make it very easy to make it look and feel the way you want, that includes options to change fonts and colours for almost every element of both the landing page and the site as a whole.

EnausaD Purchased

I’m new to Word Press and the theme update process. My Questions is by updating to the current version from 1.0.1. Will I lose information I presently have on my website?


Thank you for getting in touch!

No, you won’t lose anything as both your settings and contents are stored in the database, not the theme directory. We nevertheless recommend a full backup. If you’ve had any customization done to core files, please contact support with details so we can guide you through the update process. The new user manual also contains valuable advice.

If you have any further questions, please contact support@shapingrain.com where we provide customer service 7 days a week.

Hi ! Is it easily translatable (.po/.mo files) ? Thanks !


Hi sheiber,

We provide the usual po/mo files for translation and you can use any compatible WordPress plug-in to translate the front-end.

I just purchased and installed this theme. Although I am not quite finished I am very pleased with the landing page and options for the balance of the theme. Support has been extremely responsive. I highly recommend Shaping Rain!

Thank you.

Mark B. www.smbloyalty.com


Thank you, Mark. Your feedback is much appreciated.

juventas Purchased

My compliments, I have bought the theme and I am highly satisfied, 5 stars. :)

Just a suggestion for future updates: Embedded contact form (name, topic, message text) for the slider. For some services a direct contact form produces better results, instead of clicking on a button and then to be redirected further.


Hey juventas, Thank you so much for your kind feedback. What you are suggesting is actually something that is already possible with JustLanded for WordPress as most sections accept shortcodes. Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you need assistance with that. Good luck with your project!

juventas Purchased

Ok good to know, I have tried to implement the standard contact form 7 for wordpress directly into the banner as shortcode, but it looked very strange and distorted. Perhaps I will ask for your assistance, if I decide to implement it on another landing pages of my site.

Right now I use the button to the contact form: http://www.nachmieterberlin24.de


You may wish to switch off page comments on the contact page; and yes, we’d love to help you with your banner, please feel free to email support@shapingrain.com—in German, too, if you like. Good luck with your project!

scanlon Purchased

Just a quick note here as I purchased only one day ago – and already I can say this is by far one of the best theme purchases I’ve made!

The ability to add multiple “Profiles” is genius, meaning you can have whole “themed categories” of landing pages, each with totally customized styling and banner layout/content – you name it.

You really have thought through what makes landing pages easy to use on Wordpress – I have used other products (purchased and at a higher price) and was left disappointed.

However, what has been far more impressive is the level of support – brilliant! I needed to integrate mail collection with Infusionsoft – super-easy but I had to have the right CSS classes and form tags. A couple of emails to support – and I’m done (in MINUTES). Unheard of on the internet … thanks so much, this was (and is) a bargain.


Thank you very much. It’s been great working with you—good luck with your projects!

scanlon Purchased

Posting this here in case anyone else sees same issue:

iOS 5.1.1 iPad 1

Safari – rotating from portrait to landscape does not correctly resize the page (it momentarily is correct then reloads too big) and cannot be “pinch gestured” down. Go back to portrait and it is correct. Rotate back to landscape again and it’s too large again.

Chrome (on same device) works as expected. Page auto-resizes between portrait-landscape-portrait.

Does not occur using Safari on my iPhone (resizing occurs automatically between portrait and landscape), which is running iOS 6.1.3

Any ideas?



Never mind, I’ve created a support ticket for you since we had your address on file….

scanlon Purchased

Yes, thanks got the support request you put in for me! I only put it here to help others honestly – that way they may see it posted (and hopefully then solved!). Very happy to use your totally excellent ticket system. Thanks again for the amazingly great service.

Also to note, I did run a cold re-boot of the iPad in question to test, but same issue. Does indeed sound like a Safari/5.1x specific issue.


We’ve found a workaround for this problem, so if anyone else is experiencing this, please contact support@shapingrain.com for a copy. We’ll eventually add this as an option to the theme for easy access.

How do I make the landing page the homepage/index page so that it’s the page you see when you type www.domain.com? Right now it’s on www.domain.com/home and the main index page is a stupid blog layout. Please assist. Nice theme if I can get it to work properly.


Hi there. Thank you for your purchase. Like with any WordPress theme , you can set any page to be your front page or blog index page, using WordPress’ back-end. WordPress explains how to do that: http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page—and the user manual mentions that procedure as well.

If you require any further assistance or customer support, please contact support@shapingrain.com where we reply to support requests 7 days a week. We would be happy to help.


Appreciate the quick response. Working now. happy sales.

support email sent for safari workaround

thank you


Thank you. No need to notify us here though, support knows about your email well before anyone notices a comment here :D Good luck with your project, and please contact support@shapingrain.com whenever you encounter a problem or need assistance. We’re always happy to help!


thank you will remember that, and got your reply and your answer great support and wonderful theme. Oh if only I could code! :) Hopes you have 1000’s of sales!


Thank you! We’re glad you’re happy with our support. :)

Hi, a question please:

1) The thumbnails on the homepage “Take a look at our screenshots”... are they created by a shortcode (gallery shortcode)?

I need to show a lot of images on differend pages. Can these also been shown in same way like this section on the homepage? Is it possible to show them in different columns? (3/4/5)?

Also possible to add gallery like this in posts?

2) Is the theme multilingual ready? Means, can it be used with plugins like WPML?

Thank you!


Hi there! Thank you for your interest in JustLanded.


The gallery as displayed on our demo site has been created using JustLanded’s interface, which does not rely on shortcodes. It is also possible to define such a gallery with a shortcode, and any landing page block can be inserted using shortcodes, or the user interface, depending on a user’s level of experience with shortcodes. The amount of images in such a gallery is not limited. This feature is available on pages and landing pages only.

WordPress’ built-in gallery shortcode is also supported and thumbnails open images in a lightbox gallery if the gallery is set to link to the original image file: [gallery columns=”4” ids=”582,465,357,358,356” link=”file”] - and if WordPress’ built-in gallery is used, you can also define the amount of collumns you would like to show thumbnails in. This feature also works in posts.


Multilingual content plug-ins use different means of translating contents and the user interface and we cannot cover all of them here. Please contact support@shapingrain.com for detailed question about a particular plug-in.

WPML support is provided for posts and pages, and it is generally easy to translate JustLanded into another language. For multilingual sites (more than one language on one site) landing pages using the Landing Page template would have to be created per language, that is you would have to create one landing page for every language. We can provide a live example if you contact support.

Again, thank you for your interest in JustLanded—- and good luck with your projects. Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you have any in-depth follow-up questions.

Is this a Full WordPress theme or just a single page?

If I purchase this version which shows as 1.1 for $55. Is this the “Responsive” version that I will be getting or do I need to also purchase the $10 download too?



Hi TweedSolutions,

JustLanded is a full WordPress theme. To list all its features probably would let this comment section explode. I invite you to take a look into the theme description – http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/3804089

Further more, the whole template is customizable via a build in Admin interface http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/3804089-justlanded-wordpress-landing-page?index=4

You can also check out the demo here: http://www.shapingrain.com/preview/3804089/

The current version is 1.1.4, which you will receive, if you purchase the template. Also, every future update is free of charge and can be downloaded directly here at Themeforest.

I hope I was able to help you, if there is anything else, do not hesitate to contact our support at support@shapingrain.com . Where we provide extensive customer support and assist you with our products. Thank you!


(And no, you don’t need an extra download or any other product but WordPress and JustLanded for WordPress. The $10 version is a stand-alone HTML template for those who do not want to use WordPress and are proficient in HTML and CSS and the use of HTML editors.)