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Can the page transitions be disabled? I dont too much like that shutter affect?

It can’t… why don’t you like? tks

would just rather the page not do that, just go to the next page or maybe even FADE, but not that accordion effect. But it’s still a nice work Thiago.

hello you can add more menu items you see also on iphone? hello thanks

Hi! It’s very complicated, because I have a short space.

Hi , I would like to purchase your theme. But in live preview, 1. when you change pages the template shifts to the right by about 3 px then shifts back (on every menu link). Will it be fixed?

2. will the download link make a pdf or which format? Please answer both the queries.

Thanks in advance. Akila

Hi Akila,

1. I didn’t understand your first question. Could you repeat it? 2. HTML5 and PSD format.


I love the theme! Thank you very much. Any progress on a Wordpress version?



Hi! Yes… I think about it, but I have no time yet. Maybe in the next year! Thanks!

Enfim vou poder comentar em português no themeforest hehe

Só uma sugestão, tenta complementar e adicionar alguma verificação nos contatos, está chegando muito spam por ele… de resto é muito bom

Obrigado pela sugestão, amigo!

Ola Thiago, como posso alterar o google maps? Quando incorporo o script no site do google, a sintaxe dele é completamente diferente do que vem originalmente no JustMe

Acredito que o Google tenha alterado a sintaxe. Caso não consiga, me envia por e-mail que te ajudo! abs

Hi there,

thanks for a really simple and clean theme. It works like a charm, with one exception unfortunately. I can get the contact form to send emails.

I edited the index.html and the index-with-contact.php – but I receive no mails… can you help me with that?



OMG! :) It is a big problem. I hate these spams. Well… I think that you could use a captcha. Search for “simple captcha with php” on Google. Thanks for your contact!

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I removed the form, because it didn’t work at first. I even removed the php file. It doesn’t matter, though. I constantly get emails from the form…

It’s very strange! What is the URL?

Love the theme – Great Job! Question… I edited the index-with-contact.php file accordingly with the correct email information… but, I am not getting any emails after submitting the form. Any suggestions on what I could be missing? Thanks for the support.

Thanks. Just emailed address.

Hi thiagomoch, I haven’t heard back regarding this issue. Any idea as to why the contact form is not working? Thanks again.

Hi, I need to check it out! What is the URL??!

Hello, How to make link to any pages from any text or images. for Example I wanna insert an image in home page and link to portfolio page. Am sure that following code will not work: <<<>>a href=”#sec-portfolio”><///a> I hope u understand my question. But please let me know how to make it work???

Hello…. I saw documentation, but I didn’t find how to make it. :( check it out sorry!

Very good work !;