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Hi! Please, could you explain me how to create a fullwidth (revolution) slider in this theme? I went to their site and it seems I am doing it right… The I went to Visual Composer one… and I saw this video: https://wpbakery.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3604483 But when I create a row, it doesn’t give me those options to stretch or not… Probably I am missing something… could you illuminate me, please :’(


This theme is bydefault boxed width, thats why those default VC options will not work. You are not seeing them probably because you have older version of VC.

Please contact me privately with more details what you are trying to achieve and I will try to help.

Hi, please could you say me if this theme is international. I would like to buy it only if it is possible to translate it in french and the most easier possible… Thanks you to say to me


Yes, you can translate the theme to French. Infact many of the buyers already use FR version. I do supply French translation but its not 100% done, so you might need to translate few strings yourself. (Its easy.)


vidal Purchased

Hi, how is it possible the have a quantity selection on the shop category page too http://justshop.templatation.com/product-tag/cakes-2/ ? Now it’s only possible to have quantity selection on the single product page.



Please understand I only sell theme, which is just styling of the WordPress and Woocommerce, the issue you are after relates to woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce is designed in such a way that it shows variations on single page only. I found this when googled it , https://wordpress.org/support/topic/woocommerce-product-variations-on-categoryproduct-list-page-with-add-to-cart may be it can help you.


Aragil Purchased


i send a ticket in your support forum, but i cant login in my Account !

do you check the tickets ?


Yes, I got your email and replied as well.


thank you fro a nice theme, i want ask you about RTL version, did you plan to complete development as LTR version


There is an RTL version, but it wont look as good as LTR, however it works. The reason it doesnt look same is because of third party plugins not compatible with RTL, like Visual Composer. You can contact me privately for more details.


lem017 Purchased

I’ve reset my password severall times and it will not let me into your support system.

Site: www.prissybritchesboutique.com

I updated the woocommerce app and lost the site, as well as all the past orders in the admin.

Please help.


lem017 Purchased

*Woocommerce plugin

This problem occurred because you updated WC plugin but didnt update the theme, I can help you , please give me wp-admin info , you can contact me from contact form on right side of my profile page here http://themeforest.net/user/Templatation:

Hi, In your demo site menucard item link goes to Error 404 -> http://justshop.templatation.com/menucard-item/spider-roll-2/ Is that some temp bug or is supposed to be that way? Thank you in advance.


Menucard single pages were removed in recent updates because most users dont use single pages for menu items and it only creates confusion. I will fix it on the demo too.

Note: If you decide to buy and would like single pages instead, I can help you do that, just 4 lines of code editing.

Thanks !

Clear, thanks again.

How i use color pickers?


Please go to themeoptions and enable live customizer in Styling/body background. http://i.imgur.com/DHKwoC1.png

Then you will see color pickers in Appearance -> Customize.


cabeko Purchased

I already bought this item but need to update revslider how can i do it ?


Can you email me from contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/Templatation I will help you further.

is this in enlgish? I need it to be in English.


Yes, bydefault its in English and can be translated to other languages easily too.

However, please note, Its just a theme, it only beautifies WordPress and WooCommerce systems.

I am unable to register a support ticket as does not like my purchase code but I need help with Justshop theme recently purchased please email me


Sorry I can not email you as I dont have your email addr. You can send me message from bottom right form found on this page http://themeforest.net/user/Templatation


I love the theme. However I noticed that the slider doesn’t show on mobiles. Could you please fix that. I would like the slider to continue when someone access the website on the phone.

Await for your response.


Thanks for your interest in my theme. The slider is hidden from mobile to give valuable content to small screen users, without much data consumption.

If you want to show the slider on mobile its as easy as deleting a line from css file, once you purchase just contact me I will help you to make slider appear on mobile.

Hello, I like your theme but want to know if the checkout form can my customised? as only enable field i require from customers


Thanks for your interest , the checkout process is powered by popular woocommerce plugin. There is a free plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-checkout-manager/ which enables you to edit everything on checkout form. You can try the plugin on default theme prior to purchasing the theme to see if it suits your needs.

Hi Guys, your demo is currently not working for the “Main demo”. I think you should fix it. The RTL demo does work fine…


Appreciate your message, I just checked the demo and it looks to load fine for me, tried on multiple devices. What exact problem are you facing.


said-- Purchased


i want to disable the Login / Register Link on http://trend-select.bplaced.net/wordpress/

Dont find a setting for this, is there a way to disable it?


It wont show up if you dont have myaccount page setup in woocommerce.

Anyways, easiest way is to hide it by css , please put following in themeoptions/general/display/custombox

tools li.a { display: none; }


mepatek Purchased

Hello, we’re experiencing troubles with page speed. When we first enter the site there is just a blank page with a loading icon in the middle. Also when we go from Home to another page there appears blank page with a loading icon in the middle. This doesn’t happen on the demo site. We have tried using caching plugins but it hasn’t helped. How can we speed up our site? Thanks, Mepatek

Hi Mepatek,

Please try deactivating and deleting Envato toolkit plugin. Some users said that it helped. If you still face problems, please contact me privately with website details I will look deeper.

How to update Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, cant find it in the downloaded theme


I submitted an update yesterday, so please update the theme, once you updated the theme, please go to Appearance -> install plugins link and from there you can update those plugins.


Hi I emailed you via the Templation site, and really need help with two issues. 1. I need to add a line of information into the product area of the single product page. Can you let me know what file this should go in? 2. I would like to have a fixed height for the product boxes on the category pages, so that all boxes are the same size. Can you help with advice on how to achieve this?



Hi Fraser,

I am replying the emails now, you will receive reply soon.


rouscort Purchased

no puedo instalar el tema ,me aparece esto Descomprimiendo…

Instalando el tema…

No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.

Fallo en la instalación del tema.


Por favor, escriba en Inglés solamente , puede utilizar el traductor de google .

He enviado por correo electrónico en detalle , por otra parte , se puede ver esto: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203689044-Missing-style-css-stylesheet


rouscort Purchased

hi, Step 1 (install recommended/bundled plugins) Please click here (or go to Appearance->Install plugins) and install and activate all plugins listed. If you face problems with this step, please contact support. now I get this message You not have sufficient permissions to access this page

I replied your email, please note you dont have to post on both , I reply emails faster. :)