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karollis Purchased

Hi, is it possible to remove the line that says: ”You are here : Home => some page”? Thank you!

erkansck Purchased


I’m sorry I do not have a good English first.

I’ll try to support my questions with screenshots.

1) ”You are here:” I want to delete the line. Where is the relevant file. header.php not found in the file? SS : http://prntscr.com/2mg4uz

2)”Few of Awesome Products from our store” section found in the product “Read More” entry “Incele” I want to change. Which file can I do? SS: http://prntscr.com/2mg64k

I hope you can understand me :) Thank you!



Please add following 2 functions in your child theme functions.php file. If you are not using child theme, you can place them in Justshop theme’s functions.php but they will get overwrite when you update the theme. (Yes its very imp however it doesnt seem to be at this moment.)

// Change the add to cart text
add_filter('add_to_cart_text', 'js_custom_cart_button_text', 11);
add_filter('out_of_stock_add_to_cart_text', 'js_custom_cart_button_text', 11);
function js_custom_cart_button_text() {
    return __('Incele', 'templatation');

// Customise the breadcrumb
add_filter( 'woo_breadcrumbs_args', 'js_breadcrumbs_args', 11 );

if (!function_exists('js_breadcrumbs_args')) {
    function js_breadcrumbs_args( $args ) {
        $textdomain = 'templatation';
        $title = get_bloginfo( 'name' );
        $args = array('before' => '<span class="breadcrumb-title">' . __( 'You are here :', 'templatation' ) . '</span>', 'separator' => ' ', 'show_home' => sprintf( __( "%s", 'templatation' ), $title ));
        return $args;
    } // End simone_breadcrumbs_args()
wildme Purchased
Is possible to have order cake form like this one on this website? http://www.charmcitycakes.com/order-a-cake#

You can search here : http://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce you can ask suggestions from regular woocom users and developers on forum here http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ they can suggest better than me.


Thank you for this awesome theme. I have a few questions thoug:

1. On the Homepage are some untranslated items, that I wanted to translate manually:

a) the button “view more”, b) Few of Awesome Products from our Store” and then the whole basket:

c) Apply Coupon, Update Cart, Proceed to Checkout, Product, Price etc. are all untranslated. :(

I couldn’t find those items in the *.po file :(

How can I translate them?

2. When I go to my shop, I see a navigation ”you are here...” how can I disable this?

3. How do I assign and set up the item number on the product page to product item automatically? Now there is only “SKU: N/A”. Is there any way to assign the item number automatically?

Thank you in advance, and thanks again for this great theme! :)



Glad you liked the theme :)

1) Please update the theme and re-scan the files, and then search for those strings, I am sure you will find them. Please see more steps here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/translations

2) Please see later function found on this : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-food-wordpress-theme/4747148/comments?filter=all&term=you+are+here&utf8=%E2%9C%93#comment_5744605

3) When you create product in woocommerce, you can setup its SKU.

For quicker and efficient support , I suggest you contact me using : http://templatation.com/support/


pulp Purchased
Hi I think that my contact form doesn’t work. What do you think about it ? You can try here http://www.chez-fred-merignac.com/?page_id=801 Could you help me please ? Thanks a lot


Ofcourse it does show success send message , you can check it out on my demo here : http://templatation.com/justshop-theme-layout2/contact/

Can you recheck yours and try on different browser.

Hi, I have just bought the theme and i did not find the Layout 5 PSD: http://templatation.com/justshop/layout5/

Can you help me?



Layout 5 only has the header different from the main PSD I attached with item, so I uploaded header PSD for you here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvpjfs18g12k4at/headermods.psd (I will delete it soon)

I hope it helps you :)

how can I set my site as a demo layout ?6? I can send the login and password for your mail



You can do it very easily if you follow installation instructions found here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/

If you still face trouble , let me know.

Layout 6 slider is same as layout 2, and layout 2 export file along with all instructions can be found here : http://support.templatation.com/support/solutions/articles/134922-how-to-setup-revolution-slider-and-import-its-settings-on-homepage-like-demo-website

Good to hear you sorted it out , just wanted to point you out to here http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ a well detailed documentation…

Changes to styling->background doesn’t seem to work. I tried to change both Body Background Color and Body Background Image with no success.

You can check it here: beta.kaistinkorfikanela.gr

hello, beautiful theme. i get this error at the bottom of the product page :

Warning: uasort() [function.uasort]: The argument should be an array in /homepages/32/d440602707/htdocs/mygiftsmanila/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-template.php on line 795


No its a setting that we do in wp-config file, to show/hide warning/notices. Its ok, you can forget about it, its for developers mainly. Incase you want to read more , here you go : http://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG

Hi, Is there a way I could download the theme and try for a period before purchasing. I’m a programmer but new to the web and want to make sure I can handle this theme. It looks very nice and would not have a problem paying the fee if I can handle it.

Thanks, Jim


Hi Jim, I am sorry but this is not possible as per the envato policy I am bound with as an exclusive author. If you are a programmer it will be breeze to handle the theme , its mostly point and click. And if you stuck somewhere I am here to help all the time, you can check comments history above. So there is nothing to worry about I think :)

Is there a way to add a scalloped edge to the header and about us area on the home page? I’m using layout 5, I wasn’t sure which css file I could add the information to.



Its always safe to add minor css changes in themeoptions/general/display/customcss box as they will be saved in database and thus preserved even when you update. Let me know if you need help with css rules, but please explain in detail about the requirements. I prefer if you could create ticket here : http://support.templatation.com

Hi again, how can I change the Theme Stylesheet/Theme Color? I want it red.

Thank you



Latest version comes with 6 prebuilt color which you can switch from themeoptions, if you want to change color , here are the steps: http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-food-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545

Where is the option for changing the orange color of the tab to another color. I can’t see the tab color change anywhere.

Also we would like to put 8 tabs in the header. It only fits 5 in the header and the other 3 moves to the second line. How can that be fixed?


Hey, Thank you for purchasing the theme. Here is how you can switch the theme color: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3wik9/x97a .

Right now there is limited space in the header for tabs , if you want to fit 8 we will need to increase tab container’s width. Please send me your admin info from my profile page and I will check it out.

CRISPPX Purchased
can you help me get this section of the theme setup? I try following the documentation but I can;t seem to figure it out :( http://prntscr.com/1uqone

a step by step instruction will help or at least what is require so that they show up.




If you shared your website URL I could have told you exact problem :) Anyway, Sure , here are the steps….

1) Make sure you have “Custom homepage” page template selected for the home. 2) Theme-options/Homepage make sure you have enabled the product categories to show up. 3) Make sure you have no widgets in “Homepage” widget sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets. 4) Make sure you have woocommerce plugin installed , and it has atleast 3 categories with products and thumbnail assigned to them.


dan921 Purchased


My twitter feed on my site is not showing tweets.

I have cleared cache, cleared update locks however it is still not working.

If you need access please send me email so i can send log in details.




Was it working earlier , have you setup it as described here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#faq_do_amp_don_39t

Please send details from here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

Hi Guys!

I wanted to add on sale products (offered at a discounted price) on my home page. But there is no such widget. Any idea about how to do this? Maybe I could modify an existing widget? Or is there a third party plugin? It’s strange that there is no such option….




Ofcourse you can do it, here is how : http://prntscr.com/44vpos

How can I remove the headlines like the one in this pic here it says “Inicio”? https://www.dropbox.com/s/2sl3sg8spyg00yg/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-10-31%20a%20la%28s%29%2011.47.04.png?dl=0

I want to remove it in some pages and keep it in others Is it possible?



Hi, this is title of the page, you can hide it easily using css hack , can you share URL then I will suggest you css styles. You can contact me privately in case you dont want to post URL here.


I want to ask you if I can translate the site (breadcumbs / widgets / buttons) and also the woocommerce plugin (all names and buttons) using the .po files – (I don’t want to use wpml plugin) ? I want to do this after I finish the whole site (add all products and create all pages).




Ofcourse you can, every string in the theme can be translated. And woocommerce plugin is translatable as well. Let me know if you face any trouble doing it. Here are the instructions : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/translations

webacom Purchased

Hello,we are developing a site with this theme and for some reason not matter what we do, we cannot get the homepage to display anything other than the latest posts. In “Settings/Reading” I have set the “Front page displays” as a static page “Homepage”. THAT page has the “Custom Homepage” template applied to it as per the instructions. Funny thing is, it WAS working fine and then just all the sudden switched to display posts for some reason. Been troubleshooting this quite extensively so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can view here: http://holly.sitesee.ca/. Please let me know if you require backend access. Thanks!


This really sounds strange, may be some plugin playing here ?

Can you please email me your wp-admin details from my profile page, I will have a look deeper.

Hey Buddy,

Got one question about the contact page:

How can I get the contact page full width. If i choose for contact form page is not full width? Also, how can i only use the googlemap and under the map the contact details. So, pretty much without the contact section above the map and I want to change the contact form (read: adjust language)

Thanks in advance,




Hello Robin,

Its great you figured it out, but I will still reply for other people who might have same issue. :)

To make contact form full width. Please check this image : http://cdn.templatation.com/images/justshop/comments/contact-layout-select.png here you can select whatever layout structure you want.

To remove contact information. Please do settings as detailed here.. : http://cdn.templatation.com/images/justshop/comments/js-contact-settings.png Thanks

Hi Templation, looking at your layout 2 I see that uses an entire page to display products, http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/shop-2-column-full-width/. What kind of page do you use? I have tried to put FULL WIDTH page, but it always remains with two columns. I would like to present the page as you made it yourself .. What should I set?

Thanks Fabio


Hi Fabio,

The plage you are using was built using shortcode, it is not standard Shop page. Here is the code I made it with:
[product_category category="celebration-cakes" columns="2"]

To know more about WC shortcodes please visit: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/



As this is your base Shop page, you dont need to insert shortcode here, please delete the shortcode, go to Themeoptions/woocommerce/products archive, and check the first option :)


Please give me your wp-admin details and I will sort it for you , you can contact me here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

Hi Temptation,

I am following through your installation instructions to install the theme and I am running into a problem at this step: ... 7. From left menus, please select Theme-options -> Backup settings. 8. Choose file ‘Justshop-backup.json’ found in <main-download>/Resources/import-data folder of your download and click ‘Upload File and Import’ button. ... I cannot find this Justshop-backup.json file anywhere – is it still being provided as part of installation? Please assist me.

Regards, Rich


Hi Rich,

Thanks for purchasing and yes its included in /resource folder, but incase you cant find it , you can download it here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdtsnh90axlhdek/Justshop-backup.json

Good Morning!

I am having some difficulty importing the slider demo. After importing the slider it returns;

importing slider setings and data…

Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /nfs/c07/h02/mnt/179951/domains/test.foundmediagroup.com/html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_slider.class.php on line 604



On first sight it looks like your host doesnt have ZipArchive installed. You can link them to above link to get it installed.

To test, you can try importing slider author’s export files from here http://www.themepunch.com/codecanyon/revolution_wp/exports.php , if you still face that problem , then its certainly the host problem.

8web Purchased

RECOMMENDATION & THANKS I just wanted to write a little message to thank you for the support and also to encourage others to go ahead with the theme. With a little css adjustment possibilities are limitless. What is important in a WordPress theme? Well written code and easy support. Both can be found here. Thanks again!

Hi, I want to change the theme main color #E75A39 to #AE1F2F everywhere. I tried every tips but the color remain the same. Do you have any other idea how to change?



Please share your website URL, and if possible wp-admin too from here templatation.com/support-tickets/ . If you have already changed the color , but its not reflecting that means something is overriding them, so I will need to see the URL.


Hi! Just bought the theme. Nice one! Just a question, how can I change the theme color to soft grey, is it possible? Thanks, Magdalena


Hi Magdalena,

Thanks for purchasing the theme, yes you can change the color, but it needs some css customization, you can take the steps mentioned here : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-restaurant-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545

rjriso Purchased

Heading Text Size I’m a little confused about setting heading text sizes. When I get the size right on the Homepage, the heading text on other pages gets very big. When I adjust it down to work on the other pages, the Homepage is tiny. They are obviously linked / inherited, but I don’t see the class that manages it.

Frankies Biscotti – New Site


Can you please contact me privately by creating ticket here www.support.templatation.com or contacting me by my profile contact form please.

habesz85 Purchased

Hi There!

I have a couple of question for you in connection with your theme.

1, on your demo site there is a nice shopping cart icon under the menu line. http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-premium-beautiful-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/4747148

I just can’t figure out how to set it up on my site: http://kardiologiapecs.hu/sparklingg/shop/ can you help me?

2, Also I can’t figure out how to make the nice framed images appear on the front page:http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-premium-beautiful-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/4747148

I don’t have them

3, I can’t make the Theme Option/Homepage/Content area to work, it won’t show any post although I have set it up to do so.

Just a comment for the end – I like the theme very much, but the documentation is very s**y, you should update it.


Hey, Thank you for purchasing the theme. 1) Please go to Theme-options/Woocommerce/Header cart link and make sure its checked. 2) The framed images I made myself in photoshop , I can give you their PSDs if you email me using my profile page of TF. 3) You are right ,I will check it out today and will update you on this matter. Sorry for trouble. 4) About documentation, I am continuously working on documentation here http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ I am sorry you have had hard time with it.


Hey, I fixed the homepage posts issue.

Please download updated template-home.php from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9xy92oedfun5og/template-home.php and place it in your theme root folder replacing old one.

I will also update it on themeforest in my next update due in 2 days.


1) Sorry for confusion, here it is: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e31igsa0e 2) No there is no shortcode , slider is powered by revolution slider. I will write a detailed guide on how to do it within this week since lots of people ask for it . 3) Ok, official updates due within this week with alot of more improvements too.



If its not a problem, please wait 2-3 days your all issues will be taken care of in next update. I will message you again here once done.

I’m interested in buying this template for a cafe. Can all cupcake images be replaced? and is there a way to add a side bar to the home page? Can the color scheme be changed?



Thanks for your interest.

Yes, cupcake images can be replaced easily. Yes, there is a way to turn on sidebar on homepage.

Yes, theme comes with 5 prebuilt color schemes, but if you want to make custom , here is how you can do it : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545

FYI: New version v3.1 is in the review queue where I fixed an imp bug in visual composer styles.

said-- Purchased


i want to add the product categories on the homepage. Where can i add this and where can i edit the content?

Thank you..


Those categories are from woocommerce. Please make sure you have atleast 3 categories defined in Products -> categories. and also have products in them.(blank category will not show.)

Detailed instructions are here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#main_setups_homepage if you still need assistance please contact privately with site url.

aimajin Purchased

Could you help me with the bottom portion of the homepage (featured area). For some reason it looks like a mask of sorts, so like one of the choices is being cut off…not sure what setting to change to get it to display as your template did in the beginning…I have a screenshot i can send.

aimajin Purchased

ooh thanks. Here you go – see how it only shows 2 at the bottom and it’s cut off? I want it show three like the template. http://prntscr.com/1vzabe

hello, Recently Updated woocommerce and the Shop page results in a blank white screen. Not sure whats up?


Hi, I updated to wc 2.2.8 and shop page works fine here http://templatation.com/justshop-theme-layout6/shop/ , can you contact privately and share login info and explain the problem bit more please.

Hi, I have a few questions about your theme: 1) Can I replace the cupcake icon in menu with another png? 2) Are the 5 colour variations the only options? Ie to change the shade of blue – I would have to adjust the css file? 3) I can see the demo site is using WP super cache? Would the theme & site be really slow and heavy without it? 4) The notebook looking page element? Can I use that in any page position / place I wish? Many thanks for your assistance!


Hi 8web,
Thank you for your interest. Here are your answers.
1) yes , you can replace cupcake icon with another png , but I suggest it should be of same size.
2) Yes , the 5 colors are prebuilt one , if you want another shade you might need to do some css changes(isnt hard and I can help).
3) cache I only installed to save some server resources, Its not heavy or slow without it. To prove my point I have disabled it, check out main layout now.
4) I guess you are talking about portfolio items , they can portfolio items being shown in a portfolio ‘page template’, so the answer is no. I might build a shortcode for it incase people need it.
Thanks again.


I am interesting to buy your template, but I would like to know if it’s possible to choose another color than your 5 proposals. Is it possible buy modifying the CSS or is there a way simple to change for another color?

Thank you.



Yes, its easy to add new color to the theme, here are the steps you can check out before you buy the theme. http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545

Do you have any clue why I can’t auto update the theme? I tried to update from wp dashboard, but it’s still the old version.



Unfortunately theme doesnt have its own auto-updater this time , but you can update using Envato toolkit plugin easily , here are the instructions : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/updating_theme

valzyb Purchased

Hi Templation,

Thank you for creating such a nice theme!

I noticed this question has been posted before, but couldn’t view the answer because it was emailed to the user. So, please provide the answer here or email it to me. My contact information is here, http://valmedia.net.

The revolution slider will not show up in the JustShop theme. I have tried deactivating and reactivating the plug-ins. The theme looks very different from the demo. Any idea where I went wrong or what I should be doing differently?

Thanks for your help!



Thank you for purchasing the theme. The problem is not clear to me , you didnt give me your URL so I cant see anything.

What I can say now is did you try doing basic setup found here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/

Please message from my profile page with your website link then only I can assist further.


Hello, I have a question in regard to the Just Shop Theme. I have not purchased it yet and want to make sure it has what I am looking for. I have a cupcake business and wanted to know if there would be a way to clients select ingredients to build their own cup cake? Example: Cupcakes by Size: Mini ( Gluten Free, Flavor, toppings, etc.) I also would like to know if I would be able to do a custom background for it? Do you have any websites that are currently using this theme that I can see? Thanks



I use woocommerce as a plugin for managing ecommerce. That plugin has the functionality of product variations. I cant help you with your particular requirement but I assume it can be done. You can read more about variations here http://docs.woothemes.com/document/product-variations/ . Sorry I cant share my customers site without their prior consent. But as you can see its sold over 1500 times so many people use it.


We when I am going to install your recommended plugin then I am getting error for two plugin. Please help me ASAP.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home3/escom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_output.class.php on line 54

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home3/escom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_output.class.php on line 54

Please help on these issue on urgent basis.




Thank you for your purchase. This error is not related to my theme or the plugin, its because of memory allocation settings in php.ini file of your server. What you can do : 1) Try adding this line to your wp-config.php file: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’); 2) If first doesnt work, I suggest you emailing your webhost about it and they increase the limit easily for you.

Please read more about this problem here : http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-allowed-memory-size-of-33554432-bytes-exhausted-2

Also, if nothing works, please email me from my profile page and I will provide deeper help. Thanks.

I have set the footer up to have 3 columns but when I add anything to the second or third widget the appear underneath one another rather than next to each other in columns. Can you assist please ?


As far as I can sense , you have some extra open/closed div in the text widget you have put in footer-1. (which is messing up html structure next to it.) You can also check it by deleting that text widget for some time and activate any other widget.

If it still doesnt help , please share your admin details here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

Hello good morning, first a very good theme,

I've bought and am very happy. I have a small problem, no way to put the widget on the homepage one shortcode for the portfolio? for now I do not want to use as e-commerce but I would like the products I put into the portfolio section is seen in the homepage




Glad you liked the theme.

Yes, homepage page template is customized alot, but still it has the possibility to add content as you desire, please share your website details with wp-admin here templatation.com/support-tickets/ and also let me know in detail about your requirement and I will suggest how you can achieve it.


I’m using the Woocommerce plugin with this theme and during the check out process when the ‘Place Order’ button is pressed the page just sits there with the spinning icon. Never continues to next page in line for the check process. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this site is to be fully launched by July 1st.

Thank you


I googled it and it seems a few more people too face this problem, if you share your URL I can debug the page with console to see what could be wrong. Otherwise you can try posting on forum of woocommerce here www.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get my Category images to be the same size as yours. I must be missing some thing really obvious? =] Also was there a plugin for the slider or images I need to download? I recall seeing something in the instructions but couldn’t find it again.

Thanks! Sam.


Hi Sam,

Please check this image for correct sizes http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/assets/images/image_19.jpg , you might need to regenerate thumbnail if you change sizes after images are uploaded using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Yes , please go to Appearance -> Install plugins and you will find revslider plugin there.

PS : Detailed documentation is here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ incase you missed.

Hi, This is a beautiful theme!

I’m interested in purchasing it but first need to know:

1) what the five theme colours are (I don’t see them anywhere); 2) the size of the theme zip file.

Thanks! Janet


Hi Janet,
Thanks for your interest.
1) Color update is done and is in review queue. You can check out 5 colors in my html version till then here: http://themeforest.net/item/justcakes-responsive-html5-for-bakery-items/3546097 (little icon to change colors on left in live preview.)
2) Total size of download is 42 MB as it contains PSD too , theme itself is 2.8 MB.

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme tonight, but i want to find out from you if there is a video tutorial for me to install the theme, i also want to find out from you if i run into a problem, if i could send you me wp-login details, and you help with the installation.

Thank you.

I look forward to your reply



Thank you for your interest, I have detailed documentation listed here http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ , I am in process of creating videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6pUN0K2c8k&feature=share&list=PLwvDLtX5sHQFUSJ0Nbwgn21UpNiF2NEVz they are not perfect yet though.

And yes, incase you run into any problem I can setup it for you within 24 hours just like my demo.

Thanks again.

Erolsky Purchased


First of all, congratulations for this amazing theme.

I have a few questions, though:

1. There are a some Theme Colors. Is there any way to add new ones, or modify the existing ones? If so, how?

2. my Portfolio Items Link To “lightbox” but when I click on a portfolio Item it just opens the picture and leaves the website, the lightbox is not working. Do I have to install a plugin for lightbox functionality?

3. in the shop of your live preview are items, wheren you can change the options, but in my shop there is only “add” but no options. how do I setup options like size etc?

4. in the shop of your live preview there is also an awesome sidebar, “Sort by pieces”, “sort by size”, “Filter by price”. etc where do I get those widgets? I can’t find them. :(

Thanks in advance for your help and of course for this great theme! You are VERY talented!

Kind regards.



Thanks alot for your appreciation. :)

here are the answers.

1) Yes, Please see first answer here : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/4747148/support

2) Please go to Themeoptions/Dynamic images and make sure the last option to enable lightbox is checked on.

3) To to do you will need to setup products with variations, these links will help you to understand the logic behind it : http://docs.woothemes.com/document/product-variations/ http://chrislema.com/woocommerce-variable-pricing-one-size-doesnt-fit-all/

4) Please see second answer here : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/4747148/support

I am sure you can find most of the answers and step by step instructions here http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ but if you still have any question , feel free to contact me again.


Hello, I had a few questions: 1) what widget/images are you using for the footer social media section? 2) How can I change the color of the footer text and links if my background is a dark color? I don’t see a section in theme options to make the text white. 3) How can I delete the “showcase” teaser area above the footer? I’ve “unchecked” all the text and icon settings in Theme Options>Customizations but it still appears. 4) I activated and created a slider, but how to I get images in there? I cant figure out how to add the images. Thank you!


Hey, Thanks for buying. Here are the answers. 1) http://templatation.com/forums/showthread.php/135-how-to-setup-footer-contact-widget-like-in-demo-website Please see this link for full info about the widget. 2) You can write custom styles in theme-options/general/display/custom css box. let me know if you need help with this, I can give you exact styles if you share your website url in message from my profile page. 3) The “showcase” area is the main USP of this theme but I understand one may not need it. I went ahead and coded a feature to disable it , please download the updated theme. (it just went live 1 hour ago). 4) If you have created the slider, you will see a green button saying Edit slides thats how you can add images. PS: In the end I would like you to point few links for your ease. - Please check official video from slider creator: http://youtu.be/cVleysEPHM4 – Other documentations links that might help you: http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ http://templatation.com/forums/showthread.php/58-How-to-setup-slider-like-Demo-website-in-Justshop

Hello -

I am looking to purchase this theme but I have noticed a few issues with certain elements throughout the theme. I know you just pushed out an update to the theme but not sure if any of these were taken care of yet.

Product Carousel on Home page (in Firefox) is not showing the bottom borders, jQuery/height issue? http://cl.ly/image/3D2I2P2l3M0L

Select Boxes on Product Post page (all browsers) are kinda scattered, should probably stack instead of float, this would also look better in responsive. http://cl.ly/image/1G2C1k2Q2f2i

Write a Review (iPhone Portrait)is being cut off and not adapting to the viewport http://cl.ly/image/2I2D2w03082C

Product page tabs is jumbled on iPhone Portrait View http://cl.ly/image/1W0W1D0s3F2b

Should Disable “Zoom” on Product Images in Responsive < 768: http://cl.ly/image/1X1H2D2R3R2D

Product Carousel – Should have only one product in view in responsive < 768 instead of cutting off the next item: http://cl.ly/image/0a0W3D3o362W

If you could make these updates (so I don’t have to…lol), I would be more than happy to purchase this Theme and rate it 5 Stars. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.



Thank you for your time to list of the problems.

I would like to address them in same sequence.

1)Carousel bottom looks good to me , not sure how do I regenerate the problem: http://prntscr.com/23f5b1

2) Select boxes for that same product looks good to me: http://prntscr.com/23f5n7

3) Write a review: You are right, I fixed it, and will include it in update as well.

4) Product page tabs: You are right, I fixed it, and will include it in update as well.

5) Zoom can be managed from admin, I just disabled it for mobile devices on layout2 and tested it on my android, all good. (you too please test on real phone)

6) This can be done but will need additional call to slider trigger function based on device width. I ignored it as its not so imp. You can do it if you want it.

In the end, I would request if you can send me email from my profile page. Thats faster easier and better way to communicate on these issues. As you might also agree, lengthy discussions here might confuse potential customers.


I read where yous said the bakers hat can be removed from the gallery ‘easily’. I feel easy should be redefined for me, and would appreciate any help you can give in the way of fool proof instructions. Here is my site – an definite work in progress. http://appleblossombaby.com/portfolio/portfolio-3-column/ I don’t need to replace it with anything, although that would be fun too.

Thank you in advance -


love your themes so far, and i would like to customize a bit. i can set individual slider for each pages / products. is there any ways to add custom slider for each category?



Sorry for delay in replying. Yes, I know what you mean , and you dont find metabox on category pages as they are made using archive page template, common for all categories.

You can do it with little hacking , If you are a developer , I would suggest you create category pages for particular category and insert slider shortcode there using do_shortcode function. for example, if category is news , you can create category-news.php and paste archive.php code there. and then inside this page put slider shortcode. read more about category templates here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Category_Templates

I suggest you do all this in child theme so that you can update easily in future.


I didn’t install the woo commerce plugin at first, but now i want to install it. Porblem can’t find the plugin in appearance anymore. What to do?


Please check woocommerce installation step here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/installation

if you still face problem, please email me from my profile page with your website url and admin access and I will sort it out for you.