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looks nice… I like the color style, to give you a feedback I would make the small type a bit darker…. my sister has the same name, cause I’m polish too, krakow jest szlyczne. good luck and welcome here on TF :)

Really nice I like this one ! Impressive work.

?adnie ?adnie :)

Hi Agahmemnon,

this looks really cool. I especially like the banner with all those pixels in the background. Can you tell me how you made that in Photoshop? Is there a tutorial on how to do this? Thanks a lot…

I Like it, maybe will buy it tonight, what font do you have on the logo?


@idowebdesign, @3dflash thx for ur comments!


U can find similar effect at http://www.abduzeedo.com/


I used Mueso , in headers too.

Great job! Just purchased very pleased

hey Agahmemnon,

does you contact form work? am i just missing the files or is it not included with your files? Thanks love the look and feel!


Contact form doesn’t work. I made it only for example. Thx for buying

no problem thanks for responding… amazing site! GREAT WORK !

hi there by any chance, possible to have the psd too? I know, there’s not much but resave the slices from gif/jpg/png is not the best!

Great work! :)


I would also like it as a Word Press theme!

I’m utilizing it now at [UserName] (dash in name) Dot US

BTW Thanks agahmemnon


Sorry, it’s not possible to have it.

fakokay Purchased

got it now, great work :)

Has your preview been hacked?

It is showing strange advertisements.