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Yup… it’s broken. And no support. Awesome, I get to completely rebuild a client site.

Hi okiewan, I believe we solved your issue over the email. Just leaving a message here for the benefit of others.

Like I mentioned in the other comments, the only issue in Juxter with WP3.9 was with the Shortcode Generator -> this too has been resolved in the latest juxter update. Everything else works fine with the theme.

regards, Jasin

Hello.. Been using for a bit now and enjoy it.

Recently however, buttons ( [button size=”small” style=”black” url=”http:mysite”]Button Text[/button] ) that I am using in a sidebar widget are resolving back to the page they live on instead of the desired URL.

This is a charity site and we are about to open registrations for an event. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Greg,

I cant think of a reason why this shouldn’t be working, except that there might be some issue with the syntax.

Can you message me the site url where you have this shortcode, along with the exact shortcode you are using on the site (copy-paste). You can use the contact form on my profile page here at themeforest.

cheers, Jasin

Thanks a ton for looking at this. I used the “Email Webylabs” form on your page and added in detail. Thank you, Greg

Is this theme ever going to get updated and become responsive. I would pay for an upgrade just so I don’t have to rebuild my client’s website all over again using a new responsive theme.


Is it possible to make website with this template without “Bookmark” in right top corner? So it isn’t there.

You can do that by addig the following CSS to the custom CSS box:
a#menu_bookmark_box{ display: none; }

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Hi..am I correct that the theme is still not responsive? thanks!

Yes thats correct. Juxter is not a responsive theme.