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yazdom Purchased

Hello. i just bought your theme. I’m having a really hard time getting the “Juxter” off and replacing it with the title of my site. How exactly do you do this?


Hi yazdom,
Thank you for purchasing the theme.

To replace the logo:
1. goto your WordPress backend menu, under ‘Juxter’, click on ‘admin panel’
2. In ‘Main’ tab, under ‘Logo and Favicon’ you can select either text or image.
3. If you select ‘Image’, in the Upload-Logo field enter the complete URL of the logo (example: http://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads/mylogo.png) and click Save.

Please note that if you select ‘image’, but do not specify the logo URL (example: http://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads/mylogo.png ), the default Juxter image logo will show instead.

Hope this helps.
If there is anything else you need help with, you can also use the support forum.

P.S. You may need to refresh your site in the browser a couple of times for the logo image to show as browsers usually cache images.

Ink-Labs Purchased

Hi, i’ve just installed the theme. It’s very friendly to use, but I can’t change text and colors: the options under fonts-text tabs seems to not work ‘cause if I change them, they don’t affect the final result. Any suggest?


Try this:

1. goto Juxter > Admin Panel
2. Goto ‘Custom Code’ tab
3. in ‘Internal Override Variable’ section, simply type the following:
4. Save your settings.

This should help. For more support, you can join me on the theme support forum where you can fill in your website url in the Private section. This helps me provide better support.

cheers Janze

Ink-Labs Purchased

Tnx m8! i found that was a problem due to ThemeDrive plugin, but you solution should resolve it without disable the plugin!

Ink-Labs Purchased

Another little problem… the first voice of the main menu lays over the “home” button…


Same as above. The above 4 steps should solve this too.
Note: You need to have Juxter v1.0.1 for the above steps to work.

If you like the theme, I’ll appreciate it if you can star-rate the theme and/or the author page. Thanks.

jrd9mm Purchased

Hi I recently purchased this theme. Im having trouble with removing the page title section under the menu on the home page. I seem to be able to do it only on the blog page?

Seems like you are using a ‘page’ as your homepage and have a custom layout applied to it. You can do 2 things
  • use the default homepage-layout (it doesnt show title section).
  • if you dont want to do that, a simple css hack can be used. In your Juxter admin panel, under ‘Custom Code’ tab, paste the following: .home #page_header {display: none;} and save.
  • If you want a more elegant solution, and want to be able to switch on/off the title section for each individual page/post, then hit me on the support forum and I’ll send you some modified code file. (cant do that here).

Hope that helps. Janze

jrd9mm Purchased

Thanks that works perfect. Could you tell me if I alter the width of the site in the CSS will I need to adjust any of the code to custom layout boxes so they adjust or will they automatically adjust as a %? Hope that makes sense.


Unfortunately Juxter wasn’t designed as a responsive theme. So changing the width of the site (.bodybox .contentbox) will not lead to automatic ‘scaling’ of the content as %

xtanea Purchased

I really like this theme so far! I just would like to know, how can I display the full text of posts (not the excerpt) on the homepage without a featured image?


Hi, If you are liking the theme thus far, I’ll appreciate it if you can spare a minute to star-rate the theme and/or the author page. Thanks. Janze.

xtanea Purchased

Well, I do want a featured image for each post. I just don’t want it to automatically display. I use the featured image more for SEO purposes. Thanks for the reply. I will head over to the support forum.


Sure that can be done too with some custom code.
Will provide it to you at the forum.

Great work. Very clean and creative. Good luck on sales


Thanks. I appreciate the kind words :)

Is this theme wpml-ready?


I havent tested it with WPML , however it has proper __ and _e formatting (both frontend and backend admin panel) making it localization ready. Hence, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be compatible with WPML .

As an alternative, Juxter is 100% tested with Codestyling Localization plugin.


I have trobles with the Shortcode Wizard, when trying to insert shortcodes. It shows no options – neither when trying to generate shortcode for boxes, videos or sliders?

...and may I suggest that you list all your shortcodes in plain text somewhere, perhaps in the documentation? Sometimes it is just easier to have a plain txt refernce, and then copy-paste the codes.

Thanks !


Hi Kim,
Your support thread on the forum has been answered and resolved. The shortcode wizard is showing on your site.

I agree, its sometimes easier to have a contextual reference. The documentation will be updated and uploaded to the Themeforest download package shortly.
cheers, Janze.

Thank you for smart theme and great customer support and help! I am a beauty blogger and design is the most important part of my work. Good luck with sales!


Thanks for the testimonial. I appreciate it.

Hello there, is there somewhere an Option to remove the comments function from the templates, without digging inside the code.

I mean completely remove it, disable it … Not to turn it off which shows the message that comments are not available.


Thanks for you interest in Juxter.

By default, no. However, if you purchase the theme, let me know before you upload your theme and i’ll provide you the functionality to remove entire comments section from the backend admin panel by clicking a button (no code).



Very impressive theme. But it it possible to add adnother blog type? I want to have just small thumbs with hover preview like in themeforests theme lost. about 100px for each blog item with visual date, title and excerpt. just want to show as many blog items as possible


Thanks for your interest in Juxter

Yes – in general, adding another blog type (thumbnails with details on hover) can be easily done by simply tweaking some code. Ping me on the support forum if you buy the theme and I’ll hook you up with the changes.
However, I’ll be able to provide a more specific/conclusive answer if I saw what you wanted (i was not able to locate the theme you mentioned)

Let me know


Thank you very much for your fast answer, I will join the forum later.

Have a look an the theme walker. The blog on this theme with an additional thumb in the height of one entry would be great. I also like walkers ajaxified page loads, but I think this could be very hard to integrate here

This would be somewhat similar to
http://demo.webylabs.com/juxter/blog-type-3/ or
if we reduce the height of each entry and make the thumbnails smaller
Or if we keep only the post-titles/meta-info, and the post thumbnail shows on hover.
Both of these can be done.

You are correct. The ajax page loads would not be possible as that requires the theme to be built a certain way from the ground up.


Just one more question ;) How hard is it to enable a jquery sorting like in these themes: Dispatch and Copilot? Both previews are shown here on TF


Its quite simple to implement this. (somewhat similar to the galleries section – in terms of animation, same concept can be applied to vertical linear posts)

Though simple, it does need some time to implement. Which is why I hope you understand why I wont be able to offer this customization under Free support.

This is ok. Please send me an email via my profile with the estimated price for a integration, if possible multi-level. I don’t need a “sort posts” button with sub-items if it is easier to integrate one button for every parent category with sub-categories in it.
If it is not clear what I mean I could send an formatted email to show.

If you have other cool ideas, just add them to the email. Thanks



Apparently email feature via profile page is not enabled for buyers, just the authors perhaps.

You can email me at janze.siaro (at) webylabs.com or use email form at my profile page

How do I determine or change the size of a column on a page? Currently im using 3 columns


Which columns are you using?
Shortcode columns can be used in any combination : for example 3/5 + 1/5 + 1/5
If you are using ‘Content’ module in a layout, then four options are available for different combinations within the layout screen.

Do you have your site online? It’d be a bit easier if I was able to take a look at it to know exactly what you mean.
You can either message me via my profile page, or join the support forum to send me the url.


Awesome looking theme. Is there a way to integrate star rating/reviews for this theme? Thanks


You can use a rating plugin like kk star rating. Its a simple yet effective plugin without any of the unnecessary features.
Let me know if you need any help during the plugin setup. For a more effective communication, you can use the theme support forum.

can i change the size of the image gallery images on different pages? I want one gallery to have the images 283×463 is this possible?


Adding additional image widths isn’t possible by default and needs some tinkering with the code. You can ping me on the support forum, and i’ll send you the files to replace.


How can I make the footer height bigger? I want to put an image that is 400px there but it cuts it off at the moment. Where in the code would I change to make this happen?

The footer takes up the height of the widget inside it. If you want to manually set the height of the footer, goto Juxter > Admin Panel > tab:Custom Code > Custom CSS and insert the following CSS :
#footer { height: 500px; }
This will set the height to 500 pixels.


flavius7 Purchased

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your theme. I bought a few themes on here and this is the easiest, fastest to set up of them all!

If you are taking suggestions: I would love to have the choice to either show the icons on a post (author, comments, tags, date) or text – or both. I kinda miss seeing a date right there on the post and find it inconveniet to hover over an icon to see when the post was made. They are still awesomely stylish so I guess I would prefer both.

Hope you don’t mind me saying that.

Thanks for this wonderful theme. I am very happy with it and the theme-admin is amazing :)


Thanks for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate it.

I am always open to suggestions on how I can make my themes better. Its always good to get feedback from people who use the theme for live projects. Let me know if you have any more ideas as you continue to use the theme.

P.S. If you’d like to get meta info as text instead of icons for your current project, just hit me up on the support forum, and i’ll help you with the tweak. Its a rather simple one.

Hi I think your theme is great. I am interested in getting it for a project I have. Is it possible to put an image in the header



Hi John, Yes, you can put an image in the header area with or without a tweak. For a faster communication, hit me up on the support forum if you need further help setting it up : )


Hi there JanzeSiaro! Just checking back in to see if Themeforest has approved your update file for the image galleries so that it is possible to move from image to image with the arrow keys or hot spots on the left and right of the images. Any word on that? By the way, i am in love with the layout, check out my image gallery for my portfolio site: http://indigoverse.com/cosplay/ You will see what I mean about moving from image to image =) Thanks again for the great theme man!

“Cheers!” ~Indigo


Hi Indigo
I am glad you are liking the theme :)

Yes, the gallery images were ‘linked’ together in version 1.0.1 You can download the theme from your Downloads section (current version available is 1.0.3) and replace the new version in your themes folder on your server.

Cheers Janze
P.S. The site and the background is looking really nice :)