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Good work friend!;)

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Hi Janze! The gallery update works perfectly! Thank you for the info and for the kind words =D Keep up the great work my friend!

By the way, I am getting prompted by wordpress to upgrade to 3.4.1 but I am hesitant because I do not know if their update will cause issues on your latest theme upgrade. What do you recommend?

“Cheers!” ~Indi


Go right ahead and upgrade to version 3.4.1 I have the preview blog running on the latest WP version.

Hi there,

I am following the documentation and when use the Schortcode-Generator button create a BX slider code, then I copy and paste it into the manager slider page, ([bxslider set=”MainSlider” navigation=”true” arrows=”true” effect=”fade” auto=”true”]) I get a error code on my site.

500 – Internal Server Error This is a temporary server error. Please try to reload the webpage later.

What is going on please. I believe I am doing it as it says on the guide.

The shortcode seems right. I’ll need your site URL and login/pass to be able to figure out the exact source of problem.

You can send it to me in email using my profile page, or open a support thread at the forum and leave the url and login in the private section of the forum profile

Thanks, all sorted now. But a quick question.

On your Demo site, on the slider page, You was able to get a Vimeo video and some text including a box to the right of the video. Using BX Slider – The Versatile Content Slider. How can I do that.

I have tried many ways but any text ends up underneath. I would even prefer the testimony to the right but have a feeling that is not possible.

That was done using a combination of shortcodes (column, vimeo, vertical-space and button)
2/3 column has the vimeo shortcode, and 1/3 column has the text and the button shortcode.

Here is the entire code to be inserted in the BX-slide:
<div style="width: 954px;">[two_third][vimeo width='612' height='344' video_id='30126264'][/two_third] [one_third_last][vspace space='75']<h1>Lorem Ipsum Dolor</h1> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed id nibh ut dui feugiat vehicula. Morbi nec tortor quis nisi tempor faucibus sit amet sed diam.</p> [button align='left' color='green' url='http://demo.webylabs.com/juxter/' size='medium']More Theme Features[/button][/one_third_last]</div>

You can change the widths using different column combinations, and instead of text+button, you can insert the testimonial shortcode in the right column.

Let me know if you need further help with this.

That worked perfectly. Ill play around and see what else I can do. Thanks a lot.

I have several pages but would like to have specific post appear in them. I have looked at the option available to me on the “page” and I could display galleries but no option for post.

Am I missing it some where?

Im not sure if I understand completely. You want a page to show a post? Is there a reason you cant use a post directly instead of using a page to show a post?

If you want to show page+post content together, you can apply a custom layout to the page. In the layout options, you can use a ‘Content’ module (select 1 column > Single Post Content > Show Entire Content) to show the post content.

Else you can use a plugin like ‘Display Posts Shortcode’ to display posts within the content of a page.

Hope this helps Janze

I have created a page and only want specific post to show up on this page.

In Admin Panel> customer layout, I have created the layout option which is: Use for ALL Posts which have these Categories. Fashion.

Then in the Layout for Fashion, I added a Content Module, 1 Column, recent post content> 6, Category> Fashion.

So I have set the foundation. Now in the Page I created (Fashion Page) the template I have is limited, If I select Post, I get All the post show up, and the alternative is the Default Templet, which has a layout I do not want.

The Post itself has content and also I have selected the Category it is made for.

So how do I have and get working a specific layout foe a page, and also get only relevant post to be on that page.

Please help.

I have signed up and waiting for validation.

I have followed your suggestion and I am half way there. I now have the Post showing up as Blogs on the pages but ALL the post are appearing, not just the selected once I want. I have opened up a discussion on the support forum, but awaiting help.

Replied to your PM on the forum.

I have used the theme on two sites for a couple of months now, and I just love it. It is so versatile and easy to use.

I am glad you like Juxter. Thanks for the review :)

Any chance you are going to make it responsive. Looks good in iPad except menu pull downs don’t work.

Thanks L

Unfortunately, as of now there are no plans to make it responsive.

Sorry menus do work once you remove the frame. There is only one small graphic missing on your small latest/recent post widgets, I think it might be an arrow >

I think this might just be what I need for a client, has nearly everything! One small question, on contact page, can we have a photo next to team member instead of cartoonish one?

Any chance you will add rotating testimonial widget and post type? It would truly have it all!

Thanks, L

Hi L,
I am glad you are considering Juxter for your next project.

The arrow is actually a replacement of the ‘Read more’ text. WordPress doesnt show this if the excerpt shows the entire content (i.e. post content is less than excerptlength). In the first post, the content is just 2 lines long, hence WP doesnt show ‘Read more’ arrow.

The contact page team element is a usage example of the shortcode icon box with custom images. So, yes you can have any image instead of the cartoons.

As for rotating testimonials/posts, these can be added using sliders if you want.
- the bx slider can have testimonials in each BX slide
- i had made a small modification for another customer to use glap-slider for posts instead of slides. If you want this, hit me on the support forum, and i’ll provide you the files to be replaced.

cheers, Janze

redundant comment-

Hi, first of all want to say as an experienced Wordpress user, excellent theme. Very well thought out and designed.

Hopefully am doing something obviously wrong; Have set my home page to a static one and selected the relevant page I want to use, no content I enter on that page seems to come up on the sites homepage, everything else works fine.

Just to clarify, have selected (within wordpress settings) to use static pages, and home page is my own homepage file. However all the content within this page is not being displayed.


Thanks. I appreciate it.

In your homepage layout, make sure you have the ‘Default content’ module present.
On homepage, this module shows blog list when ‘Your latest posts’ is selected in Settings>Reading
and it shows page content when ‘static Page’ is selected.

If the above doesnt solve it, you can PM me a temporary site login/pass on the support forum, and I’ll look into it.

cheers, Janze

P.S. Am not sure what you meant by ‘home page is my own homepage file’. Did you mean a custom index.php file?

Sorted, thanks very much

I keep getting this error when I install in wordpress:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Thank you for the purchase.

You’ll need to first unzip the file on your hard drive, and then upload only the zip file in the [WP] folder (or the files in [FTP] folder if you are using a FTP application).

For further help, you might want to check out this video – Solving broken theme issues.

cheers, Janze


I have read the documentation and probably missed the section that explains how to add a gallery to the sidebar/widget area. I have the following code in a text widget but where do I go to add the images I want to appear.

[nivoslider set=”Sidebar” width=”200” height=”200” navigation=”” arrows=”” effect=”” pausetime=”” captions=”” caption_bg=”#ffffff” caption_text=”#ffffff”]


Sorry, I figured out how to add pictures but it isn’t appearing in the sidebar. If I add the shortcode in a page they appear.

Try using the following code without the empty arguments in the sidebar. [nivoslider set='Sidebar' width='200' height='200' caption_bg='#ffffff' caption_text='#ffffff']
You can use the shortcode generator button in ‘Add New Post’ editor to get the syntax.


Is it possible apply full-width to this theme? thanks!

Both Posts and Pages can have full width applied to them.
- In ‘Edit Post’ screen you can select the full-width template under ‘Juxter Post options’.
- In ‘Edit Page’ screen you can select the full-width template under ‘Page Attributes’.


I was referring to the main design theme.

Make the design cover 100% of the browser width, you know?

great design!


I am afraid that wont be possible. The layout had certain restrictions which is why Juxter wasnt designed to have a fluid layout.

The lightbox effect stopped working on my site For the thumbnails and hover alternative image doesnt work either. Why would this be? http://www.promptfleet.com/beforeafter-photos/beforeafter-fitness/

Seems like the lightbox and the hover effect are working on your site now.
Let me know if there is anything else

Hi man,

I tried to answer your last mail but it doesn’t work, as if you had a wrong email adress…I tried 3 times, so i post it here, but you can answer me through my adress you already have (email about blog issue, raph7433 is my ID). Thx

Hello man,

Thank you so much for answering. Ok now we start the touchy part, when you explain me but i still don’t get it, so i’m sorry…

Now, i have multiblogs, but ALL my articles are displayed in each part (Beauty, Fashion…). So it seems that it worked, but i still can’t make it work like I would like to.

I give you a more precise example. Just focus on “Lifestyle” part. Inside lifestyle, i want to display 2 articles : “Beyond Pop art” and “Ryoji Ikeada”. I created a classic page “Lifestyle”, with those settings : Empty content No parent Blog Page

I created a Lifestyle layout :

Custom Layout name : LifeStyle Use for ALL Posts which have these Categories : Lifestyle, Beyond Pop art and Ryoji Ikeada (i created a Lifestyle category with 2 subcategories inside, Beyond and Ryoji, as you explainded in step 2) Use for Specific Posts : / Use for Pages : Lifestyle Use for Category Pages : Lifestyle, Ryoji, Beyond pop Art

IMPORTANT : when i clear EVERY check box, i still have all articles displayed. So i guess it is because of the “blog template” for my Lifestyle page, is’nt it ? So what should i change ?

Thank you very much again,


Hi Ralph
I received the email twice, and have replied to it.

There is a problem creating a slideshow at the homepage like in your preview here. No thumbnails are generated. The cache folder is writable (chmod 777).

I uploaded the file through the slide sets > homepage-galpworks > slide 1 > image + lightbox. The lightbox shows the photo but no thumbnail is generated.

I miss a explanation for chmod different folders in your user guide.

Actually I found the problem in the cache folder with the chmod 777 on the index.html

Hi, This could be because of multiple reasons. Please PM me your site url, and i’ll look into it.

Meanwhile, you can check 2 of the most common issues –
1. you server does not have the PHP GD image library installed (you’ll need to ask your hosting provider)
2. Does your site url contin the ~ symbol (working on test server)?

You can send me your site URL via the message box on my profile page, and i’ll look into it.

I’m curious why my images are not showing up, it shows the image icon and the spinning wheel. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks for your help! Love this theme!