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Hello again – the images from blog posts in the carousal are broken image icons as well. thanks for your help!

Hi, This could be because of multiple reasons. Often, its due to some server settings. I’ll be able to tell more conclusively if you can PM me your site url.

Meanwhile, you can check 2 of the most common issues -
1. is PHP GD image library installed on your server (you’ll need to ask your hosting provider)
2. Does your site url contain the ~ symbol (working on test server)?

You can send me your site URL via the message box on my profile page, and i’ll look into it.

Hi I love your theme! Beautiful. I just want to check a few things before I use it for this specific project. Do you know if it works with WP Touch And super cache?

Also I need to create a catalog and a staff page. May I assume that your filtered gallery function works like a “portfolio” where each image is a featured image from a category of post and the text is the excerpt? I just want to be sure.

Thanks Kate.
I haven’t used WP Touch and super cache with Juxter, but as far as I can tell, there shouldn’t be any problem as both of them are quite independent of the theme being used.

To answer your second question, no, the gallery is not a custom post-type (like pages/posts with featured-image/ cats/ tags). Instead, it is a custom panel where you can upload images, and apply filter tags to it.

Please note, that due to this reason, I doubt that the gallery will be shown in WP Touch as from the looks of it, WP Touch uses post-types like pages, posts etc.


Thanks for your response. I bought it, perhaps prematurely. I have to use Gravity Forms for this project and the drag and drop is not working. Way to fix that? Also, I can’t add categories and I can’t add OR assign tags from the post editor. When I click on those windows, the option for the header flickers.

And…no backgrounds seem to work. There is just code showing in my home header. If answers are in forums, please point me to them. Gravity forms first because it it is not supported, I have to abandon the theme.

Hi Kate,
Its clearly a javascript clash somewhere in the plugins you are using. It’d be much easier for me to point out the exact source if I had access to the backend. Would it be possible for you to create a temporary login/pass that I can use? You can PM it to me via my profile page here or via the support forum at http://themesupport.webylabs.com/support/forum/juxter/

I’ll see the background issue too once i have the backend access.

Also, I disabled comments but they are still there and I need to show the categories and tags above the posts in texts.

The comments option in Juxter admin panel is for pages only. To disable it everywhere, you can use WP’s option in Settings > Discussions screen.

To show cats and tags as text instead of hover popup, there is a patch on the support forum. Or I’ll email it to you once you PM me via my Themeforest profile page.


Okay! Get back to you in other forum! THANKS .

I am posting here because I don’t have my log in info with me and I am not on my home computer. Sorry!

I fixed gravity forms issue, it was that competing script you spoke of. Fixed background (I hate it when it’s that simple:) and now I still need that patch for categories and tags and help on eliminating comments. I have everything UNCHECKED under the WP discussions settings and I still see comments box on posts. Any help there? I’ll check the other forum later…I don’t see an email on this.

Hey, do you know how to have WP NOT archive my posts except in one category? I know this is not your theme but one reason I wanted custom post type for the catalog. Your help is great! Http://Think360arts.e-Inkvoices.com

Hi Kate
The category patch is available here. I guess you can download it once you get back home.

Regarding comments, the login/pass you sent is not working for me. Can you please check that? I’ll sort out the comments issue once I have access to the backend.

I am sorry I dont understand what you mean by archiving posts. Do you mean posts from a specific cat dont show up in the blog/cats/tags listing?


Ok.. hopefully I can verbalize this correctly. Ive added a few content modules. In these modules Ive added an image in one and text and an image in another. I realize juxter re-sizes the image to fit within the module but, Id like to get rid of some of the spacing between the edge of the module and the text/images Ive put in them. I cant seem to figure out how to do this. :( Can you help?

This can be resolved by adding some custom CSS . I have replied to your email, so you an send me the url, and I’ll let you know exactly what CSS to add.


Can you please tell me how I can change the size of the thumbnails on the archive pages ? I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Many thanks,


Hi Scott,
To do this, you’ll need to dig into the php files. Open juxter/extends/templates/template_archive.php and search for pwork_archive_showpostimg

You’ll find the following 4 results (which represent the sizes for 4 different archive styles)
The first value is the width the second is the height.

I wouldn’t recommend changing the widths, as that might break the layout, but you can easily change the heights.

Let me know if you need further help

Thats great, thanks very much :)

When I add 2 widgets to the default sidebar the top wordpress bar vanishes for some reason, any ideas ?

Also can you please show me how to make the widget images link to the posts ?

Then Il leave you in peace lol, great theme.

Thanks.. I’m glad you like the theme.

The top wordpress bar shouldn’t vanish by adding widgets. But if it does, it completely depends on the content of the widgets. Are they juxter widgets, or some other third party widgets, or contain some html/script which breaks the layout?

For having widgets with links to posts, you can use Juxter’s recent post widget. To simply have images which link to a post, you can use the following HTMl (add it in a text widget):
Or did you have something else in your mind? Let me know.

Hi Janze, I just started working on my website with your theme (looks great, btw). Have a few questions I’m hoping you can help me with:

1. Is it possible to add a Pinterest icon to the Social Media Profile on the top right corner?

2. The Home button on the menu bar, after I turned it off and on again, now sits overlapped on the text of the first category. How do I fix that?

3. Lastly, is it possible to remove the navigation bar right below the menu bar? THe one that goes “Home > XXX ” for example.

Thanks! Karman

Thanks Karman. I am glad you like the theme.

1. To add Pinterest, goto Admin Panel > Header Icons > Social Profiles, click the ‘Custom Profile’ button and then upload the icon for pinterest (if you want, you can use the cropped PSD for social icons in the downloaded zip)

2. You can PM me your url (via my profile page), and i’ll look into the possible reason for this.

3. You mean the header area with the breadcrumbs? You can remove that for each page/post individually in the ‘Edit Page/Post’ screen. (Switch ON the ‘Hide Header/Title Area?’ option)
However, if you want to remove it throughout your website, the you can try this: Goto Admin Panel >Custom Code > Custom CSS and add the following line:
#page_header { display: none; }

Hope this helps

Thanks! All’s well now! :) Appreciate your prompt reply!

Cheers, Karman

the admin panel doesn’t seem to work on windows 8 – any chance of a quick fix? Having just brought the theme would like to get it installed asap…

ok, so I see what I have done – rather than install JUST the correct file as detailed under the FAQ , I uploaded the complete download file – just as you said not to do… sorry to have bothered you

Not a problem :)

I am having issues getting images displayed however. I’ve installed the timthumb plugin and played with the two Admin Panel switches but very few images are displaying.

What am I doing wrong? What else should I be checking?


Hi, All images seem to be showing at my end.
Places like the ‘Recent Posts’ widget is not showing thumbnails because the posts dont have a featured image, hence the default ’/juxter/assets/skin_light/images/pwthumb_default.png’ is shown.
Let me know if there is some other area where thumbnails are not showing.

Another question – where is the RSS feed set? I use feedburner rather than the default so would like to change this.

Find it a little odd that the show RSS icon can be switched on/off but not modified. Why not just include it with the other social profiles?

Juxter uses the default WordPress generated RSS link.
If you are using Feedburner, try these 2 official links for implementation:

As an alternative, you can always add RSS as a ‘Custom Profile’ link in the social icons section (if thats what you’d prefer)

Hope this helps

Sorry, I know I am in the wrong forum but without my password at the moment.

What am I looking for to find IDs for custom layout modules so I can change padding. Homepage is .home but what about other custom layouts?

How can I get rid of 0 comments and author info in sidebar posts widget? we got rid of it everywhere else. Email me perhaps…THANKS

Hi Kate,

We dont have layout IDs by default, but you can add them like so:

- goto Appearance > Editor > header.php
- Find <body <?php body_class(); ?>> and replace it with
<body <?php global $pwork_values; $layclass=str_replace("pw_set_juxter", "layout", $pwork_values->currentdb); body_class($layclass); ?>>

You’ll now find the layout class (soething like layout2a, layout-pw_customlayout1, etc.).
Also, modules already have an ID. So you can now specifically target the module you want in the layout you want.

Do you mean the comments and date meta in the Popular/Recent posts widget? you can remove this by adding the follwing CSS :
.post_blip_txt .smalltext { display:none; }

Hope this helps Janze

I really like the theme. Although, I have one question. Can a sidebar be added to the homepage for use with widgets?

Thanks for your interest.
Yes, sidebars (widget areas) can be added to the homepage layout using the content module.

For example, if you goto http://demo.webylabs.com/juxter/ on this page, the ‘Popular Posts’ and ‘Latest From The Blog’ columns are actually sidebars with widgets in it. (The first column ‘Juxter Features’ is regular content)

Hope this helps

Thanks for the quick response. Does that mean the widgets can be added on the side just as you can within the blog/posts or only in the column areas for the homepage?

Hi, The content column module can be added anywhere on any layout (homepage,default, custom layouts). However, it is a full width module which means that it will come above or below the default content, not on the side.

Hi may I ask if it possible to have Juxter display the date of the post? How can I enable this?

The dates are available when you hover on the ‘calender’ icon. Example:http://demo.webylabs.com/juxter/blog-type-1/

If however you dont want the hover behavior, and want the meta details to show as normal text, then message me via my profile page, and i’ll send you the custom code I wrote for another buyer.


There is mention of a “Content Slider”, but I don’t see it.

My understanding is that a “Content Slider” makes slides out of content on your website – from featured Posts, particular categories, etc.

What am I missing?


Actually content slider (BX) here means HTML content (unlike other sliders which are image sliders).

If you want, nivo slider can be modified to use posts. If you want this, message me on the support forum or via my profile page here and I’ll send you the modified files.

cheers, Janze

URGENTLY need help! Hi, I need to translate all the Home Layout in other language. I am using the WPML plugin to translate post and page, but when I go to “Layout: Homepage” option, then “Layout Modules”, I select the Portuguese language, change ID the post and translate the static content, all the home change to portugues in both language version (spanish and portugues too).

This theme not support multi-Language? We need to lunch the web site TODAY!

Juxter works perfectly with Codestyling Localization plugin, but I dont have much experience with WPML.

You can try this – In WordPress > Settings > Reading, use a static page for ‘Front page displays’ option. Now, the page you use as your homepage will have different language versions. Apply different layouts to these language homepages, where each layout is written in a different language.

Hope this helps