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Hi JanzeSiaro

I just try your recomendation but still not work….

I created the static page called HOME (with default template selected in Page Attributes). Then I created the portuguese version for HOME (with WPML option). I asigned into WP / Settings / Reading this statics pages as Front page in both languages..

After that I created into theme option / Custom Layout / Add New Layout the following Layout:

Layout: Inicio Brasil – I selected “Use for Specific Posts” option with post number 4888 (the ID for Brasil Home page)

Layout: Inicio Español – I selected “Use for Specific Posts” option with post number 4885 (the ID for Spanish Home page)

And nothing happens!!!!

In home page still show the default template (Homepage Layout (CANNOT BE DELETED). Never show me the modules that I created for that specific page.

See here: http://bit.ly/TK7pRl (Home Español) http://bit.ly/TK7swv (Home Protugues)

Any Ideas? Tks


“Use for Specific Posts” is for Posts and Custom post types.

Instead try using the “Use for Specific Pages” section right below it (since you are using pages for home)

Hope this helps – Janze

I can not find the option that you mention

I only see the option “Use for specific Posts” that show the image: http://goo.gl/Z3mol

I can see “use for page” but not show me the home in portuguese otherwise.

Any ideas


If its not showing you the home in portuguese, then we’ll need to make some changes in the code file.

Message me on the support forum, or via my Themeforest profile page, and I’ll send you the modified theme files.


hi there

I’m having problems with the slider – the images are not scaling proportionally, the site is www.womenonwheels.ie

I went to wordpress panel > settings > media and unchecking the box ‘Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)’ but that hasn’t fixed it. Any idea?

Many thanks Mel

Hi Mel,
Timthumb seems to be switched off.
Try the Timthumb options in Juxter > Admin Panel > tab:Images
Hope this helps

Hi Janze

Thanks for the reply, I tried this but all the images disappear altogether, do you know what else I can try?

Hi Mel
Right now the Timthumb plugin seems to be switched off on your site.

Can you send me a temporary login/pass to your backend via my profile page here at Themeforest, and I’ll sort it out for you


Hi! Beautiful layout. Quick question, is there a reason why my uploaded logo isn’t registering? If I switch it to plain text, it accepts that, but it won’t replace the Juxter logo when I try. I’m trying a .png file. Do I need to use a .jpg?

Try refreshing the browser a couple of times, or try clearing your cache.
Other than that, there shouldn’t be any reason why it isn’t updating.

Thank so much for your quick response! One more question. The widget code homepage-pop-posts and homepage-latest-blog don’t seem to be generating anything. Do you have a tutorial on how to use the widgets? The blog posts are all labeled “blog”, and it’s still not pulling it up.

Hi, The documentation is included in the zip you downloaded, but it doesnt have a step by step tutorial for widgets

To see whats happening on your blog, i’ll need the login user/pass. You can either PM it to me on the support forum or via my profile page on themeforest.


Hi, I just updated to Wordpress 3.5 and some of the themes functions have stopped working such as the drag to arrange the slides. Also tags do not work and I can not switch between the text and html editor on posts.

I have tried deactivating all plugins but this has not made any difference.


That is a known bug resolved in the latest theme update v1.0.5 released on 12th Dec.

You’ll need to update the Juxter theme. If you dont want to upload the entire theme, you can checkout this link for more details.

Hope this helps

Worked perfect thank you.

Best theme & customer support on Themeforest, hands down. I’ve been satisfied since day one—if you’re on the fence for a new theme, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed going with Juxter.

Thanks Devon. I appreciate it!!

This theme is awesome but it’s not responsive? If it was responsive, I would definitely buy it.

Hey just working on customising the theme files a bit. Not had to work on a theme quite with this struture before.

If I want to have the nivo slideshow display on every page throughout the site how am I best achieving this?

Normally I would just edit the single.php file but I see its refernce to the template file and thats got some crazy loops going on inside. So thought I’d get your professional opinion first?

Site can be seen at http://www.code-creative.co.uk/pica/


The best and quickest way to get a slider on every page would be to add it to the default layout in the backend. You can add the Slider module, or if you are using an external plugin, add its shortcode using the column module (1-column)

If however you want to achieve it using the code files, then the general instructions are there in single.php file itself (the comment block at top). Let me use your example and explain in detail:

P.S. Id recommend getting familiar with the WordPress function ‘get_template_part’ and how it uses naming convention to prioritize files – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_template_part

- The file you’d want to edit the code in is extends/templates/template_page.php
- If you add the slider code here, it’ll appear in all templates which use this file. This means, all pages, posts, attachment pages etc. will show the slider.
- If you want the slider only on All Posts, duplicate this file and rename it template_page-single.php and add the slider in it.
- Similarly, if you want the slider only on All Pages, duplicate this file and rename it template_page-page.php and add the slider in it.

Let me know if this clears things up. If you need more help, you can use the contact form here – http://themeforest.net/user/JanzeSiaro – for speedier responses.


hi how can i change my nivo slider from 954 to 615

you can see it doesn’t look right at http://www.code-creative.co.uk/pica/

The easiest way to do it is use a ‘Content’ module and insert the nivo shortcode. For example:

[nivoslider set='homepage-nivobig' width='580' height='300' navigation='true' arrows='true' effect='random' pausetime='3.5' captions='true' caption_bg='#000000' caption_text='#ffffff']

P.S. You can use the shortcode generator (in edit post screen) to build the above shortcode.

Or if you have inserted it using the code files as discussed in your last comment, then you can use the do_shortcode function along with the shortcode above.

Hope this helps Janze

Hello – I just updated to the latest wordpress and I can no longer add images to the site through posts or pages. Please help. thank you.

You are no longer able to work in text editing either – just visual.

Both of the above are known bugs which arose due to a library conflict with the latest WP version.
This issue was resolved in the latest theme update v1.0.5 released on 12th Dec.

You’ll need to update the Juxter theme. If you dont want to upload the entire theme, you can checkout the last FAQ here – http://themeforest.net/item/juxter-powerful-elegant-wp-theme/2378934/faqs

Hope this helps

Thank you very much! I appreciate the quick reply.

Question before purchasing this theme: my hosting provider has upgraded to PHP 5.4: are there any (known) problems using this theme and this PHP version? Thanks!

It took me a day to reply as I put my development server on PHP 5.4.3 Till now I haven’t experienced any immediate issues, so it should work fine on your host as well.

As with all things technical, If and when anything arises I would be here to update what is needed. Juxter is a well-supported theme so you shouldn’t have any issues in near or distant future.


Hiya, Thanks! That’s good to know!

I installed this theme at installed the YARPP plugin, but it’s showing my related posts twice. Is this the plugin or something I need to fix in my theme?


Try going to WordPress Admin > Settings > Related Posts, and turn off the ‘Atomatically display’ option.
Juxter shows the related posts automatically which is why you have the related posts section twice.

Hope this helps.

Super! That was exactly it. Thanks! PS—L O V E this theme, I’m still (slowly) configuring my site but it’s been the best theme in function and administration I’ve used yet.

I am glad you are liking working with Juxter!

Hi, loving the theme. Just trying to add more tab options to the [tabset] option in your theme. At the moment the default is 10 max per set.

I remember seeing some PHP code in one of your files that controls this number allowed. Please can you point me in the right direction?

Kind regards

I am glad you are liking the theme.

As of now, the tabsets are built to support a max of 10 tabs. You can replace this file on your server via FTP (themes/juxter/pointswork/lib_php) and it’ll increase the number of supported tabs to 30.

Let me know if this solves your purpose.
cheers, Janze

Excellent, all sorted, thank you

Love this theme! 2 Quick questions – I am not able to display the “comment” function for my blog posts. This seems pretty straightforward – am I missing something? It shows in the icon that there are ‘no comments made’ underneath the blog post title, but there isn’t a button to post a comment. Thoughts on this? Also – after updating to the latest wordpress – all of my SEO items disappeared…everything. metatags, keywords, etc. Is there any way to get those back? I am afraid to update to the next wordpress version in fear of this happening again. The SEO plugin being used is: Yoast WordPress SEO Thank you!!

Hi, I am glad you are liking the theme.

The comments section is controlled for pages via Juxter admin Panel > ‘Misc. Pages’ tab
For rest of the site, make sure the “Allow people to post comments on new articles” is checked in Settings > Discussions page. This hides comment form in articles with 0 comments. http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-admin/options-discussion.php

The Yoast plugin seems to be working on my localsite with latest Juxter and WordPress – http://i.imgur.com/g48ZTmh.png
You can try changing your theme to Twentytwelve and see if Yoast plugin is still not showing? That’ll mean that Juxter is working fine, and the problem probably lies with some plugin you might be using ( you can deactivate plugins one by one to figure out the problem)

Hope this helps. Let me know your website url if you need further help.

Hey there! I’m really considering getting this theme. Just have a question before: is it possible to add “categories” in the blog section? If the blog is about photography, is it possible to add “tutorials” “travels” etc… on the side or below? Thank you!

Yes, you can easily add categories above/below/in side of the blog using widgets.

If you decide to purchase the theme, and need any further help setting up your blog, message me via my profile page here at themeforest, or you can use juxter support forum at http://themesupport.webylabs.com/support/forum/juxter/

Hello - We purchased this theme and cannot find the place to set up the home page to look like it does on the purchase page.

We would like the light background and the box with the various images and videos to appear at the top – we have looked through all the documentation and can’t find this.

Thank you

The homepage can be set by adding modules to the ‘Homepage Layout’ screen.
Also, I have replied to your email with the entire settings for Demo blog’s homepage layout. Hopefully that should help.

The box at the top with images and videos is a Galpwork slider. I have sent you a sample slider via email as well.

Let me know if there is anything else.

Hi. I purchased this theme and would love to take full advantage of the wonderful features, but I’m running into problems. I have a few questions.

1) For an accordian slider, how do you adjust the image size? I’ve tried images that were just 160×200 and they still come out very large. I’ve also set the images to be thumbnail size on the slider. I’ve tried this with timthumb on and off.

2) My pages (the tabs across the top) have text in them, but it never shows on the page. I’m assuming some default template exists and that I need to set that template to allow the text to be displayed. I’ve also tried to set up as 1 column as opposed to 2 column, but it didn’t help.

3) My goal is to set up an accordian slider with some catagories below. What you have on the example of what Juxter can look like is almost perfect for me. Can you send me a guide on how you set it up?

4) I’m not sure if the theme supports this, but I’d like to have the home page eventually have to access points. I write novels under two names. It would be nice if someone could select one pen name or the other, and then be taken onto one of two pages that look like the demo you have.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Regina

Hi Regina,

If you can send me a message from my profile page, I’ll send you the module settings of the front page of Juxter demo. That should help you speed things up by looking at how it was done on the demo blog.Also, if you have your blog online, send me the url, as that’ll make it easier for me to assist you with things.

1. Meanwhile, for the accordian slider, try setting the size in the module settings. The images are automatically resized (when timthumb is on) to fit the dimensions. Foe example, in this screenshot – http://i.imgur.com/7YfRazB.png – the images used would be 600px wide and 330px height.

2. I am afraid I dont understand what you mean. Do you mean the navigation bar at top? If so, then make sure that when you goto http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-admin/nav-menus.php you have the appropiate menu selected in the dropdown which says “Header Menu”. Click save once you are select it.

3. I’ll attach the settings for Juxter demo’s homepage in the reply to your PM. Use the message box at http://themeforest.net/user/JanzeSiaro

4. For entry homepage, maybe you can set one up in an indirect way. Create a page, apply a custom layout to it. The custom layout can have a ‘content’ module with 2 columns. Each column has image/link to the 2 different entry homepages. Then set this ‘Page’ as your homepage via http://YOURSITE.COM/wp-admin/options-reading.php

Hope this helps Janze

How do i remove the comment section for the pages of the site?

Try going to the Juxter Admin Panel > tab: Misc Pages. Here switch on the “Disable comments on ALL Pages” option.

This will remove comments from ‘Pages’.