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I want to change the background color of the Carousal set on my page. It is currently black and i would like to change it to a purple color. Where would I find the area to change in the code to do this?

You’ll have to do this in 2 steps
1. Goto Juxter Admin Panel > Custom code. In the custom CSS box, add the following code:
.acarps_wrap { background: #aa0044; }
2. In your downloaded zip file, you’ll find the “car_next_prev.psd” file in “PSDs – Cropped” folder. Use this to create the car_next.png and car_prev.png with purple color. Then upload these 2 files to your juxter/assets/skin_xxxx/images folder via FTP.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else.

Thank you

Hello, I applied the juxter theme, and everything was ok, but now I can’t see the logo and the letter properly. Can u help me!

P.D. I tryed to desactivate the plugins and things like that, and nothing goes on.

thanks a lot! Silvia

Hi Silvia
Can you send me your website url via the message box on my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/JanzeSiaro and I’ll look into it.
cheers, Janze

This is probably a really stupid question, but I just purchased Juxster, but have no idea how to load it into Wordpress to begin using it. I’m totally knew to this whole thing. Can you please help?

Thanks for the quick response. I watched that video, and for some reason, there is no “upload theme” option when I am in “Appearances-Themes.” Question: Do I have to pay the $99 for a Premium Wordpress to be able to upload?

Sorry, it was “Install Themes” that I cannot find on my “Appearances-Themes” page. Thanks for your help.

I think you have your site on wordpress.COM which is different from self-hosted wordpress (available at wordpress.ORG )...

WordPress.com only allows themes from its own theme library. All themes here on themeforest (or anywhere else for that matter!) can only be used/uploaded on self-hosted WordPress – which means you’ll need to buy a domain name, hosting etc. Most host companies have a 1-click wordpress install (self-hosted version from wordpress.org)

Here is a video from quick google search (I havent seen it, but it looks useful) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jv47_VIBOQ

Hope this helps

P.S. Just to answer your question more specifically, I am not aware of the $99 premium wordpress, but if it is at WordPress.COM, it wont allow outside themes. At WordPress.COM you can only buy and use stuff available at their own official store – http://store.wordpress.com/

do the theme have the review function ?

You can use the theme with review plugins, however it does not have any inbuilt review feature.


Hi, i’m using Juxter from about one year. Two days ago i’ve updated the theme and now: 1. Theme’s CSS seems to not work: if I change anything in Font/Text section it doesn’t works. 2. I can’t no longer see the custom .png logo used before. 3. The navigation menu stay over the “Home” button.

I’ve tried to overwrite the theme’s files via FTP. Nothing. I’ve tried to change back to default apparence (both, light or dark). Nothing.

Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance for a quick response.

Just checked your suggestions: 1. The css seems to be ok, but checking with firebug, it seems that something overwrite it. 2. It seems ok. 3. Disable all the plugins was my first try before post a help thread here. Sorry, it doesn’t work.

I’ve just PM you with the temp account. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Daniel,

You can go ahead and delete the temporary account. It was as I suspected – the dynamic css was not being allowed to send modified http-headers by super-cache plugin.

In super-cache options (tab: advance) I have added custom_css string to the list of files super-cache should ignore. This resolved the issue.

Let me know if there is anything else

cheers, Janze

Tnx m8, great “5 stars” support!

I’m using ‘Post Categories’ as menu items, however, when I do this the ‘sticky’ post no longer works in the list or in the footer widget on the home page.

Is there a way to correct this?

Are you sure its the plugin? I installed it on my server, and the gallery images and menu items seem to be working fine (draggable)

P.S. Did you recently update WordPress? In that case, make sure you have the latest Juxter version 1.0.5 You can read about the file changes here – http://themesupport.webylabs.com/support/topic/juxter-release-cycle-updates/

When I disable that particular plugin the gallery images and menu items are fine. I am using Juxter 1.0.5 and WP 3.5.2

Hi John,

The plugin seems to work fine with Juxter on my end. Maybe its a conflict between 2 plugins.

In this case, you can PM me a temporary login/pass to your site, and i’ll help you sort it out.

cheers, Janze

How to I use specific ‘Gallery Sets’ in posts?

Gallery sets can be used via the Layouts screen.

Thank you.

Okay, I see you can use ‘Galleries’ when using Juxter layout pages.

I need to have separate ‘Post’ pages for 3 individual categories. I don’t want posts from one category to show up in another, so I set up specific categories for each. When using the Juxter layouts, I am only able to select ‘single post’ or ‘most recent post’. I need to show all posts in each category … and have stickies work.

Please advise.

Very nearly. That’s the general idea. Each page needs to show ONLY the content for the specific category, and it does using the method above, however, I need to use ‘Galleries’ in specific posts. Is there a way to do that?

Is there a way to remove the ‘Posts in’ prefix in the titles on each page?

Unfortunately as of now Galleries are only available as modules, and the shortcode is not available. You can still use the default WordPress galleries to insert within your posts.

To remove the prefix, goto Appearance > Editor > select ‘archives.php’ file. In it find the line
echo '<h2 class="page_heading">'.__("Posts in '","pwlang");</h2>
and replace it with
echo '<h2 class="page_heading">';</h2>

Hope this helps

Thank you.

I purchased the juxter template and I have a few questions. I want the page headers to show on every page with the exception of the home page so on the pages, under the juxter page options section I turned “Hide Header/Title Area” off for every page but the home page, but I am still seeing the header titles on the home page. It actually has all the pages header titles so it is a long list of all the pages on the homepage. Any ideas on how to fix this? Another questions I have is how to get a gallery slider onto the footer, I can’t quite figure out how do add that. Thanks for the help!

Oh never mind, I actually inserted it into text, thanks again!

Hi Phoebe,

You can see the documentation to get the shortcode format, or a much easier way is to simply use the inbuilt Shortcode builder.

Goto Posts > Add New.
In the ‘Visual’ editor, you’ll see a ‘magic wand’ icon. Click this and select Slideshow > Nivo Slider from the dropdown
Select your slider options, then click ‘Preview Code’. Copy the shortcode thats generated
Paste this shortcode in the Footer Widget (Appearance > Widgets)

That should do it. Let me know if there is anything else
cheers, Janze

Great. Seems you already got it done while I was typing the reply :)


Can you confirm the theme is compatible with WP 3.6?

Hi John,

Yes, everything seems to be working just fine with WP 3.6 and nothing has been reported till now. If in any case you do notice an issue, let me know and be assured that the compatibility fix would be available asap.

cheers, Janze

Thank you


Probably “Toggles” after update WP are show wrongly.

Can you confirm this?

Try this: Goto Juxter Admin Panel > Custom Code tab > Add this to the Custom CSS box:
.toggleboxcon-in { display: none; }

This will make sure that the jquery toggling actually displays the content when the toggle title is clicked.

If the issue still persists, you can PM me your URL via the message box on my themeforest profile.

cheers, Janze

I bought Juxter last year, finally installed it on my website in February but didn’t have time to fully take advantage of the theme. This weekend I finally sat down and worked on planning my homepage, executing the features of Juxter and I just want to say… this is simply an AMAZING theme. I absolutely love how clean it is, how clear the functionality is to setup, and… well I’ve used many themes for Wordpress both here and elsewhere and I just have to say Juxter has been by far the absolute best theme to date. I love it. Thanks for doing a great job.

Thanks eurcynia. I really appreciate it..


Nice, clean & cool theme, kudos to you! :)

Any plans on making it responsive?


Thanks. I appreciate it.

Even though our future themes are responsive, we dont have any plans to make Juxter responsive. This is mainly because of the css framework Juxter uses which was never intended to be used in a responsive design.



How to move a widget to the sidebar? Its impossible with WP 3.6.

Thx for your help

Hi Nicolas,

You’d need to update the juxter version (or just the 3 updated files). You can find more details here – http://themesupport.webylabs.com/support/topic/juxter-release-cycle-updates/


Is the Theme WP 3.7.1 compliant?

Hi John,
Everything seems to be working fine in WP 3.7.1 and no issues have been reported. Please go ahead and update with the confidence that in the slight chance that you do notice any bug, let me know and I’ll update the theme asap.
cheers, J.

Thank you.


Can you confirm if the theme is WP 3.8 compliant?

Thank you.

Hi John,
Yes, Juxter has been tested on WP 3.8 and no issues have been detected.

thank you

Does the Woo Commerce plugin work with the theme?

Hi John,

Yes, although not specifically built for WooCommerce, we have several clients successfully using WooCommerce on Juxter.

The good thing is that we do cover all WooCommerce related questions in the theme support forum, so feel free to go ahead and use WC with Juxter.


Seems thr shortcode generator icon on TinyMCE doesn’t work any longer in WordPress 3.9 ….

Any idea if it’s possible to have it working again ?


Hi monloup,

TinyMCE was updated in the latest WP, which is why the shortcode generator in Juxter stopped working. We have updated the theme and the generator is working fine now with the latest WordPress.
Sorry for the delay. Everything else should work fine with the latest WP version.

regards, Jasin


Can you confirm if the theme is WP 3.9 compliant?

Thank you.

Hi John, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, juxter is compatible with latest WP 3.9. There was a minor issue with the Shortcode generator, but that has been resolved in the latest juxter update. regards, Jasin

Hi, is this theme still supported?

I have the same problem as monloup – I have no shortcode wizard button displayed.

Hi Macphot,

TinyMCE was updated in the latest WP, which is why the shortcode generator in Juxter stopped working.

We have updated the theme and the generator is working fine now with the latest WordPress. You can download the latest Juxer files and update them on your server.
Sorry for the delay. Everything else should work fine with the latest WP version.

regards, Jasin