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The featured thumbnails don’t pull up when I create video posts. The video itself does play when clicked on from the home page, but no thumbnail. I have the “enable featured media” dropdown set to “yes”. Am I missing something?

How to remove quick Read ??


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Envato don’t support Arabic Letters Please as your question in english.


is there any new version soon

i want to buy it but i dont want to make another changes of it got update


Hello there,

No, Kalemat will maintain in 1.0 in few months, However we recommend to keep a log of your changes in case we release an update.

How to change post number in category now it’s 10 i need to make it 15

cheers and thanks for the nice theme… I’m new to wordpress. how can i convert the website to Arabic, (iknow you heard that a lot) is there any document or a link for that??

Shukran Samir

Since installing this theme I have have had many brute force registration and login attempts – out of all themes I have used this one seems to be a magnet for spam bots

What in the theme’s registration and login functions are attracting this activity.

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i have probléme


The function mb_strlen() is not enabled by default in PHP. Please read the manual for installation details:


Salam Mostafa, I’m thinking to buy this theme, it’s very refreshing if I may say. But I’ve notice that this theme last update was 13 November 13. Do you still support this theme?



Hello jagonly,

Thanks for your interest, we didn’t face serious issue from the time of release to update, however we should update it soon for minor fixes.

i would like to produce an online mega store. can yr builder build a homepage with as many as products with add to cart buttons? and i want every page can scroll down to 5 to 6 pages, can yr builder let me to that easily?