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The preview of this theme is not working, please check the problem and solve it.

yea, it’s allready working…looks great

Thanks man :)

Working fine here too , looks wonderful , congrats!

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Wish you the best with sales.

Thanks man :):)

Best of luck to you too :)

Wooooow bgd sho8l gaaaamed gdaaaaaan, teslm edak

GLWBS ya m3lm ;)

Thanks bro :)

GLWBS to you too :):)

Thank you bro :)

Awesome work, good luck with sale! :)

Thanks bro :):)

Kalemat theme is Awesome :)

Thanks :) kaghazak for your kind words :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks :):)

The preview of this theme is not working

It’s working here

Here the demo link

Neither preview works.

It’s working here

However here is the demo link

Thanks ashmawy7 :):)

Congrats Mostafa :) Great features in a flexible unique theme :)

Thanks bro :)

awesome work.. good luck!

Thanks codeex :)

Nice theme! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie :)

Touch my heart <3

Thanks macnopas :):)

wow nice work good luck

Thanks spotlayer for your support :)

It’s nice theme.

But the one click install doesn’t works right now. I want to see the magic(!) asap.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve sent an email for installing demo. Please check your email. thanks in advance.

I replied to you, please install your wordpress installation with the front end url is the same url for the admin panel because it is causing a huge conflict.

Thank you sooooooooooooo much! It works very well!! great!!

Would it be possible to remove the color block where the title is and have the image cover the whole post item?

As far as i understood you want to remove the title and make the posts take the whole place

Yes you can, it’s a yes no option in the element in the page builder

How did you add the ‘Trending’ widget on the side panel in your demo?

Actually, don’t worry. I figured it out. The widget was called ‘Code 125 Posts Tab’


Hey, Couple more questions. 1. Is there a way to disable all adds so they don’t show. I have tried to add my own template but they still show.

2. Is is possible to NOT show the top bar to guest users that are not logged in yet?

Hi, i tried to clear the code for the ads but there was no where to clear it. There was no box. Here is a screen shot

I also managed to hide the top admin bar. So that part is sorted

U should find a text area with the ad code, please try it using another browser and if it didn’t work send me ur login at

Ah thanks, tried it in Internet Explorer of all broswers and it worked. Thanks for your support.