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Sorry, another couple of questions.

1. I am adding the avatar photo from uploading to my computer but the image is coming up very blurry. You can look at my site here i have tried using small images and also using really big images.

2. In your author part of the post, how did you get your links for facebook and G+?

Hello mattlist,

you are welcome always

1- I don’t see the page as it is marked as coming soon

2-In your Profile settings you will find place to add username for facebook and twitter and google plus link.

Congratulations for new template Kalemat, but any news about Madrid? Especially Arabic version.

Thanks Omar :)

I guess now u have all of ur issues solved :)

Thanks for help :)

Good job!Good luck with sales… :)

Thanks themerox for ur support :)

Hi, when I try to contact you with your support site. I need an Envato Ticket… But I have one :(

Can I abuse one more time, I noticed that we can put a soundcloud track in our articles and it would be played directly in the frontpage without click to see the article.

Example with this article:

I select “Sound”, and in “Post Format Settings” I select “Yes” to “Enable Featured Media”, I put the url of the sound ( and I don’t add a cover picture. But when I see on the frontpage the soundcloud’s track doesn’t appears ->

This is my last question, I don’t wanna bore you ! thanks !

Hello there :)

why will it the be the last question :), you are welcome to ask anytime

the shortcode you are using is based on the featured image.

you can use the classical blog if you need to show the soundcloud audio post.


Thank you again and again :)

Cheers !

Thanks for the great theme! :) Keep up the good work!

thanks foxtrails for your comment :):)

I downloaded this cracked before, to watch how it works.. it made me to buy it immediately! :)

Thanks Vincenzoo for your purchase. hope you liked the event


nice theme but the demo did not work on mobile ? :(

It works here, you viewed it while the server was down.

Hello! Very nice, good looking and options-rich theme! Congrats! But I found some bugs: 1) Missing space in file kalemat/library/kalemat-plugin/shortcodes/implementation-social.php in line 78 instead of class="element' should be class="element ' 2) In theme options on Article Settings checkboxes “Enable Comments Section”, “Enable Facebook Comments” and “Enable Website Comments” don’t work for me, all comments sections stay always visible, although checkboxes are off.


Thanks for your comments, please contact us from the account you purchased the theme with.

hello, I saw your template and I like it a lot. I have a website in php, NOT WORDPRESS, but is a site that I made myself. Now I want to change the graphics. The question is, your template is for sites NOT CMS? The various SLIDER and CAROUSEL and all images and texts I can connect them with queries php to my mysql database?

Unfortunately, this is Wordpress theme, you can still purchase it and use the html, css and js for your custom website, but you will have to code according to it.

Hi, demo is not working theme seems like it looks good would want to see soon in action.


it’s working now …. maybe it was an error in the server


Choose dominating category is not working to me, anyone have same problem?

Please send us at with logins to see the issue.

Hi I have used the page builder to build my site i decide to use blog classic the issue that i am having is when i select next page, the page don’t change, if i select ajax paging method its work

I also tried to open ticket in the support system, but it won’t let me, its ask for An Envato Purchase code, but i can’t find a place to put the code

Please post a link for your website to see the issue and send the logins to


Hi there is some string missing from the translation file, “Last” and “First” in the page numbers I manage to translate them editing the php files

HI, code125! Thank you for your template.

I need your help. – my web site but I want to create first page (main page) like your ... I read your pdf but I didn’t understand where I can change settings to take main page like yours.

I’ve created “HOME” Template, but can’t add it(don’t know how) to the main page. So, I have 404 page on the main page. What I’ve done wrong?=)

Just an awesome theme by you again, I have used alyoum theme by you and this theme is again one of the best I have seen after a long time. Congrats for this theme, I would like to buy this theme for my website :

But I have a pre purchase question, is this theme fully compatible with bbpress, buddypress and woocommerce? If not then is there any work going on the theme in this regard. And by what time the update can roll out?

hello gurjyot,

Thanks for your comment :):)

About these plugins, we have the support of woocommerce and i believe bbpress and buddypress is supported by any theme now.


How to make the slider like in this article ?

it is the normal wordpress gallery.

dear designer;

is there a single widget or plugin for the social like boxes you used for your theme on the sidebar ?


Yes there is facebook Like widget and twitter widget available in the theme

i know, i see; but i have already purchased another theme. I would like to add the social boxes in your theme to my theme. Can you tell me a link of the plugin/widget?

Well … we are sorry we developed all our widgets, so there is no plugin for our widgets available out there.

Hello. How can I add add vkontakte button and instagramm button to the article?

It working here … maybe it is a matter of time to see it in your page

Thanks a lot! And how can I add add vkontakte button and instagramm button to the article?

Unfortunately we didn’t implemented it yet, hopefully we can add it soon.

Dear, Code125. Also I don’t know how to make full slider and sidebar after the slider. Like in your main page

I’ve tried to use full width and then create columns with page bilder, but 1/3 column is too wide and 1/4 column – is too narrow…

I mean how I can to put correct size of advertise box or social box? Because it is wider than 300×250.

I’ve made full width page, but can add sidebar below the main slider. When I add “sidebar box” in 1/4 column through the page builder, it’s too narow, and 1/3 col?mn is to wide for “sidebar box”

Why you did it so, you can use the layouts in the skin settings of each page, it will provide you with the exact dimensions.


I have few pre-sales questions

1.Can the gap between headlines and blocks can be removed easily? (for example gap between “related articles” and its block or between “facebook comments” and its block etc.

2.Is there google plus and tumblr in the social widgets block? i don’t see them?

3. About this social widget, can we make the facebook, twitter etc. logos bigger, it looks weird with tiny logos


Sure it wont be a much edit may be 3-5 lines of css

Thanks. Last question, how does it handle bbpress forum? is it compatible? any display problems?

Oops, i forgot to ask also about buddypress and if you have an example with bbpress, buddypress and woocommerce?