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ednak Purchased

Sorry, but I will need to post my support questions here. I tried logging in to your Support Forum at http://support.hogash.com/, but it will not let me login. Even when I went through the Forgot Password route, I updated my password and it still will not let me login.

So, my question has to do with the Testimonial Fader. I found the module that allows me to update the testimony content, but on the demo content, it loaded an image that says “custom logo”. Where / How do you change that image?


danielt014 Author Team

Hello @ednak,

There is a different module that allows you such thing, the name is HG Testimonial Box Module
Please try to get again the lost password using this link > http://support.hogash.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpasswor
Though, you can try to use the email account from author and send an email at least with your user, to can help you more with Support access.

Wish you an awesome weekend.
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ednak Purchased


Hello , I purchased this template from 2 months and tried so many times to register on your support website but in-vain it said : “A password will be e-mailed to you.” but no emails or password sent till now from more than 7 weeks and because I had a problem with with the template when I try to post in facebook it shows the template name and the template description in the title of the post instead of my website name >> and this problem solved >> now I want to add iCarousel module from kallayas to ekho and I tried but the slider manager don’t show the slides and shows an empty drop down list and have inside (style1) but not show anything after THANKS—

I tried to register first with kallayas then after 1 month I purchased ekho and tried to register with too but none of the two worked .



Hi there,

Indeed there are problems with the mailing system of the board and for a while now i keep trying to find a solution. Anyway, could you please drop me an email through my Themeforest profile page’s contact form http://goo.gl/fFHLSq with the username/email address you’re currently subscribed to the forums and i will reply back with a password (that i will identify in the DB).

Thank you!!

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I like this design! Congratulations! My question: are ALL extensions (i.e VirtueMart) included ? And your latest update (1.5.1) is really updated with all components ?

Best Regards

Yann Anderson

danielt014 Author Team

Hello Yann,

Thank you for your interest in Kallyas Joomla Template. Aslo thank you for your consideration.
All extensions are developed by our own and specifically only for Kallyas.
3rd party extensions like Virtuemart, you can download by yourself as they are for free. Though, the demo quick installer has installed virtuemart.
Anyway we can solve most of the issues related with the template, once you are purchasing, at our free Support
Hope my answer satisfied your question.

Wish you an awesome week, so far.

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directive Purchased

I am reviewing this template on my mobile devices on chrome app and it has some issues with the responsive layout out of the box.

When in portrait mode and rotating the land scape this is what we get: http://prntscr.com/6whu1y

When rotating back to portrait from landscape we get this: http://prntscr.com/6whuhx

I already have this template and have posted this in the support forums and had no resolution on the problem. Just suggestions about reordering the CSS media queries. Really not interested in shooting in the dark reordering CSS when this is an issue with the product from the get go on a fresh install of the template. Can we get a fix for this in the Chrome app. (Testing on Android – S5 + Galaxy Tab4)

Much appreciated !!!!

saludos este template esta en la versión 3.4.1 ? gracias