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Dear hogash-support,

i change all the parameters of the js scritpt, but nothing happend…

What i want (if it’s possible) to have “mouseover” effect in services page ONLY in the title of each service category!!! can you tell me where i must look about it, or if it;s possible or not!! Thanks again, Best regards, xrisxal2000

i mean, i want the effect to be in the title of each category in services.html page, so when someone moves the mouse in the text to be able to read the text and when goes the mouse to the tilte “Web design Services” then the effect to showed up. Sorry for my english, It’s in a script file, in css file?? thanks. Is the only thing i need ! best regards, xrisxal2000

zenr Purchased

Hogash – thank you for the wp-version-link! I will certainly be purchasing this version as I think it’s possibly one of my top 5 themes on TF. It’s beautiful and i cannot wait to get my hands on it!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the HTML version and will use this for another project I have in mind.




I’m also waiting from you and from other purchasers suggestions and wishes lists for next updates. Also I need all of this to have on Support, for a better communication.

Cheers, Daniel

Is your WP version going on sale today I hope? My fingers crossed it is. I need to start on it asap :)


Wordpress Version Questions:

How about advancedcustomfields-support? I like to prebuild complete posts with them. (Custom Post Types with Custom Post Templates ) Is there a option to upload a Custom Post Template? Or do you have a good documented Single.php where I can get the layout to build my own Templates?


I would like to use tabs in my own Templates. Is there a limitation of how many tabs are usable on 1 page? The tab-shortcodes are only usable in the wordpress-editor. How about the blank html? Do you have some example for build this tabs with html?

And a general question, when you update Kallyas do you document which files are changed? I would like to add some function to the functions.php.

That’s it – for the moment. I love your theme and will immediately buy it.



=> Images in tabs didn’t open like in the blog? ( http://hogash-demo.com/kallyas_wp/2013/02/aliquam-lorem-ante-olsa/ ) (FF 19, Win7 X64)


=> The Latest Products, sometimes the products didn’t show up or are blank after a :hover. (FF 19, Win7 X64)


There is a page builder inside the theme. You can use this and configure every page as you wish. you can add how many elements you want, create headers (no limit number) to use in your pages, also create sidebars (no limit number), etc. You can use this page builder to create your unique pages using simple drag&drop actions to re-order your elements. Please note that the page builder that is already implemented has simply to use options for each page builder element and contains a total of 79 elements for you to use including sliders, google maps, contact forms (with unlimited fields).

About tabs, you can use shortcode for the content (where you can use the editor) of your page as is the example, but for other zones, you can use page builder to add unlimited tabs. There is no need to add your code, page builder is doing for you this.

All the changes will be well documented. However, note please that the theme supports child themes. However, we are strongly recommend to add these extra functions in a child theme, because in this way, you’ll not make manual changes everytime the theme is updated and your extra functions will always work along with the latest version of the theme.

About bugs, I noticed, I think you want to open in a modal window the image. Most of elements of page builder support shortcode in title / content or description etc.

Hope this information helped.


Thank you for the quick response. Yes, this hints are very helpful. The informationen about the possibility to add the child theme is really appreciated!

I think I should see the page-builder in action before I bombard your with questions. Just one. ;)

Does the page-builder work with customfields? ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields )

entilza Purchased

Great theme, just started my development so far so good.

Regarding the HTML version, I was trying to use the default slider with taller images than the sample ones and am having trouble getting them higher because the height is always calculated automatically. Do you have any suggestions on how to use taller images with the default slider?


To be honest, i didn’t quite understand your question. If you are asking if the page builder options are saved in a custom field, than the answer is yes. If you are asking if you can use custom fields to add extra fields to a page, then the answer is yes, you can.

And yes, you must see page builder working before ask any question :D

Please note however that if you want other page builder elements that are the theme currently don’t support/have ( although you will have 79 elements in different styles), you can post your request on our forum and if this type of element will be requested by more people we will integrate it in the page builder with future updates.


I know that and you are so right. But I think that is in the documentation folder a link to developer of iosslider where you can get more information. I will give you the link anyway: http://www.iosscripts.com/iosslider/ Hope this helps!

Has your WP theme been submitted to Envato yet? or still working on documentation?

It is submitted, we are waiting the approval.

Thank you so much for answer… the reason I’m pushing is I have to redo our website by the end of the weekend and I really want to use your new theme. I’m running out of time though, so my fingers are crossed Envato approves it today :)


Sorry, I was not accurate enough. I like to build complete posts only with values from custom fields. Your answer, ” If you are asking if you can use custom fields to add extra fields to a page, then the answer is yes, you can.”, helped me a lot.

I think that’s enough “off-topic” here, I will use your support-forum, when the wp-version is avaible and I’ve further questions regarding this topic.

Thank you for the great support so far!

I don’t know if you fix this bug but when you down size your browser for a mobile version, the default image slider’s caption text gets cut off. DO NOT USE THE jResize to downsize your browser I’m using Chrome V 24.0.1312.57 and tested out on my Android phone using Dolphin HD. Is there a fix?


JResize is only for presentation. If I test in chrome using a simulator, seems working fine on android: http://screencast.com/t/hAcUz16c1UHr

Looking forward for the wordpress version ! ;-)

would add more blog layouts… hope we get them…

Still pending for approval, hope that today will be “on stock”!

Just eager to purchase one of the best WP Theme. Just waiting to rate You with 5 of 5 stars. Kind regards.