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bongoz81 Purchased

Hi, i need to increase height of images in IosSlider…how can i do it? In the css IosSlider height is set to 1500px… Tnx for support


Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing!

Have you tried to resize the images to have a bigger height?


Tach55 Purchased

Nice one Marius! Keep up the good work! Hope you make a Joomla and WordPress responsive version soon!


Thank you aswell Tom!!

Best regards,


FYI, I’m another person in queue to buy the Wordpress version.


Thanks Ken!! I’m in the queue myself, i also have a website to built with it :bigsmile:


So early March now? (Re: danielt’s post below) I might have to make other plans if we’re looking at an additional 6 weeks.

cfactory Purchased

Thanks for this template it is probably the best and most comprehensive one I have bought yet.

Although I bought Kalypso and it disappeared but now i see Kallyas. Is this exactly the same? should I download again?



Hi Simon,

Exactly, it’s the same one. It got soft disable for having a name that’s not unique in the TF library. Changed to Kallyas and it’s all fine now :)

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How could I use the Blog page (in html version) using my own provider, with php myadmin. (Only for the blog page). This is possible or only via wordpress version.


hassajo Purchased

I’m also a person in queue to buy the Wordpress version :) Very good theme and the best support!

DUDE your the best THERE is out there. Please tell me your making a WORDPRESS VERSION of KALLYAS – Responsive Multipurpose Template

Even JOOMLA if not.

Is it in your plans to do so?

Hey guys, This theme is brilliant! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this complete on Themeforest. Feels like an amazing bargain. Thank you for the attention to detail and craftsmanship.

@hassajo and @quickwhitt

We’ll release at the beginning of March both version (Joomla! and WP).


You must make a choice till then, between Joomla! and WP :))

Daniel (Hogash Team)

Hi Dudes, It’s is possible to box this theme?

I didn't find this option


Absolut great work **!!!!!!

One question: How can I remove the arrow from the logo-box?

A wonderful template and a very good job, very easy to edit, but I have problems with the tabs. I would like accordions designs in use tabs but in the 2nd tab opens accordion no more. Do you have an idea or a fix for this?

It’s not working in Firefox, ect only in IE

Hi friend,

Is posible to create a admin panel to configure this site online? or that is only available in worpress and similar?

please let me know. And if its that way: do you have planed to release a worpress version?

many thanks!

Hi again,

I mean: Its posible to use (or create) any admin panel to make some simple things (change or add images in galleries and slider, change texts, etc. simple things (not about change qjuery, or that, Just images and texts).

thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I am looking to purchase, how easy is it to edit layout. I need to use with ASP.net MVC.

How can I give my end user the choice to edit the theme when he visits the site.



Is just a HTML template, that can be easy customize as you wish is not a CMS! For simple editing, just use a noteplad++ and FTP or eclipse IDE.

Daniel (Hogash Team)


What you’ve asked is available into a CMS (Joomla! or WordPress). This versions will be available in March this year!

plasm18 Purchased
http://screenr.com/Bmm7 Look at this bug, I click home and mark it as a slide, how can I fix it?

Set the class active correct in index.html

that’s right: <li class="active"><a href="index.html">HOME</a></li> remove the class active from SLIDERS in index.html

Is this template working as real ecommerce?