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trocity Purchased

Hi Hogash,

Just purchased and I’m in love with this design. Now begins the mammoth task of tweaking so please bear with me as I’m a CSS newbie.

My question: Is it possible to arrange the code so that I can control which parts of the page load first? For example I’d prefer my page content to load before the big navigation in the header.

For the pages-productitem.html how would I get the product description content to load before the massive navigation?

The reason I ask is because when google crawls my page I’d prefer them to crawl the content first and the nav links last.

Thanks in advance.

Just dropping by to say I absolutely love the design and can’t wait to see it in Wordpress version. Seems you got yourself another customer even before the WP version is ready :)

@nycentralparktours2011 Jason,

Maybe it will be possible, but I can’t give you an answer right now! MAybe in few days from now.


Not yet less, at time we need time for creating Joomla! and WordPress versions!

Cheers 2u2

trocity Purchased


Did you get chance to look at my request above?

Cheers Trocity

revi2013 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased your template. Can you please point me in a direction of the ‘Well Documented” file! Thank you.

P.S. right now its a huge mess. To port a slider, I sent hours just looking for bits and pieces of code and still its not fully working. Spend some time just figuring out that MAIN Slider=iosslider.


Your problem is not a CSS one is a SEO one. There is no need to change the code, all you must to do is to use proper keywords inside meta:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”premium html template, unique premium template, multipurpose” /> <meta name=”description” content=”Welcome to KALLYAS Template, a wonderful and premium product for multipurpose websites” />



When you purchased Kallyas package, you should have inside a folder named Documentation. Another 4 folders are in this Documentation folder, as you can see here: http://screencast.com/t/FmH06omGjOn Access any index.html file from these four with your browser, please.

Please subscribe to our support forum and post your questions there.

Cineno Purchased

Thank you for your help. I’ve posted a question on the support forum.

I notice that in the demo, and on the files I purchased, when you click “Next” on the faded slider, it stops at the last slide instead of circling back around to the first slide like the regular slide does.

What needs to be changed to fix this?

Cineno Purchased

Also, the faded slider doesn’t seem scroll automatically like the default slider does.

I figured I’d post these questions here since the issues are also in the demo version.

revi2013 Purchased

I tried to edit my comment, but I cant find the option. You are right. I am sorry. I missed the folder. Great Template and Great Documentation. !!!! Thank you.

trocity Purchased

I’m starting to regret purchasing this template. I guess you get what you pay for at $17. Would rather pay $300 and have good support. Is premium support an option?

I’ve also checked the ‘responsive’ design on about 3 different devices and I have to say that ‘responsive’ is stretching it. There are some serious flaws which I’m sure could be fixed if I could get support.

I posted a question on your own support forum but now it’s impossible to even login. http://hogash.com/support/entry/signin?Target=discussions No login button?

I also never received any replies to emails.

As for your tips on SEO above. I’ve been doing SEO for 15 years so thanks for the fundamentals. FYI google dropped META=keywords some time ago.

revi2013 Purchased

I cant get the iossslider captions to work. I sent two days trying to copy your template’s slider. Its crazy! Lost$17. cant keep wasting time. Maybe one day,but not today.

Hi Hogas,

I really want to purchase your theme it aswome.

But im afraid … its easy ?? theres no WP version ?? its documented?? video ? contact extended form its available ? somehing like this http://olm-sports.com/prensa

im not expert in html and css but i have knowledge .. 30%

Please take in touch i really purchase your theme its wonderfull

best regards

Hi, I like it, and considering buying, 1- is there a way to protect the pages from being downloaded. 2- how can I expose the user settings to the end user to change his font or color 3- can I have fixed button as the page scrolls, like a “top” and feedback”

connexxi Purchased

Hi Hogas team,

very nice design, eager to use it… I’m downloading Kallyas now ! cu and hope soon under Joomla!

Sebastien from France

Hey, nice template! I heard about the same theme for WordPress. Do you have an idea about when?

Thank you

Hi There. I am waiting for the joomla and wordpress theme. Would you do me a favor for this upcoming theme? I’d like to put my music and video, so is it possible to put the sample audio/video player embedded on any demo page?

1) Please let us know when the WordPress version is ready

2) Will the WordPress version be “Responsive” ?

rdottim Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to use the image gallery. But the php does not create the thumbnails and the big image appears on the bottom of the site. It also throws a warning on the top. I’ve searched on the documentation but I found nothing. Some help?