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eli1356 Purchased

wow, i did wait for so long for such an update. any chance for RTL support?


We are working on the RTL file now, however, we do not have a n ETA at the moment.

Best regards, Stefan

Hi, I love the theme…tremendous job! I want to change 2 labels. I’ve been trying to find them in the code and am having no luck. 1) “SUPPORT” on the tab of the hidden support panel in the header 2) “PRESENT” at the bottom of the Historic Element. Any chance you can direct me to these?


Thank you for choosing our theme. Can you pelase open a new thread on our support forum about this ? Normally, these texts can be changed by modifiygin the language file of the theme.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan, Thank you for the reply. I went to the support forum and found something similar. I was able to download POEDIT and find the areas in the code. It’s all taken care of. Thank you again for a great job! Kristian


this is a presale question – is there any vital pro plugin integrated that has to be bought separately? I don’t want to buy any extra plugins, like page builder for example. I need template for relatively simple corporate look, no need for woocommerce for example.


Thank you for the interest in our theme. Our theme already comes bundled with all premium plugins that are needed so you don’t have to buy anything else.

Best regards,

Great, thanks. Does it work on PHP 5.6.11? I’ve just had a bad experience with another theme.

Just thought I would point out the date of the latest update in the “Update History” section of the ‘Items Detail’ page tab above. That seems to be the only thing I can find to complain about when it comes to this product ;)

Aah sorry about that, just changed the date! :D Thanks!!

The theme looks superb, I love it. is there a header option for just the logo and menu links in single column, couldn’t find it in the demo panel, I wish to buy and install this for my portfolio website, please respond at the soonest.


Can you please provide me an example of what you are looking? Please note that on all header, you can hide the extra items you don’t want.

Best regards,

Thank you for the response, I am looking for something inline with this – http://theme.co/x/demo/integrity/3/ (lighter colors off course)

and also for the mobile response variant, something like this – http://imgur.com/eog3hPr

Hey there,

Thank you for providing extra info!

Yes, there can only be the logo & menu inline and narrower. We actually haven’t thought about that as people usually ask for more :) so we’ll run some tests, but definitely this is achievable through the header settings! Also we’ll gladly assist if you encounter any problem so no worries about this.

Hope you have a really great day!

Best regards,


Fluffy Purchased


in previous versions the page builder was much more easy and better to handle (below the default text-editor).

For example: now we can not place the page builder content above or below the default content (we only can use one).

We can not add a sidebar in regular way (page options). Only add it into a column.

In responsive mode the sidebar always needs to go after the content. With this columns layout its not possible.

No fullwidth slider can be placed above the page builder content. Etc., etc.

Its not a good update.

hi fluffy,

I’m sorry you don’y like the new pagebuilder, however, all things you posted above are possible with the new pagebuilder.

If you need help, please open a new thread on our support forum and our support staff will help you out.

Best regards,

It is saying i cant install cute slider because its an outdated version, Do i have to purchase this seperately?

his is what it says Downloading install package from http://www.personalpaparazziblackpool.co.uk/wp-content/themes/kallyas/template_helpers/plugins/cutesliderwp.zip…

Download failed. couldn’t connect to host

Plugin not activated. A higher version of Cute Slider is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.


Thank you for choosing our theme. Can you please open a new thread on our support forum about this? We are not aware of such problem and it may be possible we will need to look at your site.

Thank you, Stefan


ElenaNik Purchased

Hi again, I sent to the support team a feedback for the problems in the theme, appeared after the last update, as you told me to do. Still, I don’t have any answer or a solution about these problems.

My child theme doesn’t work, after the last update I found out that you changed the classes of the template and I have a lot of other technical problems because I’ve made a lot of customizations.

This is a very bad and destructive update. You can’t change so many files and the whole structure of the template!!! There is a lot of job done for my customizations and now is gone!!!

Please, provide me a solution!

Hi Elena,

My colleague Danny had a look and asked for some info, please head over to http://support.hogash.com/support/topic/custom-page-templates/ .

We’ll try to help with the customisations that were made and apologies for the inconvenience, however, these problems are very common for major breaking changes updates. Because the update is huge, there’s simply no other way than to redo some stuff that was made years ago, to keep on adding new features but with performance and scalability in mind.

We’ll do our best to help our users to move on with this update so no worries here, the only problem is that we have to take it a bit slowly as we don;t have too many resources.

Thanks for understanding Elena and please let my colleague know with the info.

Best, Marius


ElenaNik Purchased

I absolutely understand what you mean. Your support team has started the procedures to solve the problem. Thanks a lot!

Hi. Woocommerce single product page dont show the category custom headers.

I try it with the shop page options and the theme woocommerce options but it didnt work.



nammess Author Team

Hi and thank you for choosing our theme.

Can you please open a new thread on our support forum about this issue ?

We will be happy to look into it and help.

best regards, Cosmin

Hi, I have a pre-sales query. Can the woo-commerce shop element be used without prices for a product catalogue website without pricing? Also under portfolio can the ‘client’, ‘project’ ‘year’ titles and ‘project live preview’ text be changed easily without altering php files? thanking you

Hey @warmar75,

Thank you so much for your interest in Kallyas theme!!

Let’s see:

a) Yes WooCommerce can be used as a catalogue.

b) Yes, changing those labels in portfolio is very easy and 99% php would rarely be needed, only for deep custom work.

Hope you have a really great day!


May I know what should I do to make it as fast as your demo site? My site is not getting good results like yours.


On our demo site we are using WP super cache plugin. I recommend you install and use this plugin.

Best regards,

Hi! Is there Russian language support in this theme?


I love the new modern layout and I want to start using this theme again. The only thing is; is there any support for another portfolio / gallery option?

I need to have a portfolio for webdesign work (that’s already included) but I also need the possibilty to show off my photography work in a fullscreen way / slider.

Hope to hear soon!

This theme looks absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately there are not much blog layouts.

There is only 1 layout for inside a blog post

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme. I have a question first.

1. Do you have any examples of what the backend order process looks like ? I would like to see what it looks like and how I would see the orders that were placed. do you have screen shots of it or a demo set up ?