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leung4 Purchased

Hi I have a lot of issues with this theme. I have sent a couple of email via this site. I logged the issue with the Support Board. I have received no response. Now this is the last resort by entering the problem here: - cannot backup and restore the site to another server - Chinese tab name does not work - when view the site on mobile device, many of the layout does not work. How to switch to “display as desktop” instead? - how to change the header animation background image - and many other minor issues

Please respond.


albiess Purchased

Hey, I just bought this template but this no installation/customization documentation. Am I missing something?

How do I reduce the space between the iOS Slider and the beginning of the page. My website has a big gap between the slider and first heading. I would like to make them closer together for cosmetic purposes. URL is http://deckandpationaturalstones.com. Thank you!


Great theme BTW. Just before I purchase this, there appears to be an issue from your demo home page that I would like to see you how you would fix this.

Android browser is now the predominant mobile browser globally with 31.04% vs iphone mobile browser 23.95% in the last 3 months latest data on statcounter global stats (please do not confuse this with chrome mobile browser 1.48%).

Your theme works great both landscape or portrait mode on iphone and chrome mobile browser. However, on the android mobile browser in landscape (holding the phone horizontally) the main home page slider image do not appear to scale accordingly it appears to only occupy a portion of the screen only.

Please could you let me know if this will be fixed before I purchase this and also the purchased user leung4’s question about Chinese font. I would be interested in your response to those issues too but for now mainly the android browser landscape slider image responsive scaling issue.

Since android mobile browser for now appears to be the leading mobile browser and will take more and more market share over time. (No offence to iphone users – I have both Iphone 4,4s,5 & android phones note 2, S3, this is just to cater for all users out there).

Thanks and look forward to your response


Talle1 Purchased

What permissions # should I set for the css file directory and files? Does your theme require writing or writing and executing? Here is the support thread – http://www.hogash.com/support/discussion/4364/color-custimization-and-logo-resizing-do-not-work-at-all.#Item_3

Hi I am working on theme and I would like to know the code you used for the Features>Blog-2…When I installed the dummy data, the Blog 2 is empty on my part. Please send me the html you used for this part. Thank you.

i have issue about the table, the text are cut in the left side on chrome

Great Theme, But i want to make a bilingual site with Arabic and English, two versions. Is this template RTL supported. If yes then i will purchase it immediately as i want to kick start the project ..



I just wanted to let you know that, in the next update we’ll include the RTL version, if you still are interested in our theme.

Best regards, Daniel

kkirkeby Purchased

hey how and where can I change the registration form on the themes page builder for my own language which is Danish for when you have made a page and open this so it is all in English but would of course like to have the kind of Danish when my clients log in how can I change this along can help me thanks

sorry for sent it again but els l dont get any mails:)

mbjorn Purchased

Hi there :) great theme – getting better and better to use it fully, but I need help to change the “Historic Element”, so that it’s “upside/down” – newest event on top.. Is that possible? Thanks!

Hi hogash,

I think I want to install this theme on multiple domains … but do I need to buy a licence for each of them? How does that works?

Best Regards.

hi there,

i am interested in buying this theme, but i have 1 question 1st. i have read through the comments and havent seen the question. can you remove the box around the logo?

thanhda Purchased

how to make the revolution slider follow mouse like in the demo?

dew Purchased

I’ve submitted multiple issues on the support board with no response so I am posting here. ( i will include links below)

1) I need the reponsive style disabled for the ciruclar content slider, i have disabled this in the settings, but doesnt work.

2) In IE9 the product search box located in the sidebar doesnt show text like the default search box located in the main menu.

3) In the sidebar When ‘All Products’ is selected I would only like it to be highlighted and not the entire hierarchy.

http://hogash.com/support/discussion/4403/sidebar-product-search-box-ie9-issue http://hogash.com/support/discussion/4330/disable-responsive-style-doesnt-work http://hogash.com/support/discussion/comment/13596#Comment_13596

Could you explain me how can i make a “lightbox” effect y a single image (like gallery). Thank you very much and sorry for my english

Demirer Purchased

i have website http://www.demirerteknolojik.com on the top menu how can i put the pages like dropdown menu? Thank You.

I want to use a web font (eot, ttf … from “Font Squirel”) in my child theme … Would you know how to do?


Prepurchase question: Is there tooltip integrated in this template? Because i can’t see in the demo.

Thank for yours reply.

aitali Purchased
great template, however does somebody have a plan of the site to use, ie a diagram of the pages with labels as to what bit is what ..something like found on this template description: http://themeforest.net/item/buyshop-premium-responsive-retina-magento-theme/4287671

Is there anyway to have the image on a sortable portfolio page open the page with the item, not open a light box? Right now on a sortable portfolio, only the title links to a new page. I would like the image too as well.

Also, once on the individual portfolio item page is there a way to have a “gallery/slideshow” type photo presentation. Do not want all the additional images at the bottom. Just one box with small thumbnails under it.