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I am not able to update the theme because the message does not appear to update the theme, after putting my data.

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Hi there, ” great theme ” but i want know how can i center the layer image on my revolution slider at the resolution of the screen, like the default slider in template site.

Because when i display the slider on the screen laptop the image layer apear out the screen.


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Having the very issue PureOption mentioned.

Hi, how can i make different currency for each language? Is it possible with theme or need some external plugins?

how can I create blog-2 layout page or even better, if I set up in themes general options that blog archive page is to be displayed in 2 columns with right sidebar, how can I add it to main menu?


I’m starting to notice issues with this theme that make me wonder if I should go ahead and build my next site on it or choose another theme with more reliable support, please read on:

On March 29th I posted a question on Hogash support forum: “is it possible to add a “Read More” button to the 2, 3 or 4 columns Portfolio pages?”. Here’s the link to the question, although I guess no one without a forum login will be able to follow: http://hogash.com/support/discussion/3934/question-about-portfolios#Item_1

Since I got no reply, I re posted on April 4th. I was amazed that other questions got replies but some others did not, it seemed completely random which ones got replies and which ones did not.

No replies my my second post, so on April 13th I decided to tweet hogash: https://twitter.com/NewXtianMedia/status/321275230045745152


After receiving an update to the theme, I went to the forum to find instructions to make the update. To my surprise, I found more complaints from other forum members about the update deleting all of their theme settings. So I placed the update on hold and came to this page on themeforest, where I can see more questions without response than the ones that have been answered.

I’m posting here as a last resource, and I hope my message here will get through. If I receive a reply to my original question, I will re post here about it.

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The logo seems to be small, but when I make it bigger, it pushes the box down and messes everything up.

Basically, how do I utilize all of the transparent box for the logo without having to push everything down?

@ Mateenager, how did you make your menus look like that? Thanks

@daverogers a plugin named UberMenu :)

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@daverogers that’s Uber Menu http://wpmegamenu.com/ I have this plugin, though, I’m debating adding it in because drop downs are kind of hard for mobile users vs other options…like design wise I think I’m leaning towards sidebar navigation or other methods of presenting content and just using menus with no drop downs… frankly I’d like to have a side panel menu, like Facebook and Google does for mobile?

Have a great day!

Hello Stefan,

Just to ask you if it’s possible to get an option to display a big Header banner like on Themeforest. I Think, for a shop, it’s a good think to show promotions.

Let’s me know please if it’s possible and thank your for this GREAT THEME.

Where can I find documentation for this theme? I’d like to look at the documentation before purchasing this template. Thanks.

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Wow, great update, (2.0) the site is SCREAMING fast…holy moly!

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Has anyone managed to use a calendar plugin with this theme? I need to put a booking calendar in for a hotel site?

anyone any ideas?

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plz respond asap. I have left 4 messages in the forum

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Hogash has stopped responding for the last 3 days. Not sure what happens to him….



Sorry for this. Can you please give me the link to your thread if it is still unanswered.

Thank you, Stefan

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Hi, welcome back. Please start from page 62. This is where you left off with all the unanswered messages. In short, below are my enquiries: - backup the site including Page Build - Chinese characters cannot work on tab as tab names - website appears on mobile differently, I want to set it to display as desktop - menu does not work correctly on mobile, submenu items may not show at all - If I choose the front page display using “latest post”, the posts are displayed in a tabular layout. I want to add a slider header and add more features in the content. But I cannot find the page to edit. - I have many other minors queries, I’ll let you know once I get the above resolved first. Looking forward to your response. Thank you.



Thank you for choosing Kallyas.

Can you please post these questions on our support forum so i can take a look at them ?

Thank you, Stefan

I am planning on purchasing this theme. It looks amazing! Pre sales question. If I install this theme on a staging server, can I just move the site to the live server and just update the database and change file paths via PHPMyAdmin search and replace?

Some themes will not migrate at all due to author file compression and encryption schemes preventing the file paths from being end user accessible.

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Backing Up and restoring to another server doesnt work, any insight??

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Hi Stefan,

since you are releasing a new update today to fix the WC Sidebar problem in v2.0 could you please also fix this one here:


It’s so close to perfection, thanks! ;)

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Hello, Really, the lack of support is an issue and the maturity of the theme as well. Being waiting for simple answers is really a problem… http://www.support.hogash.com/discussion/4441

Theme with potential, but…