KALLYAS - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

KALLYAS - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Without a doubt (and modesty), Kallyas is one of the most complete theme ever made! It’s a premium, rich featured Multi-purpose WordPress Theme, built for today’s websites.

We found our theme used for so many niches, it’s incredible how flexible the theme is, whether for real estate, hotel, furniture shop, fitness, brico, interior, a school, university or agency, even church and nonprofit and so many other fields. It’s an awesome adventure and we’re thrilled when we see our work, used in so many domains and industries.


Creating a website is easier than ever. All this with our custom
built page builder and Kallyas, which is built around it.

It can make your work much more enjoyable and also time-saving!


Currently we’re housing 12 unique combined homepages for lots of different purposes. Among them, we also remade the classic homepages which were crazy gorgeous and useful.

Bear with us as we’re going to continuously add more homepages and custom pages. Any feedback is more than welcome, so if you have suggestions, please do share them!

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Kallyas is ready as an eCommerce platform, having built-in styles for WooCommerce plugin, which at this moment empoweres ~30% of the world online stores!!

Currently inside Kallyas, we added 3 different store landing pages and refreshed the overall feel and layout, but we’re planning to continuously release new niched demos and entirely new styles.

- Periodically try dropping a visit, you’re more than welcome!

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There’s a huge variety of top page sliders, slideshows and hero scenes. Each one is more beautiful than the other.

They really look fantastic and we recommend browsing each one, while enjoying a tea or a coffee :)

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Make your website as unique as possible, with almost endless combinations. It’s almost like productive gaming! :)


That’s right! 9 styles included at the moment and others to come, we’ll wait for suggestions and feedback though.



Kallyas is ready to be translated in any language possible. We payed fine attention to code detailes and left room for a great integration with WPML.



Showcase your projects in style!
There are currently 3 portfolio layouts, and each one does the exact same thing, but with a different flavor, from a clean design to a slicker one.



Do you blog? Awesome! We’ve prepared a few layouts to post your latest news, case studies or simply just opinions.



Well, we haven’t invented pages, but we sure did made them useful. They’re friendly, practically designed to serve their purpose, of course, in big style!



This might seem just a number, but each element also contains a few custom styles. Just doing some quick math, there’s a huge number of combinations. In fact this might be the power of Kallyas, right into these elements.


And many, many more !!

We could go on for days, but the fact is – simply put – Kallyas combines both power and good looks. Toghether they make a great product.

Try to visit the demo and get convinced!



Please remember, support is given through our Support Forums.

Full list of Features:

  • WordPress 4.3+ compatible
  • Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Amazing frontend LIVE Page Builder containing over 100 elements
  • One – Click Data Install
  • Responsive layout
  • Smart Loader
  • SEO Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited Sub-Headers
  • Unlimited Colors
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • DummyData Included
  • Unlimited Homepage variations
  • Functional NEWSLETTER – MailChimp integration and adaptation
  • Lots of different Kallyas premium features and plugins
  • Huge variety of sliders (also premium licensed ones):
    • iOS Slider
    • Creative Slider (based on Revolution Slider)
    • Shop Sliders (based on Revolution Slider)
    • Fixed Sliders
      • Style 1 (Simple Slider)
      • Style 2 (Nivo Slider)
      • Style 3 (Wow Slider)
    • 3D Cute Slider
    • Fancy Slider
    • Circular Content & Circular Catalogue carousels
    • Static Content / Hero Scenes (huge variety)
    • Portfolio Slider Frames
    • Laptop Slider, multiple styles
    • iCarousel
    • CSS3 Panels
  • 3 Portfolio Layouts
    • Category Layout
    • Sortable Layout
    • Carousels Layout
  • Custom pages designs:
    • FAQ
    • Process
    • Contact us
    • Offline / Coming soon
    • Historic / Timeline
    • Testimonials
    • Team
    • Portfolio Item
    • Blog Item
    • Product page
    • Services
    • Careers
  • Pricing tables
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bonus – Holiday page headers
  • Animated Header
  • Dynamic PHP Contact form
  • Built-in Magnific with autopopup & open from link functionality
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Ready
  • PSD Files included
  • Great social media support!
  • Lots of Built in styles
  • Good Documentation
  • & many others!!

Recent & Awesome reviews

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Due to Envato’s privacy policy we can’t share our buyer’s username and/or other info.


Many thanks to:

Update History

UPDATE / 13.11.2015 (sorry for the short notice update, we felt 4.0.8 was a bit incomplete)

Added: “None” as option for several elements that are using Subheader Styles. ( Note: for those that had animated sparkles option in the Default subheader option, you will either have to select “None” in the element, or simply go to Kallyas options > General Options > Default subheader and disabled Animated sparkles )
Added: Shortcode for current year (for example to be used in copyright text, eg [ht_year] and it’ll always display the current year )
Added: Styles for multi-level StepByStep menu in Footer
Updated: Revolution slider to latest 5.1.1
Fixed: horizontal tabs not saving content in certain circumstances
Fixed: Shop presentation element’s navigation arrows were over the Sticky menu
Fixed: Misspelled words in the Kallyas options – options.

UPDATE 4.0.8 / 13.11.2015

General improvements, CSS tweaks and Translatable strings
Added: CSS Class field for all elements
Added: Scroll-spy functionality to assist one-page layout
Added: French translations
Added: Footer menu navigation (near copyright area)
Added: Display discount amount in sale badge in WooCommerce products
Added: HELP tabs for elements, that contain links to video tutorial and documentation
Added: HELP section in Kallyas options, that contain links to video tutorial and documentation
Added: Support for Section element to become a hidden modal window
Added: Multiple target options for Call to Action in header (can now link to a modal window)
Added: Multiple target options for other elements
Added: Newsletter Box element that displays a newsletter form in various styles
Added: Extra options for footer area and also visual improvements in options
Added: Social Icons (Group) Element (will display a list of social icons with various options and styles)
Added: More error messages to icon font option (for better debugging)
Added: Deprecated warnings for certain set of elements that will be removed in the future
Added: Autoplay & Timeout duration for Shop Products Presentation element
Added: Position option for Google map’s direction box
Added: Skewed background option (color and image) for Section element
Added: Redirect to link after Contact form is sent
Added: Option to disable TopNav Dropdown (located in General options > Navigation options)
Improvement: RTL Styles
Improvement: Extended main menu to support modal magnific popups
Improvement: Added Unique ID for all elements (that didn’t have)
Improvement: Page builder Drag Bar becomes bigger on hover
Improvements: Facebook integration
Improvement: Prettyfied alerts for Contact form element
Fixed: Sub-Headers fixes
Fixed: General validation fixes
Fixed: Page builder element saving, prevents refresh on enter key
Fixed: Saving content for saved templates
Fixed: Page Builder elements were not found in Search
Fixed: Anchors in main menu to also navigate between pages
Fixed: Single project button not being displayed
Fixed: Removed duplicate fb-root div
Fixed: WooCommerce catalogue mode also general improvements
Fixed: Registration form in “Static content – Text and register” element
Fixed: Header Style9 hovers correctly
Fixed: IosSlider’s fixed width on small devices (added extra option to choose relative height)
Fixed: Portfolio Slider element’s height
Fixed: Accordion, Vertical tabs and Horizontal tab issues with page builder

UPDATE 4.0.7 / 27.10.2015

Added: Subheader now has devices breakpoint options for Height and Top / Bottom padding
Added: Vertical Tabs now uses Page builder elements
Added: Accordion element now uses Page builder elements
Added option to disable dragging for Iosslider
Added: Extra checks for theme version check
Improved: PHP Code Element
Improved: Mega Menu compatibility with WP
Improved: Framework so we can add modules dynamically
Improved: The update system
Fixed: No Comments text translatable
Fixed: Social links URL’s are now translatable trough string translation
Fixed: Problem with “Use first attached image” feature
Fixed: Blog archive element not showing posts properly
Fixed: Recent Work 2 was not showing category/s that were chosen
Fixed: Newsletter widget problem now showing correctly in the sidebar
Fixed Active item/category for portfolio sortable’s menu
General small improvements and cleanups

UPDATE 4.0.6 / 23.10.2015

Added: Option to choose the background color for Steps Box Element
Added: Autoplay option for Partners element
Added: Page builder icons for all elements
Added: Multiple receivers for Page Builder Contact Form (split by comma)
Added: “Support” custom edit field in Kallyas options > Hidden panel
Added: HoverBox extra color options for both active and hover states
Added: Pricing table features column option
Added: Pricing table option with just 1 single column
Added: “Active” selectable button for Sortable portfolio’s menu
Added: Option to have Horizontal Tabs with Page Builder elements inside their panes
Added: Print stylesheet
Added: RTL Stylesheet
General improvements and very small fixes
Improvement: Grouped elements on categories
Improvement: Smooth-scroll script
Improvement: Theme version is saved by theme id rather than name
Improved: Header options (in Kallyas option) restructured with now a separate sheet of options ( Call to action and Infocard )
Improvement: Theme Screenshot
Improved: Pricing table translatable “most popular” text
Improved: Smooth-scrolling for custom hash links and IOS Slider element
Improved: Passing a forced sidebar layout and ID
Fixed: Contact Form sending mails peculiarly
Fixed: Page Builder empty icon not displaying properly when editing an empty page
Fixed: Latest posts carousel element not showing the full images
Fixed: “Use first attached image” option
Fixed: Custom css saving to template saving
Fixed: Display of Alternative blog not having any posts
Fixed: Function call to be compatible to most servers
Fixed: Fixed page-subheader height sticked to default subheader style
Fixed: Error when the twitter widget was not displayed
Fixed: Google map element displays element id instead of the title
Fixed: Fatal error when adding the Product Item Content element
Fixed: Hoverbox center layout
Fixed: Styled “how many per page” select list in WooCommerce
Fixed: Scrolling Parallax image in section
Fixed: “Header over Slideshow” option was mis-used in combination with Header Style 7
Fixed: Static content – Text and Video element’s infopop button styles
Fixed: Steps Box element multiple small problems (bg. color, custom height)
Fixed: Page options not saving the Hide Page Subheader option properly
Fixed: Problem with Shop page options that didn’t override Theme options
Fixed: Issues with Recent Work element on Fixed-width or Full-width sections
Fixed: WooCommerce Layered Nav not displayed/working properly with the theme

UPDATE 4.0.5 / 08.10.2015

Added: Custom JS field in advanced options (use it wisely!)
Added: Save options button at the bottom of theme option page
Added: Custom fonts uploader in theme options
Added: Extra settings for Unlimited Subheaders (Custom height, Custom paddings, Advanced background image settings)
Added: Smooth scroll target links for buttons element and action box
Added: Section background-image scrolling parallax effect
Fixed: Prevent pages from showing empty HTML tags when no image is set …
Fixed: Twitter widget oAuth
Fixed: Custom css not writing the css file
Fixed: Custom height option for default subheader style
Fixed: Recent posts widget
Fixed: Style 9 Header Logo size issues
Fixed: Date format now uses the user options from DB
Fixed: Twitter widget carousel fader
Fixed: Page builder content is now hidden on password protected posts/pages
Fixed: Recent Work #3 is now properly showing items from the selected category
Fixed: Static Content Default display of empty infobox
Fixed: Captions are now visible for images gallery
Fixed: Improvement on Dummy Data Installation
Fixed: Contact form not working on certain server setup
Fixed: Product image change on hover
Fixed: Glyphicon library different type of using it, due to conflicts with other icon libraries (eg: FontAwesome)
Fixed: Checkout button display in cart panel
Fixed: Product description display for multiple paragraphs
Fixed: Small bug on group option items
Fixed: Removed empty whitespace when product is without description
Fixed: Display of a single item in limited shop carousel
Fixed: Page Builder layout shrinking issue
Improvement: Prevent resize function from manipulating gif images
Improvement: Data conversion general fixes ( Preserve social icons colors, blog archive content to excerpt, subheader display, prevent creation of empty icons )
Improvement: Use template include instead of template redirect
Improvement: General framework data handling
Improvement: General code cleanup
Improvement: Modified the entire Install/update/convert system
Improvement: Added extra check for coming soon social icons
Improvement: WooCommerce body classes usage (fully switched to simply .woocommerce)
Improvement: Stopped the image resize making the images bigger
Improved: VT resize now works when you move your uploads directory

UPDATE 4.0.4 / 29.09.2015

Added: “Set in theme options” value for the hide sub-header in page options
Added: Default template when editing the shop page for the first time with pagebuilder
Added: Ability to edit the blog archive page with pagebuilder
Added: Option to choose what type of content to display on blog archive pages
Added: Option to disable the compact style in portfolio single page
Added: Main-navigation submenus – prevention for exiting viewport
Added: Option to choose custom image sizes for recent works element
Added: Anchor Point Element for generating an empty element with an unique ID that can be used as an anchor point
Fixed: Sticky header + relative header and no subheaders
Fixed: Padding siteheader + site-content top padding
Fixed: WordPress Gallery displays in lightbox only the first row of images
Fixed: Error displayed on Addons page on older php versions
Fixed: Side by side menu widget not displaying proper menu
Fixed: WooCommerce “more” button appearing twice in certain scenario
Fixed: Portfolio PB element pagination not working on frontpage
Fixed: Chaser menu appearing always on pages with no sub-header
Fixed: Header navigation display on smaller devices and for classic header styles
Fixed: WooCommerce cart-widget displaying sidebar
Fixed: Refresh Page-builder data upon plugin deactivation
Fixed: Better functionality for WooCommerce product images hovering
Fixed: SSL compatibility for admin
Fixed: Social icons on coming soon hide not working
Fixed: Submenu placed under sub-header bottom mask
Fixed: Map can be dragged on Windows Surface Pro
Fixed: Firefox page-builder window problems
Fixed: Shop Archive element which resulted in an infinite loop in a normal page
Tweak: Hidden WooCommerce page-builder elements in WooCommerce is not installed
Tweak: Theme convert system to add WooCommerce archive element on shop pages
Tweak: Added extra checks for comments opened in pages
Tweak: Static content text and register: A notice appears to inform about the global user registration option
Tweak: Improved compatibility with W3 total cache plugin
Tweak: Portfolio sticky description
Tweak: Dummy data import process
Tweak: Image resize functionality improvements
Tweak: Google Maps element code checks
Tweak: General improvements and tweaks to Icon Manager
Updated: Cute slider to fix widget notice
Updated: Cute slider to resolve SSL errors and made it SSL-friendly

UPDATE / 22.09.2015

Added: Dynamic css now regenerates after theme update;
Added: Responsive header (480px and lower) text color & background color options;
Fixed: Sticky Header in combination with Boxed Layout;
Fixed: Revolution slider update link;
Improved: Contained logo for all header styles to display properly;
Improved: plugin installed check

UPDATE 4.0.3 / 21.09.2015

Added: Ability to use the pagebuilder for the WooCommerce archive page
Added: Option to make an accordion element toggle
Added: Main image of a shop product is changed when you hover over it’s thumbanils
Added: option to choose currency symbol for pricing tables
Added: Option to choose what sub-header style you want to use for pages, posts, products and portfolio items
Added: Option to show header above sub-header
Added: Tabs button alignment ( left, center or right )
Added: option for vertical image position in Ios Slider
Added: Option to disable the product second image on hover
Added: Autoplay option for Laptop slider
Added: option to select an icon font for features boxes 2
Added: Option to hide the related posts
Added: Info tooltips for pagebuilder group options
Added: Option to hide author info on single blog post
Added: options to show the portfolio extra content when using category 1 column
Updated: Revolution slider to latest version
Tweak: FitVids applied rules
Tweak: Added a padding for logo when using the contain in header option
Tweak: Small WooCommerce display tweaks in different languages
Tweak: Improved compatibility with nextgen gallery plugin
Tweak: Accordion element and shortcode
Tweak: Removed forced uppercase for menu items
Tweak: Latest posts 4: Will display all posts when no category is selected
Tweak: Latest posts 4 display
Tweak: Improved WPML compatibility
Tweak: Small improvements for Firefox browser
Tweak: Under the hood tweaks
Tweak: Improved WooCommerce shortcodes display in pagebuilder edit mode
Tweak: Added missing text to translation files
Tweak: Display style for “What you can read next” for posts without images
Tweak: Added warning message when older TGM version is installed on the server
Tweak: Replaced author name with the name selected in the user options for blog posts
Tweak: “Edit with pagebuilder” button will only display when you previously edited the page with pagebuilder
Fixed: Vertical tabs responsive style
Fixed: Top header navigation style
Fixed: Js error for Ios Slider update
Fixed: Laptop slider navigation arrows not displaying
Fixed: Last CSS3 panel not showing in responsive display
Fixed: Ios slider fixed position display
Fixed: Header display when using boxed layout

UPDATE 4.0.2 / 15.09.2015

Added: Button to refresh the pagebuilder cache files
Added: Option to choose the latest posts 4 – style 2 font size for titlte
Tweak: Small firefox related tweaks
Tweak: Improved main color not applying to several elements
Tweak: 404 page display
Tweak: Menu items don’t have forced capitalization
Improved: Compatibility with Yoast plugin
Improved: Dummy data import compatibility with older PHP versions
Improved: Accordion shortcode
Improved: Twitter widget code
Improved: Latest posts 4 pagebuilder element
Updated: Revolution slider plugin
Fixed: Customizer link not working
Fixed: Left sidebar not working properly
Fixed: Users could register even if the option was set not to register
Fixed: Menu font not applying to submenus
Fixed: Portfolio archive Pagebuilder element not using the selected category
Fixed: Vertical tabs display on extra small viewport

UPDATE 4.0.1 / 11.09.2015

Added: Option to select the default Shop page sub-header
Added: Fitvids library
Improved: Recent work element display in Firefox
Fixed: Visual editor problems in Firefox
Fixed: Convert system stuck during conversion

UPDATE 4.0 / 09.09.2015


Added: Front-end pagebuilder: You can now edit all your pages directly from front-end. No more page reloading when creating your site page. View your changes directly.
Added: Font icons
Added: font icons uploader
Added: Frontend pagebuilder
Added: Selectbox for contact form fields
Added: Chekbox for contact form fields
Added: option to hide the add to cart buttons for visitors
Added: Mega menu
Added: new options for CSS3 panels element
Added: more options to Google maps element
Added: options for choosing the blog sidebar
Added: featured image for pages
Added: new responsive menu
Added: more details to header cart
Added: new header styles
Added: new styles for actual elements
Added: video background options for various elements
Added: new Google Re-captcha system to contact forms
Added: option for WooCommerce to show cart only for registered members
Added: option for WooCommerce to load images after the page loads ( Lazy load )


- Devices images
- Big social element
- Media Container
- Section element
- Column element
- Custom container element
- Grid Photo Gallery
- Icon Box
- Grid Icon Boxes
- Recent work 3
- Search Box
- Stage ImageBox
- Static content – Reservation Form
- Static content – Weather Box
- Statistics Boxes
- Steps Boxes 4
- Title Element
- Partners & Testimonials Element
- Spacer Element
- Custom container Element
- Page content
- Post content
- Product item content
- Portfolio item content
- Blog archive
- Portfolio archive


- Updated to Bootstrap v3
- Updated Revolution slider


- Estimated 90% of the existing code – touched and improved!
- Improved Dummy data install
- Replaced FlexSlider with FredCaorousel ( backend change )
- Combined Google maps elements into a single element
- Improved WooCommerce compatibility
- Optimized sidebars globally
- Optimized portfolio code
- Improved theme addons admin page
- Improved Shop Product presentation element
- Improved Shop Limited offers element
- Improved CSS3 Panels element
- Improved sub-header sparckles system
- Improved Google Fonts setup options
- Improved Sidebar options from admin panel
- Improved Dummy data import system
- Improved Custom CSS advanced option
- Improved Page/post options


- All known bugs :)


- Removed enable page comments option
- Removed portfolio carousel, portfolio sortable and portfolio category PageBuilder elements

UPDATE 3.6.10 / 25.06.2015

Fixed/Updated PrettyPhoto to latest version due to security vulnerability
Fixed a bug with custom header
Fixed menu when there’s the WP-admin bar (or user logged-in)
Better WP 4.2+ compatibility

UPDATE 3.6.9 / 06.04.2015

Feature Added: option to set height for default header
Bugfix – Forms could not be submitted
Bugfix – Product images not showing up
Bugfix – Sidebar not showing up in Product page

UPDATE 3.6.8 / 01.04.2015

Feature – Created new page builder element: Latest Posts Carousel
Improvement – Replaces the old loupe plugin with a better one
Improvement – Dismissible link is now displayed as a small button in admin notification for CuteSlider plugin
Bugfix – Custom header options not applied
Bugfix – Shortcodes button not showing up in wp-editor
Bugfix Fix page/post comments location
Bugfix – Start Slider after header area not applying the setting properly
Bugfix Fixed the Countdown script on Coming Soon page
Fixed various small issues across theme

UPDATE 3.6.7 / 24.03.2015

- Feature: Adding search in Page Builder elements
- Feature: Display upsales if any, on single product pages
Fixed issue with Shop Presentation Element
- Adding missing fb script for link button
Fixed issue when page subtitle was not shown
Fixed partially broken footer layout when small content was set to Contact Widget

UPDATE 3.6.6 / 19.03.2015

Fixed – Problems when not using WooCommerce plugin
Fixed – Theme widgets not appearing in Appearance > Widgets menu

UPDATE 3.6.5 / 18.03.2015

Feature: Possibility to choose a Custom Header in Category
Feature: Hidden Panel Sidebar options to set the background and font color
Feature: Added new WooCommerce option to set the number of Products per page
Feature: Titles can now be links in the CSS3 panels
Feature: Added Kallyas Option as a menu item in the wp admin bar
Feature: Added color choosing option for call to action button in header
Feature: Added Clone button for elements in Page Builder
Feature: Added a new theme option to help users collect debug information
Improvement: Better organizing the scripts and stylesheets loading
Fixed issue when the Custom Header was not applying the custom height
Fixed issue with pagination in Portfolio Element
Fixed issue with the Login/Register popup from page header
Fixed issue with page title across various pages
Fixed issue when the same id was assigned for multiple sidebars
Fixed textbox compatibility for Firefox
Fixed Cute 3D Slider issue on IE 11

UPDATE 3.6.4 / 26.02.2015

Fixed translation issue in zn-meta-box.php

UPDATE 3.6.3 / 26.02.2015

Feature: Add hover box and button for logo / header
Feature: Add new theme option to hide social icons from header
Feature: Added new dependency functionality in the Theme Framework
Feature: Properly update the layout of the Shop Page when Sidebar is shown or not
Improvement: Replaced popup functionality for Page Builder elements
Improvement: Replaced on/off buttons from Theme Options page
Improvement: Replaced Save Settings button from Theme Options page
Improvement: Theme Options page UI
Improvement: Visual editor integration with TextBox element in Page Builder
Improvement: Various Page Builder elements’ UI and functionality
Improvement: Theme Options page is now fully translatable
Improvement: Page Builder elements are now fully translatable
Updated: Translation files(.mo & .po)
Fix: Service box layout when using big images
Fix: Action box height on page load when used with ios Slider
Fix: Related products now show up one next to each other in Cart page
Fix: Particular user issue when the checkout button was overflowing the container
Fix: Various WooCommerce 2.3.0 issues
Fix: Contact Form and Yoast plugins integration

UPDATE 3.6.2 / 10.02.2015

Improved: Yoast SEO plugin compatibility

UPDATE 3.6.1 / 10.02.2015

Added: Option to show comments before page builder elements
Added: WordPress Visual editor option for the text box page builder element
Added: ALT tag was missing for some images
Added: Call to action button in header. Can be configured from General options > Header options
Added: RTL support
Updated: Revolution slider to the last version
Tweak: Dark style for WooCommerce pages
Tweak: Styled radio toggles in admin area for better visibility
Tweak: Product image display
Improved: Yoas compatibility
Improved: Internet explorer display
Improved: WPML compatibility
Improved: HTTPS compatibility
Fixed: Portfolio sortable display for 4 columns
Fixed: Woocommerce quantity selector appears twice on Firefox
Fixed: Theme options doesn’t save in specific situations
Fixed: Iframes display in modals
Fixed: All togles triggered at the same time on specific server configuration

UPDATE 3.6 / 04.03.2014

Fixed: Accordion page builder element was open at page load
Fixed: Buddypress – Username appeared at top of the page when viewing a user profile
Fixed: Facebook like box was appearing improperly in certain conditions
Fixed: Submenu width was improperly calculated in certain conditions
Fixed: Features element icon alt tag when using HTML tags in title field
Added: Laptop slider is now responsive
Added: Portfolio slider devices are now responsive
Fixed: The page doesn’t refresh after user log-ins
Tweak: Woocommerce pagination style
Tweak: Woocommerce appearance in responsive view
Fixed: Header styles not applying
Update: Updated revolution slider to latest version (4.2+)
Fixed: Improper alingment of Step box 2 page builder element

UPDATE 3.5 / 14.02.2014

Added: 2 new header styles
Added: New pagebuilder element: Static content – Simple text ( full width ). This element can be used to place a custom slider shortcode/content inside the subheader area
Added: New option for the mailchimp newsletter for changing the “JOIN NOW” text
Added: Each page builder row has a new css class
Added: Added new option for the accordion shortcode to choose the default state on page load ( open/closed )
Tweak: Various SEO improvements
Tweak: Accordions works in tabs shortcodes
Tweak: Shortcodes can now be used inside Testimonial slider
Tweak: Optimized Twitter widget
Tweak: Recent works page builder element
Tweak: Fixed Cute slider not working in IE11
Tweak: You can now use multiple testimonial elements on the same page
Tweak: Changed how the tabs shortcode works
Tweak: Portfolio carousel pagination pagebuilder element now works on Frontpage
Tweak: Update Woocommerce theme files for version 2.0.14
Tweak: Replaced theme color picker with WordPress default one
Tweak: Optimized options description in backend
Fixed: Error received when using Custom header module
Fixed: Wrong link in Static 10 pagebuilder element
Fixed: Parallax effect doesn’t work on a page if is choosed as Blog Page

UPDATE 3.4 / 27.09.2013

Added: Support for BuddyPress ( only normal color style )
Added: Shortcode support for testimonials slider page builder element
Added: New field ( media name ) that will only appear in the single portfolio item edit page
Tweak: Blog post image is hidden if the post is password protected
Tweak: Blog post image alt tags ( normal layout )
Tweak: Widget mailchimp performance
Tweak: Reply form display
Fixed: Menu flickering in Firefox
Fixed: Color picker for Fancy slider doesn’t work
Fixed: Small display issue on Tabs element on small screens
Fixed: Google fonts options not appearing in certain circumstances
Fixed: Testimonial Fader not showing author name in certain circumstances
Fixed: Coming soon page display on smaller screens
Fixed: Woocommerce checkout page not fully responsive

UPDATE 3.3 / 20.09.2013

Added: Yelp! icon to social icons
Added: Full support for BBPress
Added: Page builder with sidebar on the same row works for blog posts now.
Added: Ability to use shortcodes in action box.
Added: Ability to use shortcodes in accordion page builder elemet.
Added: Ability to use shortcodes in the Circle text box page builder element
Added: New option for the photo gallery to choose the images height
Added: New option for the accordion page builder element to select each accordion default state ( opened/closed ) on page load
Tweak: Optimized Memory usage
Tweak: Changed the breadcrumbs icon from default red to the main color.
Tweak: Improved compatibility with SEO by Yoast
Tweak: Password protected pages will also hide the page builder elements
Tweak: Small CSS change for the layout of Vertical tabs element on mobile browsers
Tweak: Small display issue for the latest posts 4 page builder element
Removed: price.php from woocommerce folder
Removed: short-description.php from woocommerce folder
Removed: title.php from woocommerce folder
Fixed: Resolved contact form message not appearing after submitting the forum.
Fixed: Multiple screenshoot boxes not working on the same page
Fixed: Google map controls appears distorted
Fixed: Pagination doesn’t appear for Portfolio Carousel page builder element
Fixed: Mobile menu appeared when the responsive features were disabled
Fixed: iOS slider doesn’t work on Default blog page

UPDATE 3.2 / 12.09.2013

Added: Re-Captcha field to contact form
Added: New feature to make backup/restore of the theme’s options. You can find this option inside the advanced tab from the admin panel
Added: Shop Products Presentation – You can now choose the desired titles for the “Latests products” and “Best selling products” tabs
Added: Instagram social icons to the social icons list
Added: Slideshare social icons to the social icons list
Added: Compatibiliy with Post types order plugin for sortable portfolio
Tweak: Video box – the title will appear above the video if no image is set
Tweak: Removed “WordPress” word from emails received after contact form was submitted.
Tweak: You can now place shortcodes into the “list” shortcode
Tweak: Seoworkers.com not seeing two or more keywords combination
Fixed: Link Portfolio Media options works on all portfolio sortable pages
Fixed: Twitter button not displaying when using the Social buttons widget
Fixed: Multiple Shop limited offers on the same page

UPDATE 3.1 / 02.09.2013

Added: Nivo slider – option to select the manual or automatic slider transition
Added: Nivo slider – Option to select the slider pause speed when using automatic transition
Added: Link to support forum inside the admin panel
Added: Link to online documentation inside the admin panel
Tweak: Swithced from the PHP mail function to Wordpress Mail function
Tweak: Testimonials slider HTML markup
Tweak: Register popup: All passwords appear as asterixs now
Optimized: Overall page speed
Optimized: Portfolio sortable code
Fixed: Portfolio sortable not working properly when multiple categories were selected for a portfolio item
Fixed: Ios Slider not working properly when using only one slide
Fixed: Circular content slider – style 2 not working properly

UPDATE 3.0 / 20.08.2013

Optimized: Alt tags for images. you can now select an alt and title for various page builder elements and portfolio items
Added: Option for pages to display the page builder elements next to the sidebar. You can find this option inside the page edit screen.
Updated: Revolution Slider plugin
Optimized: Overall theme performance
Optimized: Moved all page builder elements into their own file. It is now easier to override the page builder elements from a child theme
Fixed: WPML logo link
Fixed: Multisite logo link problem
Optimized: Portfolio section for performance and SEO
Fixed: Page builder elements not working properly on the WooCommerce pages
Fixed: Sortable portfolio not working properly when categories name were using special characters
Optimized: Portfolio category performance
Optimized: Portfolio Carousel performance
Optimized: Photo Gallery page builder element
Fixed: Various small css fixes

UPDATE 2.5 / 25.06.2013

Added: New page builder element: STATIC CONTENT – MAPS MULTIPLE LOCATIONS . Using this element you can create a map with multiple locations.
Added: Dailymotion video support
Fixed: Twitter Widget
Fixed: IE 10 problems after IE last update.
Updatr: Revolution Slider plugin
Added: Full support for page builder in single product pages
Tweak: Increased various plugins compatibility

UPDATE 2.4 / 12.06.2013

Added: Option for the photo gallery page builder element to choose the number of columns to display images
Added: WooCommerce option to hide the descriptin in category view and related products
Added: New single blog layout . Can be selected from Blog Options > Single Blog Item Options
Added: New archive blog layout . Can be selected from Blog Options > Archive Options
Added: Target option for the button shortcode
Tweak: Increased compatibility with Wordpress multisite
Tweak: Facebook comments block layout display
Tweak: Image Gallery thumbs size on small screens
Tweak: “Sale” badge only shows when the product is on stock
Tweak: WooCommerce shop title in breadcrumbs
Tweak: Updated Preety photo plugin to the latest version in order to increase compatibility with various wordpress plugins
Tweak: Prepared theme for Wordpress 3.6
Tweak: Increased teme compatibility with various plugins
Fixed: HTML code displaying in page when the title of the image box was using HTML code.
Fixed: Ios Slider captions not displaying properly when big image sizes were used
Fixed: Gravity forms compatibility problems
Fixed: Contact form 7 Autoresponder plugin compatibility problems
Fixed: Portfolio Subcategory breadcrumb problem
Fixed: Page title displays the title of the first item in category
Fixed: Contact form not working in FR language

UPDATE 2.3 / 09.05.2013

Added: Permalinks options for Portfolio
Added: Permalinks options for Documentation
Added: Option for WooCommerce to make the shop a catalog one. By enabling this feature, all the purchase buttons will be removed
Added: Option to link iOS slider images
Added: Page builder elements now work on single shop item page
Added: Page builder elements now work on shop archive page
Added: Options to choose the desired width and height of the shop images on archive pages.
Tweak: WooCommerce page builder elements display when moving the WP-Content folder
Tweak: Responsive style for iOS
Tweak: Moved WooCommerce theme related options to a new submenu
Fixed: Responsive display of Historic Page builder element
Fixed: Logo display on iPhone when the contain logo option was active
Fixed: Steps box display on IE10
Fixed: Google font subset not working properly
Fixed: Laptop slider autoslide
Fixed: Main color not applying on the login buttons in modal
Fixed: Responsive display of coming soon page
Fixed: Horizontal tabs not working properly when multiple elements were used on the same page

UPDATE 2.2 / 29.04.2013

Added: New option for increasing the site loading speed in the Advanced panel.By enabling the “Enable Menu Caching ?” option your site speed should grately improve.
Added: Option for the iOS slider to choose the slider height
Added: Additional options for the default header style
Added: Confirmation box for installing the Dummy Data
Tweak: Redirect page for the login.
Tweak: WPML language chooser displays the native language now
Tweak: The slider navigations will not be shown when having only one image in the iOS slider.
Fixed: Facebook Open Graph title
Fixed: Columns layout shortcode
Fixed: Sidebar layout on Blog pages
Fixed: Team box layout when using 960px layout
Fixed: PreetyPhoto not showing corectly in IE10
Fixed: Circular Content being responsive even with the responsive options off
Fixed: Product Loupe image dimension in 960px layout
Fixed: Portfolio not working when creating a page with the “portfolio” slug
Fixed: Additional plugins doesn’t install from child theme
Fixed: Header animation for 404 page.

UPDATE 2.1 / 23.04.2013

Fixed Unlimited headers and Unlimited sidebars in Admin options.

UPDATE 2.0 / 22.04.2013

Overall speed/memory optimizations: The theme is now faster than “Twenty Twelve” default theme. Please find bellow all the files modified http://pastie.org/7697193
Fixed Portfolio slug.

UPDATE 1.9 / 18.04.2013

Added new Static header element for displaying a text and video
Fixed Google Fonts subsets
Added responsive features for the register modals
Added a timeout option for the iOS slider
Fixed issues when multiple partners logos were displayed on a page
Fixed image resizing not working when the wp-content folder was moved
Removed all extra text domains from language files
Tweak the non-responsive features of the theme
Added page title compatibility with Yoast plugin
Added missing words to translation files
Resolved the Contact form not sending all texts when punctuations were used in field names

UPDATE 1.8 / 06.04.2013

Added: Option to link portfolio images directly to portfolio items
Added: Option to configure the typography options for the main menu
Added: Option to show subheader after the main header
Added: New page builder element “Action box text”
Added: General options to configure the Google web fonts used troughout the theme
Added: Missing words to translation functions
Added: Option to hide the search button in header
Added: Option to show footer widgets rows or not
Resolved: Contact form not sending all content
Resolved: Favicon not showing in IE9
Resolved: Various visual issues in IE8
Resolved: Theme options not saving on several web hostings
Resolved: Several display issues when using Russian text
Resolved: Ios Slider conflict with latest posts
Resolved: Various small fixes

UPDATE 1.7 / 28.03.2013

Added: New page builder element to display a sidebar position
Added: A “Documentation” custom post type system
Added: Color options for various texts
Added: Option to select the typography for various texts
Added: Missing words to translation function
Added: The buttons shortcode now accepts a link url
Added: A new option for Google fonts to select the font subset
Added: Added styles for Woocommerce subcategories
Added: Description for the content and sidebar page builder element
Added: When creating a new account, you can set up your password directly rather than Wordpress generating a random password
Enhancement: Rewritten some of the header login system in order to make the login system more compatible with various plugins
Enhancement: The theme is now 100% Wordpress multisite/network compatible
Fixed: Bug on contact form not sending all the fields when the field names contains spaces
Fixed: Problem when setting the footer rows to contain only one sidebar position
Fixed: You can now use as many Recent Works elements on the same page as you want
Fixed: Problem when having multiple verical tabs on the same page
Fixed: Cart over the search button when using header style 1/4
Fixed: Problem when not adding a link to the iCarousel items
Fixed: Strange characters when using cyrilic fonts
Fixed: Limited offers responsive display
Fixed: Error message on coming soon page when using various plugins
Fixed: Image box link when no url was set in the options
Fixed: Bottom mask style on dark style
Fixed: Error displayed when no image was inserted in a post

UPDATE 1.6 / 21.03.2013

Added a new Blog Layout based on Columns
Added option to choose the colors for the top navigation links
Added option to use the first attached image from inside a post on blog Archive and categories pages
Customized the product search box from WooCommerce
Added the “All” word to the translation functions
Further optimized the page loading speed/score
Added header date to translation functions
Further optized WooCommerce compatibility for product variations
Fixed Google fonts for SSL enabled hosts
The unlimited sidebars names are used instead of default name
The unlimited headers names are used instead of default name
Added additional options for map element for dragging and mouse zooming
Fixed limited offers “division by zero error” and also reduce price calculati
Fixed header background image in IE8
Fixed Contact form not working in IE
Fixed Spelling error in admin panel
Fixed map type selector
Added windows phone compatibility

UPDATE 1.5 / 14.03.2013

Page builder to posts si portfolio
Added more google web fonts
Fixed product variation modal image
Linked the product images together
Fixed page header default style in Unlimited headers
Added option to change the content color / add image
Added option to change the grey area color / add image
Added option to globally disable page comments
Added missing translation strings
Fixed Skills shortcode not appearing correctly
Fixed Sortable portfolio multiple item categories bug
Extended WooCommerce compatibility for images in single product page
Fixed Laptop Slider navigation buttons not appearing
Fixed logo dimension on coming soon page
Tweaked the position of logo on coming soon page
Fixed social icons overlapping issue on Safari
Fixed social icon that appeared even if no one was selected
Made error message friendlier :)

UPDATE 1.4 / 08.03.2013

Added ability to customize the blog page with page builder element
Extented the compatibility with Woocommerce 2.02
Added option for logo to be contained in header
Fixed compatibility between latest Cute Slider verion and theme
Fixed Logo size on Coming Soon page
Additional style fixes

UPDATE 1.3 / 05.03.2013

Firefox problems with items dissapearing
Sidebar layout issue and overall page layout issues for shop
Woocommerce 2.0 full compatibility
Minor css fixes.

UPDATE 1.2 / 04.03.2013

Added new responsive menu style – You can select it from theme’s options page
The page builder elements are now sorted alphabetically
Improved child theme support
Improved image resizing function
Improved countdown timer on IE and safari
Fixed left sidebar displaying on right side

UPDATE 1.1.1 / 27.02.2013

Added shortcode support for vertical and horizontal tabs
Added option to select boxed or full layout for homepage
Added option to select the default color for menu links
Added option to remove the logo
Added option to remove the footer
Added child theme in package
Updated Revolution slider to latest version
Updated Cute 3D slider to latest version

UPDATE 1.1 / 26.02.2013

Integrated Envato Toolkit – From now on you can update the theme from inside the admin panel
Added option to select a background image/color for header
Added option to select a background image/color for footer
Added option to use a boxed layout
Added option to upload a background image/color if boxed layour is selected
Added top header menu
Added top header social icons options
Added Custom CSS box inside the admin panel
Added option to select the footer border color

Version 1.0 / 23.02.2013 – Initial release