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Great theme and even better support. Top notch.

Thanks for your business and for the kind words!

Truly impressed by not just the theme but the customer service, classy, quick and kind. Thank you, it has been a pleasure! I will buy themes from them again.

Thank you so much for the kind words and for your business! Also if you haven’t already please don’t forget to rate the theme, thanks!


I wanted to know if I can completely remove following modules:

  1. devel
  2. devel_themer (Theme developer)
  3. simplehtmldom API

as I think above modules are only used by developer and not by us.

Please let me know if it is necessary to keep these modules to get themes/website working properly.

Also, why have you created 2 modules folder at \drupal_7\sites\all\modules\modules . It is not necessary.

Also, how can I contact you through email.

Yes you can remove those if you don’t wish to use them. If there is a second modules folder that was a mistake and it will be removed in the next update.

If you need additional support please register for our forums at and then reply here with your username for posting access. Thanks!

I have registered at your forum. My username is: apeee . Please provide the posting access. Also, I need to talk to you for custom work. Please let me know how can I talk to you privately; through an email.

Just gave you access. We are actually not taking on any custom work right now but if you want to get in touch use the contact form on our author page

I see that the theme is not a valid XHTML & CSS. It would be nice if we see a valid XHTML & CSS update of this theme in next update.

It’s essentially impossible to get valid XTML and CSS with Drupal because of how much extra code Drupal injects into the page markup.

I have drupal 6 theme that I purchased from here ( which has valid XHTML and CSS code.

I understand that drupal injects many codes from its modules to the theme but most of the codes are valid XHTML and CSS. It depends on theme developer if he intends to make a theme such way. I also understand it is another headache and difficult task but it should have been in the list.

I am not saying in any way your theme is not working or has false code. I really really liked your theme and that is why I purchased it. It is an awesome theme. I am just telling you that if it has clean valid code then more people would be interested in it. I generally go for valid XHTML & CSS themes/templates.

Well we will certainly keep that in mind. The HTML version of the theme is completely XHTML valid and we used the same markup for the theme. As far as valid CSS that is impossible these days because CSS3 is basically impossible to validate. Your points are a good reminder to fully ensure that the themes are as HTML valid as we possibly can, but again some of the ways Drupal generates HTML is simply not valid.

Hi, Firstly many thanks for this great theme! I have been very impressed with it!

However, is it possible to increase the size of the elastic slider on the homepage?

I really need it to be 450px high for my site, if you could tell me how to go about this I would be very grateful :)

Regards Tom

I’m going to give you access right now so go ahead and make a forum post about your second question :)

thats great, many thanks for your help :)

I have posted the question on the forum

Awesome, we will respond to your post shortly!

Thanks for your Greate Theme ^^

Thanks for your purchase!


Thanks for the theme, I like it a lot!

I have a question though. I would like to add a block of text on the front page, but it doesn’t work as usual. Could you please explain the steps needed to create a block on the front page?


thank you, my forum name is fabienne

It says you are already a member so you should have posting access already.

Yes I do, thank you very much, but I found out how to do it. Thanks anyway:-)

hello, there was a problem. white page appears after you install the module. could you give me access to make a forum post about my question in details?

Can you please leave a comment or contact us via with the purchasing account referencing the username you would like access given to? Thanks.

Hi there. I just purchased this theme today thinking that there would be blocks in the left sidebar. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. My design requires me to add elements above & below the left navigation. I’ve noticed that the left sidebar code exists in the includes/header.php file. I copied this folder/file over to the odysseus theme to customize it, but it’s not recognized.

Can you please advise me as to how I can make this kind of a theme customization without hacking the core of the main Kalypso theme?

Also, I registered on your support forum several hours ago, but haven’t received my confirmation email yet. I can take this conversation over to there if you’d like, but need to be granted access first.

Thanks, Eric

Can you please let me know if this is possible, or if I should be looking for a different theme?

Thanks, Eric


Sorry for the delayed reply. Please go ahead and post your question in our forums as that is our preferred method of handling support –

Howdy refaktor! I have a question for u!Can u tell me before purchase if it is possible to have a different top menu besides the left sidebar menu?

I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand your question, can you try asking again or give me an example of what you’re looking to do? Thanks.

Hi ,happy new year,Is RTL supported?