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I would check you site on an ipad in landscap, there are some issues.

I see what you mean there are a few minor issues in a couple of areas. I will correct these and release an update as soon as possible. Thank you very much for pointing that out, I really appreciate it :)

Awesome template glws refaktor! :)

Thank you very much!

Nice Work ! GLWS :)


Nice work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Thank you for the nice words everyone, much obliged. I will be submitting an update later today with the iPad landscape fixes and a few other minor tweaks. Please don’t hesitate to post any feedback as any and all will be taken into consideration when making updates. Also if you purchased a copy please take the time to rate it, thank you!

would love this as a wordpress theme

Thank you for the comment! The Drupal version was just released. There currently aren’t any plans to make a WordPress version but we will consider it :)

im super excited with the support refaktor offers with this theme. i had some challenges and they got back to me in a matter of moments.. i know they can’t do that every time, but this time they did, and it really helped me out in a pinch! (i know we can all appreciate that)

the deeper i got into this theme, the more fun it became to work with it. ive purchased 100+ items over the last couple of years and i know the difference between a good author and the rest of the competition.

watch and follow this guy. get this theme if you’re considering it. big wow factor on hi rez displays. easy grid system – and all the twitter bootstrap instructions make the job easy.

good luck dude. thanks again.

You’re very welcome. Thank you very much for the kind words :)

Great Template.

How easy is it to incorporate JW Player 6 for Video

Hello, thank you for the nice comment :)

From what I can tell it would be as simple as adding the calls to the Javascript files on the template you want to use JW Player on and adding the HTML markup. If you purchase and have issues you can get help in our support forum.

I hope that helps!

Hello, i bought the html template and when I view the index (home) page on my iPhone, the slider image is being cropped at the center into a portrait rectangle, instead of responding the dimensions of the landscape image to fit on the phone. Is there an easy way to fix this other than troubleshooting the css code until something happens…


In my last comment I said to reply here with your username for posting access. We manually approve people for posting because we have to confirm purchase. Thanks.

Ah, sorry. Didn’t see that. it’s willburnette. Thanks

Thanks, you should now be able to post :D

Hello! Great theme i am using it to develop my personal website, i really like it! :D Can i ask you a question? I changed the google map coordinates, but now the baloon tip of the location is showing higher than before In this way, the street information white square is showing out of the map (partially hidden until i scroll the map down). How can i place the baloon tip a little lower, like you did on the base theme? Thank you very much to all!

Please make a post on our forums detailing your issue and we’ll help you troubleshoot there –

the preview/demo seems to be broken. can you fix please? or is the drupal preview pretty much the same?

What is broken? Seems to be working fine to me.

I get this when I click to view the demo: