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Note: If you buy the Extended License I Can make the design and coding modifications fro free for one time :)

Kanrisha is a premium HTML5 responsive admin template, with a sweet clean and minimal overview, suitable for iPad and iPhone resolutions, it’s coming with +14 plugin ( Some of them are customized for the need of kanrisha ), and 6 awesome patterns.

Kanrisha is a responsive template with two column, the sidebar column use the concept of the Tabs, this concept give Kanrisha a good look on the tablets devices, It’s Cool Modern and Elegant as well :)

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Clean Login

Overview Stats

SideBar Tabs

CSS3 Buttons

Note: If you need the square style, add the class “square” to the class “top_buttons”.

Clean Charts

Clean Tables

User Tooltip

Drop Menu

Oops Page :|

What Include

  • Normalize.CSS
  • Two Column Responsive
  • 9 HTML Page:
    • Login: Contain the login form.
    • Index: Contain a short overview.
    • Inbox: Contain the tickets, the chats and the send mail form.
    • Tables: Contain all the tables Kinds.
    • Charts: Contain some charts example.
    • UI: Contain a lot of things (Dialog, Tooltip, Message, Slider, Spinner, Lightbox, Progress, Buttons, Icons, Grids, DatePicker, Widget Kinds, Loader .. etc ).
    • Forms: Contain a huge Input kinds.
    • 404: Contain the Not Found Page.
    • 403: Contain the Forbidden Page.
  • 15 Javascript Script:
    1. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library :)
    2. jQuery UI: T he official jQuery user interface library.
    3. CLEditor: A jQuery plugin provides a lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
    4. ColorBox: A lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery.
    5. ColorPicker: A simple component to select color in the same way you select color in Adobe Photoshop.
    6. ColResizable: A  jQuery plugin designed to allow column resizing in HTML table objects.
    7. DataTables: A Table plugin for jQuery.
    8. Elastic: A Dynamic Height Textarea Jquery Plugin.
    9. Flot: Attractive Javascript plotting for jQuery.
    10. FullCalendar: Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin.
    11. MaskedInput: A masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library .
    12. SuperTextarea: turns your ordinary, lame textareas into extraordinary super text areas.
    13. Tipsy: A Tooltip jQuery Plugin.
    14. UISpinner: A jQuery.ui extension for a numeric spinner.
    15. Uniform: A Sexy forms with jQuery.
  • 6 Patterns
  • Many Icons (I Use Iconsweets2 and I’m not Include all the Set)
  • PSD Layout
  • HTML5 Valid
  • And much more ..


Version 1.0 { 7/7/2012 }

Just Release