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hello, I’m making a web-site with this theme. I think this theme is very very great and easy to make blog or website.

but, i have a problem. i want to make a team member page and i have replaced my own image which was located in “http:” but, it was not changed.

for example, team_member style=”shadow” image_path=”http://placehold.it/190×180” -> team_member style=”shadow” image_path=”http://http:”

Do you tell me why i couldn’t do this attempt?

Thank you in advance.



We’ll be happy to provide assistance.

All Theme support is provided via our HelpDesk.

Please use the links bellow to access our private and secure HelpDesk and our Support Team will be happy to help.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Hi TrueTheme_Team:

If there is no subscription business model, then it is not sure if new themes will come and old themes will be discontinued, am I right?

Why not enable this option (subscription model) throught your support web page? Some customers could choose this options to ensure future updates.

I really love the theme, there are three things I would like to add to it:

I guess Child Themes are available to create my own “shortcodes publishing interface” and other customizations. Keep this publishing interface stable (while improving performance in the inside) is my goal.

Please, add subscription business model, then it is the perfect theme.

Kindest regards, C├ęsar


Hello Cesar

Thank you for your feedback and recommendations.

As previously mentioned Subscriptions plans are not available.
Developers that sell Themes on ThemeForest Markeplace are exclusive authors on ThemeForest and all sales, purchases, licenses, accounts , etc, are all handled by ThemeForest and must comply with its Terms and Policies .

As also mentioned, the Theme has received over 30 update versions since it was released and more to come in time.

We have no plans to discontinue our Themes and more Themes will come in the future.

Indeed Karma comes with its own ChildTheme.


Is the Karma theme applicable with the new Wordpress 4.1 update?


Hi there

Yes, indeed latest Karma v4.1 is fully compatible with WordPress v4.1


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How to set up home page to be like a demo on themeforest, where is that script? I opened a ticket on you HelpDesk about this issue.



All support is provided via the HelpDesk.

Our support Team will answer your Support Tickets promptly.


Looking to purchase this theme but notice that the vimeo video and youtube videos on the homepage slider disappear when they are being played, almost as if the next slide is coming in. Would love to see if this can be resolved before purchasing. Thanks



Thank you so much for your interest in the Karma Theme.

Currently the option to stop the jQuery Sliders from sliding when a Video is playing is to set the “Pause on Hover” setting which will stop the slider when moving the mouse over it.

Karma also offers two third party Slider Plugins – Slider Revolution and LayerSlider… both those Sliders will stop when a Video is playing.

Cheers :)

Is there an upgrade price or do you have to pay full price with each update?


Hi there

Thank you so much for your interest in Karma Theme.

All Theme updates are 100% free and included with your purchase.

Happy Holidays.

Cheers :)

How can I make the Header much slimmer ? – it takes up too much of the screen.

Hi True_Theme Support: I really love the theme, there are four things I would like to add to it:

  • a) HFRELANG on each post/page (as SEO meta-data). SEO All in One do not include that option.
  • b) CookieGuard: http://cookieguard.eu/ ... amazing JQuery script for EU Cookie Law Compliance.
  • c) Page Builder, similar to this: https://thethemefoundry.com/wordpress-themes/make/ ... I think you already create a page builder in Karma 4.0, just missing the GUI.
  • d) Distribute blog across pages… based on categories: for that, three things are required:
    • d.1.-Map Categories to Pages plugin: to assign a category to each page
    • d.2.- Blog Filtered Page Template: show posts of page’s category and all subcategories.
    • d.3.- Post Index Widget: to have an index of topics of current page in the sidebar.
I have requested envato to include suscription model for wordpress themes like this one, here my request (no answer yet): http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/subscription-bussiness-model/152351

I love this theme, as core theme. Theme profiling through child themes would be perfect to introduce bundles of different predesign styles for customers, but keeping a single core theme (where updates are applied).

Thank you so much for this great effort. We will start to use it after Christmas… hoping Envato could include suscription business model, which is the only thing missing here. The more people request that, the most likely to get.

Happy Christmas and all the best for next year.