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HI, Theme looks really professional. Considering buying but one thing is putting me off (or am I missing something…?). The portfolio doesn’t seem to work on your demo site (I would expect to click on picture 1 and then scroll backwards and forwards in a lightbox). This is 100% necessary on gallery sites, customers are not that patient! Cheers Mark

Bought your theme and it’s conflicting with a VC plugin. It’s this one:

Tried with and without your your Karma VC addon plugin. If i change to any other theme the post-gridlist plugin works. Switch back to your theme and the post-gridlist plugin stops working, just looks like its going to load but doesn’t.

How can we fix this?


Hi there,

We’re delighted to help you out with this.

All theme support is provided via our Help Center. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our Support Team will gladly help.

TrueThemes Help Center

Thank you :)


Gman12 Purchased

Hi, I can’t log into my account. Every time I reset my password, it then declines it, so I have no way to get support even though I own two copies of this theme.

I recently changed my URL to include my security certificate (https:) and now, the shortcodes that come with Karma do not work – I can’t even click on the “Insert Shortcode” button. Nothing happens. At the bottom of the page, I see “javascriptvoid” when I click it.

My videos don’t work, I can’t install buttons. I have a mess. Since I cannot login, though, I can’t open a ticket. I’ve tried setting this up for both versions I own, and I have the same problem either time.

Please contact me to help me. Thanks


Gman12 Purchased

that is also the URL of the site –

Hi Gman,

We’ll need to get you set up on our Help Center so we can further investigate these issues and provide solutions to all of your submitted inquiries.

Please email us directly and we’ll manually fix your Help Center account:


Pre-buying questions. Hello, I’ve got few simple questions before I will buy Karma. 1. Is it working with “MyMail – Email Newsletter” (available on Codecanyon) 2. Is it working with “The Events Calendar” ( 3. is there Uber Menu on the board? 4. Does your demo use Uber Menu?

You wrote, that All-in-One SEO is built into theme. Can I disable it and use Yoast SEO plugin?

Regards, Adam

Hey Adam,

Thanks a lot for your interest in the Karma! Please let me answer your questions below:

1. I have never used the “My Mail – Email Newsletter” plugin however I have just visited it’s page on CodeCanyon and read everything about the plugin. I foresee absolute seamless integration with Karma.

2. Again have not worked with this plugin but I foresee absolute seamless integration with Karma.

3. Karma is 100% fully compatible with the UberMenu plugin. There are custom options for UberMenu in Karma’s Site Options Panel.

4. The Karma Demo site is not using the UberMenu – it’s using it’s own built-in menu system.

Hope this helps!

Cheers my friend :)

Thanks for answers. Of course, they helps :) And what with All-in-One SEO? Can I turn it off and use Yoast SEO? Adam

Oh yes forgot all about that one….

Yes the built-in SEO Plugin is deactivated by default. You can simply leave it deactivated and utilize the the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Cheers :)

How many licences are needed for the WP Multisite installation? We are a large organization with 24 departments.

Please check your email. Cheers :)

Hi, My client’s old web designer bought the theme, how can I find the licence to get the updated version ? Right now, its showing 3.03 . Also , where to change the slider ? I cannot find the revolution slider or any other in the theme option. I can see site option > home page settings >home page slider (jquery slider post), Possible to change the slider and banner size ? Regards Gurpreet

Hi There,

I’m happy to provide assistance. Version 3.0.3 is quite an old version of the theme. The current version of Karma is 4.7

Changleog of the theme can be seen here:

To upgrade you’ll need to contact the original web designer and have them download and send you the latest version of the theme. All themes can only be downloaded right here via the ThemeForest Marketplace.

Here’s another article from our Help Center outlining how to upgrade a theme to it’s latest version:

Hope these details are helpful my friend.

Cheers :)

Thank you for your reply. I have themeforest account. if I get licence no and invoice from the old web designer and provide the details to you to get theme to be downloaded via my account to make life easier for everyone ? or what else do you need ? Thanks

Hi There,

In my eyes the ideal scenario would be to have Karma theme transferred to your Envato account so that you can always access it under the Downloads section here on ThemeForest. You would then no longer need to rely on the 3rd-party web designer for anything moving forward.

I’m not sure if this is possible so if this sounds like something you’re interested in please contact the Envato Market support team for more details. As an Author on the marketplace we do not have access to make these kinds of account changes.

The next best option in my opinion is to have the web designer download the current version of Karma (4.7) and send you the ZIP file of the theme. (

After you have downloaded and installed Karma 4.7 you will then want to get the Item Purchase Code from the web designer. You can use the Item Purchase Code for 2 things:

1. Input the Code into Karma’s Site Options Panel to receive automatic theme updates directly to the WP-Dashboard. Please see “Automatic Updates” video here:

2. Use the Item Purchase Code to create an account on our Help Center so that you may receive support for this item. Here’s a link to our Help Center:

Hope this helps :)


Hello I have one question before I buy this theme. Is there an option to put 4 or 6 columns in masonry blog or i must use 3 columns like on your live preview of theme? It would be much cleaner and easier for people to find what they need if there were 6 columns.. Best Regards!

Hi There,

Yes! The masonry-blog is completely dynamic and the columns are set via CSS percentages (%).

There is not a built-in setting for changing the number of columns however the layout can be modified with just 1 line of CSS code.

The current column-width is set to 30%. Here’s an example of the code which would create a 5-6 columns layout:

article.masonry-section {
    width: 15%;

Please reach out if any other questions, we’re delighted to help :)


Hi, firts at all thank you so much for your great theme, the installed version has always work great for us.

Now my problem: recently we received some warning from our hosting provider about security vulnerabilities in the revolution slider WordPress plugin thats is installed in our karma theme, it seems the plugin offer some security vulnerability to a Russian malware called SoakSoak that injects malicious code directly into the sites using it, I would like to know what do you guys consider about this, and what is your advice to solve this problem. Thank you so much

Hello, i have some question. I don’t understand Karma’s Polish translation (I’m talking about Site Options). Is it Google translate? How can I switch translation into English using Polish site language?