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Hello, I’m working with the theme and I have noticed that the 5 columns provided with the related shortcode are not evenly spaced: the latest column is slightly more placed to the right than the others.

Looking carefully this is visible even in your demo page: http://themes.truethemes.net/Karma-4.0/shortcodes/columns/

Unlucky this effect is way more noticeable if you add some images in the columns (as I’m considering to do in my site): the picture (and text) in the last column is more spaced out to the right, and this is unpleasant looking, in my opinion.

BTW: this effect does not happen in the 4 or 6 columns, but it is clearly noticeable in the 5 column arrangement.

Do you know if there is a “fast and dirty” css workaround for this behavior? Should I open a ticket or can you take a look on it and maybe consider to fix the issue in a future theme release?

Many thanks for the great theme and support, please, let me know your findings, ciao.

Andrea :)


Ok, many thanks for the blazing fast answer, I have submitted a ticket.

Have a nice day. Ciao.

Andrea :)



I have received an effective answer to my ticket literally in few hours, and then, via some css, I was able to successfully achieve a perfect behavior for all the columns layouts I need, with even spacing and good fit in all media screen sizes, including the 3×2 and 2×3 grouping!

That’s simply amazing! :)

Your support proved in time to be absolutely top notch, and this is a terrific added value to the Karma theme, in my opinion.

Many thanks again, and keep the good work going on!

Ciao. Andrea :)


You’re very welcome Andrea :)

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. You’re awesome!


Does the theme support sound clip post types? In other words, can I add a blog post and have it display a sound clip at the top of the post?



The newer versions of Wordpress, 3.9+ have native support for audio files. You can insert them into a post just like adding any normal Media element.

Thank you :)

Hi there, we are looking for a theme like Karma that looks almost perfect to me. I have a couple of pre-sales question. :)

Q. 1 Reading this forum i saw that it manages just one single parallax banner placed on top of the page. How could we have more than one placed differently on pages? Did you provided shortcodes for that?

Q. 2 Does your theme provides any sort of visual composing system for pages? or it just uses “naked” shortcodes without any wp integration? :)

Thank you guys!



Thank you so much for your interest in Karma.

As per your questions:

1) the parallax banner is currently only available as a banner near the top of the page.

2) The shortcodes are “naked style” without visual composing system.

Please let us know if anything else we can do to assist.

Thank you :)

Hi! A few questions before I buy this theme. I’d like to know if the theme can perform the following:

1. For the homepage, I’d like to mimic the design of http://www.mi.com/en/. Basically a slider and 3 columns below it (with borders).

2. For product pages, I’d like to mimic http://www.mi.com/en/redminote. The content is organized into tabs I believe (top right).

3.) For each tabs, can I have rows inside and have the rows be in full-width? This would extend it outside of the tabs. Reason is I want to have a full width background color for different rows to showcase the features, just like you see in the sample page.

4.) Is there more than one tab style? I’d like a more simple style like the one in the sample page above.

Thank You


Hi There,

Thank you very much for your interest in Karma!

It seems that Karma might not be the best fit for your project’s needs.

All of the above items are totally possible, however the design differs from the default elements of the theme so will require code customization with a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.

Really sorry to disappoint. We wish you great success on your project.

Thank you :)

Ironbird Purchased

Hi, I purchased the Karma Theme a time ago.

Is it possible, to put instead of links to another page, some “anchor” tags? I have more articles, which I want to put on one page, and I want access to every article with an anchor link on the sidebar. Is that possible somehow?



Yes sure thing my friend.

Anchor tags are an in-built feature of Wordpress.

Here’s a great article we just found that outlines nice instruction: http://www.wendycholbi.com/anchor-links-jump-links/

Hope this helps :)


1.) Does this theme (or your other themes) have “sections” that can have custom background color, image, etc?

2.) Can your theme have a secondary header that is sticky instead of the primary one? I’d like to create the feel of http://www.apple.com/iphone-6/


Hi There,

Apologies my friend but both items you’ve mentioned are not currently available in the theme.

Thank you :)

Pre Purchase question: My site is wordpress, considering changing themes. Is Karma theme compatible with a PayPal shopping cart? (where I simply paste the PayPal button code onto any page)

thanks, Kristy Alagna


BHey Kristy,

Thanks so much for your interest in the Karma theme :)

PayPal buttons will work very nicely within Karma. In fact there are also some great 3rd-party plugins that make it a simple feat to add these buttons to your website.

Have a quick Google search for “wordpress paypal button” to see some of the great options.

Thank you :)

Heelo – before I buy I want to be assured that Karma works with woo themes Sensei plugin. Please let em know of any issues. Thx


Hi There,

Thank you so much for your patience.

We tried obtaining a copy of Sensei plugin but were unable to obtain a free copy of this plugin so unfortunately unable to test the plugin on Karma theme.

We were however able to read a fair bit of the documentation and it appears that Sensei should indeed work nicely with the Karma theme.

As with all 3rd-party plugins there is good chance that themes will not always be 100% compatible – requiring minor code customizations for a perfect fit.

If this website has plans far large user-base and many courses we recommend using a “Sensei approved” theme developed by WooThemes. Their company built both products so it will likely be a more seamless integration and tighter compatibility. Here’s a list of their “sensei approved” themes: http://www.woothemes.com/product-category/themes/sensei-themes/

We hope these details are helpful.

Thank you :)


Thanks and what about other LMS plugins like LearnDash and WP courseware?


Hi There,

We had some fun creating demos for both LearnDash and WP Courseware. We personally preferred LearnDash over WP Courseware.

We did not find any red flags and both plugins seem to work off Wordpress’ custom-post-types so they should indeed work nicely with the Karma theme.

Please let us know if anything else we can do to help.

Thank you :)

Hello True Themes – love Karma but before I purchase I want to know which learning management system (LMS) plugins are comparable. Do you know which ones work seamlessly from the list:

WP Courseware LearnDash WooThemes Sensei WPLMS Academy Guru


meant compatible…

fgojo Purchased

I’m a little confused when I’m creating a post. Sometime the calendar and social media links are showing. Sometimes (like the previous postings), it’s not showing any calendar and social media icons. Where so you control the appearance of these options?

Please see example below: http://infinityfgi.com/completed-transactions/hospitality/

Thank you



We’re very happy to provide assistance.

Please use the links below to submit this question as a Ticket on our TrueThemes HelpDesk and our dedicated support team can gladly provide further guidance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Hi, is version 4.0.4 compatible with the new woocommerce 2.2.4?

Hi, I’m viewing the demo of your theme on a macbook pro 15”

Why is the text so small and narrow? See screenshot. Screenshot

I checked on Safari, Firefox and Chrome latest versions.

Thanks in advance!


Very interesting indeed.

We’ve just viewed on a 13’ MacBook Pro and are unable to see this issue.

Are any websites other than Karma rendering the same way?


Hi, I know it’s very strange, I’ve spent several hours trying to figure out why it’s rendering like this. 3clicks theme is rendering the same as yours. Avada and X theme are normal.

3clicks demo http://prntscr.com/4ouaps Karma demo http://prntscr.com/4olix6

Avada demo http://prntscr.com/4oub8r X theme demo http://prntscr.com/4oua3s

Hello, just a short question:

it is possible to make the FB and TW social icons in the top menu behaving like a “share social button” instead of linking to the FB/TW account as is currently by default?

I will like the possibility to share the link to the page using the minimal look of the clean top icons without adding big colored buttons inside the page that doesn’t fit good with the overall look of the site…

Many thanks for the attention, have a nice day.


Andrea :)

That’s a nice work! Good luck with sales ;-)


Thanks so much! :)