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What does “compatible with Bootstrap 3.x” mean exactly? Is Karma built on top of Bootstrap?

Hi There,

Yes. Karma Builder, which is the included plugin that houses all of the page builder elements is built on bootstrap. So essentially if you were to include a 3rd-party plugin, or something else into the theme running on Bootstrap, it will be a seamless integration since all of the core Bootstrap functionality is already being called into the theme.

Please let us know if any additional questions.

Thank you :)


izm6407 Purchased

As soon as I activate All In One Seo I get this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method TT_SEO_MODULE::update_class_option() in /hermes/bosnaweb17a/b1777/ipg.highendspecialistsco/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/inc/aioseop_updates_class.php on line 42

and lose all access to WordPress backend.


This is because you are running a True Themes theme that copied all of our code from All in One SEO Pack and used it in their theme without changing any names. You’ll need to contact True Themes as they are the ones that need to fix this.

Hi my friend,

This bug has now been resolved in the most recent version of Karma (4.8.1). Please simply upgrade to this version and all will be fixed.

There are some important upgrade instructions if coming from version 4.7 of the theme. There is a required 1-time manual update of the theme: Full details outlined here:

Also, All-in-one SEO is no longer coded into the theme and is instead included as a standalone plugin. Full details outlined here:

If we can further assist with any of this information please kindly submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to further assist.

Thank you :)

just so you know….the center footer text design option is not centered on demo

Cool thank you so much, we just fixed the bug :)

This theme have a good pagespeed insigths but there are some css and js to fix, could you check it? I like your theme it is fast, but you can better it :D could you have a timeline to get over 95 mobile points in Google pagespeed? I would consider it once you make faster :D It is a great theme! I like it

Sure thing my friend, we’re always just checking and optimizing the theme in all new releases.

Just a few things to note is that there are files on the live demo which are not present on the actual theme, and this has a negative impact on pagespeed. The “live style switcher” and other “live design switching scripts” are in place to easier allow users to see the design options with just a few clicks. These items are not present in actual theme and pagespeed immediately improves.

I’ll surely pass this info along to our developers and we’ll continue to make pagespeed adjustments wherever possible.

Thank you my friend! :)

Where did the Home 3D page go to work with CU3ER for some reason my CU3ER bottom is diapering into the page. take a look,

Sure thing my friend,

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

In this latest update I’ve noticed that gallery post categories are converted to a drop down menu on mobile or when resizing on desktop, however, the drop down box does not sort on mobile when choosing a category and I don’t enjoy the styling. Is there a way to bypass the drop down and go back to the old responsive version of categories?

Sure thing my friend, we can add this customization for you and revert back to the old style.

Please submit a support ticket and provide necessary WP-login details and we’ll gladly get this sorted.

Thank you :)

right nav doesn’t seem to work in karma 4.8.1. after the upgrade, our pages with the right nav template have a blank right nav area. it used to show the page highlighted and all sibling pages from the primary navigation along the right. I also tried left nav and it is also blank.

Hi There,

We’re happy to help. The Left and Right Nav templates are working nicely here on our end on (4.8.1). Let us please investigate your website closer and help resolve this issue.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Anyone of you here have issues with Visual Composer. It stop working with Karma Theme.

Hi There,

Karma + Visual Composer is working nicely here on our end. Please ensure to upgrade to the most recent versions of Karma, Visual Composer, and Wordpress and the issue will likely be fixed.

- Karma 4.8.1

- Wordpress 4.5.2

- Visual Composer

If you require any assistance with the updating please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you.

Thank you :)

Hi, Please remind me how to place the short description text on the menus?

Thanks, your theme is beautiful!

Thanks ;)

When using the Left Nav on a page, everything works fine if full screen. If i shrink the browser it usually puts the Left Nav on top but i am unable to select its options. If i hit tab on the keyboard and use arrows it works fine and i am able to select its content. Is their a workout around for this or is this a bug? I have taken all the steps necessary, from reinstalling the theme, even on a local client with no additional plugins. I made sure I installed the latest version as well.

Hmm….we’ve just tested this and confirmed that it’s working nicely without any error.

We’re very happy to take a closer look at your website and help to resolve this issue for you.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

does this theme have a feature like this? or maybe you know of a plugin that does?

HI there,

Karma does not have a built-in Real Estate geo locator. I imagine there are some very nice plugins available which will give you this functionality. I’ve not used one of these plugins before so I unfortunately do not have a specific recommendation. Maybe checking out CodeCanyon will turn up some good results?

Thank you :)

ok I left a ticket and replied back but no one got back to me, I downgraded the theme to 4.2 disabled all pluggings I tested the 3D Home page template and all the other homepage template and it is not loading at all, when I update other templates to mimic the 3D Home page they vanish for some reason. I also downgraded wordpress 4.4.1 and 4.5 when everything was working nothing showed up as well still looked the same so im assuming maybe there could be a backend problem i will check with my host to see what they find.

As a matter of fact none of my home page templates are loading in the drop down. if anyone Home page templates has problems i will like to hear about it. I do understand the php code with the theme to mod it the way I like so im no novice I have some knowledge in php however not a expert.

Hi There,

Has your ticket been responded to yet? I do apologize for any delay. We’ve had a big wave of tickets and we’re working diligently to get them all answered. If you’re ticket hasn’t yet been handled it will indeed be very soon.

Thank you :)

Yes it has thanks but looks like cub3r 3D has reached its end of life.

Yes it really is very unfortunate. The makers of CU3ER 3D have stopped development on their plugin. Revolution Slider and LayerSlider have got some pretty cool 3D effects that might produce the results you’re looking for.

Cheers :)


mglisci Purchased

Hi, Before I purchase your theme, which I love by the way, I need to know if I can move the navigation from the top left. I see that others have asked but I couldn’t get to your support page without getting an error. I would like to read how it is done before purchasing. Thank you

Hi There,

Thanks so much for your interest in Karma :)

The navigation the top-left and the social icons on the top right are widget areas and can contain anything you’d like. That top bar can also be completely turned off.

I hope this answers your question. Please reach out if anything else.

Thank you :)


seethesun Purchased

I purchased extended support and submitted a ticket on Monday (and again yesterday), but have yet to receive a response from anyone. I checked spam, but there wasn’t a response there either.

Apologies for that my friend. Slight little backup in support tickets. Our support team is working hard at them now so if you’re ticket hasn’t yet been handled it will indeed be very soon.

Thanks so much for your patience.

Cheers :)

  • hi there,

you guys describe Karma as the ultimate wordpress theme, so can I use this to create a community website, similar to Facebook? If yes, since this is not yet Buddy Press-compatible, how would I do that, or what application would I use to achieve that? Very interested. thank you.

Hi There,

Karma is the perfect solution for all businesses and products however it was not built as a full-fledged community-based wordpress theme. When choosing to build an advanced online community it is our recommendation to seek out a theme which is built specifically for online community.

We recommend to check out the “BuddyPress” section of this marketplace for a community-based theme:

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you :)

Hi there! Loving the work you guys are doing. Just installed version 4.8.1 but the left navigation menu still doesn’t show. I followed the manual update instructions on your support page. Any ideas? The site is

Thanks for the kind words my friend.

Let us please take a closer look at your website and help to determine the issue and provide the solution.

Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Hi. With the new update the wordpress customizer stopped working. I cannot use the Wordpress customizer when Karma is installed. I disabled all add ons and the page will not pull up. However when I kept my add ons activated and switched to a default theme the wordpress customizer worked. Please help

Hmm very interesting.

I’ve just tested out the customizer here and it’s working nicely without errors. Please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)


My client has purchased the theme. I’m trying to set up the site for him. I’ve installed and activated the theme. And I’ve installed Layer Slider, Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins. All these plugins show the notification message the plugins need to be purchased.

I browsed through help articles: But could not get any help.

Can you please help me how to solve this?

I’m working with Karma version 4.8.


Hi my friend,

We’re very happy to provide assistance.

All premium plugins are included free within the theme and you do not need to purchase any plugins. Each of the 3 plugins are fully up to date and do not require any updates at this time. Simply follow the “Install Plugins” training video here:

The article you’ve listed outlines instructions for manually updating these plugins when new versions become available and you’d like to update to those new versions:

Purchasing the premium plugins is only required if you wish to obtain a purchase code for that plugin which unlocks features such as automatic updates for the plugins rather than manual updates outlined on our Help Center.

All of these rules are set by the plugin authors, not TrueThemes, and are exactly the same for any theme on this marketplace which freely includes premium plugins.

We hope this answers your questions.

For all future product support and any further questions regarding this matter please submit a Ticket using the link below and our dedicated Support Team will be delighted to help you with this.

Thank you :)

Guys can you add the home 3d template back for those that want to use a slider at the top of a home page, it will not hurt to have it and let people use which template they want, I would greatly appreciate this, ive spend allot of wasted time trying to get that layout back and nothing works. Post sliders aint the same this is one of the things that made me buy this theme because of this.

Yup sure thing my friend.

All of the deprecated templates and settings are actually already in the theme, available to be turned back on via checkbox.

To activate the 3D page template please click: Appearance > Site Options > Karma v3…’s the first checkbox on that page.

Thank you :)