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WebHoo Purchased

Great Theme! Look forward to it looking like the thumbnail

tiameg Purchased

I have a question after purchase (thanks for previous response btw)

I have set my home page to have 3 text columns, but despite watching the vids (maybe I missed it) I cannot work out how you add the thumbnails above each separate column of text?

Can you enlighten me please?

Many thanks, I’m loving this theme :)

If it had an e-commerce facility in built – I doubt I would ever use another theme again :)


Hi There,

Glad to hear you are liking the theme.

You can copy and past the shortcode we provide below or we have outlined the steps below for your reference.

You can add thumbnails by using the point and click shortcode manager. Simply go to your dashboard and Edit your homepage. Next, click in the content area wherever you wish to add the image. Next, pop open the shortcode manager and scroll down the list to the “Image Frames” section. Then simply choose between “Modern Style (3 columns)” or “Shadow Style (3 columns)” – whichever style you prefer. Lastly just fill in the image URL, description, and link URL if you wish to link this image. (users will not see the description. this is the alt tag).

I hope this information is helpful.

Shortcode example:

[modernframe size="modern_three_col_large" image_path="http://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/image.jog" description="enter description here" link_to_page="http://www.yourwebsite.com/about-us" ]

Tim thumb (thumbs.php) is not working at all on my site. I’m using WP 3.1 All images are coming up broken links. help!


Hi There,

Some web servers have security settings that don’t play nicely with the thumbnail script. This might be causing your images not to show up. Please try the following steps. We can also do all of this for you if you prefer. We’ll just need to to send over some temporary FTP login access.

- Log into your server via FTP and open up this folder: wp-content/themes/Karma/functions/ - Within that folder you will see a folder named “cache” and a folder named “temp” - Give full permission to both of those folders (777). This may fix the issue.

Please contact us via email and let us know how you make out: support [at] truethemes.net



Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’ve looked through the demo throughly and watched the portfolio video and can’t find an answer.

Can you get a gallery item to link to another gallery? Like in the homepage 4 column section. With thumbnail, title, excerpt and learn more. I am assuming while the homepage thumbnails link right to a page, I can get them to open lightbox, is this so?



Hi There,

I’m not 100% I understand your request, but let me know if this is correct? Would you like to create a page that looks exactly like the 4 column portfolio layout, but instead of the thumbnails linking to the jquery popup they will link somewhere else throughout your site?

When using the gallery templates, the items will only link to the jquery popup. You can however very easily create a “portfolio page look a like”. You would do so by simply creating a new page and selecting the full width layout. Then just use the point and click shortcode manager to insert your columns and framed images. If you need any assistance with this please feel free to send us an email, we’re happy to help. Email address is: support [at] truethemes.net



This is an elegant and very functional template. Very impressed. Ticks all my boxes. I have 3 question as I have an extremely fussy client.

For the blog thumb nail images can the user resize them. I checked your short-codes for the thumbs and unfortunately there not what I need.

1. Can these sizes be configured to any size or are they resized automatically 2. Can the user have variable thumb sizes like landscape or portrait example link http://models.com/feed/?p=19032 3. As much as I love the frames and shadows can these be removed (fussy client) 4. Will the videos sit in the same wire frame as the thumb nail images on blog page?

Fantastic template and very impressed with your testimonials.


Hi There,

Thanks a lot for your interest in Karma.

In response to your questions:

1) There is no built in way to manually resize the blog thumbnails, though its certainly possible, and not all that complicated via changing the code.

2) This depends. If you are using one of the pre-built gallery templates all of the thumbnail images are the same size and can’t be different size. However, if you’d like the page to look similar to the link you sent over, you can simply use one of the other page templates such as the right sidebar template or the full width template, and then the user can just insert their images of different sizes via the wordpress content editor.

3) These can be removed, but not from the admin interface. You’ll need to make the change in the CSS code.

4) Videos do not sit in those image frames on the initial blog page. Those frames are for post-thumbnail images. You can however modify the template to your needs.

If code customization isn’t really your thing you might want to consider checking out WPQuestions.com. You can hire wordpress experts from around the wrold who can handle all of your coding requests. You can post a listing for a job and get an estimate on any customizations and then you can determine if its worth the investment for you.

I hope this helps.