Karma - Responsive WordPress Theme

Karma - Responsive WordPress Theme

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Complete List of Features

  • Slider Options:
    • Free – LayerSlider included
    • Free – Revolution Slider included
    • Free – 3D CU3ER Slider included (+ 8 pre-built CU3ER sliders)
  • Unlimited Sliders – Add a Slider to any Page Template
  • Custom Karma jQuery Sliders:
    • Karma jQuery 1 Slider
    • Karma jQuery 2 Slider
    • Karma jQuery 3 Slider
  • 5 Design Styles for Karma jQuery 2 Slider (+ custom color picker)
  • 7 Transparent Overlay images for Karma jQuery 3 Slider (+ custom color picker)
  • Custom Background color for Karma jQuery3 Slider
  • Toggle Randomize Slides
  • Toggle Pause on Hover
  • Toggle Animation Effect – Slide/Fade
  • Toggle Next/Previous Arrows
  • Header Options:
    • Fixed/Sticky header menu option
    • 3 Menu Styles
    • 7 Header Transparent Overlay Patterns (+ custom image upload)
    • Adjust Header Height
    • Disable Top Toolbar
    • Disable Top Toolbar – Left
    • Disable Top Toolbar – Right
    • Disable Menu Dropdowns
    • Disable Menu Descriptions
  • Footer Options:
    • 3 Footer Design Styles
      • footer + copyright
      • footer
      • copyright
    • 7 Footer Transparent Overlay Images (+ custom image upload)
    • Up to 6 Footer Columns
    • Footer Menu
    • Footer Copyright
    • Site wide Footer Callout (+ custom color)
    • Custom “scroll to top” link
    • Toogle “scroll to top” link
  • Logo Options:
    • Logo Alignment: Left, Right, Center
    • Normal Website Logo
    • Retina Website Logo
    • Custom Logo Builder (with 9 preset logos)
    • Custom Wordpress Login Logo
    • Favicon Logo
  • Color Options:
    • 30 Pre-set Color Schemes
    • Unique Primary Color
    • Unique Secondary Color (mix and match)
    • Point-and-Click Color Scheme Builder:
      • Top Toolbar – Background Color
      • Header/Footer – Gradient Color
      • Footer – Text Color
      • Footer Bottom – Background Color
      • Dropdown Menu – Background Color
      • Dropdown Menu – Link Hover Background Color
      • and much more…
  • Mobile Options:
    • Responsive Design
    • Retina-ready
    • Custom Mobile “Main Menu” Text
    • Custom Mobile “Sub Menu” Text
    • Disable Responsive Design
    • Disable Mobile Menu Subpages
    • Apple iOS icon upload
  • Blog Options:
    • Add Shortcodes to Blog Posts
    • Easily Hide Categories
    • Choose between Gravatar.com or Default WordPress Avatars
    • Choose between Modern/Shadow Featured Image Frame
    • Toggle Post Comments
    • Toggle “Posted by” Information
    • Toggle Post Date
    • Toggle “About the Author”
    • Customize “read more” Button (text, color, size)
    • Display Related Posts
    • Social Media: Drag-to-Share Social Bookmarking
    • Social Media: Vector Social Sharing Buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Page Editing Options:
    • Custom Sub-menu
    • Custom Sidebar
    • Custom Page Linking
    • Page Settings (toggle breadcrumbs, search box + more)
    • Slider Settings (choose slider, color picker + more)
    • Gallery Settings (choose layout, image frame style + more)
    • Styling Options (custom primary color scheme, custom secondary color scheme + more)
    • SEO Settings (title, description, keywords, etc)
  • Pre-Translated into 13 Languages:
    • English
    • Ceština
    • Deutsch
    • Español
    • Français
    • Italiano
    • Chinese
    • Nederlands
    • Polski
    • Português
    • Russian
    • Türkçe
    • Japanese
  • Extensive Software and Plugin Compatibility:
    • All-in-One SEO (built into theme)
    • Better Wordpress Minify
    • Constant Contact Newsletter Signup
    • Gravity Forms
    • MailChimp Newsletter Signup
    • Post Type Order
    • UberMenu
    • WooCommerce 2.0.x
    • Wordpress 3.8.x
    • wpCU3ER
  • Industry-leading SEO Optimization:
    • Clean Valid HTML5 and CSS3 code
    • Content and Presentation Coding Separation Techniques
    • Powerful Built-in SEO Module
    • Powerful Meta Tags Options for Every Page:
      • Title
      • Description
      • Keywords
      • Title Attribute
      • Menu Label
  • Additional Awesomeness:
    • RTL-Ready. Fully Supports Right-to-Left languages.
    • Accessibility Compliant
    • 100% WPML Multilingual Plugin and Translation Ready. (+ pre-translated into 12 languages)
    • Seamless Dashboard styling for
    • Artwork Files in Fireworks PNG and Photoshop PSD formats
    • 35 Free PNG button images
    • Cleaned up Wordpress Interface (feels like a proper CMS)
    • Contact Form Builder (with reCaptcha)
    • Custom Post Type – Slider Posts
    • Custom Post Type – Gallery Posts
    • Custom Widgets
    • Custom 404 Error Page
    • Custom Search Results Page
    • Developer-friendly: Action Hooks, Well-Commented Code, Wordpress Codex Compliant
    • Extensive Written Documentation
    • Fast Loading Pages
    • Gorgeous Design – Perfect for every Business
    • High Ranking Page Speed Tests
    • Inline Page Editing Tool
    • Pricing Tables (with 4 unique skins)
    • Pricing Table Builder Tool
    • Proper usage of wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style()
    • Secure and Optimized PHP Code
    • Supports Various Media Types (swf, quicktime, iframes, images, vimeo, youtube)
    • Third level drop-down menus
    • Threaded Comments
    • Top-selling Theme for over 3 Years
    • Unlimited Contact Forms
    • Unlimited Google Fonts
    • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Unlimited Sliders


10 September, 2015 – Version 4.7

Maintenance release with minor bug fixes
Bug Fix: Page title bar not working properly on "Default Template" 
Bug Fix: Page title bar not working properly old gallery templates
Bug Fix: jQuery-2 template header not adopting custom background color

4 September, 2015 – Version 4.6

New: Massive Design Overhaul
New: Karma Flat Design Style now available for All 30 Color Schemes (Site Options > Color Scheme)
New: Animated "back to top" button in footer
New: 100% Complete design control. Color-pickers added for every design element (Site Options > Color Scheme)
New: Full-width Page Title Bar design style (breadcrumb, search, etc)
Added: Color-picker for top-toolbar bg
Added: Color-picker for top-toolbar link color
Added: Color-picker for top-toolbar link hover color
Added: Color-picker for top-toolbar dropdown menu color
Added: Color-picker for top-toolbar dropdown menu linkhover color
Added: Color-picker for header flat bg
Added: Color-picker for header border top
Added: Color-picker for header border bottom
Added: Color-picker for header menu top-level link color
Added: Color-picker for header menu top-level link hover color
Added: Color-picker for header menu link description color
Added: Color-picker for header dropdown menu bg color
Added: Color-picker for header dropdown menu link color
Added: Color-picker for header dropdown menu link hover color
Added: Color-picker for header dropdown menu link hover bg color
Added: Color-picker for header dropdown menu current page link color
Added: Color-picker for footer flat bg
Added: Color-picker for footer border top
Added: Color-picker for footer border bottom
Added: Color-picker for footer link color
Added: Color-picker for footer link hover color
Added: Color-picker for footer-bottom link color
Added: Color-picker for footer-bottom link hover color
Added: Color-picker for scroll-to-top bg
Added: Color-picker for scroll-to-top bg hover
Update: Added PHP function to remove query strings from static resources (improve your pagespeed score)
Update: Combined each color scheme's CSS into single file for improved page speed
Update: Removed "activate custom color" to allow for style adjustments to individual items
Update: Moved all Deprecated Karma Settings to "Karma V3" in Site Options Panel
Update: "Utility Bar" is now globally referred to as "Page Title Bar" 
Update: Page Title Bar settings page added to Site Options Panel (Site Options > Page Title Bar)
Update: "Blog" and "Blog Posts" now separate pages in Site Options Panel
Update: Site Options Panel side-menu is now sticky
Bug Fix: "Disable content area gradient" footer spacing issue

4 August, 2015 – Version 4.5

New: Arrow indicators with animated sub-menus on Karma Mobile menu
Bug Fix: Mobile sub-menus not displaying
Bug Fix: Image opacity when main-menu dropdowns disabled
Bug Fix: 3rd-level sub-menu position with center-aligned logo
Bug Fix: 3rd-level sub-menu in top-toolbar

29 June, 2015 – Version 4.4

New: Arrow indicators with animated sub-menus on Karma Mobile menu
New: Karma fully updated for drag-and-drop page building
New: Visual Composer Plugin included
New: Karma Builder Plugin included (A custom Extension for Visual Composer)
New: All Existing Shortcodes converted to Page Builder Elements
New: 22 Completely New Page Builder Elements (circle loaders, animated lists and much more)
New: Welcome screen upon theme activation (Appearance > Karma Welcome)
New: Automatic and seamless theme updates
New: Blog archive now displays in user-selected layout (masonry, left-sidebar, right-sidebar)
New: Site Option to select "Heading Type" for Blog Posts
New: Site Option to disable sticky-sidebar
New: "Page Builder" template
Bug Fix: HTML Validation errors fixed in Main menu and Footer
Bug Fix: All "body text" properly changes when custom color selected
Update: Cleaned up WooCommerce CSS for better styling with WooCommerce 2.3.8+
Update: Main Menu converted to SuperFish JS
Update: PrettyPhoto updated to 3.1.6 (XSS security fix)
Update: Karma demo-content-plugin updated with new page builder elements
Update: Removed "Activate karma 4.0" this is now standard
Update: Theme screenshot

Version 4.3

New: Animated sticky header v2. (shows animated header on scroll-up rather than scroll-down)
Update: Karma has been swept clean of all code affected by recent Wordpress XSS Vulnerability.
Update: TGM-Plugin-Activation Script updated to 2.4.1

Version 4.2

New Page Layout - Masonry blog
New Page Layout - Left sidebar blog
New Page Layout - Left sidebar single-blog-post
New Page Layout - Full Width single-blog-post
New: Post formats + audio support
New: Easily add vector icon to main-menu items
Update: "sticky sidebar" script update and minor bug fix
Update: Site options CSS for more seamless styling
Update: Font-awesome library updated to 4.3.0

Version 4.1

New: Full support for inline retina images (retina.js)
New: Full support for multi-line page titles in left/right nav menus
New: Organized site options panel for easier navigation
New: Indicator arrows added to main menu
New: Function to log version number of Karma Theme, kept as a list for future analysis
Update: Cleaned up codebase to reduce theme weight and faster loading
Update: FontAwesome library upgraded to latest version

Version 4.0.5

Improved: Jetpack Compatibility
Improved: Google Fonts compatibility on HTTPS servers
Improved: CSS styling for UberMenu v3
Bug Fix: Team member image shortcode link
Bug Fix: Team member shortcode description
Bug Fix: Sticky menu when top toolbar is deactivated
Bug Fix: flexslider slide animation rtl css fixes at end of functions.php
Update: Timthumb.php
Update: Revert back timthumb-config.php to old setting, caching images in system temporary directory
Update: Javascript function truethemes_Tabs() in custom-main.js, parameter selected is changed to active in latest jQuery ui tabs
Update: jquery.prettySociable.js delicious.com url

Version 4.0.4

Fix PHP strict standards for nav classes declaration.
Fix PHP strict standards for multiple_sidebars declaration, and some PHP undefined index error.
Fix PHP undefined index errors and replaced deprecate function ereg() in admin-interface.php
Fix PHP error in shortcodes.php
Rewrite codes in function tt_get_comments_status()
Review and Rewrite parts of image-thumbs.php to remove redundant database queries.
Added "Disable Exclude Categories" option in theme site option, This is not needed in Karma 4, it is used in older versions to prevent posts from showing up in sliders. Removes many database queries depending on number of categories created.

Version 4.0.3

New: Fixed/sticky menu bar option. (visit the 'Header and Menu' section of Site Options Panel to activate)
New: Now fully RTL ready. Full support for Right-to-Left languages. (rtl.css)
New: "fax_number" attribute added to business contact shortcode.
New: "excluded_cat" attribute added to blog posts shortcode.
New: "3 Column Square" Image frames added (275x275).
New: "2nd save bar" added to the bottom of Site Options Panel. Includes a reset button. (available in IE9+)
Improved: Revolution Slider when placed within content area of page.
Improved: Greater compatibility with Google WebMaster Tools.
Update: Karma's Shortcode Manager updated to be ready for Wordpress 3.9 / TinyMCE 4.0.
Update: TGM-Plugin-Activation script updated to newly released version (2.4.0)
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 4.0.2

New: Parallax Banner now available on all page templates.
New: Parallax Banner options added to Wordpress Page-editing screen.
New: "Splash Page" Template.
New: 6 starter templates added to Demo Content Generator Plugin.
Improved: styling of Search Widget in top-toolbar and footer.
Improved: styling of Contact Form 7 plugin.
Improved: styling of UberMenu plugin.
Video: (2) UberMenu videos added to Karma Training Video Library.
Video: Parallax Banner video added to Karma Training Video Library.
Moved UberMenu Site Options Settings to 'Header and Menu' and added 2 new options.
Converted Gallery-Post 'description field' to WYSIWYG editor.
Updated Social Media Shortcodes and Widget with ability to open icons in new window.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 4.0.1

Bug Fix: "ul.list" spacing bug in sidebar
Bug Fix: replaced img {height:auto;} with #main img {height:auto;} to fix bug in older jQuery-2 full-width images
Bug Fix: added {display:table;} to jQuery-3 images for proper border rendering.
Bug Fix: changed "top" value to "-5px" for proper icon alignment on contact form notification box.
Update: added CSS for Instagram social icon.
Update: added CSS for Instagram social icon (small version - top toolbar).
Update: added CSS for Instagram social icon (clean vector style).
Update: added CSS for Instagram social icon (color vector style).
Update: added "min-height: 17px;" to social shortcode icons for improved rendering.
Update: added Instagram social icon (PNG).
Update: Social Networks Widget to include Instagram social icon.
Update:  Instagram to social icon shortcode.
Update:  Instagram to social icon shortcode output.
Update: added Slider Category ID text input.
Update: added XSS fix before setTimeOut function, this fix will santize prettyphoto hashtag url.
Update: modified CSS for improved rendering of main menu when "no navi description" is selected.
Update: Updated all metabox files to latest script version.
Update: Added $pagenow variable to also hide non-Karma 4.0 pages from 'Quick Edit' menu.
Update: jQuery and CSS Class names to properly hide pages from 'Quick Edit' menu.
Update: added gallery category ID text input
Update: Changed 'Header' to 'Header and Menu' for improved usability.
Update: Added heading for 'Menu Settings' for improved usability
Update: added check for gallery category ID text input value, if empty, will use back selected value from gallery category dropdown.
Update: Added code to fix bug and pull in values from site options panel.
Update: Karma Child Theme functions.php file for seamless integration with Better Wordpress Minify plugin.
Update: Updated links on LayerSlider and Revolution Slider pages to point to correct training videos.
Update: Added new video outlining the "Activate Karma 4.0" option.
Update: Added new video outlining troubleshooting tips for Karma jQuery Sliders.
Update: Added new video outlining details of left-nav / right-nav page templates.

Version 4.0

Added: Slider Post-type.
Added: Gallery Post-type.
Added: Ability for Slider on every page template.
Added: Ability for Shadow or Modern frames within Gallery.
Added: Animated Category Filtering within Gallery.
Added: Premium Plugin - LayerSlider now included.
Added: Premium Plugin - Revolution Slider now included.
Added: 10 New Color Schemes. Now 30 in total. (+ color-picker for custom color scheme)
Added: Karma jQuery 3 Slider.
Added: Ability to change background color of Karma jQuery 2 slider.
Added: Page-specific Slider Settings.
Added: Page-specific Gallery Settings.
Added: New Page Template - "Blank Canvas" 
Added: New Page Template - "Contact Google Map" 
Added: New Page Template - "Filterable Gallery" 
Added: New Shortcode - Font Awesome Vector Icons (over 360 gorgeous icons).
Added: New Shortcode - Font Awesome Vector Icon Boxes (simply stunning).
Added: New Shortcode - Business Contact Details.
Added: New Shortcode - Vector Social Media Icons.
Added: Site Options - Ability to create your own color scheme with point-and-click interface.
Added: Site Options - New Mobile Options. (mobile menu label, Apple iOS icons and more)
Added: Site Options - New Logo Options. (left, center and right logo aligment, retina logo and more)
Added: Site Options - New Header Options. (7 transparent overlay designs, adjust height and more)
Added: Site Options - New Footer Options. (7 transparent overlay designs, global callout section and more)
Added: Site Options - New Blog Options. (new social media sharing, selectable button colors and more)
Added: Site Options - New Slider Options.
Added: Site Options - New Pre-loaded Font Kits for pixel-perfection typography.
Added: Global Callout section above Footer.
Added: Content Area Styling - 5 Content Area Color Schemes (+ color-picker for custom color)
Added: 7 Transparent Overlay Images for a Custom Header and Footer Design. (or upload custom overlay image)
Added: Sticky Sidebar and Side Navigation.
Added: Support for UberMenu Plugin.
Added: New WooCommerce Page Layout Options (Full Width, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar)
Added: Vector Icons in Social Media Widget (3 new social icon variations)
Added: Child-page indicator arrows to main menu dropdowns.
Added: CSS3-PIE for enhanced support of CSS3 properties in Internet Explorer 8 and below.
Added: Toggle TimThumb script on/off.
Optimized: Entire code structure of theme to make smarter use of HTML5 elements.
Optimized: Entire theme to follow W3C Accessbility Standards (WCAG, ARIA, HTML5). Reach more customers with fully accesible theme.
Optimized: HiDPI Retina Display Support
Optimized: Visual appearance and UI improvements through entire theme.
Optimized: Improved Wordpress User Interface.
Optimized: Improved rendering on mobile devices.
Optimized: 70% reduction in image usage.
Optimized: 1000's of lines re-written and performance-optimized code.
Optimized: Faster loading scripts.
Optimized: Smaller file sizes.
Optimized: Smoother jQuery animations.
Optimized: Compressed existing images. Used image sprites wherever possible.
Optimized: Full support for Internet Explorer 11.
Optimized: Full support for WordPress 3.8+
Optimized: Completely re-built Site Options Panel with new UI design to match Wordpress 3.8+. Comes in all 8 color schemes.
Optimized: Completely re-built Karma Sliders. FlexSlider now used for all Slider functionality.
Optimized: Completely re-built Color Scheme CSS (now super easy to customize).
Optimized: Full compatibility with 'Better Wordpress Minify' plugin.
Optimized: Full compatibility with 'WP-HTML-Compression' plugin.
Optimized: Updated to meet ThemeForest's newly-released coding standards.
Optimized: Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Shortcodes (Vector Icons) - Added FontAwesome Vector Icon Shortcode. Over 360+ Icons.
Shortcodes (Vector Icon Boxes) - Added FontAwesome Vector Icon Boxes. Gorgeously styled multi-use callout boxes.
Shortcodes (Buttons) - 10 new color schemes, lightbox linking, Font-Awesome icons.
Shortcodes (Callout Boxes) - 10 new color schemes.
Shortcodes (Image Frames) - New float option, improved performance, lighter code.
Shortcodes (Lists) - 4 new list styles. Upgraded all lists with vector Font-Awesome icons.