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is there a protection to avoid to try login more then 5 times? (brute force)? like with captcha or something to avoid fraud or something else?

Yes but you have to implement it yourself. What this template can offer you is the design

Great template! What is the expected time to complete the bootstrap 3 version?

Hi; Is there a possibility to use third levels menu in left menu?


Any update on twitter bootstrap 3?

Hi before buying I just want to know if you are still updating / supporting this Template

yes i’m still supporting the template. About updating yes I will update if there will be a major changes

I purchased an Envato bundle that includes this template, for which I now have questions:

What JQuery and JQuery UI versions are supported?

When will Bootstrap 3 be supported?

What do I need to do get the latest version? The one I have appears to be 1.0.

you can use latest version of jquery and jquery ui it will work. I will add support to bootstrap 3 if given enough time. You already downloaded the latest version of it. It’s just the logo with 1.0 has not updated

Just curious how this will work with the new the WordPress 3.9 (ie. media features, drag and drop into WYSIWYG editor, playlists, etc)

This will not work in wordpress

I am using the ‘TABBED WIDGET’ and would like to set on load the second tab as the default tab. I tried using the jQuery 1.10+ command…

$( "#tabs" ).tabs( "option", "active", 2 );

But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have an alternative… or have the right procedure to achieve this?

I also tried

jQuery("#tabs").tabs("option", "active", 2);

But still no luck.

Check your error console in your browser. It wil tell you what’s missing or what’s the error

Will this be updated to Bootstrap 3?

I’m planning to upgrade this but hopefully I have enough time to convert this to bootstrap 3

Hi there, where do I download the 3 sets of icons advertised? They are nowhere to be found in the template.

Hello, thank you for the template, i found the wysiwyg editor not compatible with chrome 35.0 and IE11, and it works fine in Firefox. How can fix it?

I opened the page in the demo using chrome 35 and it works fine. Maybe you have some code missing. Check the demo


I’m trying to create a dashboard with some charts, and i have almost done, but i’m trying to change xaxis info for text with the “categories” plugin and i can’t get it to work. Do you have any example working.

Thanks in advance

Did you read the documentation about the flotcharts in using the categories?

I’ve got this template. I wonder if I can download later updates or should I make a new purchase.

Where did you get this template? I don’t see a badge that you bought this template

I got a promotional package birthday Envato. Among other templates was the Katniss. Just wonder if I can get it updated since acquired previously. Thank you!

What updates do you want to see on this template?


Great template, how do you change the width to default as wide instead of fixed? I have tried a few things but keeps reverting back to fixed.


Open the file css/style.default.css and in line 65 you will see that the .mainwrapper {} has a width of 1280px. Remove that width and you will have a fluid page

Hi. this a stupid question but still I need to ask you: can I use your forms on my website? I really need a working form with most of the features that you have on this demo. But I also need to the form to be working as I have no code skills at all. thank you

What you see in the demo are static forms so there’s no code included to function it.


Do you have any updates whether it is going to be updated for Bootstrap 3.3 ?

Many thanks, Regards,