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Hi There,

I’m very interested in buying this theme, but I still have some questions:

- Does it support news letter? Would that be another plugin? If so, may I know what it is?

- Am I be able to change the size of the product that is displayed on the product page? Currently the products look way to big for me. If I wanna put 10~20 product on the product page, it will take ages to scroll to the bottom i guess.



Hello and thanks for interest in Kauri theme.

Kauri doesn’t have bulit in plugin for newsletter, or included in package
Kauri supports third party plugin as any other theme – limited. That’s understandable because we cannot cover all the features of all plugins – the plugin functioning and styling greatly depends on third party developers.
There are plenty of plugins for newsletter, but this one looks promising: http://www.wysija.com/ . Try googling for more.

As for the products image size, you can change it, but it’s not recommendable, because it will disrupt the layout.

However, our other WooCommerce ready theme - Cherry , can handle image resizing and other products images (numbers on page, in row) settings.


Problems with this theme.
1.Do not appear posts in the slider
2. Not working homepage layout manager
How to fix?

Hello and thanks for purchasing Kauri,
  1. The posts should appear if
    - posts are sticky
    - have featured image
    - are selected in theme options (instead of products)
  2. Homepage layout should work (in 360 purchases noone reported it doesn’t)

It would be a lot easier to inspect the problem if you send us admin acces info on themes@aligator-studio.com

I am working on my website and when placing the Kauri Latest Products widget in the right sidebar, the first 3 products in the list of six are not clickable (I am running WP 3 .4.2). Also, when I set up product variations, and then click on a variation on a product detail page, the product picture doesn’t change to the variation picture. Is this a Kauri issue, a WP e-commerce issue, or am I doing something wrong?

I sent you a separate email on this same issue. I look forward to your reply.


Hello, we didn’t receive your email yet (did you send it on themes@aligator-studio.com?).
To help you with these issues:
Did you update the theme ? With the latest update (v. 2.1.1) the issues should be solved. The unclickable sidebar links are matter of css positioning and z-index which is solved with update. The variation images issue – since WooCommerce made changes with templating system since v 1.6, we were forced to make changes to Kauri WooCommerce templates, so it is possible that the theme update will solve this issue.
We tested it, and the variation image is changing with latest version.



I have only ever had version 2.1.1 of the theme, so, yes, it is updated, and I am using wp e-commerce, not woocommerce. The issues remain.


Bug found & fixed. More details in mail I have sent.

ric81 Purchased

All fine! Using the theme well. Thanks


Im using v2.0.3 and have made quite a few changes to look& feel using css. I need/want to update to the latest version. Whats the best way of doing so without losing all my changes?

I’m afraid that, if you made a lot of changes, it would be best if you documented them, as the upgrade will overwrite the changes.
The solution might be:
  • to backup your entire current, customized Kauri theme, make it a child theme (make double backup)
  • upgrade the theme and then
  • see which files you didn’t edit (in one copy, the one which you made as child) and delete those files (and folders)

If you decide to go this way, contact us, and we will send you files prepared for child – in child theme, besides style.css, couple of more files needed adjustments to make Kauri child theme work)

Cheers, and, good luck ;)

Alternatively, how do I sort the problem of a box displaying on all products page which displays “No products found which match your selection.” at the bottom of the page? (v2.0.3)


This notice is caused by WooCommerce update (to v.1.6) and your current Kauri version incompatibility.
This is solved with theme upgrade and I’m affraid you’ll need to update your theme, which is connected directly with your previous comment … :|

Hi! I’m trying to format my categories template for my Kauri woo commerce site. Clicking on a category the page will show 3 columns of products by default. How do I change this to show 2 columns instead? See http://body-foods.co.uk/?product_cat=bath-salts



judging by the way that your categories page looks, it seems that you have turned on the “Enable WooCommerce CSS styles” in WooCommerce settings – am I right ? Because, this is not the way the Kauri presents category products – by default, Kauri is displaying products in two rows.
If you turn off “Enable WooCommerce CSS styles” and you are still getting this layout, please, contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com


You are absolutely right! I must have checked that box by mistake, it’s now showing 2 rows as it should!

Many thanks and well done on a beautiful template! :)


We’re here to help ! :)

Wissep Purchased

How can I add the same effects to images as on the productpage? I like to add the zoom image-lightbox effect on an image on the homepage. Thanks for helping out.


can you please specify to which images would you like to add lightbox effect ? Please, contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com


Dear AligatorStudio,

Here me again :)

Could you please help me how to change the pagination? the default is Next & Previous.

I want to change it with “1 2 3 … last”. Just like a google search engine pagination.

Please help me how to do it. Thanks….

Just skip my last question… I had hand coding by my self :D


sorry for (too) late answer … :( We was away from office – even we deserve a day off … ;)
But, we’re glad you solved it .We have the pagination in our (long) to do list. It’s actually relatively easy to implement it, and we did that for our Cherry theme.
And there are couple of plugins that can do that, too …


Hi. I have tried this: In theme folder “languages” there is a file Kauri.pot, which you can edit with Poedit program, or you can use Codestyling localization plugin. If you use Poedit, remember to save Kauri.pot as, for example it_IT.po (for italian). Poedit will automatically created .mo file, and that is the file need to be on your server, theme “languages” folder.

My files are named: da_DK.mo and da_DK.po (Danish language). I have uploaded the files to the “language” folder in the Kauri theme, and both testet it with and without the original Kauri-files in the language folder – but the translation does not seem to happen. See: www.kvalitetsleget├Şj.dk. Thanks in advance. Best regards Mark.


Thanks to alligatorstudio for the help with language versioning. To help others, I have made this little quick guide.

Language Versioning of Kauri Theme
This is a quick guide (not an indepth explanation) to making a language specific version of “Kauri – responsive theme for WP e-Commerce”. I have done this myself, with the support of the aligatorstudio team (thanks for a great theme :)).

  1. Install and configure WordPress and Kauri Theme following the provided guidelines.
  2. After making sure, that everything works, as it is supposed to, make a full backup of all files.
  3. Download the default language files for the Kauri Theme from the url ([YOUR DOMAIN ]/wp-content/themes/kauri_wpsc.2.1.1/languages/). The files are named “kauri.pot” and “kauri.mo”.
  4. Change the file type of “Kauri.pot” to “Kauri.po”, as the suggested translation software (“Poedit”) only recognises this file type.
  5. Use a program like “Poedit” (http://www.poedit.net) to translate the english version of the Kauri Theme into your preferred language. It is very simple. The english text is shown in a form field named something like “Original Text”, and then you enter the new text into a form field named “Translation”.
  6. You will have to rename the language file according to your chosen language. For the Danish language the file should be named “da_DK.po” (changed from “Kauri.po”). A list of correct file names for different languages can be found here: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language
  7. After you have translated all the words and sentences, you want to, save the file. Before doing so, it is very important, that you under “Settings” in “Poedit” have chosen to “Make a .mo-file when saving”. This will automatically save a .po-file and a .mo-file (e.g. “da_DK.po” and “da_DK.mo”). Upload these files to the language folder of the Kauri Theme ([YOUR DOMAIN ]/wp-content/themes/kauri_wpsc.2.1.1/languages/).
  8. The last thing you need to do is to tell WordPress to use your language version (thanks alligatorstudio :)). This is done by editing the file “wp-config.php”, which is in the root of your WordPress installation. Around line 70 (or close by) change the line “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en_US’);” to your language version (same as new file names), e.g. “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘da_DK’);” (do not use citation marks :)) Also make sure to use the correct hyphens like: ’ and not ┬┤ for it to work (use same as in the file “wp-config.php”).
  9. And that is it. Very quick, clean and works perfectly.

    :) Mark, Collaboration


Hi Mark,
I’m glad it all worked for you and thank you for detail description of the process! I’m sure many buyers will find it very useful. If you don’t mind we will copy it to FAQ section :-)


Glad you think my small guide can help others. That was the intention. Of course you are very welcome to use it in the FAQ . Feel free to edit it. Have a nice weekend! :) Mark


How to hide out of stock items from the catalogue please? I’ve tried…

>> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Inventory >> Out of stock visibility >> Hide out of stock items from the catalogue

.... but the item still shows in the catalogue (with a red “Out of Stock” notice and no ADD TO CART button).


That is strange. I have just tested the option on our demo site and it works as it should. Can you please contact us to themes@aligator-studio.com and give us temporary admin access to your WP so we can take a look?

Thanks…. admin details emailed.

Solved…. many thanks!


Always happy to help. :)

Hi, I want to buy this theme. However, my requirement is that I want my website to be buddypress+woocommerce compatible. Can you tell me if your theme can support both ?


No, I’m affraid that Kauri wasn’t created for buddypress.

I have so many problem with checkout,it create this error message,why?

{result”:” \n\t\t\t Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Sorry, your session has expired. Return to homepage ?<\/a><\/li>\n\t\t\t First Name<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Last Name<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Address<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Town\/City<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Postcode\/Zip<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Country<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t State\/County<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Email Address<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t\t\t Phone<\/strong> is a required field.<\/li>\n\t<\/ul>”,refresh“}


Hello, it seems like you didn’t set up the checkout page . You need to have page with [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode, and, in WooCommerce settings, Pages tab, at the bottom of the page, in “Shop pages” select Checkout page


pylon Purchased

I’m running version 2.0 of theme with WP 3 .4.2 but the envato plugin doesn’t offer me the upgrade option. Do i have to update the theme manually?

pylon Purchased

Don’t worry – I’ve updated it manually.

But while I’m here, if I use the theme options backup feature, can I then restore to a backup after switching to use the Kauri 2.1.2 child theme?


I’m glad you managed to upgrade. It could be that Envato plugin didn’t update because there are two versions of Kauri …
About the restoring the backed up options – yes , you can restore backed up options when you activate child theme.


Hi again! Thanks for a brilliant theme, it look really good and it’s all coming together now. I did a test purchase from my site and the responses to the buyers email work perfectly. Only thing I’d like to change is the appearance of the order confirmation emails, customize them with my logo and colors. Is there any way I can do that? Right now the email header is just blue. Thanks!


Hello. You can customize emails in WooCommerce settings.