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Hi, I have v2.1.6 and cannot change the heading font color and menu color. I have made sure to check the theme override boxes for each, and still no change. Can you help?


the “options” folder on your server needs to be writable ( folder permissions set to 775 ) – this is the folder where theme options css is generated. Please check folder permissions, and if the problem still persists, contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com


Hi there, great theme! I have a question to do with the product page. When I change the quantity of a product it does not update on the product page i.e. I have a product for £3 and may want to buy 10 quantities of it but the price on the product page remains at £3 when it should be £30. Is there any way around this? Many thanks!

I inspected your site and I didn’t notice any error reported.

But – the quantity does update the total price – if you change quantity and click “add to cart” the cart will display correct total amount.

If you want that the price right above the quantity field changes on quantity change – I’m afraid plugin doesn’t have that feature ( the way that attributes / options dropdowns are changing price ).

is there no way at all you can have the +/- buttons change the price on the product page? I will even pay you to figure it out! Or can you point me to someone who can help? It seems like a very basic option that woo commerce should have but doesn’t!

It’s not that simple, and it would require quite a bit of custom code. And we don’t do custom code (please, see here)

Because there are so many dynamic options to regard – variation prices, price ranges ( when sales) ... and those are changed dynamically. There are two places where price is displayed, under the prod. title and when variation is changed. So the code would have at least two different considerations when calculating price – variation change and/or quantity.

Trust me, that’s not so easy to implement, and I believe that WooCoomerce team (very good programmers) would implement it if it was easy and if they thought it’s necessary ( since the total amount is calculated in the cart. )

Maybe you should try with Microlancer to find some developer to code this … ?


Does this work with the new Woocommerce update? I’ve been reading that a lot of themes are having issues because of the new update Woo made. Thanks.

Hi, all of our themes (except for Cherry) are already updated to latest WC 2.1 – and so is Kauri – but it’s in Theme Forest review queue. Please, check tomorrow it will most probably be available.

Kauri / WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility is made through Beta and RC1 releases and final release adapting and testing process.



I’ve been using Kauri WC theme for over a year and I love it. However, today I updated my WooCommerce plugin to 2.1.1 and now my styles on the product pages are messed up – help is there anyway to fix or check without rolling everything back..?

I do get a message on THEME page that says (Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files, please update or remove) but I don’t know how to do that as a one off/manual task.

any help would be great

Thank you. —Mitchman

Kauri Woo Commerce 2.1.5 Theme WC Version: 2.1.1 WC Database Version: 2.1.1 WP Version: 3.8.1

We have upgraded our demo sites to WC 2.1.1 without any problems (themes packages are still in queue on Theme Forest) but it looks like these two upgrades (2.1 and 2.1.1) are causing problems for some sites. We have to agree with your advice and urge everyone to wait before upgrading. The upgrades introduce many changes and WooCommerce team is working on solving issues and providing instructions on how to avoid problems. If you have upgraded already, and you are having problems, try checking official WooCommerce support forum on WordPress site http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce .


it looks like you have released a new Kauri_Woo_2.2 update but I’m curious how you handle the deleted pages from WC 2.1.1 and does your update override the styles that WC embeds in this version? basically it took me almost 2 days to get my site back up and working properly – I’m very nervous to try another upgrade. I guess I’ll wait to hear feedback from your user community.

Thank you

- Mitchman


Yes, Kauri overrides new WC styles (old function for overriding is now deprecated). As for the pages – on update WC automatically deletes pay, thanks pages and several account pages. We cannot do anything about it, as WC doesn’t need those pages (they are handled with endpoints).

What you would need to do is, as they say in WC “flush” permalinks – essentialy, reset them.

They made a lot of changes and a lot of issues to people all over. As far as we tested, Kauri 2.2 doesn’t have any issues with WC 2.1.x, so I would suggest you to update, but first backup all – database and files (most servers has automatic backups)

Please chech your menus, because there will probably some broken links – so delete them.


We post here because you don’t answer to emails ! We thought the theme was gave up, but you still apparently reply to others, and the last comments are from 5 days! We use the child theme, and the theme customization isn’t possible. We can’t change the background, fonts, colors …. However, it worked on the parent theme. We use the child theme because we would like to do some adjustments. Thanks for your prompt reply.


we apologize for not answering your emails – there’s been quite a few of them in short time (all of that could fit in one email ? ;) ). We are answering others because those questions are fairly simple – your requires a bit more attention and time, so please, bear with us.

I don’t know if you realized, but, latest WooCommerce caused quite a mess – Woo are trying to fix this – they issued 3 updates in 4 days (!), and we are coping with that too (no matter we already made Kauri compatible with beta and RC releases of latest WooComerce).

Once again, apologize, and I’m asking you to be (even) more patient. We will answer your emails asap and solve your issues.

Thank You. p.s.: when we issue Kauri update, you will be notified, and that update will probably solve some issues.

Hi Alen, can you tell me how can I do this option page in me site? http://www.tryvertty.com/pages/country

Thanks Miguel

Thanks Alen, it’s something like that I’m looking for.

I hope it will help you … Cheers

I upgraded to 2.2 version and latest WooCommerce and now things won’t get added to shopping cart, the menu drop down isn’t working. Please help!

Hello. Please try doing this: backup theme options (use theme options button), change theme to default theme (twenty-twelve or other), switch back to Kauri. If that doesn’t help, can you please turn on WP-DEBUG in config file and contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com with more details (URL, admin access).


I love the theme, but i was wondering if there is any way to remove the reviews section from the product pages?


Hi, there is a way, but I’m afraid only by editing the code. Open the functions.php file ( you should use child theme, or backup this edit, in case of theme update ) and add this piece of code:
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'as_woo_remove_reviews_tab', 98);
    function as_woo_remove_reviews_tab($tabs) {


         return $tabs;


Hi, I’ve installed V2.1.6 for a client – woocommerce is saying several of the cusotm templates are out of date, we also can’t add anything to the basket. I’ve deleted the /woocommerce/single-product/tabs/ and /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/ folders via FTP and we can now add to basket.

I’d prefer not to tamper with the theme, can you tell me why this is happening and how we can apply a more permantent fix?

Can you provide the address so we can inspect if there’s any error notice in Chrome Developer Tools …


Thanks, can i email this to you? it’s a clients development site and they wouldnt want me to share it publically.

ok – themes@aligator-studio.com

With small reminder on issue, please …


Hi, I have purchased this theme, and have uploaded my logo which is justified to the LEFT at the top of the page.

Could someone please let me know how i can CENTER the logo at the top ?

As not sure if there is an option or any custom CSS that can help.




Add this css code to Custom CSS (Appearance > Theme options > Styling options) :
#site-title {
text-align: center;
float: none;


How can I go about adding tumblr and path to the list of social networks in the social widget.


that would require some re-coding of theme … Did you try to find some plugin with social icons ? There are plenty of those …


Actually, I just did it manually, but what I require now is a linkedin icon to match the rest of them in terms of appearance. What icon set did you use for the socials?

We created our own icons from official logos … :/


I cant seem to get the featured or latest products widgets to show any thumbnails at all. Content is blank.

Let me check this with our demo theme installations and I’ll get back to you. If you can provide your site address it would be very helpfull …



I checked on our demos and featured and latest widgets and everything works fine. Could you please provide the address so we can inspect the issue ?


Hi, I have seen that has several kinds of coins, you can add the currency of Peru? is S /.

As I can do?

Hi, there is a plugin for adding custom currencies – http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-custom-currencies/


good!! ;)

Hi, I was wondering if a future enhancement would be possible… In header.php there is a br tag just before span id=”site-description” ?php bloginfo( ‘description’ ); ? /span. I cannot see a clean way to remove this without changing the parent kauri template. Unless I have missed something is it possible to make the br tag configurable/css? Thanks


you can remove it (hide it, actually), with custom css ( add it in theme options > styling options):
#site-title br {
display: none;


Oops! I completely forgot about being able to remove html elements. Many thanks!

You’re welcome :)

Hi aligatorstudio,

Is the latest version of this theme compatible to WordPress 3.9 and WooCommerce 2.1.8 …?

Also, where can I get the dummy data that is identical to that to the demo on http://aligator-studio.com/kauri-woocommerce/ ...?

Please advise. Thank you. :)

It can be done, but some images in demo are under copyright, and we’re not allowed to redistribute them.

That’s why we didn’t include demo xml file for import – we can do it, but we’ll need to edit the import file to exclude copyrighted images.

Please, contact us on themes@aligator-studio.com with small reminder on your request, and we well reply by sending you export file.


Will do soon. Thank you.

Ok, when we receive email we will create the file.


I want to change font colour in the menu drop-downs at checkout, e.g. Country drop-down. Any ideas? Is it in a Woocommerce stylesheet? Or is there a better way to do it?


Hi, drop down for countries (in checkout) is part of WooCommerce, that is a jQuery plugin Select 2 incorporated WooCommerce.

But you can change font colour with Custom CSS (Theme options > Styling Options):
.chosen-container-single .chosen-single span,
.chosen-container .chosen-results li {
color: red
Off course, change “red” to your colour.


Hi aligatorstudio,

I noticed in your updates log, for March 04 2013 ver. 2.1.4,
  • added SP WPEC Variation Image Swap plugin to “optional plugins”package (WP e-Commerce)

Is this plugin necessary for WooCommerce 2.1.8 ? If not, does the latest theme update support the Variation Image Swap feature internally?

Please advise.

Cheers, Jason

Hi Jason,

SP WPeC Variation Image Swap plugin is extension or addon for WP e-Commerce plugin, NOT WooCommerce.

From version 2.2 Kauri only supports WooCommerce (WP e-Commerce version is abandoned ) so we strongly advise to use it exclusively (for shop functionality) with that plugin.

WooCommerce has internal support for swapping variation images.


Noted with thanks.

You’re welcome ! :)

Perfect, TY!

You’re welcome ! :)


I’m having trouble getting the slider with featured products to show. I’ve tried changing it to posts rather than static page but nothing appears except a post at the bottom. Nothing I do in homepage manager allows me to edit. There are products uploaded and featured (some of the products seemed to have lost their images in the switch from the previous theme but that’s fixed now). Can you help? I’ve also sent an email.



we noticed you contacted us on our support forum, so we will answer you there. I hope that’s ok with you.

Thank you

Really nice theme . But i have a unic problem with it . I am trying to change in settings the “default option” to “day and month” cause it´s very important for the SEO. When i do this , if i come back to my landpage and i make a clik in some menu button, this doen´t work . what should i do? , thanks for you support. If you need that i send you the images , send me a private mail to [email removed by request]

Addendum: I just realized it seems that Xampp is abbondoned 3 years ago (not verified, though), so perhaps you should consider other alternatives to Wamp (Xampp) – Vagrant or Ampps


Ok thanks , what i am going to do is keep with my plans and in some days i will buy my name page and i will send everything to there, and i will try. If i had some problem i would tell you. Cheers

Ok, we’re here to help … I hope you understand that, in most cases, it’s hard for us to help if we have very limited control or no access.
I’m sure everything will work fine, and if not – we’re here. :)