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I have a list of questions but I will start with the following:

- How does the “sermon” page or display work. I see no obvious sermon manager or post type that would lend it self to an obvious solution. I would like to enter sermons per week and then display a list of sermons and have that list link to the individual sermon page/post.

- The “people” page builder. How does this effectively work? I tired to use the social links section to enter in phone numbers, email and other information. As far as the email I tried using the html mailto function but this failed.

Please asssit on these matters

HI etruchan, you need to comment on the WordPress version of Kause, please go here:

currently 5.3.28 have option to run 5.4.30, 5.5.14, or 5.6.0RC1 thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, Please try updating the 5.4 or higher please

Hi Kenny—Updated PHP but to no avail.

Hi Kenny—Sorry, my error. Working like a charm now. Thanks for all your wonderful support!

Hi Kenny

I have a problem. In menu the active button background is not changing? For example when you go from home page to contact page the active button background does not change from home to contact button/menu?

Thanks Devan

Hi Devan, have you purchased this template? Please submit support requests from the account you purchased the template with.

Hi Kenny,

I used qtranslate plugin to apply in Kause theme, but I find that some area is not work, like the “Text Section” (Block). Would advise how to fix it? Thanks a lot!!!!!

have you bought the HTML template?

Hi, when I try to upload the logo in “Kause > general settings”, the following message appears: Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/(hidden)/public_html/wp-content/themes/kause/inc/options/options_general.php on line 261

This means it doesn’t recognize the logo size (196×150px) and it doesn’t apply a compression ratio and the “Adjust nav. menu relative position” doesn’t work either. When I did it in Mamp everything was fine. Now in the “real” web (online) it’s not. Thank you for the help L.

This is the feed for the HTML template, please go comment on the WordPress theme:

I am seeking to add content to a custom widget on Kause. I have created a custom widget via Kause Settings > Advanced, and the custom widget is then listed in widgets. I can then drag and drop a widget into th ecustom widget area. HOWEVER, the widget then does not save. It goes thru the morion of saving (rotating ticker), but the content then does not appear on the site, and when I leave the admin area and come back (or refresh) the dropped widget has disappeared. Am I missing a higher level ‘save’ requirement on the page?

this is the HTML template, I think you need to be commenting on the WordPress version here:

I’m having an issue with the responsiveness of the political theme—some of my text isn’t scaling properly on iPad (portrait and landscape orientation).

My site is here:

The two section breaks with text on top of a photo are where I’m having issues. Can you recommend a fix? Thanks!

I’m also having issues with the third slider image at the top—the right side of the text is being cut off on phone and tablet.

Never mind about the third slider image… =P

Hi mtbaker03, The text blocks in your full width image sections are positioned absolute. This is the problem for your scaling, they won’t respond when relative changes are made to the parent containers size. Other sections like “ABOUT PEGGY SCHUELKE” have the wrong heriachy of markup, the two “half” divs need to be inside the clearfix in order to be cleared when scaling down.

Hello, I have been using Kause on a staging server while I am building a new website with the theme. How can I preserve my Kause settings when I go live with the new site? Thanks.

Is this in regards to the HTML template or the WordPress version? If WordPress you need to contact here:

Hello, thank you so much for this beautiful template. I am an absolute rookie, with a lot of questions, I’m so sorry! 1) How can I change the color of the menu bar? 2) Is it possible to transfer a Wordpress blog to the blog here? 3) How can I replace the squares for supporters with the logos of our sponsors? 4) How does the latest Tweet in the footer work? Is it continually updated, or is that manual?

Thank you so very much. Any information on these questions will be so useful.

You can see a mockup (in its beginning stages) at

Also, the social icons have turned into squares?

Sorry for the late reply, have been away on holidays.

1. The menu bar, like all colors can be changed in the styles.css file (see documentation)

2.Transfering a WordPress blog to HTML templates can be done, but must be done manually. As WordPress is a blogging platform I suggest looking at using the Kause for WordPress version of this design.

3. You simple need to update the image paths in the HTML file.

4. The latest tweet is a design concept. You would update this manually.

5. Social icons are powered by FontAwesome and you can easily change icons (see documentation) however your social icons are the same as the preview site, so I see no problem.

Great theme! We’ve been working on this theme for a client who bought it from her own account, but we’ve noticed that the Search function is not working. It keeps generating 0 results.

You can check it out (in the footer) at

We tried both the Kause search and Wordpress search.

sorry disregard this!

Awesome work Kenny! When I switch to the boxed version per the documentation, however, the footer doesn’t extend all the way to the bottom of the screen like it does in the demo. It stops and you can see the background color. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, can you please share your URL with me so I can see.

Hi, just wondering if you happen to have a version of the contact page with a space for “phone number” included in the form, or if you can help me add that if its not too much work? Thanks.

Ignore comment above, I went with a different form solution… =)

Hi guys! I’m having trouble displaying authors for my posts. Each post has a different author but all of them keep displaying “Collectively Free” Example here

I got a plug in as well to help me on this but even with the plug in and the guest author’s name selected and showing in the post’s author once it’s posted it doesn’t display.

I appreciate the help!

Thank you!

Hi Rciavatta, This is the HTML version, it sounds like you are talking about the Wordpress version. Please contact they guys here Cheers

Hello, I would like to insert videos from my youtube in the gallery page. I would use an image as thumb for my video, but then, when I click on the thumb image, I would like the video to be played in overlay, as the other full images do. Is it possible? How can I do it?

Thank you.


Hi Donatella, Sorry but if you are embedding youtube video’s the display of the iframe content is really controlled by youtube. To do what your asking you should use self hosted html5 videos. Cheers

Hi Kenny, i am having an use with gallery2.html (html theme)

there seems to be an intermittent issue with the gallery where the images get cut off. If you re-size a few times it seems to act much better and start working again. See attached link.

Image of issue

Any help is very much appreciated

Can you double check in main.js file has the following on line 188

// initialize Isotope after all images have loaded
      var $container = $('#thumb-gallery').imagesLoaded( function() {
          // options

Yes, line 188 and 189:

// End Call });

Do i just need to update the main.js file?

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, we just had a baby and I have been away. Yes please use the main.js file from the latest theme download.

Why isn’t there a sports version in my download? I don’t want to rebuild a theme I just paid for. I was hoping to download and start building, now it appears I need to rebuild the theme doesn’t that defeat, at least some what, the purpose of using templates?

CRAP! Can i switch the licenses? I was on the sport one when I used the yellow button to buy it. How does that work to swap the licenses?

I have no control over licenses. You need to contact Envato Support, they handle refunds, transfers etc.

Okay will do, they also had the wrong buy link in the Live Preview which got me in this mess :)

I purchased the HTML version. Is there a way to have a single html file for the main navigation that is included in all the other pages. That way if you add a link the change is global.

No, not with HTML. You would need to rewrite as PHP to do this as HTML does not have an include function like what your after.

Hi, I’m trying to set-up wpml and I’m all new at web management and how this all works. I noticed don’t have the .mo files needed for the Korean language. Could you advise how I could go about getting it?

Thank you.

Hi, this is the HTML version, I think you need to be commenting on the WordPress version.


digtech Purchased

Hi, when I upload updates to my site using your template, the site wont reflect the changes I made. Can you suggest a solution.

Thanks, Collin

This sounds like a caching or server issue. Are your changes to the html or CSS?