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Is there away to make the Social media Buttons Bigger and make them a different color / look.

I run a 4 channel internet radio station and I would like to add the 4 channel names as buttons at the top of the page

Thanks for your help :)

Hi sound-lab,

You could try to edit the the CSS file in k-boom/library/css/main-css.css and there you’ll find all details about the social icons.

Also you could add extra button by editing the html for social icons in header.php.

And if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Hello when I load in the demo content it fails to download.

Hi slayer1189,

Could you please send me some more details at johnny@holobest.com so I might have a closer look and see how I might help you in this regard ?



Hi im having problems with your theme I cannot add the music files onto the homepage, and when i add audio files the music wont play can you please help out? www.vuelogitano.com

Hi optimizaus,

No worries. I’ll help you out with this.

Firstly I would suggest you to take a look on our support article: http://holobest.com/support/knowledgebase/360/ and also make sure you use freshly uploaded mp3.

Secondly you should know that if you need to override the homepage playlist you should take a look on this article: http://holobest.com/support/knowledgebase/k-boom-overriding-the-home-page-song-list/

And if you won’t manage it please send me some login details at johnny@holobest.com and I’ll try take a look and see how I might help you.



Hi There

Can you create a second gallery and filter photos by category/type?

Thanks Caitlin

Hi Caitlin-M,

Unfortunately that’s not an available option within our theme. And in order to accomplish it you’ll need to modify theme’s files.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.



Swwils Purchased


There has still been no update to this theme for over a year now.

Several issues exist: No event ordering by date! No event expiry option. Silly formatting on event date. Broken display on slim viewports Depreciated script libs Memory leak errors Please FIX these issues and make the theme usable!

Hi Swwils

We apologies for the inconveniences. And Thank you for informing us about the events. I’ve noticed down your suggestions and forwarded to our team to be considered for next updates.

As for the update you’ll be notified when it will be done.



Hi. The responsive function in my page doesn’t work. I don’t know why. I did some changes in diagramation and use of the spaces in the page, but i didn’t touch te code about responsive function or structure of the template, I don’t want reset the template because i can lose the changes. I appreciate your help to restart the responsive function. I wrote to your mail. Sorry for the insistence, but I must solve this inconvenience for my client

Hi Freddy,

Thank you for informing me about this.

And thank you for sending the email. I’ll take a look and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


Hello! Is there a way to view the pictures of single articles in general blog page? I would see theme here: http://www.pierodellemonache.net/news/ Thank you!

Hi Piero,

I would warmly recommend you to use the post format: image – so your single post images will appear on blog page.