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Hello. Please i am having some issues on the K-BOOM Theme…...why you are getting <<#.VhqkdUJkIg4>> stuck to your installation…... It’s making the menu not to display…..It clips that #...... to every url as you open new page … im currently using version 1.2.2… is there a new update that has this fixed?


Thanks. I’ve received you email and I’ve start digging into. I’ll try take a look and get back to you shortly.


Thank for your mail Johnny… We have fixed the issue Thanks to you again …

Great !

Hello Johnny.. Please i want to know where to edit pages i create.. it confuses me a lot when i usually try to do it myself.. Can you please give me a guide line to this. Thanks … For instance, i want to go into my photos to edit them but can’t find where the pages are to edit.

Hi Chris,

I’ve replied via email with more info.



Thanks for your mail Johnny.. I have replied you as well… I want to link the video Photo and Audio page to the ones i have in the media drop down menu on the website and also on the Team Page where i want to make it a photo page because it will be showing the team involved and their bios. More details in the mail i have sent..



changelog says last update was Sept 2014 but details page says Sept 2015, should I update it?

Hi LeilasLass,

Thank you for mentioning. Yes. You can update it. But before make sure you backup all.

If you have any other queitions please don’t hesitate to ask .


There is a WordPress deprecated notice for the Flickr Widget: In kboom/admin/inc/widget-flickr.php it calls $this->WP_Widget when it should be parent::__construct (since WordPress 4.3.0).

Hi dbrew_ham,

Thank you for informing us about this.


Hi, I’m unable to upload a logo. When I click “Upload” or even the “X” to delete the default logo, nothing happens. I’ve tried on different browsers. Thank you for any assistance!

Hi jquinn33,

Could you please provide me more details on johnny.holobest@gmail.com and I’ll try to see how I might help you.



Hi Johnny

Has there been an update for this theme? When was the last available update?

Please advise.

Thanks Melissa

Hi Melissa,

The last update was: v1.2.2 -FIXED: PrettyPhoto javascript plugin updated to 3.1.6 due to some XSS vulnerability in previous version



I am making this page with your template www.vitrinaturistica.anato.org but when trying to upload pictures from the manager not shown in the frontend, I have written your mail, I hope you can help me.

Sure, I’ll have a look.

I’m working on my slider but I can’t seem to be able to choose any photos. The slider option as been activated under Theme Options and when I got to add a new slide, I am able to update the title, caption but while adding image to slide “add image upload” pop up come but when I click “insert into post” nothing gets assigned to post. no image shown in the slider edit screen.

Also the insert media in event section doesn’t work.

Please Help! Thank you!

Hello davide_vinci,

The update will be available in a few weeks. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Cheers, Holobest Team

Hello, my customer need to go online. Have you any idea when the upgrade is aviable? Thanks

This week will be available, we are working on latests polishings.

Cheers, Holobest Team

Your upload buttons down work when trying to change logo?

Hello bedroom2club,

I am sorry but I am not sure I understand what you wanna say.Please explain it in detail.


Hey, bought your theme a while ago, and I’m really enjoying it so far! :grin:

There’s just one thing I can’t get figured out yet – is there a possibility to center the main menu and to hide the separation line next to the last menu item on the right?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello kachsten,

yeah, you can, by using CSS.



I just updated my theme and to the latest version of wordpress and my slider is not showing up anymore http://www.omaribanks11.com/

Can you help please?


Please leave me an email to: andrei.holobut@gmail.com and I will guide you step by step, there…

Cheers, Holobest Team

I emailed you but never got a reply. please check your email

Hello navindesigns,

I fixed the problem for you. The problem was that you didn’t have a slider created and the the slides were not attached to it.


I’m almost done with this site, i’ve emailed the designer and even asked users to help me upload music to the album player but no help? I can’t get my tracks on there no matter what i try. Can some one guid me help me, advise me? anything?

It’s a fantastic theme but this has been days now and still no help?

Hello bedroom2club,

I didn’t received any email from you so far, can you please leave me an email to: andrei.holobut@gmail.com, and I will give you a detailed guidance right there.

Cheers, Holobest team


psxm3 Purchased


I just installed the theme, but the title headers above each widget like SOUNDCLOUD, EVENTS, VIDEO are very small and not large in font compared to your demo. Is there a way to adjust that somewhere?

Hello psxm3,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM Theme,

Can you please leave me your website URL, so I can see more detailed what’s going on?

Look forward to your reply!

Cheers, Holobest Team

is the theme 4.4.1 compatible?

Hello jeroenberings,

Yes, it does.

Cheers, Holobest Team


I have mailed on several regular issues with this template. Like:

• There is a nice sets of colors pre defined but I wish to have another color. One that matches a certain color in my logo, or just a color I prefer. Especially for the menu and the three blocks on top of the home-page.

• Which brings me to the next issue. If I chose to use a static home page, suddenly the three blocks on top of the page are not an option anymore and the possibility to insert a slider is gone. I can’t see why I can’t have a static home-page with sliders and blocks?

• I can not add html-style tag (colors) to plain text or <p>...</p>, although it is possible with text types like <h4>...</h4>.

• Is it possible to remove the search-box in the top-menu?

• What are the proper dimensions for the background. It keeps re-sizing my background pictures (1920×1080).

• Bug? ... There is another issue with telephone numbers in the footer, shown on Mobile (iPhone 6). The lining between the number appears to be at least 2,0x?

The answer I received was:

Unfortunately we do not offer support for extra costumisation, if you need these changes, you should hire and freelancer…

A very unsatisfying answer for a paying customer. Please contact me for a proper service level.

Thank You … again.

Yvo H.

Hello yvohennekens,

We are sorry for your inconvenience, but we offer support for installing and setting up the theme, not for extra features… also you can find more info regarding the theme setup, right here: http://holobest.com/support/section/k-boom/

Cheers, Holobest Team