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Nice WORK!! Good Luck with sales!!


Very nice theme. I’ll be purchasing in the next few hours.



Hey there! You’ve got an error on your demo, on the filters on this page… http://kboom.adrianholobut.com/wp/?page_id=38 goes off to this page… http://kboom.adrianholobut.com/wp/?types=islands

Hello meanthemes,

Thank you for your good intentions,

But I’m sorry, at me works perfectly, try to clear your cache browser.

P.S. Please let me know if it works for you after did you cleared your cache browser.

Best Regards,


< Hi Andrei,, Very nice theme..

Can we use Soundcloud player in the portfolio audio page? I mean is there a built in custom Soundcloud player in K-Boom? (Since self-hosted audio file requires reliable server..)


Hello candeed,

Unfortunately at the moment there you can add only audio files.

Best regards, Andrei

Oh, okay then.. ;) Thanks for the information, Andrei..

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks :)

With the individual audio pages (e.g., http://kboom.adrianholobut.com/wp/?audio=eminem-roice), is the format of that page available to use for individual blog posts? Not just limited to pages?

Hello glhawk87,

At the moment that format is used just for Single Audio Page, but I can add in the future this format for blog posts too.

P.S. Now I’m prepare the next updates list.

Best regards, Andrei

Holobest, awesome!

Also, with the custom mp3 player on the audio pages – am I able to place a URL from a soundcloud song into a custom field where it will still use the mp3 player you’ve built into the theme, rather than using the SoundCloud player? Or show the soundcloud player in place of the custom mp3 player.

Example, if I paste this url, https://soundcloud.com/kaskade/kaskade-vs-hard-rock-sofa, into the content of the page (or blog post) or a custom field, will it show the SoundCloud player or use your custom MP3 player? I want to eliminate having to grab the SoundCloud embed code.

P.S. Volume control on the audio player would be a great feature :D

Hey glhawk87,

You can embed SoundCloud into single audio page, with SoundCloud embedding Code using the mp3 player in the same time. :)

“P.S. Volume control on the audio player would be a great feature “

Take it easy man, yesterday I just launched the theme, of course there will be added more features in the future :D


Best regards,


does this support dailymotion beside youtube?

Hello Tonixzmac,

Please be more specific, ;)



Good luck with sales! I really loved the name of the theme :D

Thanks Cris :D

Hi there,

I am really keen to buy this theme but when viewing the preview on an iPhone 5 the site is displayed as a very narrow column (about a quarter of the width of the screen) and the background image runs out (becomes white) about a quarter of the way down the site when scrolling. There is also no Nav menu on the iPhone – instead there is an icon which needs to be tapped to bring up the menu options. Not very obvious.

Hope you can fix these issues then I will purchase.

Hello BeatWave,

1. On Mobile Devices the site is displayed on one column mode, to check it you also can adjust your browser

- The site have 4 predefined sizes which will adapt on required screen(960px or larger, 768px, 480px and 320px )

2. I rechecked again and at me works perfect, the background is still there (Please make sure your page is loaded 100%)

3. There is a navigation bar menu as an icon, that icon is known as menu, you can see on many applications and websites that icon. - Just click on it and “voilà” the menu pop up :).

CONCLUSION: I don’t want to get me wrong, the site works perfectly on wide screen as well on mobile devices, please look around at some responsive websites and you’ll see it works the same as K-BOOM.

Best Regards,


Great theme but please add, “artists” or “djs” or “band members” section too includes facebook, twitter and soundcloud links each artist.

This is so important for this theme and all purposes like band or label.

After that i definetly buy it, great theme!

Thank you! Im looking forward to it :)

Hi again, i don’t want to bother you but im waiting for this update.

Thank You!

I really understand you….

Can you buy it first please?

Then you will leave me an rating just after update…

NOTE: Is hard to get in consideration all people opinions, so the customers will always have priority.

Just announce me when you bought it and I will made the update in the next working days.


Best regards, Andrei

Wonderful ideas, congrats :)

Thank you mate ;)

Hello. I really like your new theme.

Can you add in a menu or something on the side menu for the events page. So people can filter through the events.

I have a few different categories of events and would like to be able to filter through them if need be.


Only go on one page

Okay thank you. This probably wont work for me then :(

Thanks anyway. Good luck with theme :)

Thanks :)

Great work Andrei! Just one question: newsletter plugin/widget possible in home page? Hugs from Italy! Nico

Hello Nico,

Thank you for your compliments,

Of course you can use any kind of widget plugins on the theme :)

Hugs from Romania! Andrei ;)

Considering purchasing the theme—it looks great! I’m not sure if it’s only me experiencing the problem, but I just checked the demo on my iPhone and when I click the play button on the audio player the songs don’t play.

Also, it would be great that the page layout like http://kboom.adrianholobut.com/wp/?audio=dj-khaled would be available as a blog post layout.

When creating a blog post, we could dedicate an album art image to be used as the featured image. Here’s a little more of what I’m talking about: http://screencast.com/t/rETiRKtduX8z

I know you have a lot of requests, just trying to give suggestions to better the theme to be used as blog as well so posts can be used with the audio player! I think this would really help with sales :)

Also, if you don’t mind..I may contact you privately. I run a major music blog and would like to use this theme along with some custom development.

Hello grhawkins,

Thank you for interesting in my theme,

1. As I said to other customers please make sure you page is loaded 100%.

2. I get what you mean with the layout, and it can be implemented in that manner.

3. At the moment In my opinion the features of the theme is everything you need for a music & events WordPress theme, so if you need a personal customization I should charge for that.

4. Feel free to contact me for more details about your project.

Sent a message. Please respond so I can send full-details! Thank you

Wow! Very nice theme! Will you release HTML version as well?

Hello OndrejBakan,

Thank you for your interest in my theme,

I don’t think so…



This may be a silly question, but what Theme Color Scheme is that Pink that you have up on the demo? The ‘pink’ and ‘reds’ on my site aren’t as vibrant. Sorry if, I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!

Hello tjmoyn,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM theme,

“Violet” is the name of color scheme I used on my demo website.

Best regards,


I would purchase this theme if there was an instagram plugin and instagram social link at the top instead of pinterest.

Hello debravomedia,

Thank you for your interest in K-BOOM Theme

1. You can add instagram plugin, just search on google and you will find tons of plugins.

2. K-BOOM theme have instagram social icon too, but is not displayed.

3. The theme have 16 social icons that you can display or hide depends on each customer preference.

Best regards, Andrei

Author Please help. Can’t add text to any pages in the wordpress “pages” tab. This message shows on all pages:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wp_editor(), called in /home/content/89/10564089/html/chs/wp-content/themes/K-BOOM/functions.php on line 28 and defined in /home/content/89/10564089/html/chs/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 1807

Hello piranhacreative,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM theme.

That minor bug is fixed, just should wait for Update Review by themeforest stuff. Will take like 12-24 hours.

Best regards, Andrei

Thanks for the quick fix! Works perfect. Great theme!


Thank you too for your understanding and appreciation.


Best regards, Andrei

amazing job !

Html responsive version is possible ?

Hello borninmotion,

At the moment just WordPress Version, if we have more requests in the future we will launch the html version too.