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Hi, my customer is very angry because the theme is not seo optimized! i have seen and appear this: <meta name=”author” content=”www.site5.com”> I have installed a good seo plugin but it doesn’t works. Please help me to remove this. (i read an old comment who had the same problem,your reply were that this is better seo optimized,but it’s not true.) We made the site 6 month ago and is not shown on google. Please help me!!!!

Hello computernet85,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM Theme,

1. This is so strange, the website should appear on google, I can give you some of our customers example if you want.

2. Did you set your keywords from Theme Option -> Meta , also did you allow the website to be indexed by google. There are so many other reasons that will stop google engine find your website.

3. The theme get a plenty of improvements since 6 months ago, please download the last version of K-BOOM Theme, and everything should work perfect.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hi thanks for your reply.if i download the last theme version,how can I update it?I may Upload all the Theme or only some files?thanks

Hey computernet85 ,

You should replace it with your old one.

Best Regards, Holobest Team


I’m interested in purchasing this theme for a client but I have a few pre-purchase questions if you don’t mind.

1. I’ve read through a lot of the comments and noted a number of issues are meant to be fixed in your next update such as the twitter display issue, youtube shortcode issue, etc. Can you tell me when you expect to produce the next update?

2. I can’t seem to find information regarding photo galleries. On your demo site, the photo page seems to only display single photos rather than photo galleries/albums. I would need to be able to upload photo albums from each of the client’s events with multiple pictures in each rather than single photos on one photo page. Is this possible? If not, is this something that will be part of the next update?

3. Do the mp3 files get stored on our site/server or are they only available to play via links through shortcodes?

4. Lastly, do you intend to update this theme frequently over time as WP gets updated? I’ve purchased a few themes in the past that were no good six months later because the author wouldn’t update the theme and they eventual stopped working as WP was regularly updated.

And on a side note, I opened your demo site on my tablet, clicked AUDIO, clicked DJ KHALED, went to his page and no song list appeared, and the audio player wouldn’t work.

Thanks… Great looking theme… Much appreciated.

Hello RoyalKing ,

Thank you for your interest in K-BOOM Theme,

1. The next update will be available next week.

2. Unfortunately at the moment you can display just a single image on a portfolio image.

3. The mp3 files are loaded from your media library. Also you have possibility to embed songs.

4. Yes, the theme get regular updates.

5. It will work perfect if you remove the themeforest iframe. (top bar)

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

I would like to buy this theme, but want to know whether I can place a custom text area on the homepage? I see in the examples that I can place a blog post but that is not what I want. I actually want a page or custom html/text item on the homepage

OK, I will buy the theme and install it.

Wonderful: purchased and installed it. i will send you and email with my login details. You need ftp as well?

Hello manuelap,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM Theme,

I received your email ;), I’ll made the changes as fast as possible.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hello Holobest Team,

Just answering your question about what would we like to have on the next update! 1. Events ordered by date. So that in the Homepage appears the events that are going to occur on the next future, and once this event has alreaday occur should disappear from the homepage. 2. I would like also to have the possibility to create albums of photos or videos.

Thanks a lot for the oportunity you give us to tell our opinion! Best regards, Sara

Hello Sara,

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I’ll not them to the updates lists, and will be discussed for the next update.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Oh my God!!! I absolutely need the events ordered by date both in homepage and in the event page … It’s so necessary I’m useing this website for my club in Milan and lates events must be placed in homepage!!! Please let me know how to solve this problem asap. Thank you, Simone

Dont worry ;)

1. Go to My Profile -> and on the right side :)

2. Or send it to my e-mail: andrei_holo18@yahoo.com

Look forward to your reply!

Best Regards, Holobest Team

OK I sent you a message via the form on your themeforest page! THANKS!

I’v just installed the last version of WordPress and everythign works perfect ;)

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hi again,

Other suggestion for futur update :It would be nice to be able to upload our own videos in addition to youtube and Vimeo video in the Video page.

Thanks for your good work ! Regards

Thank you for your suggestion osiris150 !

Just today bought the theme and I have the same problem with installing a child theme like ‘sarazv’ (few comments earlier) has.

I tried it right away when I installed the theme, so there were not even plugins causing conflicts.. I just get a blank screen, I have to delete the child folder (renaming wont work) and renaming the original K-boom folder so it switches back to original WP theme.

I used the same child template I used on dozens of other websites.. Not sure what’s going wrong.. The most important fields are: Template: K-BOOM-v.1.1.2 @import url(”../K-BOOM-v.1.1.2/style.css”);

Maybe it has something to do with the whole version in the folders name??

Just noticed the link to your (new?) support forum.. I will post it over there ok?

Will be awesome thank you !

Is it possible to include content at the top of these pages, next to “sport” etc?


I need to be able to include a short description outlining what that page is actually about.

Hello Insiteful,

Just if you made changes within the code. Please leave me your WEBSITE URL and LOGIN DETAILS via my themeforest profile contact form, and I will create an option for you.

Look forward to your reply!

Best Regards, Holobest Team

I don’t understand your reply?

You don’t have options for that, but if you want I can made changes for you.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hello Everyone  :)

All Support Is Handled On Our Forum, See Links Below.
Pre-Sales Questions Are Handled Here In The Comments


Click Here To Create A Forum Account & Get Free Support

View Our KnowledgeBase

P.S. Video Tutorials & Online Documentation is coming soon !


Best Regards, Holobest Team

Nice Template… I am putting this in for a friend who doesn’t know wordpress. I uploaded 3 songs in the Audio tab… but only 1 shows up on the home page in the Audio Player section?

Hello WebWorxTechnology ,

Did you ever purchased K-BOOM Theme? If yes, please login with that account, because there seems that with this account you never purchased it.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Like I mentioned above, I did it for a friend… I will have them login and repost.

Thank you !

Just thought of another suggestion: adding a full width area under the Content Boxes on the Homepage.. Or make it so that people can choose between 1 and 3 columns. That way people can put a large band/artist description right on the homepage.

Thank you for your suggestion eeuwe, Will take in consideration this one too.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

I uploaded 3 songs in the Audio tab… but only 1 shows up on the home page in the Audio Player section? For each song, I went to Audio Tab – Add New Song… Add Media – put the song in… inserted it into the post, put in a title and an album cover (tried with and without the album cover)... clicked publish… and am using the embedded player. The song’s pages are on the site. I am using the most current Wordpress, with the K-Boom version we just got today v1.1.2.

Hello miasable,

Please contact lisias_paul_pop@yahoo.com (our special customer support) and he will guide you step by step ^^

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Can I have my friend contact your person as I have no idea how to do it and he is helping me…

Hello miasable,

Yes, of course.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

The theme seems to override, or just ignore, post-order plug ins. I need an easy way for my client to reorder their Events. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Dave

Hello Dave,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM Theme,

Please go to each event post and assign it an order number, the post with the biggest order number will be always displayed first.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hi – I’ve created a custom page template and would like to remove the scripts and css that are added to the header and footer via site5framework_header_init() in wphooks.php. I’ve tried using remove_action(‘init’, ‘site5framework_header_init’); at the top but no luck. Any idea why? I am not using wp_head() or wp_footer(). Thanks for the help.

Hello erich325,

Thank you for purchasing K-BOOM Theme,

Please leave me an e-mail via my themeforest profile contact form, and I will leave you the guidance there.

Best Regards, Holobest Team,

hello, i need help with the audio player… however i embed any song… its not working on the site.

by the way, i also would like to add a video instead of the slider. is that possible?

Hello blackoutTV ,

This is because for the player you can add just self hosted mp3 files.

Please let me know if this make sense.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

is there a way to upload mp3 files for free? i dont want to put them on my ftp bcuz of the traffic

Hello blackoutTV,

Unfortunately no.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

I’m having an issue with embedded vimeo/youtube videos not showing up whether or not I use the shortcode or just use the embed code right from youtube/vimeo. I see comments from other users having the same issue but it looks like you just fixed their issue for them, it would be helpful if you posted the fixed on this comments site, to help others who might have the same issue. Either way if you can help with this that would be great.

Again the issue is if I embed or use a shortcode to put a video on the site, it doesn’t show up at all. I’m using the latest version of the theme.


Hello workshop22,

Please contact lisias_paul_pop@yahoo.com (our support member) and he will be so glad to assist you with everything you need.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hello, just one quick question. I have a gallery blog post issue. My picture won’t upload in the blog post, don’t know why, like there is an error or something.


I used image format for blog post and picture don’t show up. I tried several times upload it.

Than you for your help.

I rest my case. It was URL problem. Thanks anyway, great theme!

You are awesome SeventyTwo :D

i need to place a captcha on the contact us page … whats the best way to do it? or can you add it in to update?

Hello richardp2,

Unfortunately you don’t have any options to add it, just if you integrate it within the code.

I’m not really sure if is really useful for the entire customers, so I will not integrate it in the next update, maybe in the future update.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

i also would like to know if i can put a video instead of the image of the flex slider?

Hello blackoutTV,

Unfortunately no.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

Hi everybody!

After long searching for this issue, i have found a solution for the problem relating to the iPhone responsive and zoomed out version of the website

It has to do with the theme options. More specifically the Active Meta Keywords.

Here is the solution for now, until Holobest team wil update this issue.

Go to: Theme Options -> Meta -> Active Meta Keywords, Description Revisit -> Make sure the tick is entered -> Save Theme Options and it should work now!

Hope this helps some of you who are having this problems!

Hello CR_Design,

Thank you for your advice, it’s very strange because the meta keywords do not have something in common with the theme layout.

Best Regards, Holobest Team

P.S. Stay close, the theme update will coming soon.

That’s what i was thinking at first. Didn’t find what it is causing to do yet, but it works for me. You can try it yourself by disabling the tickbox and check the website on a iPhone.

Best regards, CR Design