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v2.4 is out! (27.08.2014) – WP 3.9 Compatible

26 Updates to the theme so far with lots of additions and improvements!

Keilir – Personal Wordpress Blog Theme

Keilir is a beautiful, responsive theme designed to make your blogging experience as pleasant as possible. With superb visual design and great support for mobile and tablet devices you can easily reach all your readers wherever they are!

Keilir has 10 custom widgets most directed at social media (facebook, twitter, instagram and more), 10+ specially made shortcodes and a customizable theme options panel.

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v2.4 (27.08.2014)

  • Added: Option to select the layout for sticky posts
  • Added: Opton to hide “No Comments” text if there are no comments available
  • Added: Responsive Google ads widget
  • Added: New Author Widget with an option to have multiple authors shown or a single author
  • Added: New page in the theme options for author (for the new author widget and more later)
  • Fixed: Problem with the newsletter widget
  • Fixed: Problem with featured images
  • Fixed: Problem with modal boxes in the theme options
  • Fixed: Problem with custom menu content

v2.3.1 (11.07.2014)

  • Fixed: Issue with the featured image not showing in a standard post

v2.3 (08.07.2014)

  • Fixed: Gallery image issues
  • Fixed: FB comments issue
  • Fixed: The theme now includes the post formats plugin
  • Fixed: Removed TGMA plugin since it’s no longer needed
  • Fixed: strict standards error with the menu walker
  • Fixed: custom content in menu

v2.2.5 (16.06.2014)

  • Fixed: Minor JS issues
  • Fixed: JS error with LazyLoad

v2.2 (12.06.2014)

  • Added: Lazy loading of images to increase performance (optional)
  • Added: Like button in post footer (optional)
  • Added: Excerpt to list layout (optional)
  • Fixed: FB Javascript error
  • Fixed: Facebook comment count bug
  • Fixed: Status posts now show FB and Twitter input fields for embedded statuses
  • Fixed: Optimized images
  • Fixed: Performance updates

v2.1 (28.04.2014)

  • Fixed: Editor Issue
  • Fixed: Space after comment count

v2 (25.04.2014)

  • Added: Social Counter Widget
  • Fixed: Shortcode buttons in editor after wp 3.9 update
  • Fixed: Facebook comments width
  • Fixed: Videos in related posts
  • Fixed: Empty Image in author widget
  • Fixed: Left aligned text in list layout
  • Fixed: Minor widget CSS

v1.9 (27.01.2014)

  • Added: List layout for the front page and the archive page
  • Added: Textarea inside the newsletter widget
  • Fixed: “href URL is not properly formatted” error for facebook comments
  • Fixed: Problem with sidebar alignment
  • Fixed: Related posts now fetch the featured image first
  • Fixed: Font size for unordered lists and other elements inside posts
  • Fixed: Video can now be embedded with the URL. (make sure it’s in its own line)

v1.8.5 (30.10.2013)

  • Added: Featured images for pages
  • Fixed: Facebook comments url was causing problems in WP 3.7
  • Fixed: Post navigation was showing even if there were no next/prev posts
  • Fixed: When browsing in a mobile device and having the sidebar on the left side the content collapsed below the sidebar instead of at the top.
  • Fixed: Theme options not working correctly in child theme
  • Fixed: Mailchimp widget improved, now it won’t break if the theme is installed in a folder with a different folder name than keilir and it now uses more native code to function.

v1.8.1 (11.10.2013)

  • Added: Comments on pages
  • Added: Italian language translations
  • Fixed: Continue Reading button issue when using more tag
  • Fixed: Blue background when focus state was on sub menu items
  • Fixed: SEO: Alt attribute to bluth tab images
  • Fixed: URL encoding for share links
  • Fixed: Missing language strings added to the .mo and .po files

v1.8 (17.09.2013)

  • Added: Facebook status post type
  • Added: Titter tweet post type
  • Added: When using Facebook comments the theme now shows how many comments are on a post
  • Added: Favicon uploader
  • Added: Option: Disable hover effect on featured image
  • Added: Option: Show cropped image or full
  • Added: Option: Render “Continue reading” link as a button or a link
  • Added: Option: Show related posts by category or tags
  • Added: Option: Change font sizes
  • Added: Option: Center posts title and post meta (post date, categories, comment count etc.)
  • Fixed: Excerpt issues
  • Fixed: Tabs widget had images that very a little bit smaller then the icons in the recent posts tab
  • Fixed: Facebook comment form was not loading if there were no comments
  • Fixed: Code snippet shortcode was encoding the code so it wasn’t showing up correctly
  • Fixed: Removed custom audio/video plugin because of compatibility issues, we now use the native audio/video player

v1.75 (27.08.2013)

  • Added: It’s now possible to upload images as post icons
  • Added: Post icons can now be either a unique icon/image per post format or unique icon/image per category
  • Added: Dropcaps shortcode now supports custom background colors
  • Fixed: Author image in the author widget wasn’t working correctly in Safari
  • Fixed: Dropdown menu link did not work if there was a sub-menu

v1.7 (13.08.2013)

  • Added: RTL support
  • Added: Turkish language file included
  • Added: Option to change title font size
  • Added: Option to change post text font size
  • Added: Option to add tagline under brand name in header if there is no logo image
  • Added: Option to use bootrtrap grid in the footer area or fluid layout
  • Added: Option to select which share buttons appear in post footer
  • Fixed: Video icon for bluth tabs and in recent posts on 404 page
  • Fixed: image width issue in related posts
  • Fixed: Videos now scale correctly in related posts
  • Fixed: Sticky post badge custom color now works
  • Fixed: Icons shifting when hovering over an image post in Chrome

v1.66 (6.08.2013)

  • Added: Option to allow an SEO plugin to take over meta tags, title tag and open graph tags for better compatibility
  • Fixed: Video embeds without width and height attributes now scale properly
  • Fixed: Some footer css isses from the latest update are now fixed
  • Fixed: Open Graph meta tags are now more dynamic depending on were the user is on the website
  • Fixed: Dropcaps shortcode button now appears correctly in the editor
  • Fixed: Some other minor css issues here and there

v1.65 (5.08.2013)

  • Added: New beautiful Author widget to introduce the author of the blog
  • Added: Category filter for the recent posts tab widget
  • Fixed: theme_options.php error if the PHP version was below 5.3
  • Fixed: Instagram widget horizontal scroll in tablet
  • Fixed: Footer structure changed to use the grid
  • Fixed: improved css for default wordpress widgets
  • Fixed: Some icons did ot appear after adding the new font package
  • Fixed: Mailchimp newsletter widget JavaScript problems if there were more then one instance of the widget loaded
  • Fixed: Bunch of CSS fixes and improvements

v1.6 (2.08.2013)

  • Added: Dropcaps shortcode
  • Added: Pullquote shortcode
  • Added: Post format icons are now vector icons changable form theme options
  • Added: Font family option for menu links
  • Added: Font family option for brand name
  • Fixed: Custom CSS output was encoding selectors
  • Fixed: Facebook widget is no more responsive, stream option fixed.
  • Fixed: Mailchimp widget fixed and improved.
  • Fixed: Link for the advertising banner that’s located above the content now works
  • Fixed: Multiple CSS fixes

v1.51 (25.07.2013)

  • Added: Meta box option to hide Author footer and the Page title when creating pages
  • Added: Option to select font color for menu links and widget header
  • Added: Audio/Video player for posts, works with f.e mp3 urls
  • Added: Option to select where the ad position “above content” renders. On pages, posts and/or frontpage
  • Added: Support for page link so you can split posts up to many pages and have pagination
  • Fixed: IE8 widegt header background color for Facebook and Twitter widgets
  • Fixed: Multiple CSS enhancements

v1.5 (19.07.2013)

  • Added: Ad spaces now support shortcodes, you can add sliders, alert or anything else using plugins or our shortcodes
  • Added: Sidebar options per post (left, right or single column)
  • Added: Option to remove post type icons and header
  • Added: Child-Theme support
  • Added: New advertising space above content and sidebars
  • Added: Custom css input in the theme options
  • Fixed: 404/Failed Search pages now better designed
  • Fixed: Image size for post fixed
  • Fixed: Multiple css enhancements and fixes
  • Fixed: Background color setting now works as expected
  • Fixed: Loading button for newsletter widget fixed

v1.42 (15.07.2013)

  • Fixed: Viewport meta tag fix
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll in mobile/tablet fixed
  • Fixed: Header advert banner
  • Fixed: Open graph tags fix

v1.41 (09.07.2013)

  • Added: Featured image now also works in posts types: link, quote and audio
  • Fixed: Sticky footer option not working correctly

v1.4 (08.07.2013)

  • Added: HTML widget with some settings
  • Added: Advertising options (between posts and above header)
  • Fixed: Sidebar layout not working in pages
  • Fixed: Popover was displaying UTF-8 extended chars incorrectly
  • Fixed: CSS fixes

v1.32 (30.06.2013)

  • Added: Option to show excerpt or whole post in home view
  • Fixed: Instagram widget error handling
  • Fixed: CSS fixes

v1.3 (27.06.2013)

  • Added: Flickr widget
  • Added: Related articles below posts
  • Added: Option to disable meta footer for posts/pages
  • Fixed: Logo container
  • Fixed: CSS fixes

v1.2 (20.06.2013)

  • Added: The theme is now translatable
  • Added: Headings and main fonts can now be changed (600+ fonts available)
  • Added: Facebook comments on post/page if desired
  • Added: Page templates with left side bar or no side bar
  • Added: Option to have a fixed header
  • Added: Option to disable share buttons
  • Fixed: Minor css

v1.1 (18.06.2013)

  • Added: Layout control: Single column, left sidebar or right sidebar
  • Added:You can now customize some colors (more customization on the way)
  • Added:Responsive css can now be turned off
  • Added:Demo content XML file included
  • Fixed: Menu now opens on hover as well as click
  • Fixed: Minor css fixes

v1.0.1 (13.06.2013)

  • Added: Syntax highlighting shortcode
  • Fixed: Featured Image fixed
  • Fixed: Header bug fixed
  • Fixed: Instagram title fixed
  • Fixed: Tab widget fixe and now has a title
  • Fiedx: Shortcodes now work in widgets
  • Fixed: Minor CSS

v1.0 (12.06.2013)

  • Initial release