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Fantastic! design. As always lots of sells is 100% sure


Thanks my friend :)

Love it, nice a clean!


Thanks Josh :)

I loved it.


Thanks RD

Hello, just noticed a heavy menu flickering, when I hover over the submenus. This happens on all pages, so the underlaying slider is not to blame. That was my first thought.

Please, check with Safari (webkit-based browsers)

Thanks for listening.


You are on MAC right? If you purchase I will definetly join you on Teamviewer and fix it. FYI : This only happens with Safari.

Thanks for the heads up, but I already know about :)


Wow, that was a really fast reply ;-) Yes, MacOSX and latest Safari. Sorry, you are right, it happens on Safari only. Google Chrome MAC has no issues.

Can you give a clue, what is the cause?


I am now running some tests to determine exactly what it is, it and seems to me in the first place we are dealing with sequence transitions not running smooth with Safari, I can disable those transitions for Safari Only if that is the ultimate fix. Anyway no worry we have things under control :)

BTW , interesting Sliders and modules… are those your own developments. I noticed the letters DNP ;-)

“this baby requires allow_url_fopen = On and allow_url_include = On on your server, please ask for support at your host.
Mmh, not ideal. Most providers do not allow them because of security reasons. Also bad for the joomla internal updater… Why does your module require it?

As I said, I disabled FADE transition for Safari ONLY . Safari does not seem to work properly with sequenced transitions. It is Safari developers fault and not mine or my template.

I put a lot of work making a CSS3 only menu and above all, responsive and easy to use. So if you have a problem with CSS3 transitions on Safari, you can address such issues at developer. I am not going to do any JS hacks just for the sake of Safari. I hope this makes sense to you.

Additionally, if you purchase my template I can help you disable all menu transitions for Safari IF YOU WANT , some people could like it as is.


No problem. I appreciate your efforts and the CSS3 solution. I just wanted to let you know about the current result. Nothing more, nothing less. I noticed it, because Safari is (my) the default for browsing. Since there is Safari WIN and Chrome… it might be interesting for other users as well. (if it is a special Safari issue, don´t care too much about it ;-) )

I was just curious about this little movement, because it is not noticable in other browsers. So, it might be un-important or could be removed at all!?


Yes, it is not important at all, especially for non-developer users. What is important is layout break, critical error, or very obvious design difference.

How do you like the new sample content?

Awesome work! GLWS ! ;)


Thank you :)

I have trouble with Joomla finding the sample_data_kent.sql file on the Install process. I then tried to go to my PHP admin area and install there but it’s giving me this error message.


SQL query:

- Database: `kent`

- -----------

- Table structure for table `#acymailing_config`

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `#acymailing_config` ;

Any idea why this would happen?


Please contact me via PM, we will fix this together shall we?

Here is where I’m not seeing the sample_data_kent.sql file to install. “gator9.hostgator.com/~gpkelly8/images/problem.jpg”/>


When installing Joomla, right after configuring the database connection, you are required to install the sample data, but default you will see: “Default sample data (en-GB)” but that’s a selector that allows you to use the kent sample data.


Consider my previous reply as if you are using the Quickstart.

Hi DNP ,

On that drop down menu the kent sample data isn’t showing up.

Any idea’s why?


Please browse the Quickstart package location:


If you already have it there and does not show in the dropdown selection, please rename the file to sample_data.sql and click Install Sample Data while Default Sample Data en-GB is selected.

All right!! That worked perfectly! :-)

Second question, Can I add a side menu module on the inside pages of template some how?


That’s pretty simple, create a menu module and publish it to position-5 (left) or position-7 (right). For more questions on Joomla basics, please ask for support at developer. Thanks

Spectacular Template!!!!

Almost have site complete!

The last thing I’m working on is figuring out how to import a Wordpress blog database into the K2?

Any articles you can point me to?

Thank you so much again Dan!


Thanks for your kind words!

I have a friend developing a content migration solution called CMigrator. You can give it a try. It’s a commercial extension but I know this guy personally, he is a real developer and serious person.

All best,
Danny :)

Hi i have loaded this template and i am getting this error message. “Error loading component: com_k2,1” i don’t know why its even bringing up K2 in the first place as i don’t have it loaded. Is this template K2 dependent or something?

What am i doing wrong?

Also.. can i please have the module positions for this template – thanks


I fixed that issue, soon will release an update, meanwhile, please contact me privately will provide the fix for you.


I loaded K2 and it seems to have fixed the issue, am i good? also will be needing those module positions please.

I don’t know how to write you personally by the way.

You are very quick in getting back to me, which for me means SUCCESS !! thank you for your prompt service. Looking forward to digging into this template deeper. Keep up the great work.


Thanks mate, enjoy :)

Good day, I really liked your template, exactly what I need! But there is one question I wanted to ask. Does the template support cyrillic languages like Russian?


There is no limitation to language, and if there is any issue, we will fix together, I’ve seen some greek clients’ websites and those were fine.

Hello, I did not find a way to contact you directly so I am using this comments section, I need to report a bug and request a fix for it:

CMS : Joomla 2.5

The article presentation is always using articles “Global Options” instead of the specific “Article options” (which should overwriting global options).

thank you


No in fact the chain of order goes like this (from low to high priority): Global – category – item – menu item.

baparks Purchased

I’m TOTALLY in love with this “no framework” template! Using it allowed most of the components I use to work with no conflict “right out of the gate!” EXCELLENT!!!! BRAVA !!!!! ENCORE !!!!!!!! I’m playing with it on a localhost machine and installed it OVER an existing site (a little background) but I noticed the the main (top) menu children fall BEHIND the slides. Off the top of your head, is there a fix I can implement for this?

Thanks in advance and… REALLLLLY Great work!


Hey buddy, thanks for your input.

Please contact me on private, we will settle things down nice and easy. :)

baparks Purchased

Since I’m still “playing” with it I’ll pm you soon about the slide issue. I’ve got so much to play with that right now it’s no big deal.

In the mean time I noticed that you’re missing the Simple Blank Module in your package. Any way you can update your package and I’ll download it again?


This is because I completely replaced all files of the quickstart with latest Joomla files and I missed the blank module, will fix all the stuff, no worry.


Wait a minute, there is mod_blank in the Quickstart, that is it. It’s not as a separate module installation package that is true.

I am going to improve this module too someday. You know, there is a 1kb database field limit for Joomla database, I could make this module read and update a file in it’s cache folder (a new folder inside the module) for more that just 1kb.

Hope this helps,

baparks Purchased

By quickstart I’m assuming you’re talking about the entire installation, however I’m not using the quickstart. I’ve installed the template and the modules. My package has only 3 modules in it. Login Register Portfolio and slider. The Template says it’s ver 1.0. Have you updated the entire package? Should I redownload?

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your template and it’s “cleanness”! The lack of .js conflicts is Sooooo freakin’ refreshing!! Outstanding work!


I have uploaded a new version 1.0.1, please re-download. Check bottom item page for changelog. You can use the simple blank module from the quickstart, there is no real need to install it normal way, you can install via discovery with no problem whatsoever.

About the JS conflict, you will never have such issue. :) You only have to make sure all your extensions are not loading jQuery 50 times. If you are using K2, it is automatically handled by the template depending on K2 settings. If you are using other extension that’s loading jQuery, you must disable loading jQuery within that extension, not because conflict, but to avoid loading jQuery multiple times.

Thanks for your support man, really appreciate :)

baparks Purchased

Thanks for your help and insight!


My pleasure :)

danrcf Purchased

Just purchased this template, but a lot of the extension i use are not working with this template, theses extensions do work fine in any other template provider, i have used before, please advice.

Regards Daniel


Send me your site link via PM and a list of extensions you use and not working, although I don’t think it is because my template, no no.


You cannot expect everything to work when you have features like safe_mode = On or error_reporting = On, they are for code development only and not webdesign or front-end development.