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Hi, Is Kenway a RTL ready?

hello? any answer?

ever feels like talking to yourself?

yes, it does happen sometimes.

Hey Guys,

Great Layout, very very cool… But I’m having the same problem as previous commentors with ipads showing slideshow images instead of background images… Problem is also there on the demo here at themeforest, do you have a patch for this yet?

Has anyone heard from these guys? I have sent them multiple emails. The site loads slow and also crashes in mobile browsers devises. Does anyone have answers to these issues?

REALLY could use an answer to this issue:

Error Code: jquick.zoomshowcase.js

Line 0 Char 0

script error: kenway.js

We hunted down the issue. Something happens when we make a change in Dreamweaver CS5, even something as small as the title. Once the change is saved, all the scripting errors occur. If we UNDO, the errors still happen. What is DW adding to the code?

Hello, my name is Barbara and I bought your template, which is great by the way. But when I take the contents of the index, the “home” is in loading and not loading. How can I solve this? Because I would like to make a home separate from the rest of the site. I await feedback and congratulations for the work

When site loads on iPhone5, or any apple devices, the first thing you get is a huge grid box. When viewing your demo site, loads just fine. Haven’t done anything to the scripts but would like to know why it is not loading correctly. You have to literally scroll forever, just to reach the menu bar. Please provide support for this theme regarding this issue. Thank you WG!

www.kwinters.com is the site in question. On PC loads just fine.

Could it be because there seems to be a missing Class value in about? <!-- /////////////// Start About page /////////////// --> <section id="about" class=""> <div class="wrapper content" data-pattern=""> <div class="container" /></div>

Nice Theme, unfortunately very BAD support. Want a refund immediately!!!

We are DESPERATE for a solution, would you please hold up your end and support this question:

Our portfolio click through overlay html files are not working (pportfolio-youtube-small.html) and will not ‘pop up’ in any browser. All pop up blockers have been disabled.

This is my third message – I have asked for help number of times. Please bring the theme down,if you cant support anymore.

My site does not load on iphone 4s – You load the site and it suddenly throws you out of safari www.fauxtasticiron.com

Will never buy theme from wiseguys again, no one responds !! Very frustrated!

Hello I have the theme and am in need of help.

In Portfolio images are shown in columns 4, wanted to know how do I leave 3 columns? Where do I change the css files or?

In Form Captcha is giving me trouble, is to get the captcha form? Do not use and do not need it!

thank you

awesome , good luck with sales;

Hi Wiseguys,

having an issue with the captcha on the website i purchased from you. same as a few others have posted, i was wondering do you have a solution? keriannrowan.com

How do I implement HTML5 videos instead of youtube and vimeo I am having a hard time getting it to work.

Hi there!

Seem to be having issues with the home navbar not showing properly on a cell phone landscape view. It moves to the top and off the screen hiding navigation. Can you please help?

Hi, just wondering if is it possible to add sub menu? thanks!